Impact Results - 8/6/09

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On Friday, August 7, 2009 at 2:27 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone)
August 6, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with a recap of last week (with a F.I.L.T.H.E.E. song in the background) and then we cut to a scene from earlier today with a huge stretch Escalade pulling up and Kurt Angle stepping out with a cleanly shaven Eric Young. They have their arms around each other and EY says “this will be better for all of us.” The Impact intro hits and it’s time to Cross the Line!

Tenay and West run down the card for tonight featuring Match 2 of the Best of 3 Series and a first time ever match pitting Sting against the British Invasion’s Brutus Magnus.

The Mafia’s music hits and Kurt Angle leads his troops out to the ring. Tenay puts over the Mafia not owning 3 Championships any longer thanks to Mick Foley & Lashley. Angle says that last week a great un-justice was done when Foley ‘won’ (he says eligibly) the Legends Title. Angle blames Sting causing a distraction and then says Lashley wasn’t the legal man in the match yet he caused all the damage on he and Nash. Angle says the match should be ‘null and void’ and says he talked to the TNA Board of Directors and they agree, but they agreed to let the outcome stand on one condition and that condition is Nash get a rematch at Hard Justice for the title (oh my word). Angle says that Sting, Foley, and Lashley don’t like to play by the rules because they’re desperate. He says that their actions have caused him to have to protect his family and it’s forced him to strike a deal and then points at the entrance way. The World Elite’s music hits and they make their way out led by Eric Young who is not only sporting a new hair cut but also new ring gear. The Brits are still holding the IWGP Tag Titles even after New Japan openly said that the title change would not be honored by NJPW. World Elite and the Mafia all shake hands as they get in the ring. Angle says it’s an honor and a privilege for them to be doing business with the Elite. EY says that he has no doubt that with these two factions combining forces they will be known as the greatest group of wrestlers ever assembled. EY says they will take over TNA side by side with the Mafia. Young says the World Elite are 100% dedicated to the Mafia’s ‘cause’ and they are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. He says that if the disgusting fools of the United States had given the Elite the respect they deserved then this could’ve been avoided. EY says it’s not just about Lashley and Foley, it’s about an entire, disgusting nation that should be held responsible. EY says the nation should feel guilt for what they will do to their ‘heroes.’ EY says ‘let the cleansing begin’ and then he shakes hands with all of the Mafia as he looked on with a smile on his face.

In the back JB is with Foley and he says this is wrestling and everything and anything will happen in wrestling. Foley says that no one person is bigger than TNA and he says that he intends on going to war! He says that tonight will be a night that none of us will forget and then the camera pans over to Sting standing beside Lashley and Sting says it’s showtime! They all 3 walk off.


In the back Lauren is with Christopher Daniels and she asks him about we saw and claims that EY has said he will make an example out of Daniels tonight. Daniels says that the American fans have been loyal to TNA and EY and then says ‘screw him.’ Daniels asks EY if he didn’t get enough attention as a kid and then tells him to be a man and stand up. Shelley and Sabin walk up to the camera and crack jokes about not believing that their actually seeing a real camera for once. Daniels looks on pissed off at them. Daniels shoves them both and says their jobs are in jeopardy but Shelley says they haven’t been on TV in month so that’s obvious. Daniels says it’s not a joke and tells Shelley to shut his mouth. Daniels says they haven’t been on TV because they haven’t done anything to get noticed as of late and says the World Elite and the Mafia are taking their spots while the Guns act like jackasses. Daniels says if they want to get noticed and get on TV then they need to go out and fight. As Daniels walks off Sabin says a smart a** remark about being a soldier and Shelley mockingly says “sure, we could try it.”

“Showtime” Eric Young w/Sheik Abdul Bashir & Kiyoshi vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/Motor City Machine Guns

