Impact Results - 10/22/09

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On Friday, October 23, 2009 at 2:27 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
October 22, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
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This week opens up with highlights from this past Sunday’s Bound for Glory PPV. This week’s tag line is “Black Thursday?” but I’m not sure what that’s referring to.

After the usual Impact intro and pyro Tenay & Taz run down the card for tonight which includes the very first Ultimate X Match ever on Impact!

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring fresh off his win over Matt Morgan in a great matchup as Tenay talks about the down night that Main Event Mafia had (minus Angle). Quick note, the graphic displaying Angle’s name as he comes down to the ring is a little different, it has his height and weight listing under the name. Kurt says he is standing in the ring without a family tonight and it’s one year to the date (not sure about that one) since he, Sting, Steiner, Booker, & Nash formed the Main Event Mafia in Vegas. Angle says from the beginning the Mafia was misunderstood. He says it wasn’t about securing spots but then stops and says that maybe it was for some of the members but it wasn’t for him because ever since he first laced up a pair of wrestling boots he knew he would be the very best. He says MEM wasn’t about job security at least for him because he knew that he was better than everyone else. He says it was about respect for the ‘game’ and he says you’re in it because you love it. He says its not about money, its about pride and wanting to be the best. He says when he first came to TNA he thought he saw a bunch of young punks looking for free handouts. He says that it’s hard for him to say it but he made a mistake in that. Kurt says what he sees now is a bunch of young boys that have grown into men. He says it all started when he saw the passion in Eric Young’s eyes and says that AJ Styles has more talent than just about anyone. He calls the match they had last week a classic and says AJ gave him even more than he could handle. Angle turns his focus to Morgan and says the fire he saw in Morgan’s eyes reminded him of what he saw in his own eyes 10 years ago. He says he honestly thought a few times in that match Sunday that Morgan had him. He says to all the wrestlers in the back that they have nothing to prove to him and he sees them as his peers now. Angle starts to leave the ring but Rhino’s music cuts him off and the War Machine storms the ring. Rhino says he can’t believe what Kurt is saying. He says he’s glad Kurt is having some kind of revelation but he asks Kurt if he can’t see what’s going on. He tells Kurt the MEM is no more and he says Booker T. is gone. He asks Kurt what he’s going to do ‘fight a fight next to nobody.’ Rhino says TNA management wants ‘them’ gone and tells the fans (who are taking a big dump all over him) to shutup. Rhino tells Angle to look at the guys that TNA Management are behind: Hernandez, Morgan, AJ Styles. He says ‘what about us, Kurt?’ Angle says he understands that but maybe they have earned it. Rhino says they haven’t earned anything and he says that he stood by them and fought with them in the Front Line until he saw what was going on. He says they brought in Bobby Lashley and pushed Rhino aside like an old bloody towel in the corner waiting for the trash man to come and throw him away for good. Team 3D are trying to get down to the ring but security is holding them back. Bubba’s head is bandaged (Rhino attacked 3D during Full Metal Mayhem). Rhino tells Bubba that he knows what he did to them but he did to get their attention. He says now that he has their and Kurt’s attention and says listen up. Rhino says last week 3D stood up on the stage beside guys that were brought in to replace them but Bubba screams that Rhino is paranoid. Rhino asks 3D what they’ll do outside of wrestling and they were born to fight in that ring and put people through tables. Bubba grabs a chair but security continues to hold them back. Rhino says if they don’t believe him then go in the back and look at the card, 3D’s not on it. This looks like it struck something with 3D and Rhino says that maybe TNA doesn’t think they can pull ratings like they used to. Rhino says since they’re not wrestling then they should come out during Rhino and Hernandez’s match and cheer him on. Bubba finally breaks through security but Kurt Angle holds him back. Rhino says that TNA wants him out but the only way to get him out of TNA is to drag his lifeless body out of that ring and he’ll fight until he breaths his last breath.

In the back Lauren is with AJ & Daniels and she asks them about what we just witnessed. How Daniels is even able to stand after UX is a miracle. AJ says if Kurt was sincere then that’s a huge step for TNA. He says ‘this fight’ isn’t him against Kurt, it’s TNA against the competition. AJ says they want to all continue to work for the best wrestling company in the world. He says if they can put their personal issues aside and just have great matches then that’s what they’ll do. Lauren reveals that at Turning Point AJ will defend his title against Samoa Joe & Daniels in a Triple Threat, a rematch of their classic match back at Unbreakable in 2005. Lauren says TNA must be hoping for a repeat of their classic match and Daniels says it will exceed expectations, but first tonight he & AJ have to face Nash & Joe tonight. Daniels says he knows Joe & Nash are coming off of tough losses but he almost died in the ring Sunday night (no doubt about that). Daniels says if there is any question as to who’s ready or who’s at the top of their game then he & AJ will answer those questions in the ring.


They show pictures of the Knockouts photo shoot in this months Muscle & Fitness magazine.

In the back Lauren is with Raisha Saeed and asks her about her match with Kong tonight. SILENCE! Raisha sarcastically asks ‘Kong doesn’t need me anymore’ and says it’s nonsense. She says she knows everything about Kong and she knows exactly what Kong will do before she even knows it. Raisha says this is a message to Kong: “Kong, you are my puppet. I pull the strings, you wrestle tonight? I will destroy you!” Death Warrant officially signed.

As Taz & Tenay are hyping up they cut to the tunnel where Homicide and Red are brawling! They’re scheduled for a match but it doesn’t look like Homicide’s crazy a** wanted to wait!

Amazing Red vs. “Notorious 1-8-7” Homicide

This is a non-title matchup. Homicide with a big right hand knocks Red down the stage and he rolls all the way down! Homicide then hits a huge Running Clothesline on Red! Homicide throws Red into the ring post and then tries to hit him with his leather vest, but Red avoids it and hits a Backkick right in the gut of Homicide. Red charges at Homicide but he flings Red over his head to the apron. Red lands on his feet and then tries to kick Homicide but he grabs Red’s foot and yanks him down slamming Red’s head into the apron. The referee is still trying to get both men in the ring to start the match. Finally Homicide rolls Red into the ring and the bell rings. Homicide hits a Scoop Slam followed by an Elbow Drop attempt, but Red moves and then Homicide goes for another one and Red moves again. Homicide goes for a 3rd Elbow Drop attempt and again Red moves! Tenay lets us know that Homicide is actually one of Amazing Red’s original trainers (I forgot all about that) as Red is laying in some nice leg kicks on Homicide. Red hits a Spinning Backkick and then goes for a clothesline, but Homicide catches his arm and hits a Pump Handle Suplex! Taz tells a great story about how Red opened up his own wrestling school and that Red’s students would also train at Homicide’s school and it was kind of a rivalry between them and their students. Don West finally makes his way down to the ring as Homicide throws Red into the corner and lights him up with chops. Homicide chokes Red and West gets the fans to chant for Red. Homicide chokes Red on the middle rope and then whips him into the corner. Homicide goes for a Corner Splash but Red moves and charges. Homicide catches Red in midair and hits a Snake Eyes on Red on the top turnbuckle! Homicide rolls Red up and puts his feet on the middle rope for extra leverage! 1…2…NO the referee saw the feet and stopped the count. Homicide gets in the referee’s face which allows Red to roll him up! 1…2…NO Homicide kicks out and then Red hits the Spinning Enziguri as Homicide got up to his knees! Red then hits that running Double Tap Dropkick in the corner followed by a Spinning Headscissors! Homicide goes for a Lariat but Red ducks and hits a Superkick! Red hits the Code Red (Flipping Sitout Powerbomb)! 1…2…NO Homicide kicked out as Taz says “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” Red whips Homicide in the corner and charges but Homicide catches him in midair and destroys him with a Spinebuster! Homicide grabs Red’s foot and rolls his backwards right into the Gringo Killa! 1…2…3 and Homicide beats the X-Division Champion!

Winner: Homicide via pinfall (Gringo Killa)

Red is out in the ring and Homicide talks trash to Don West and even throws his leather vest at Don. Homicide says he’s coming for the X-Division Title.


In the back Lauren approaches Scott Steiner (still wearing the MEM tracksuit) and she asks Steiner about MEM being done. Steiner says the MEM is not dead and as long as he’s there the MEM will be alive. Steiner says Kurt lost his mind when he gave the young guys credit and he doesn’t speak for Scotty. Steiner says he won’t give them any credit because they have to earn it. He says the first young punk he’s beating up tonight is ‘Mike’ Morgan. Lauren tells him that it’s Matt but he doesn’t know who Matt Morgan. Steiner says it doesn’t matter who Mike or Matt is because he’ll beat them both up! He says he’s going to beat Morgan so bad tonight that not even he’ll remember what his name is.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Morgan is fresh off his great match with Angle this past Sunday while Steiner and Booker (who is officially done with TNA Wrestling) lost their TNA World Tag Team Championships in Full Metal Mayhem to the Brits. They actually have a kind of ‘Tale of the Tape’ as Morgan comes to the ring, it shows his height, weight, years pro, and the name of his finisher. Pretty cool little addition to the production for TNA in my opinion. Wow, Steiner has been a pro for 23 years, you have to respect the man’s longevity in the sport (really just hit me). As Steiner walks down to the ring Steiner goes to Kristal Marshall (Bobby Lashley’s wife) and shows her his muscles and kind of hits on her. Steiner and Morgan circle each other and then shoot in, but Steiner ducks underneath Morgan and throws a couple of shots to the back of Morgan. Steiner with a big right hand and then chops. Steiner attempts to whip Morgan into the ropes but he reverses it and hits a big back elbow. Morgan hits those nasty repeated Back Elbows in the corner and then goes for a Corner Slash but Steiner dropped down and Morgan hits his midsection on the turnbuckles. Steiner with some weak kicks to the legs of Morgan and then he grabs one leg and sweeps the other to take the big man down. Steiner kicks Morgan in the head repeatedly and then talks trash to the fans. Steiner with more chops on Morgan and then he attempts to whip Morgan again, but again Morgan reverses it and then goes for a backdrop. Steiner stops and clubs Morgan on the back and then hits a Vertical Suplex. Steiner follows up with a Steinerline and then an Elbow Drop. 1…NO Steiner stops and taunts Morgan with pushups. Steiner goes for an Irish Whip but Morgan counters into a Shortarm Clothesline. Morgan with another clothesline and then he hits the Corner Splash followed by a Discuss Clothesline. Morgan drapes Steiner over the top rope and hits the Running Body Guillotine and then drags Steiner out to the floor. Morgan tries to throw Steiner into the guardrail but he blocks it and throws Morgan into it. Steiner rolls Morgan back into the ring and then walks over and grabs Kristal and makes her feel his chest. He tells her to feel a real man but Lashley runs down and starts throwing rights and lefts at Steiner! This whole time the referee is checking on Morgan in the ring. Steiner pokes Lashley in the eyes and then goes to whip him into the ring post but Lashley reverses it! Lashley throws Steiner back into the ring and he walks right into the Carbon Footprint! 1…2…3!

Winner: Morgan via pinfall (Carbon Footprint)

After the match Bobby takes Lashley back to the back.

We cut to the back where Lauren is with Kong but before she can say anything Kong grabs the microphone and says, “Raisha, no more orders. No more orders! Tonight, finished!”


In the back Lauren approaches Lashley and his wife and she tries to apologize on behalf of TNA, but he tells her not to because Steiner needs to come and apologize to Kristal. He says what Steiner did was inexcusable and it’s a game that Steiner really doesn’t want to play.

Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash vs. The Phenomenal Angels (AJ Styles & Daniels)

They show highlights of EY getting one over on Nash this past Sunday taking Nash’s Legends Title as the heels get into the ring. I really don’t see how Daniels is able to wrestle tonight after that huge spot in Ultimate X with Suicide. All four of these guys are coming off of big matches Sunday but AJ is the only winner as he successfully defended the TNA Title against Stinger. Joe last to Lashley, Nash dropped the Legends Title, and Daniels wasn’t able to pull it off in Ultimate X. Joe & Nash jump AJ and Daniels from behind before the bell. Joe puts the beat down on AJ but Daniels turns things around on Nash. Nash comes back with a big knee to the gut on Daniels and then they spill out to the floor as Joe is hitting some nasty jabs on AJ. Joe goes for a Running Front Kick but AJ ducks and then leapfrogs Joe and hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ throws Joe into Daniels boot as Daniels had it up on the ropes. Daniels then tags in and then Angels whip Joe into the ropes and Daniels hits a Back Heel Kick for a one count. Daniels then hits a Knee Drop to the back of Joe’s head and then tags AJ back in. AJ with a forearm and then he attempts to whip Joe into the ropes, but Joe counters into a back elbow. Joe comes off the ropes AJ goes for another leapfrog but Joe catches him in midair with an Atomic Drop followed by a Running Front Kick. Joe then hits the Backsplash Senton! Nash tags in and he whips AJ into the ropes and hits a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall. Nash tags Joe back in and then he kicks AJ in the ribs as Nash held him. Joe with more jabs on AJ but AJ comes back with a series of haymakers. AJ comes off the ropes but eats a back elbow from Joe and then he tags Nash back in. Joe holds Nash and he throws a forearm at AJ and then throws AJ into the corner as Taz says that Nash has a broken hand. Nash this a series of big Knees to AJ in the corner and then he nails AJ with a series of Back Elbows. Nash sizes AJ up for another big elbow but AJ kicks him and then throws a few more rights only to get cut off by a big Knee Lift from Nash. AJ with a kick to Nash followed by the Springboard Flying Forearm! AJ tags in Daniels as Nash tried to stop him. Daniels with a flying forearm to Joe and then one to Nash followed by a huge Spinning Heel Kick on Joe! Daniels then hits another Forearm followed by jabs to Nash! Daniels attempts to whip Nash into the corner but Nash reverses it whipping Daniels right into a Forearm Smash on Joe who was in the corner! Daniels follows up with a Backkick to Nash and then he throws Joe into Nash! Nash catches Joe by the head but Daniels comes off the top with a Flying Clothesline to Nash which takes both men down and Nash sort of DDT’ed Joe as he had Joe’s head hooked! 1…2…NO Nash kicks out! Daniels comes off the ropes but eats a big clothesline from Nash who was still on his knees! On the outside Joe grabs a steel chair but AJ hits a Springboard Asai Moonsault onto Joe on the floor! In the ring Daniels hits a Stepup Enziguri and then reaches for a tag but AJ is down on the floor as he hit his head on the floor on the landing! Daniels turns around and eats a boot from Nash followed by a Chokeslam! 1…2…3!

Winners: Joe & Nash via pinfall (Chokeslam)

Lauren meets Joe and Nash in the entryway and congratulates them on their victory, but Nash says he’s not worried about that because Young has his belt and owes him 60 grand. Nash says ‘Big Sexy’ is looking for Young. In the ring Daniels and AJ argue about the finish of the match.

JB shills TNA Mobile until EY runs up and snatches the microphone from him. EY says that he heard what Nash just said and if he’s looking for him, he’s not hard to find. EY says he’s the Legends Champion and he outsmarted Nash at BFG. He says now that the Brits have the TNA Tag Titles he is the leader of the most dominant group in the world. EY says he has a big announcement next week and it will rock TNA to it’s foundation.


In the back Lauren is with the Motor City Machine Guns who will face Lethal Consequences in an Ultimate X Match tonight with a shot at the Tag Titles (at Turning Point) on the line! Sabin asks Lauren if she ‘smells that’ and then he says that’s the smell of progress. He says the Guns Movement has begun. He says Lethal Consequences may have a slight advantage because the Guns had to wrestle in two matches at BFG but it will be irrelevant when they become the #1 Contenders to the Tag Titles. Shelley is talking kind of raspy tonight and says it’s because he got hit in the throat with a clothesline at Ultimate X this Sunday. Shelley says it’s a good idea for TNA to give opportunities to the younger wrestlers but this is the first time they’ve gotten an opportunity so they’ll make the most of it. He says they’ll make people pay attention to them.

Earlier today The Beautiful People jacked a camera crew and Velvet says they are on the set of their new movie “The Meanest Girls.” BP walk up to Sarita & Taylor at catering and they throw the food into their faces! The girls start throwing food at each other! God, this is hot. Velvet pours ranch dressing all over Taylor (Taz says it looks like ‘heavy crème’ and I’m not even going to touch that one). They pour all kinds of ketchup and stuff on Taylor & Sarita and then say that next week is part two. We then cut to the Impact Zone as Raisha makes her way down to the ring. A murder is about to take place.


Awesome Kong vs. Raisha Saeed

They show a replay of the 3-Way at BFG where Raisha accidentally cost Kong the match. Kong jumped Raisha during those highlights and Raisha tries to crawl away through Kong’s legs, but Kong grabs her by the legs and does the Giant Swing! Kong goes for a clothesline but Raisha rolls underneath it and then another one. Raisha hits a series of forearms and leg kicks to no affect but a running dropkick to the knee of Kong takes her down to her knees! Raisha then goes for a running Front Kick but Kong grabs her foot and goes for the Spinning Backfist! Raisha ducks and slaps Kong! Kong goes for a series of right hands but everytime Raisha ducks and nails Kong with a right of her own. Raisha comes off the ropes but eats a Chest Bump from Kong! Kong drags Raisha to the center of the ring and then climbs to the middle rope, but Raisha gets to her feet and slaps Kong! Raisha then climbs up the ropes and starts kicking Kong in the head while standing on the middle rope! Raisha then puts her leg over Kong’s head and hits a freaking Fameasser off the middle rope! Holy crap that was cool! 1…2…NO Kong kicks out! Raisha puts to the boots to Kong and then climbs up to the top and goes for a Splash, but Kong gets her knees up and then goes for the Implant Buster! Raisha counters it and hits a clothesline followed by a series of body shots and forearms! Raisha comes off the ropes and goes for a hurricanrana but Kong blocks it and looks to be setting up for the Awesome Bomb, but Raisha goes over her back into a rollup! Kong blocks it and then just sits on her, damn! Kong picks Raisha up and hits the Implant Buster, 1…2…3 and yep she’s done.

Winner: Kong via pinfall (Implant Buster)

After the match Kong kicks Raisha again and then drags her out of the ring! She drags Raisha’s damn near lifeless body up the ramp to the stage. Kong Awesome Bombs Raisha off the stage through the area where the pyro goes off! Good night, Raisha.


Back from commercials we see replays of the Awesome Bomb heard round the world. And then we see during the break TNA Medical Staff taking Raisha off on a stretcher.

“War Machine” Rhino vs. “Super Mex” Hernandez

Team 3D is sitting at the announce table for this match. Bubba says they promised TNA Management they would chill out. Rhino kicks Hernandez at the bell and then tries to throw him headfirst into the top turnbuckle but Hernandez blocks it and throws Rhino into it. Hernandez hits a series of forearms and then whips Rhino into the corner. Hernandez charges but Rhino hits a back elbow and then charges at Hernandez. Hernandez tries to catch Rhino with a Hip Toss but he blocks it and then Rhino goes for a clothesline, but Hernandez ducks and hits a series of forearms again. Hernandez tosses Rhino out to the floor and then hits the Super Mex Dive over the top onto Rhino on the floor! Taz says that Hernandez actually lost four teeth in his match this Sunday. I actually remember seeing Hernandez bleeding from the mouth but didn’t see what caused it. Hernandez rolls Rhino back into the ring and then starts to climb back in but Rhino kicks the middle rope crotching Hernandez. Rhino chokes Hernandez on the middle rope and then throws him headfirst into the top turnbuckle follow by a snapmare and then locks in a Rear Chinlock. Rhino hits a Scoop Slam and then climbs to the middle rope and goes for a Diving Headbutt, but Hernandez moves and then hits a forearm followed by a clothesline. Hernandez whips Rhino into the corner and then hits the Corner Splash followed by a One-armed Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Rhino kicks out! Hernandez attempts to whip Rhino into the corner but he reverses it and then hits a Running Shoulder Block in the corner! Hernandez kicks Rhino from his back and then grabs the top rope and uses it to flip himself up to the top rope! That dude is scary athletic to be that size. Rhino with a big right hand to Hernandez and then he climbs to the top for a Superplex but Hernandez shoves him off and hits a big Splash off the top! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall (Splash)

After the match Rhino attacks Hernandez from behind and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex followed by an attempt at the Gore, but Hernandez side steps it! Hernandez sets up for the Border Toss and he says he’s going to Border Toss him to the floor, but Team 3D slides in and stops him. Tenay & West are confused why they stopped him and they tell him that it’s not worth a suspension to do that to Rhino. 3D raise the arms of Hernandez.

In the back Kurt Angle is with JB and Kurt says he was wrong about the young guys and then JB asks him about what Rhino said. Angle says it’s just a lack of confidence on Rhino’s part and then he says after the Title Match at Turning Point he wants his shot. All of a sudden Nigel McGuinness walks up! The former ROH World Heavyweight Champion has arrived! He says he just wanted to introduce himself to Angle as Desmond Wolfe but he says Kurt can call him simply Wolfe. He says he’s a huge fan of Kurt and he’s followed his career since the Olympics and it’s a privilege to be standing there with him. Wolfe says the reason he’s a pro wrestler is because of Kurt and he’s the reason he came to TNA. Kurt thanks him and welcomes him to TNA and then shakes his hand. Wolfe starts to walk away but then takes his sunglasses off and turns around and blasts Kurt with a big forearm! Desmond hits a series of big European Uppercuts followed by a shot to the back of Kurt. JB says ‘that’s Kurt Angle are you out of your mind’ and then Wolfe walks off!


TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contendership
Ultimate X Match
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Consequences

As the bell rings all four guys turn to a corner and start climbing the scaffolds. Sabin turns around and jumps off the top and runs over and pulls Creed down and then Lethal sees Sabin so he jumps down and snatches Shelley off. Lethal Consequences whip the Guns into each other, but they grab each other around and spin each other round into clothesline attempts on Lethal Consequences. They duck the lariats and then go for running clotheslines of their own, but the Guns duck too and hit the clotheslines this time in opposite corners! Good god that was fast! The TiVo is getting a workout tonight! The Guns whip Lethal into the ropes and hit a Double Spinebuster on him and then they yank the legs of Lethal in opposite directions. They just wish boned him! The Guns nail Lethal with a Double Kick to the face that sends Lethal out of the ring. Creed charges the Guns but they sidestep him and send him out to the floor! The Guns get ready for a Double Dive so Lethal Consequences move out of the way, but Sabin catches himself and slingshots onto the apron while Shelley stopped and turned around and ran to a corner and started climbing the scaffolding! Sabin hits a DISGUSTING running kick to Lethal from the apron! That sounded like a gun going off! Shelley grabs the cables and starts to climb across them as Creed gets back into the ring and hits a Spinning Enziguri on Sabin! Creed then grabs Shelley’s feet and pulls him off. Lethal back in now and they whip Shelley into the corner. Lethal whips Creed into a clothesline on Shelley in the corner and Lethal comes in right behind him with a Running Dropkick on Shelley. Creed follows up with the Springboard Bulldog on Shelley! Creed begins climbing the scaffold and Lethal stands guard for him but sees Sabin start climbing another scaffold so he goes over and pulls him off and they start brawling. Lethal attempts to whip Sabin into the corner but he reverses it sending Lethal right into a backdrop from Shelley to the apron. Lethal lands on his feet but eats a back elbow from Shelley and then Sabin jumps off the back of Shelley into a Dropkick knocking Lethal off the apron! All while this is going on Creed is climbing across the X cables! The Guns pull Creed off and then hit a series of kicks to Creed finishing it off with a nasty sandwiching round kick. Sabin climbs up top and starts climbing to climb the scaffold as Shelley held Creed, but Creed is able to push Shelley into the turnbuckles crotching Sabin in the process. Creed whips Shelley into the ropes and Lethal hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on him followed by a Russian Legsweep from Creed! Lethal puts Shelley in a Camel Clutch and Creed nails a Basement Dropkick to the face of Shelley! All in one damn fluid motion! Creed climbs up top with Sabin as he’s still crotched on the top while Lethal decides to try and climb the other sides scaffold. Sabin shoves Creed off the top and Shelley runs over to Sabin and helps Sabin keep his balance as he runs across the ropes over to the corner where Lethal is attempting to climb the cables! That was crazy. Sabin grabs Lethal which causes Lethal to hang upside down as his legs are hooked on the cable! Creed comes over and tries to pull Sabin down but Shelley hits a Leaping Enziguri from the apron on Creed! Shelley climbs up as well! Tower of Doom time! Not yet! Lethal is able to right himself and starts quickly climbing across the cables! Lethal gets all the way almost to the X but Sabin leaps up to the cables as Creed & Shelley start brawling on the apron. Sabin quickly gets to Lethal and starts kicking away at his ribs and they both fall off the top! Sabin landed on his feet while Lethal ate the mat. Sabin throws Lethal into the corner and then calls Shelley over. The Guns chop away at Lethal and then whip him into the opposite corner. Sabin whips Shelley into Lethal but he gets a boot up and then gets it up again as Sabin charged in at him! Creed hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick on Sabin! Shelley runs over and goes for a Headkick to a kneeling Creed, but he ducks only to eat a sickening Superkick! Shelley climbs up top but Lethal pulls him off and hits a Dragon Suplex! Lethal charges at Sabin in the corner but Sabin gets his boot up. Lethal catches the boot but eats Sabin’s other one as he nails an Enziguri to the side of Lethal’s head! Sabin then hits the Springboard Tornado DDT on Lethal! Creed hits the Rolling Clothesline on Sabin as he turns around and then ducks a clothesline attempt from Shelley and hits a Superkick! Lethal Consequences then hit a freaking nasty double team move where it started in a Reverse Suplex position from Lethal but he flipped Shelley up into a Diamond Cutter from Creed all the while he slammed Shelley’s body to the mat in sort of a Front Sitout Slam! Hard to describe but it was nasty! Lethal holds Sabin in a waistlock and Creed charged but Sabin got a boot up and then hits a back elbow and turns around into a Tornado DDT where he kicked Creed in the head at the same time, but Lethal blocked the DDT and hit a Double Leg Takeover and then turns it into a Boston Crab! He holds Sabin in the hold while Creed climbs up to the cables but Shelley runs over stops Creed while Sabin reverses the hold from Lethal. Shelley lifts Creed up in a Powerbomb as Sabin comes off the top with a Springboard Clothesline at the same time! Sabin climbs up to the top and climbs the cables but right before he grabbed the X Lethal ran in and snatched Sabin off the cables! Lethal then hit the Lethal Combination on him! Shelley starts climbing the scaffolding now but Lethal stops him too and climbs up to the top but Shelley back elbows Lethal repeatedly. Sabin comes over and hits Lethal from behind and the Guns hit the Made In Detroit (Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo)! Looks like Shelley may have hurt his knee in the process so Sabin climbs up to the top and climbs across to the X. Creed climbs up and starts climb the cables but Sabin pulls down the X!

Winners: Machine Guns via pulling down the X

In the back we see a split screen of the Brits and Beer Money.


Lauren is in the back with the Brits and she congratulates them on winning the TNA Titles this weekend. Williams says that was a foregone conclusion and now there is no doubt who the best tag team in TNA is. He says it’s the British Invasion and from day one World Elite has one exactly what they’ve said they would do, dominate. Doug says life’s good in the USA but Magnus says yeah but don’t get carried away because the place is still full of fat, useless slobs. Brutus says tonight they will take out Beer Money. He says alcohol and money are the only things Americans care about but tonight they’ll make Beer Money sober & poor! He says tonight’s shot will be Beer Money’s last, “sorry about your bloody luck.” That was a great promo. We cut to JB and Beer Money now. Roode says it’s great that this is their last opportunity for the Tag Titles because that’s all they need. He says over the last 4 months they’ve gone to battle with the Brits, Book & Steiner, & 3D, but tonight it’s only two teams Beer Money & the Brits. He asks what they were thinking even agreeing to this match and inside the Six Sides of Steel there will be nowhere to run or hide for the Brits and no Rob Terry to protect them. Storm laughs and asks if he really heard the Brits say they would make them sober & poor. He says Roode hasn’t been poor since the day he was born and he hasn’t been sober since the time he left Brutus’ mommas house the night he was conceive (oh man that is awesome). He says he has a question for the Brits and it’s “who’s yo daddy!” Storm says Six Sides of Steel is their backyard and then he makes fun of Brutus for saying “sorry about your bloody luck” saying that he needs to take his tampon out and grow a pair. “Sorry about yo damn luck!”

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Six Sides of Steel Match
British Invasion (c) w/Rob Terry vs. Beer Money Inc.

Back from commercials the bell rings and Roode and Williams tie up! Williams gets Roode in a side headlock and Roode shoves him off into the ropes but eats a shoulder block from Williams. One thing to note right quick is that we’re actually using tags in this match. Now, there hasn’t been a ton of Tag Team Six Sides of Steel Matches (the most obvious one is XXX vs. AMW from Turning Point ’04 and of course the first Six Sides of Steel Match with AMW and The Naturals ) but I don’t remember right off the top of my head them ever utilizing tags in it ever. I may be missing one though. Back to the match Williams comes off the ropes but eats a back elbow from Roode as he got to his feet. Roode mounts Williams and reigns down right hands on him and then hits a Running Clothesline. Roode attempts to whip Williams into the ropes but he reverses it and goes for a clothesline but Roode ducks and hits a Flying Forearm on Williams for a nearfall. Brutus comes in but Roode cuts him off until Williams jumps him from behind. Williams hits a Gutwrench Suplex on Roode and then puts the boots to him. Magnus tags in and whips Roode into the cage. Tenay reveals that British Invasion only accepting this match if it meant that they would never have to defend against Beer Money again as long as they held the belts. Brutus throws Roode into the top turnbuckle headfirst and then Williams tags in and the Brits hit the Double Straightjacket Neckbreaker, 1…2…NO Roode kicks out. Williams whips Roode into the Brits corner and charges but Roode got his boot up and then hits a back elbow to Magnus followed by a big right hand to Williams. Roode ducks underneath the legs of Williams and starts to reach for a tag to Storm but Williams grabs his leg and pulls him back. Brutus runs in and drops an Elbow Drop on the back of Roode while Williams held him. Brutus then slams Storm into the cage. Brutus slams Roode into the cage and then Williams hits a Knee Drop and tags Brutus in. Brutus puts Roode in a Camel Clutch! The fans get behind Roode and he’s able to make a quick comeback with a shot to the gut and then a right hand, but again Brutus cuts him off before he can tag out. Brutus goes to slam Roode into the cage again but this time Roode reverses it and throws Brutus into the cage! Roode follows up with a Spinebuster and both men are down now! Roode crawls over to make the tag as Brutus reaches over and tags out to Williams. Williams runs in and grabs Roode by the leg to drag him back but Roode rolls over and kicks him off! Storm tags in and nails Williams with a clothesline followed by one for Brutus and another one for Williams. Storm whips Brutus into the ropes and hits a Backdrop and then one on Williams! Storm attempts to whip Brutus into the corner but Brutus reverses it and Storm floats up and over a charging Brutus and hits a Lung Blower! He then grabs Williams and counters a clothesline into a Gutbuster followed by a Rock Bottom! 1…2…NO Brutus breaks it up! Roode comes in and slams Brutus into the cage door and then they Double Suplex Brutus into the cage wall followed by the Beer Money Double Suplex in the ring! Williams runs in with a Front Kick attempt but Roode grabs his leg and then sweeps the other and catapults him into a DDT from Storm! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Storm puts Williams up on the top rope as Brutus gets to his feet and slams Roode into the cage and then attacks Storm from behind. Brutus grabs Storm as Williams climbs up to the top of the cage! In the ring Storm hits an Enziguri on Brutus and then climbs up to the top of the cage and hits Williams in the gut and then goes for a Superplex off the top of the cage, but Brutus comes from behind and hits Storm in the ribs. