Impact Results - 9/10/09

Reported by Josh Boutwell of
On Friday, September 11, 2009 at 2:11 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
September 10, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Well, officially I have been doing this recap here for WrestleView for a year now (actually since the 4th last week) and I want to thank all the readers that have sent me feedback over the past year and also Adam Martin for letting me write about something I love. Hopefully I’ll be able to do this recap (along with my Lucha Column) for a long time to come! Oh, and my Crimson Tide killed it once again last week, ROLL TIDE! Now it’s time to cross the line!

The show starts out with a big Tag Team Gauntlet Match just getting underway!

Tag Team Gauntlet Match
British Invasion vs. Scott Steiner & Booker T. vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D

Bubba is already in the ring whipping Doug Williams into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Williams connects with a boot to the face and tags in Magnus. Brutus comes in and immediately eats a stiff chop from Bubba followed by several jabs and a big elbow to the top of the head. Robert Roode tags in and hits a clothesline and throws Brutus into the corner. Roode is pulled off of Brutus in the corner by the referee which allows Brutus to make a comeback with a knee to the gut and then tag in Scott Steiner. Tenay reveals that Booker T. & James Storm have yet to be entered into the match, they are the final entrants. Steiner lights up Roode with chops and then he whips him into the ropes and hits a huge Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex for a nearfall. Steiner attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but Roode reverses it and hits an Atomic Drop followed by a big right hand as the next man in, Booker T., makes his way out to the ring. Roode chokes Steiner on the bottom rope and then attempts to whip Steiner into the ropes, but Steiner reverses it and Booker pulls the top rope down causing Roode to go flying over the top rope and crash to the floor! On the floor Booker lights Booker up with chops and Knee Strikes. Booker tosses Roode back into the ring and Steiner tags Book in. Booker with a kick to the gut to Roode followed by a clubbing blow from Steiner to the back. Booker picks Roode up and hits a Hook Kick and then taunts him. Book tags in Williams and holds Roode for Williams to put the boots to him. The next man in is James Storm, the final entrant, and he makes his way down to the ring as Roode hits a big back body drop on Williams! Storm wears a bear helmet down to the ring and has a butch of thunder sticks (you know, those things you take to a football game and hit together that make the irritating sound). Roode hits a Back Suplex and then throws Williams into the corner and tags in Storm. They quickly grab Williams and hit the Beer Money Double Suplex followed by the taunt they’ve become known for! Storm knocks Magnus off the apron and then whips Williams into the corner and charges, but Williams backdrops Storm over the top rope to the apron. Storm lands on his feet and hits a Leaping Enziguri to the back of Williams head from the apron! Storm then hits a Neckbreaker and knocks Steiner off the apron. Storm kicks Williams and hits the Eye Of The Storm! Before Storm can make a pin Booker comes in and hits a Running Superkick to Storm! Williams covers Storm and gets a nearfall. Williams tags in Steiner who puts the boots to Storm and then throws him into the turnbuckles. Steiner picks Storm up and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for another nearfall. Steiner quickly puts Storm in a Side Headlock as we see a shot Kurt Angle watching from a monitor backstage. Storm is able to fight out of the headlock with back elbows but Steiner pokes him in the eyes and goes for a Scoop Slam, but Storm counters and hits the Lung Blower! Storm rolls over and tags in Roode who comes in and meets the Brits, as they try to get involved, with clotheslines! Roode then knocks Booker off the apron and attempts to whip Steiner into the corner, but he reverses it and charges at Roode. Roode hits a back elbow and then climbs up top and hits the Blockbuster on Steiner! 1…2…NO the Brits break it up! The Brits whip Roode into the ropes and go for a double clothesline, but Roode ducks and slides out to the floor! Devon then comes in and clotheslines the Brits from behind! Devon hits a Flying Clothesline on Steiner and gets a nearfall on him before Booker breaks itup. Now all hell breaks loose with everybody going at it in and out of the ring! Bear Money take it to the floor with the Brits and then Bubba throws Booker out to the floor as well. Back in the ring 3D whip Steiner into the ropes and hit the 3D! 1…2…NO Booker breaks it up! Brutus then covers Steiner, 1…2…3 and the Brits get the pin!

Winners: British Invasion via pinfall (3D)

Booker T. can’t believe what just happened and we see a shot of Kurt Angle who is pissed in the back. Brutus and Williams celebrate the win but the MEM isn’t happy and Book gets in the face of the Brits. TNA Security runs out and separates MEM from the Brits before anything goes down.


In the back Kurt Angle is screaming at The Brits about ‘screwing over’ MEM, but Brutus says ‘a wins a win.’ Eric Young runs up and shoves Angle and tells him to get out of his boys faces. Young tells Angle that he should know better but Angle says he’ll take care of them later as Booker screams about them being rookies.

At ringside Tenay & Taz hype up the rest of the card which features 2 more Knockouts Tag Tourney matches featuring the Beautiful People taking on Madison Rayne and her mystery partner, the team of Taylor Wilde & Sarita taking on Alissa Flash & Daffney, as well as a huge tag team match pitting AJ Styles & Daniels against Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle!

Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring and he’s wearing a pretty cool dogtag chain around his neck. Angle says he has a few words to say to Matt Morgan and tells him to get out to the ring so they can have one last conversation. Morgan doesn’t make him wait very long and the big man makes his way out to the ring. Angle says that the last few months have been a bumpy ride for them due to Morgan misunderstanding Angle’s ‘good intentions’ for him. Angle says that Morgan may be a little too immature to understand it now but eventually he will understand that he always had Morgan’s best interests at heart. Angle says that Morgan is on the cusp of being the newest member of the Main Event Mafia and he’s spoken to the rest of the members about it and they’re all in agreement. Morgan sarcastically guesses that there’s just one more thing he’ll have to do and Angle says that he read his mind, but before he can say anything else Sting’s music cuts him off and the legend makes his way out to the ring as well! Sting isn’t alone either as AJ Styles is with him! Sting says that he knows he and Matt are going to be opponents at No Surrender but he and AJ were in the back listening to the bantering going on between he & Kurt and they just couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Sting says that the idea that Morgan might believe for a minute that Angle would have his back is mind blowing to him. Sting asks him why and says if he was Matt Morgan he would get in his face and then he gets right in Angle’s face and says that he would scream at Angle. He runs off all of Morgan’s catch phrases and then says he would follow it up by saying that he would tell Angle “at No Surrender you’re mine!” and asks him why he wouldn’t say that Kurt. He says there is no way that he really thinks he needs the MEM to get what he wants from the business. Sting says MEM needs Morgan not the other way around. Angle screams at Sting to shutup and sarcastically asks if Sting is going to mentor Morgan like he’s mentoring AJ who he calls the quitter. Angle tells AJ he thought he took his ball and went home. He then says that Sting doesn’t want to pass him the torch but he wants to burn him with it! Angle says that Sting doesn’t have it anymore and he’s lost a step. He says Sting just wants to use AJ to sneak in the backdoor and steal the TNA Title. Angle says Sting is a wrestler and all older wrestlers want one more glory in the sun. Angle says that the only difference between he and Sting is that he admits his intentions and those intentions are that he wants to keep the TNA World Heavyweight Title. AJ asks Angle to repeat himself and he does so which Morgan thanks him for finally admitting that he is using Morgan to keep his belt. Morgan asks what use he could have for him after he retains the belt and he says if Angle wants to use him so bad why wait to No Surrender, why not start tonight. He says he wants to be in Kurt & Joe’s corner tonight and he wants Kurt to use him like he plans on using him tonight. Kurt stares Angle down as we go to break.


Back from commercials Laruen is with Earl Hebner and she shows a replay of Young (dressed as Homicide) attacking Sting last week causing Hernandez to get DQ’d in his match against Sting. She questions Hebner DQ’ing Hernandez and he asks her who in the hell she thinks she is questioning him. Hebner asks Lauren if she wants to wear the referee shirt instead and he says it’s not his fault Young got involved. He says that he’s instructed the other referees to trust no one.

Back at Mick Foley’s office his kids are wrestling around on a couch and Foley says that today is “Take Your Kid to Work Day”. JB then talks about Foley’s bloody match with Nash at Hard Justice and says that next week they’ll have their rematch for the Legends Championship on Impact! Foley says that he’s looking forward to the match and he’s not sure what he’s capable of doing to Nash. Someone knocks on the door and it’s Stevie Richards. Foley says he’s been impressed with Stevie’s therapy but he remembers that 14 years ago he and Stevie strutted their way out of the ECW Arena. He calls him by his real name, Stevie Richards, and says that he is a hell of a wrestler, but Stevie gets pissed and says his name is Dr. Stevie not Stevie Richards. Foley says he can hide behind that name but every once in awhile wrestlers wrestle and tonight Richards faces Abyss tonight! Stevie says he’s not a wrestler anymore and he says Foley can’t do that to him. Foley gets in his face and asks Stevie if he looks like he’s kidding him and then tells him to get his a** in the ring tonight. Foley tells the kids to say hey to Stevie as he leaves. JB tells Mick that’s the Mick Foley he knows and he says there’s plenty more of that to be seen next week.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles Tournament 1st Round
Daffney & Alissa Flash vs. Sarita & Taylor Wilde

They show a shot of something covered in a red cloth on the announce desk and Taz says he knows what is and we’ll find out tonight. Alissa and Taylor kick the match off with a collar-and-elbow tieup. Flash shoves Taylor off and then they lockup again and this time Taylor quickly locks in a Flying Armbar out of nowhere! Flash rolls over and hooks her hands together and deadlifts Taylor up and Powerbombs her! Flash puts the boots to her and then grabs her by the arm but Taylor grabs her with her other hand and starts kicking Flash and then uses Flash for leverage to nipup and tag in Sarita. Taylor double springs to the top and hits a Springboard Arm Drag! Sarita flies off the top right into a Flying Armdrag on Flash as well! Sarita and Taylor then hit a double back elbow and then Taylor press slams Sarita into a splash on Flash for a nearfall! Sarita with knee strikes on the ropes and then whips Flash into the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but Flash holds onto the ropes and hits a big Running Lariat! Flash grabs Sarita by the hair and tags in Daffney who hits a couple of body shots to Sarita followed by a European Uppercut! Daffney whips Sarita into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Sarita leaps over Daffney’s back right into an arm drag! Sarita then hits a Somersault Senton Backsplash! 1…2...NO Daffney kicks out! Sarita tags in Taylor and she dives off the top with a Sunset Flip on Daffney, but Daffney rolls through! Sarita then leaps off the back of Taylor into a Cross Body Block on Daffney! Sarita goes for a pin but Slick Johnson lets her know she’s not the legal girl. Taylor follows up with forearm smashes to Daffney and then attempts to whip her into the ropes, but Daffney reverses it and Flash kicks her from behind. Daffney follows up with a forearm of her own and then tags in Flash. Flash hits a Scoop Slam and then stomps the head of Taylor. Flash chokes Taylor with her boot and then puts the boots to her. Daffney tags back in and puts the boots to Taylor as Flash holds her. Daffney hits a Shinning Wizard that Taz tells us is called Daffknees! 1…2…NO Taylor kicks out! Daffney puts Taylor in an Abdominal Stretch while actually digging her fingernails into Taylor’s side as well. Taylor is able to swing her knee around and catching Daffney in the head to break the hold. Daffney tags in Flash and Taylor tags in Sarita. Flash goes for a clothesline but Sarita ducks and chops away at Flash. Sarita then levels Daffney with a clothesline as she tried to get back involved. Sarita attempts to whip Flash into the ropes but she reverses it and then goes for a Cross Body but both Flash and Daffney catch her in midair! Flash swings Sarita’s legs into a Swinging Sideslam attempt from Daffney, but Sarita counters it into a DDT! Taylor runs in with a big Roundhouse Kick to Flash! Sarita then picks Taylor up and springs her off the ropes into a dropkick to Flash! Sarita then picks Taylor up and backflips her right into a Moonsault on Flash! Sarita then hits a Twisting Splash on Flash! 1…2…NO Daffney breaks it up but she then hits the boots of Taylor Wilde. Taylor then hits another sliding dropkick sending Daffney to the floor. Sarita blocks a clothesline and counters it into a crazy spinning Belly-to-Back Front Slam (that’s the only way I can describe it) for the pin!

Winners: Sarita & Taylor via pinfall (Belly-to-Back Front Slam)

In the back JB is with World Elite and he asks Eric about Angle saying that he would deal with them later and JB says they deserve it. Young says that Kurt will get what he deserves tonight and says when they had a deal with Kurt he told him that they would do whatever it takes. He says Brutus won, period. He says World Elite does the right thing and they will always do the right thing no matter what. Young says that his door is always open and says Kurt can come by and have a ‘chat’ anytime.


In the back Lauren is in the back with Suicide and she asks about Dinero coming after him since coming to TNA. Suicide says that Pope realizes that Suicide has both lived and died on the same streets that Dinero preaches from. He says that to Dinero he represents a threat and next week “the dark savior” is coming and he says he’ll cleanse the wicked. Suicide vs. Dinero next week one-on-one!

The Machine Guns make their way out to the ring holding their new tissue box holder. They point at the thing that’s covered up at ringside and they uncover it revealing another broadcast table equipped with monitors and everything. Apparently the Guns are going to do commentary! The Guns are talking about not liking Lethal or his robe and how it looks like Lethal is wearing a cup.

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

The Guns continue to crack jokes on both Dinero & Lethal as the match starts. Shelley cracks a joke about Dinero being the winner of the Michael Jackson-lookalike contest and Taz said that joke ‘kills’ (wow, I’m not even touching that one). Dinero and Lethal lockup with a collar-and-elbow tieup and Lethal forces Dinero into the corner. The referee separates them but they quickly lockup again and this time Dinero reverses it and kicks Lethal in the gut. Dinero then slaps Lethal across the face which causes Lethal to go crazy with jabs to Dinero. Lethal whips Dinero into the ropes and hits an armdrag followed by another arm drag and he holds onto an armbar this time. Dinero gets to his feet and forces Lethal to the ropes where he then shoves Lethal off into the ropes. Lethal slides underneath the legs of Dinero and hten hits another armdrag followed by a dropkick sending Dinero to the floor! Lethal hits the Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Dinero on the floor! Lethal rolls Dinero back into the ring and then he slingshots himself into a head scissors on Dinero, but Dinero blocks it and crotches Lethal on the top rope! Dinero then clotheslines Lethal off the top knocking him to the floor! The replay shows Lethal’s head splat on the ring apron hard. Dinero rolls Lethal back into the ring and quickly gets a nearfall. Dinero hits a big European Uppercut and then chokes Lethal on the middle rope with his knee. Dinero then hits the Running Body Guillotine on Lethal as he was draped over the middle rope! Dinero covers Lethal, 1…2…NO Lethal kicks out! Dinero climbs up top and dives off but Lethal got his boot up! Tenay reveals that MEM is going to the World Elite lockerroom and we will see that after this match! Dinero goes for a clothesline but Lethal ducks and hits a running forearm! Lethal follows up with a series of clotheslines and then attempts to whip Dinero into the ropes, but he reverse it and Lethal comes back with a back handspring off the ropes into a Back Elbow on Dinero! 1…2…NO he kicks out! Lethal whips Dinero into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Dinero kicks him and then goes for a clothesline, but Lethal ducks and hits an arm drag followed by a cartwheel into a sliding dropkick! 1…2…NO Dinero still kicks out! Lethal hits a Sunset Flip! 1…2…NO Dinero kicks out and then goes for a clothesline, but Lethal ducks and rolls Dinero up again! 1…2…NO Dinero kicks out again! Lethal with a Oklahoma Roll! 1…2…NO and Dinero kicks out once again and quickly gets a knee to the gut. Dinero whips Lethal into the corner and charges but Lethal gets his feet up! Dinero catches Lethal’s feet and swings them into the ropes hanging Lethal up in the ropes with his back to Dinero now! Pope then hits a Hanging Neckbreaker! Dinero pulls his knee’s down and he nails Lethal with the Elijah Express as he gets to his feet! Tenay reveals to us that Dinero has finally renamed it to the DDE (D’Angelo Dinero Express)! 1…2…3 and it’s over!

Winner: Dinero via pinfall (DDE)

In the back MEM is in the World Elite’s lockerroom and Angle screams for everyone to shutup. Angle says that Brutus was out of line tonight and Young knows it. He says if Young wanted their attention then he has it. Angle says they made a pact and says that together they can dominate TNA for years but divided they’ll destroy each other. Angle says Young needs to understand and make a decision. Young says he’s already made a decision and Brutus did what he had to do tonight and he pinned Scotty but they won’t apologize. Young says when they made a deal he said they would do whatever it took. Young agrees that together they will dominate TNA and he says they have to stick together and rule the industry. Young offers a handshake and Angle accepts it and then MEM leaves but they don’t look too happy. Scotty sticks around and says that if any of the ‘foreigners’ have anything to say and then spits and says that’s what he thinks about foreigners.


TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships Tournament 1st Round
The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne & Roxxi

At ringside Shelley says he’s glad they brought tissues because he usually needs one after BP’s entrance. Madison Rayne’s mystery partner tonight is former Knockout star ROXXI! If you remember BP are the cause of Roxxi having her head shaved last year! Roxxi is also fresh off an appearance in AAA down in Mexico (where I thought she had signed) and she gets a nice ovation from the fans. BP can’t believe who Madison has brought along. Madison and Angelina start the match off and Angelina taunts her which causes Madison to tag in Roxxi so she can get some revenge. Love goes for a clothesline but Roxxi ducks it and hits a forearm smash and then she whips Love into the ropes and hits a Samoan Drop followed by a Backsplash Senton! 1…2…NO Love kicks out! Roxxi whips Love into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Love stops in her tracks and slams Roxxi to the mat by her face. Velvet tags in and they hit the Holla Double Elbow Drop for a nearfall on Roxxi. Velvet stomps on Roxxi’s head and gets another nearfall. Velvet attempts to whip Roxxi into the ropes but she reverses it into a clothesline. Roxxi tags in Rayne and they whip Velvet into the ropes and they hit a double back elbow on Velvet for a nearfall. Madison with forearms on Velvet and then she attempts to whip Velvet into the ropes but she reverses it and Angelina grabs Madison by the hair and slams her to the mat. BP put the boots to Madison and then Angelina is back into the ring (no tag, behind the ref’s back) and puts the boots to Madison some more. Angelina slams Madison into the top turnbuckle and chokes her in the corner. Velvet tags back in and hits a Snapmare followed by a kick to the back. 1…2…NO Madison kicks out. Velvet throws Madison into the corner and hits a shoulder block and then Angelina chokes her from the apron. Velvet charges her again but Madison hits a forearm and then a back elbow to Angelina. Velvet goes for a clothesline but Madison rolls underneath it and tags in Roxxi! Angelina also tags in and goes for a clothesline but Roxxi ducks and hits a series of forearms followed by a clothesline to Velvet and then a Big Boot to Angelina! Roxxi hits a Roxxi hits a Fall Away Slam on Velvet but then walks into a boot from Love. Love whips Roxx into the corner and charges at her but Roxxi ducks and hits the Voodoo Drop! 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out! Madison tags back in and with Roxxi they kick Angelina and then come off the ropes, but Velvet trips Roxxi from the floor and drags her to the outside. In the ring Angelina ducks a clothesline from Madison and rolls her up! Angelina uses the tights of Madison for leverage (which showed a little booty which they had to censor), 1…2…3 and BP move onto the Semifinals!

Winners: The Beautiful People via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Cody Deaner is in Mick Foley’s office complaining about having to face ODB at No Surrender and he requests a warmup match tonight. Deaner requests a match so he can show off the Donkey Punch (he didn’t just say that did he?) and he requests a MMA Match tonight! Foley grants his request and then Deaner runs off and JB asks Foley if he’s thinking about who he’s thinking of. Foley says he thinks so.

They show a highlight video package of the sickeningly bloody match between Nash and Foley from Hard Justice and show a graphic hyping up the rematch for next week.


Foley is going to do guest commentary for the next matchup.

“The Monster” Abyss vs. Stevie Richards

Stevie jumps Abyss from behind on the ramp as Abyss was making his way to the ring! Richards puts the beatdown on Abyss with some nasty right hands and then he throws Abyss into the guardrail. Richards slams Abyss into the ring apron and then rolls into the ring and tells the referee to count Abyss out! Abyss is able to roll back into the ring before the 10 and Stevie immediately puts the boots to Abyss but Abyss awakens and none of the chops and right hands Stevie is throwing are affecting the monster. Abyss destroys Stevie with a huge chop to the chest as Stevie came off the ropes. Abyss hits the Corner Splash on Stevie and then follows up with the Blackhole Slam! 1…2…3 and Stevie is done. The fans ate it up.

Winner: Abyss via pinfall (Blackhole Slam)

After the match Nash sneaks down to the ring and nails Abyss with a clothesline as he turned around! Nash then throws Abyss into the corner and throws repeated knees at Abyss and then Stevie comes over and they doubleteam Abyss until Mick Foley comes in and throws Stevie over the top rope to the floor! Nash decides to bailout instead of fighting Foley and he makes the ‘money’ gesture with his hands saying he’ll wait until next week.


Back from commercials the World Elite are in the ring and Young says there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Elite tonight and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Young says that none of it deterred them from their number one goal either and that is to recruit Hernandez into the World Elite. Young says that they have offered him a spot to become one of their brothers several times. Young says that he never would have thought that Hernandez would be so brainwashed in thinking that the people see him as an equal, and he says that he will do whatever it takes to open his eyes. Young invites Hernandez once again to come and join them and some Latin music hits but it’s not Hernandez’s. It’s the legendary Hector Guerrero! Hector makes his way out to the ring and he says Hernandez isn’t coming out tonight and he talks about Young getting Hernandez disqualified last week and he says he’s keeping Hernandez from coming out there and ‘doing something he would regret’ to the World Elite. Hector says that Hernandez has a real bad temper especially when people like them piss him off. Hector says he and Hernandez are not American but America is their country and the fans are their people. Guerrero says something in Spanish and tells Young to stop what he’s doing because it’s going to get out of hand. Young says he didn’t start it and it was the people that started it when they chose to piss on them and treat them as second class citizens, and if anyone should understand that is Hector Guerrero. He says Hector is not an American and he never will be and the only reason he’s still standing there is because he respects him and the Guerrero family. Young says that he wants Guerrero to go back and tell Hernandez to pay real close attention to the show tonight because he’s going to give Hernandez a reason to come out and see him tonight. Taz reminds us once again that Hernandez has the Feast or Fired Title shot.

We see Tara approaching the entrance way in MMA gear.


They show a video package highlighting Tara and building up the eventual matchup between her and Awesome Kong.

MMA Rules Match
Tara vs. Cody Deaner

Good lord those tight MMA shorts look good on Tara. Deaner looks like they pulled him straight out of a trailer park tonight wearing boxing headgear, a camo wife beater, red and white tiger stripped MC Hammer pants (that’s what it looked like to me), a fanny pack (yes he is really wearing one), and of course barefooted. Tara just shakes her head as Deaner acts a fool and then shit gets in her fighting stance as Deaner dares her to hit him. She then connects with a big right hook followed by big rights and lefts and a front kick. Deaner charges at Tara but she avoids it and hits a double leg takedown and she starts to mount Deaner (lucky redneck) but he quickly gets to the ropes. Deaner gets in the Flying Crane stance! Tara hits a series of leg kicks and then absolutely crushes him with a roundhouse kick! Tara mounts Deaner and lays down the rights and lefts before she decides to lock on the Cross Armbreaker! Deaner gets to the ropes to break the hold. Tara continues to lay into Deaner until the referee pulls her off and then Deaner goes for a big right hand on Tara but she ducks and Deaner nails the referee! Tara lays Deaner out with a series of big rights and knees until Awesome Kong comes from behind and just squashes the hell out of Tara with the Corner Splash! Kong then hits the Implant Buster! Deaner gets to his feet and the referee calls for the bell and gives the match to Deaner via KO!

Winner: Deaner via KO

In the back Deaner limps his way down the steps and he claims he beat Tara from pillar to post and he says at No Surrender he’s going to knockout ODB. He says he’s going to the be only person to ever win the Knockouts Title and not ‘pop a squat’ (he said it).

Taz and Tenay run down the card for No Surrender and the only match that’s been added is a Lethal Lockdown Match pitting Team 3D against Beer Money, MEM, & the Brits!

They then cut to some footage of Rhino approaching Lashley as he was training. Rhino jumps Lashley and hits him with a heavybag and screams “welcome to TNA b*tch!”


Main Event
Phenomenal Angels (AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels) w/Sting vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle & “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe w/Matt Morgan

AJ and Daniels are once again wearing the matching blue tights that they rocked when they were tag team partners back in the day. Morgan sat in a chair at ringside as the match starts. Angle and Daniels will kick the match off tonight. They lockup and gets the advantage early with a side headlock right into a takeover. Angel reverses with a head scissors but Daniels quickly breaks the hold and they both get to their feet. Daniels charges Angle but he kicks Daniels in the gut and hits an elbow to the back of the head. Angle with a series of European Uppercuts and then Angle comes off the ropes but Daniels catches him with a Back Heel Kick. AJ tags in now and he puts the boots to Angle and then hit a Scoop Slam followed by a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Angle comes back with a poke to the eyes and tags in Joe but AJ this the Nipup Hurricanrana out of nowhere! AJ throws Joe into the corner and tags in Daniels. AJ and Daniels put the boots to Joe and then Daniels lights Joe’s chest up with chops. Joe comes back with jabs and huge body shots to Daniels in the corner! Joe is fired up now! Joe whips Daniels into the corner and charges but eats Daniels boots and then Daniels hits the Code Breaker! Daniels puts Joe in a headlock and then tags AJ in. AJ with chops and then he whips Joe into a back elbow from Daniels. AJ and Daniels then hit the Legsweep/Clothesline combo! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Taz compares the move to the Total Elimination that the Eliminators (Saturn & Kronus) did back in the old ECW. Joe comes back with a big chop to AJ and then he throws AJ into the top turnbuckle. Joe whips AJ into the corner and for a running forearm but AJ rolls underneath it and charges at Joe, but Joe catches him in midair with the Side Slam! Joe tags in Angle and he gets a nearfall on AJ. Angle puts AJ in a Waistlock as we see a replay of the Side Slam. AJ gets to his feet and breaks the hold and then comes off the ropes but eats a nasty Bell-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Angle gets another nearfall and tags in Joe. Joe & Angle hit a Double Suplex and then Joe knocks Daniels off the apron with a forearm. AJ fights back with a chop on Joe and then comes off the ropes but Joe catches him with the Snap Powerslam! 1…2…NO AJ gets the shoulder up and Joe quickly grabs the arm of AJ and transitions into a Cross Armbar! AJ is able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Joe picks AJ up but AJ comes back with rights and lefts and then tries to leap over Joe to get to Daniels, but Joe catches him on his shoulders! AJ is able to squirm free from Joe’s grasp and then when Joe turns around he eats the Pele from AJ out of nowhere! Taz says he hates Soccer but he loves that kick (me too Taz)! Both Angle and Daniels are able to tag in. Daniels hits a series of clothesline on Angle and then he attempts to whip Angle into the ropes but Angle reverses it and goes for a backdrop. Daniels kicks Angle and follows up with the STO! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Daniels whips Angle in the corner and goes for the Running Knee, but Angle moves and goes for the Angle Slam! Daniels counters with an armdrag! Daniels then hits the Flatliner and transitions into the Koji Clutch! Joe attempts to break it up with a Knee Drop but Daniels moved out of the way and hits an Enziguri! Daniels tags in AJ and then hits the Rock Bottom on Angle! BME from Daniels on AJ and then AJ with the Frog Splash! 1…2…NO Joe breaks up the pin attempt with the Senton Backsplash! Joe throws Daniels out to the floor and follows him out! Joe grabs a chair and starts to swing until Sting gets in his face and then the referee comes out to calm Joe down. At ringside Morgan picks up his chair and holds it up for Angle to slam AJ into, but AJ reverses it and slams Angle into it! Morgan had plenty of time to put the chair down but didn’t and then he just gave a ‘oops’ look as AJ rolls Angle up! The referee slides in, 1…2…3 and Phenomenal Angels get the win!

Winners: AJ & Daniels via pinfall (rollup)

After the match they replay what just went down and then we see Angle pissed off at Morgan as he gets into the ring. Morgan says ‘my bad’ to Kurt but Kurt slaps him! Morgan then kicks Angle and hits the Hellevator! Morgan stands over the downed TNA World Champion as we cut to the back!

In the back Young is standing over an apparently beaten Homicide! Terry puts Homicide on his shoulder and they carry Homicide towards the ring! Young screams “his blood’s on your hands Hernandez” as they walk.


Back from commercials World Elite has dragged Homicide to the ring and Young demands that Hernandez come out and join World Elite or Homicide’s blood will be on his hands. Hernandez’s music hits and he runs down to the ring and this the Slingshot Shoulder Bock on the Brits! Hernandez clotheslines Terry over the top and then chunks Kiyoshi to the floor! Hernandez Press Slams Bashir and tosses him out onto the Brits! Young goes to swing a chair at Hernandez but he bocks it and Young bails out! Hernandez helps Homicide up and he tells Hernandez to go after the World Elite. Hernandez tries to get them but they bail off the apron and Homicide nails Hernandez from behind with the chair! SWERVE! The Brits pick up Hernandez and Rob Terry levels him with a clothesline and then the Brits hit the Double Straightjacket Slam. Bashir hits the WMD on Hernandez and then Kiyoshi hits a Diving Headbutt on him! Young screams at Hernandez as Homicide looks on smiling and then he and Young shake hands! Homicide stands over his former partner and drapes the Mexican flag over him! Homicide does the L.A.X. hand gesture and then flicks him the bird. As we go off the air World Elite lift Homicide up on his shoulders!

Final Thoughts

Wow, what an ending! I didn’t see that swerve coming at all (I don’t read spoilers) and loved it! I love L.A.X. as a team but if this thing with Hernandez (and even Homicide) going solo is going to work this had to be done. In the future they can come back together down the road. It was done very well with Hernandez to come out and save his buddy only to get laid out which will undoubtedly lead to a great feud between the former partners.

As for the rest of the show it was pretty good all the way through. Heavy on the wrestling once again for the most part with some good promos.

Eric Young is really starting to come into his own on the microphone and with his character and I liked the teased tension between World Elite and MEM. Each and every week they look less and less dominant.

The opening match was good in-ring wise but confusing as hell because they said it was a Gauntlet Match yet it was a one-pinfall matchup. I don’t understand why it wasn’t just made a Fatal 4-Way. Anyway good in-ring stuff and I would imagine this is setting up a 4-Way with both Tag Titles on the line probably at BFG.

The stuff between Angle, Sting, AJ, and Morgan was pretty good and it looks like things are coming to a head with Morgan and Angle. The Tag Team Main Event was just great. Both teams were awesome together and had great chemistry.

I liked that they teased Stevie Richards dropping the stupid Doctor gimmick but then he got squashed pretty much.

Both Knockouts Tag Matches were awesome. Sarita & Taylor look the best as a team that I’ve seen thus far and damn it am I going to miss seeing Angelina Love since she’s been released (due to VISA issues). I really hope she gets everything situated and comes back to TNA soon. Roxxi being back was great but I’m not sure how long term this is. I would imagine that her spot in AAA is in doubt now with Konnan’s problems with TNA.

Dinero and Lethal put on a very good match with each other and I hope that the match next week with Suicide and Dinero isn’t the blowoff, I’d like to see those two at the PPV.

The MMA thing was silly though funny at times but I loved that they had Kong get involved. The slow buildup between Kong and Tara is great and it should lead to a big showdown at BFG.

Great show tonight from the TNA folks and No Surrender is shaping up to be a great card.

- Match of the Night: AJ/Daniels vs. Joe/Angle (***)
- Promo/Segment of the Night: World Elite/MEM Showdown in the back
- Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe
- TNA Legends Title: Kevin Nash (c) vs. Mick Foley
- TNA Knockouts Tag Title Tourney Semifinals: Taylor Wilde & Sarita vs. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed
- TNA Knockouts Tag Title Tourney Semifinals: Tara & Christy Hemme vs. Beautiful People

No Surrender Lineup:
- TNA World Title Fatal 4-Way: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Sting vs. AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan
- TNA X-Division Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Daniels
- TNA Legends Title: Abyss vs. Kevin Nash/Mick Foley Winner (c)
- Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino
- TNA Knockouts Title: ODB vs. Cody Deaner
- Six Sides of Steel Lethal Lockdown Match: Team 3D vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. MEM vs. British Invasion

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