Shelley & Sabin seem less than enthusiastic about being at ringside. EY jumps Daniels from behind and whips him into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Daniels kicks him and then lights his chest up with chops. Daniels whips Young into the ropes and hits a back heel kick. Daniels whips EY into the corner and hits a Flying Forearm and then whips EY into the opposite corner. Daniels begins to charge at him but Kiyoshi pulled EY out before Daniels could hit him. Daniels then hits a Suicide Dive taking both Kiyoshi and EY out! Bashir comes over but eats a right hand from Daniels and then one for EY! The Machine Guns just look on as Bashir throws Daniels back in the ring from behind and EY gets a nearfall. Sabin & Shelley look like their reading magazines or video game booklets or something at ringside as EY hits a back elbow on Daniels. EY gets another nearfall on Daniels and then throws him into the top turnbuckle. EY attempts to whip Daniels into the opposite corner but Daniels reverses it. Daniels charges at EY but eats his boot and then a Back Suplex. 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! EY throws Daniels into the turnbuckles again and then chokes Daniels on the middle rope. Daniels comes back with body shots and chops and then he whips EY into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but EY counters with a Spinning Neckbreaker and floats over right into a Crossface! EY is channeling the ghost of a certain Canadian Crippler (that’s right I said it!). EY gets distracted by the fans yelling at him and releases the hold only to hit a Scoop Slam and then climb to the top. EY flicks off the crowd and then goes for a Moonsault, but Daniels moves! Daniels avoids a charging EY and then hits a couple of flying forearms followed by a spinning heel kick! Daniels then hits a Flying Knee Strike and sets EY up on the top rope. Daniels hits a leaping Open Hand Palm Thrust that sounds and looks vicious! Daniels then hits the Fall From Grace off the top! 1…2…NO EY kicks out! Daniels whips EY into the ropes and hits a Spinning Sitout Powerbomb! 1…2…NO EY kicks out again! Daniels hits a Standing Rock Bottom and then goes for the BME but EY moves! Daniels lands on his feet and sets up for the Angels Wings! Bashir distracts the referee allowing Kiyoshi to slide in and spit the Muta Mist in his face! EY kicks Daniels and hits the Piledriver! 1…2…3 and Daniels is done. The whole time the Guns just continued to read their video game manuals.

Winner: Young via pinfall (Piledriver)

After the match Kiyoshi & Bashir double baseball slide dropkick the Guns on the outside as EY continues to celebrate.


Back from commercials Tenay and West run down the rest of the card which will include a huge 8-Man War pitting 3D & Beer Money against Booker, Steiner, & the Brits! Also, Tenay has a sit down interview with Super Mex!

In the back Lauren is with 3D & Beer Money and Roode says they aren’t going to talk about the history between them and 3D, but instead they’ll talk about Eric Young. Roode says no one in TNA knows Young better than he does and talks about them growing together (I think they are both really form Ontario don’t know about the growing up together part) dreaming about becoming huge stars in TNA. He says they traveled all around North America together and it’s not about what EY did them and says he thinks EY has forgotten about the day that he and Roode begged Jeff Jarrett for a job. Roode says that EY is running rampant around TNA and says he’ll be damned if EY will dictate his future. Bubba says he could understand why Beer Money is pissed at Eric Young but no one is more pissed at EY for costing them the IWGP Tag Titles. Bubba says Devon is so pissed he may not even say “testify” tonight. Bubba says they’ll give the fans EY’s head to the fans on a silver splatter. He then calls the Brits a bunch of tea sipping fairies and says they haven’t forgotten about them.

8-Man Tag War
“Big” Rob Terry, Doug Williams, Booker T., & “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner w/Brutus Magnus & Sharmell vs. Team 3D & Beer Money Inc.

Tenay reveals that the Brits will defend the IWGP Titles against Beer Money and Steiner & Booker will defend the TNA Titles against 3D at Hard Justice. No word on what stipulations those matches will have (remember all matches will be under Hardcore Rules at Hard Justice).


Bubba and Steiner start the match off and Steiner kicks Bubba in the gut and then puts the boots to him in the corner. Steiner then rakes him in the eyes repeatedly before dragging him to the center of the ring and hitting a Scoop Slam. Steiner spits at Devon and then goes for a Steinerline, but Bubba catches him with a Sidewalk Slam! 1…2..NO Steiner kicks out! Bubba hits a big Splash for another nearfall! Devon tags in and then 3D whips Steiner into the ropes and hit a double shoulder block. Steiner rolls to his corner and tags in Williams. Williams fakes a collar & elbow tie up and knees Devon in the gut. Williams whips Devon into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Devon ducks and hits a Corkscrew Elbow! Devon nails Williams with right hands in the corner and then tags in Storm. Storm puts Williams in a wristlock but Williams pokes him in the eye and then whips Storm into the ropes and hits a back elbow for a nearfall. Williams whips Storm in the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Storm counters it into Gutbuster followed by a Rock Bottom combo! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out. Storm with a big uppercut in the corner and then he attempts to whip Williams into the opposite corner, but Williams reverses it and charges. Storm gets the boot up and hits a Leaping Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out and Storm tags Roode in. They hit the Beer Money Double Suplex! When they turn around Terry nails them with a huge Double Clothesline as he tagged in behind their backs. Terry Scoop Slams Roode and I have to mention once again, this guy is HUGE! Terry grabs Roode by the throat and hits a Shortarm Clothesline. Terry picks Roode up for a Powerslam but Roode blocks it and kicks him in the leg repeatedly and chops him. Roode attempts to whip Terry into the corner but he blocks it and whips Roode into it. Terry charges but eats Roode’s boot and then Roode hits a Blockbuster off the middle rope! 1..2…NO Williams & Steiner break it up! All 8 men in now! The fight spills out to the floor leaving only Williams and Bubba in the ring. Bubba hits a Scoop Slam and then holds Williams for the Wassup Dving Headbutt from Devon! Bubba calls for the tables! Brutus yells for the rest of the World Elite to come down! The Guns & Daniels run out and jump World Elite! A big brawl starts between the 6 men at ringside while the men in the match are fighting at ringside as well! Kevin Nash walks down and starts throwing punches at the Guns and Beer Money but then Foley runs out and throws rights and lefts at Nash! Angle runs down but Bubba lifts him up and slams him into the ring post! Sting is out now! Samoa Joe follows Sting! Sting holds Angle for Foley to punch him but Joe runs up and jumps Sting! Now Lashley is out and jumps Joe! Holy crap, we got a full fledged brawl on our hands! Joe and Lashley are killing each other with rights and I mean they are killing each other! Security is finally out trying to break it all up as some of the wrestlers involved in the match finally spill over back into the ring. Roode is up top but Traci Brooks comes out of nowhere (Roode’s former manager!) and shoves Roode off! On the floor Sting throws Angle into the guardrail and we see security trying to get in between Lashley & Joe still throwing bombs at each other! Back in the ring Terry nails Roode with a Chokeslam! 1…2…3 and he gets the upset!

Winners: Booker, Steiner, Terry, & Williams via pinfall (Chokeslam)

After the match the Brits continue the beatdown on Roode until Storm comes into make the save and the brawl at ringside is still going on! Daniels & Young throwing bombs at each other as referees and security are trying to break everything up as Tenay refers to it as a riot!


Back from commercials the brawl continues in the Impact Zone! Security is trying to get in between the wrestlers but guys are throwing each other around all over the place! The brawl continues on into the parking lot! Back in the ring Daniels & The Guns are beating down Young, Bashir, & Kiyoshi! They switch over to a feed from a security camera in the parking lot that shows Foley and Sting beating down Angle. We finally get a cameraman in there as we Nash laid out in a pile of boxes and Sting sets up a table against a wall! Sting throws Angle into the table and then attempts to whip him into it, but Angle reverses it! A cameraman runs up to another fight at another place with Beer Money & 3D fighting with Booker, Steiner, & the Brits! Bubba slams Booker with a trashcan lid and then Brutus throws Roode into a car! Sting actually chunks a trashcan at Angle! Back in the ring Daniels & The Guns continue to beatdown World Elite! Daniels throws Bashir to the floor and then the Guns hit a Double Enziguri sandwiching Kiyoshi! Daniels then hits a Standing Rock Bottom on him followed by the BME! In the lockerroom Samoa Joe and Lashley are still trying to get at each other! Even Kip James is trying to hold Lashley back as these two guys scream at each other and claw to try and get to each other! Back in the parking lot Bubba has Booker sandwiched between a table and a wall and is slamming a freaking chair into the table repeatedly! Nash throws a big clothes hanger into Foley’s face as Bubba continues to destroy Booker with that chair! He now has Booker sandwiched between the table and the floor continuing to waffle him with a chair! Sting hits Nash with a garbage can over and over as we can see people that are attending Universal Studios looking on from a distance watching this huge brawl. Storm and Sting are taking turns beating MEM with trashcans now! Back in the ring Kiyoshi is making a comeback on Sabin. Bubba is actually choking Steiner with a table now! Back in the lockerroom Lashley & Joe are still trying to get to each other and now even Taz is trying to hold Joe back! Back to the ring Daniels whips Kiyoshi into Young in a corner and then whips Bashir into both of them! Shelley then whips Sabin into a big splash on the three followed by Daniels whipping Shelley into a back elbow on them and then Daniels hitting a Flying Hip Attack on all three! Holy crap, I can’t keep up with everything! Back outside Williams and Bubba are dueling with each other with chairs! Bubba gets the better of the exchange and lays Williams out! Sting and Storm continue to lay everybody out with trashcans as we hear sirens now driving into the Impact Zone parking lot. The cops get out with nightsticks in hand as the wrestlers are standing with hteir hands up now. BG James is out there trying to get everybody to chill out, damn.


Back from commercials they show replays of some of the stuff that went down during the brawl including the cops showing up. They say that order had been restored with the cops showing up.

“Future Legend” Alissa Flash & Traci Brooks vs. Sarita & Taylor Wilde

Alissa has some new ring gear as well as music and she has paint across her eyes. They show highlights from the match between Sarita and Alissa a few weeks ago. Traci is all decked out in MEM gear tonight. Taylor and Traci will start the match off as West says that Sarita is ‘like a female X-Division wrestler.’ Taylor puts Traci in a waistlock and then hits a hiptoss. Taylor comes off the ropes and cartwheels over a ducking Traci and then hits a lucha armdrag showing that she too knows some lucha. Taylor kicks Traci in the gut and then attempts to whip her into the corner but Traci reverses it, but Taylor puts on the breaks before she hits the turnbuckles and backkicks Traci. Taylor climbs up on Traci’s shoulders and as Traci tried to drop her Taylor actually arm dragged Traci by scissoring Traci’s arms with her legs! Traci quickly tags in Alissa and says she wants a timeout. Flash goes for a clothesline but Taylor ducks and goes for one of her own, but Alissa too ducks. Taylor then hits a leg kick and goes for another one but Flash catches her leg this time and shoves her back. Taylor tags in Sarita now! Flash kicks Sarita and then chops away at Sarita. She whips her into the ropes and goes for a hip toss but Sarita counters into a hurricanrana! Damn this girls is awesome. Sarita with chops to Flash in the corner and then attempts to whip her into the opposite corner but Flash reverses it. Sarita springs to the top rope but Flash hits an open hand palm thrust and then goes for another one, but Sarita kicks her arm away this time. Sarita then hits a somersault arm drag! Flash bails out to the floor and Traci goes to check on her. Taylor springs into the ring and holds Sarita’s hand as she springs to the top rope (keeping Sarita’s balance for her pretty much) and Sarita dives off with a Springboard Plancha onto Traci & Flash on the floor! Sarita rolls Flash into the ring and Taylor gets a nearfall on her. Taylor with a forearm on Alissa and then attempts to whip her into the ropes but Flash reverses it and Traci grabs her boot from the floor! Taylor turns around and absolutely kicks Traci’s head right off her shoulders! Damn that was stiff! Flash then slams Taylor down by her hair and follows up with a Spinning Scoop Slam for a nearfall. Traci tags in (still holding her head) and puts the boots to Taylor. Traci chops Taylor and then chokes her on the middle rope and then hits a running Double Knee to the back of Taylor’s head. Traci hits a clothesline and gets a nearfall. Tenay starts talking about MEM wanting to dominate all divisions and reveals that Joe will get a rematch with Homicide at Hard Justice! Traci and Flash double team Taylor in their corner and Flash then Curb Stomps Taylor! 1…2…NO Taylor kicks out! Traci back in and she drags Taylor back to her corner but Taylor fights back with stiff forearms on the ropes! Taylor then attempts to whip Traci into the ropes but she reverses it and goes for a clothesline, but Taylor ducks and hits a Cross Body Block! Both girls are down now. Taylor starts to crawl to her corner but Traci grabs her boot only to get kicked off. Sarita tags back in and hits a back elbow on Traci and then a dropkick on Flash! Sarita whips Traci into the corner and goes for a clothesline but Traci moves and then charges herself. Sarita gets her boots up and actually uses Traci’s knees to propel herself into a somersault clothesline on Flash, but Flash catches Sarita’s arms and holds her. Traci tries to come at Sarita but Sarita is able to lift herself up and dropkick Traci while Flash still held her arms. Sarita then arm drags Flash and transitions right into a crazy submission hold where she held both of Flash’s arms in a surfboard type move but had Flash’s head in a leg scissors at the same time! I have no clue what that hold is called. Traci is able to break it up but then Taylor comes in and throws Traci to the floor. In the ring Flash goes for a scoop slam but Sarita counters out of it and then goes for a crucifix and swings all the way around Flash’s body into a small package! 1…2…3!

Winners: Taylor & Sarita via pinfall (small package)

After the match Traci & Flash jump Sarita & Taylor. Traci hits a Powerslam on Taylor and then Flash hits the Michinoku Driver on Sarita. They talk trash to the girls and the fans afterward as well. Please give us a rematch at Hard Justice, TNA!

In the back Lauren is with the Beautiful People and talks about a Four Corners Match that will go down next week between Angelina, ODB, Kong, & Tara! Angelina makes fun of Cody & ODB and Velvet says she’s sick of all the crap they have to deal with. She says they’re going to get rid of ODB and she says Love will give ODB a Title Shot! Angelina says it will go down at Hard Justice. Kip is cleaning up outside (he’s not happy about it) when Hernandez walks up with his bags asking what happened. Kip says there was a big brawl and asks where Hernandez was.


In the back Lauren is with AJ Styles and AJ says it’s like being at a crazy house around here right now. AJ says that doesn’t matter though because a meteor could hit and it still wouldn’t take away his focus on this match. AJ says it’s ‘one and done’ tonight.

At ringside Tenay and West run down the card for Hard Justice revealing Angelina vs. ODB is official, Beer Money vs. The Brits, 3D vs. Steiner/Booker, Joe vs. Homicide, Nash vs. Foley, and Sting vs. Angle vs. AJ/Morgan have been announced so far (plus the Steel Asylum).

We cut to a vignette of Hernandez where he talks about his past. Hernandez says he’s busted his a** his whole life just to get a taste of success and now that he knows that taste he will always be hungry for more. Hernandez says he’ll fight to get to the top and when he gets there he’ll stay and nobody will deny him. Hernandez says it’s his turn to be on top. We then cut to a sitdown interview with Tenay & Hernandez. He talks about the injury and says they had to fuse discs in his neck and he was supposed to be out for 6 months but was able to slash it in half. Tenay asks Hernandez about his background and he talks about his father being a Green Beret (pictures of his father in his uniform are shown) and says he played in the Arena Football League (didn’t know that). Tenay talks about Konnan attempting to burn the American flag a few years ago (great storyline by the way) it was hard for him because of how many members of his family had served in the US military. Hernandez says his father refused to even speak to him for awhile after that and talks about how his father attempted to reenlist after 9/11 went down even though he had been retired from the army since the 80’s. Hernandez says his relationship with his father still isn’t great due to that and then turns to his relationship with Homicide. He talks about how when he came into TNA he, Homicide, and Konnan were brothers. He says things sort of split with Konnan after the flag burning and says that L.A.X. is still together and they will one day win the Tag belts again but right now they are both looking for singles gold (he wishes Homicide the best in the X-Division) and says Homicide will always be his brother. Hernandez says he will win the World Heavyweight Championship.

We then cut to Lauren and Homicide in the back. Homicide says he isn’t talking about Hernandez right now, he needs to talk about Joe. He clowns on the Nation of Violence and says “187” is much stronger than a “13” (a jab at Taz) and says that his partner (Hernandez) beat Joe but at Hard Justice he’s going to hurt Joe! Homicide says the “To live & die in L.A.X.” slogan but replaces the LAX with 1-8-7 and then calls Joe a b*tch and walks off.


Back from commercials they show highlights of AJ vs. Morgan from last week.

Best of 3 Series Match #2
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (1-0) vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan (0-1)

AJ leads the series 1-0 and with a win tonight wins the series. AJ shoots in on Morgan with an attempted double leg takedown but Morgan just picks him up and flings him across the ring. AJ goes for another single leg this time but Morgan shoves him off again. Morgan charges at AJ but he moves out of the way and shoots between the ropes to the floor and trips Morgan! AJ rolls back in the ring and starts kicking away at Morgan’s legs. AJ elbow drops Morgan’s knee and then locks him in a knee lock. AJ elbow drops the knee again but then Morgan kicks him off. Morgan then hits a huge Lariat. Morgan nails AJ with the back elbow strikes in the corner and then hits the Corner Splash. Morgan then picks AJ up and drops him instead of hitting the Sidewalk Slam. Tenay questions Morgan taunting AJ down 1. AJ comes back with a big right hand and then goes for a Cross Body but Morgan catches him and hits a huge Fallaway Slam! Morgan chokes AJ on the top rope and then hits the Body Guillotine on AJ and then chokes AJ with his boot. Morgan drops a Guillotine Legdrop on AJ on the apron for a nearfall. Morgan goes for a Chokeslam but AJ blocks it and goes for a forearm, but Morgan blocks it and grabs him by the throat again! Morgan goes for a Chokeslam but AJ backflips and lands on his feet in a crazy counter! AJ then hits a big Enziguri! AJ with big right hands and then he attempts to whip Morgan into the corner but Morgan reverses it and charges at AJ, but AJ gets his boots up and then goes for a Diving Tornado DDT! Morgan blocks it and shoves AJ off. AJ charges and Morgan goes for a Lariat, but AJ ducks and hits the Pele out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Morgan kicks out and continues to sell his knee! AJ climbs up top but Morgan gets to his feet and tries to hit AJ, but AJ leaps over the right hand of Morgan and lands on the apron. AJ hits a shoulder block between the ropes and then dropkicks the knee of Morgan! AJ goes for the Springboard 450 but Morgan rolls out of the way and AJ is able to land on his feet and roll through. AJ then goes for a rollup but Morgan shoves him off. AJ then goes for a Wheelbarrow rollup but Morgan slams him into the top rope! Morgan then hits the Hellevator! 1….2…3 and Morgan ties it up!

Winner: Morgan via pinfall (Hellevator)


A vignette airs that says “The Pope D’Angelo Dinero” is coming August 16th, all the letters were blinged out with hip hop music playing in the background. Can someone say Elijah Burke?! THE BLACK POPE IS FINALLY COMING!

In the back JB follows Kurt Angle as he exits the building with his bags. JB says that Joe, Steiner, Booker, Nash have all left and asks if they’re retreating. Angle says that they’re not retreating and says it’s better for them to just leave and sleep it off. JB turns and sees Abyss in a corner, he’s hiding to avoid the bounty Stevie put on his head. JB has a hammer behind his back as Abyss asks if JB would attempt to collect the bounty. Abyss asks him what’s behind his back but JB says you n ever know when you would need a hammer. Consequences Creed runs up and asks Abyss whats up with him jumping he and Lethal a few weeks ago. Abyss apologizes and says if Jay was there he would apologize to him too but Lethal (wearing a hair net mind you) jumps Abyss from behind and they put the beat down on Abyss! Abyss flat out pie faces Creed across the damn room and then knees Lethal as he screams “come on Andre!” Abyss then throws Lethal into a trash can with Lethal screaming “no Andre, no” and the n he throws Creed into a door. Abyss says he can’t stand this bounty stuff.


Main Event
“The Icon” Sting vs. Brutus Magnus w/Doug Williams & Rob Terry

Before the match gets underway the referee sends Williams and Terry to the back! Sting and Brutus lockup and then Brutus bullies Sting into the corner and throws rights and lefts at Stinger. Sting comes back with rights and lefts of his own and then hip tosses Brutus! Sting with a dropkick and then a clothesline and Brutus bails out to the floor. Sting gets the fans into the match and then chases Brutus around ringside and then back into the ring. Sting attempts to whip Brutus into the ropes but Brutus reverses it and hits a big knee followed by a European Uppercut! Brutus with a Corkscrew Elbow and then he chop blocks Sting’s knee! Brutus continues to work on Sting’s knee as we go to commercials.


Back from commercials Brutus continues to work on Sting’s knee in the corner. Brutus grabs Sting’s leg but eats an Enziguri from Sting! Sting hulks up and hits a couple of big right hands and then whips Brutus into the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Brutus gets his boot up! Brutus goes for a Missile Dropkick but Sting backs up and catches Brutus in the Scorpion Death Lock! Sting sets back on him and Brutus taps.

Winner: Sting via submission (Scorpion Death Lock)

After the match Brutus tried to jump Sting but he nailed him with a back elbow and continues to punch away at Brutus until the World Elite come in to make the save! They all gang up on Sting and beat him down in a corner. Bobby Lashley and Mick Foley run down to make the save! Lashley with bigh rights and clotheslines on everybody and Foley with rights of his own! The Mafia run out as Tenay screams “MEM left the building my a**” and West puts over how Angle fooled us all. Joe with some nasty jabs on Foley as Angle and Young beat down on Lashley. Nash and Booker are now out helping out with the beatdown as well as Steiner. The heels are destroying the faces at this point until Hernandez comes out swinging around a huge a** chain! When Hernandez gets in the ring swinging it the heels bail out as Hernandez stands strong in the ring! Foley, Sting, and Lashley get to their feet in the ring as Hernandez stares down Angle and the Mafia. Tenay leaves us with the final line: “Main Event Mafia, World Elite, you wanted a war? You got a war!”

Final Thoughts

That was by far the craziest and most wild Impact in the history of TNA, period. With that said I’ll break it down.

The opening segment with MEM and World Elite coming together was interesting and unexpected, especially so soon. They have completely overhauled Young (like I said I wanted) and he is good as a heel. I like it as long as they don’t just become a part of MEM because then it was far to NWO like. One thing I’m not interested in is seeing a Foley vs. Nash match, that could be VERY bad.

The Young vs. Daniels match was very good and Young’s best match in a pretty good while. Daniels looked good and put EY over without looking weak himself (because of the interference).

The Machine Guns involvement was good as they didn’t give a damn about anything until Kiyoshi & Bashir attacked them. The 8-Man War was good but that is secondary because that’s where the brawl started. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brawl to that magnitude with that many individuals involved. It was insane but kudos to TNA for putting cameras everywhere so we got to see pretty much everything that went down. I absolutely loved it as finally the faces got one over on the Mafia with this big brawl. Now we get to the police involvement and I don’t even have to go look at any boards or sites to know that people are going to be b*tching and moaning and whining about how lame it was to have police show up. These are the same people that do that same moaning about wanting more realistic storylines in wrestling. I guess it’s more realistic to have a bunch of big wrestlers fighting all around an amusement park and the cops would just say “cool go for it” instead of breaking it up. I loved every bit of it.

The Knockouts Match was great and the highlight of the night for me, in the ring. Sarita and Alissa Flash are just great and are big additions to the Knockouts Division. Traci is a decent worker and Taylor is always great so all 4 made the match very fun. I’d love to see a big match between the 4 at the PPV.

Kip James is pointless, don’t even put him on my TV.

The Hernandez interview was awesome, I loved the background information and the story about his father hating the flag burning incident was just great. I just hope they don’t actually split L.A.X. up and down the line they really do come back together and go after the belts. Hernandez just has star written all over him.

AJ and Morgan put on another good match this week that wasn’t a carbon copy of the same match last week (which I was hoping it wouldn’t be) and now it’s tied up and we’ll have Match 3 next week. I really want AJ to win but I think Morgan winning would make more sense to the storyline.

Elijah Burke’s debut in TNA was pretty much set in stone tonight which I am extremely exciting about. The guy has it all. The look, great in the ring, and great on the microphone. Not sure about the name but at least it isn’t extremely whack. I’m excited to see what they’ll do with him TNA because WWE dropped the ball big time with that kid.

Sting and Brutus was decent but way too short. Brutus got a decent rub by hanging in there with Stinger but again too short. I liked the ending with Hernandez coming down swinging the chain, it made him look like a real bada**. Hard Justice is shaping up to be a good card.

- Match of the Night: Flash & Traci vs. Sarita & Taylor (**1/2)
- Promo/Segment of the Night: The wild brawl.
- Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:
- 4-Way: Angelina Love vs. Tara vs. Awesome Kong vs. ODB
- Best of 3 Final: AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan

Hard Justice Lineup:
- TNA World Title 3-Way: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Sting vs. AJ/Morgan
- TNA Legends Title: Mick Foley (c) vs. Kevin Nash
- TNA Tag Titles: Booker T. & Scott Steiner (c) vs. Team 3D
- IWGP Tag Titles: British Invasion (c) vs. Beer Money
- TNA X-Division Title: Homicide (c) vs. Samoa Joe
- TNA Knockouts Title: Angelina Love (c) vs. ODB
- Steel Asylum (X-Division #1 Contenders Match)

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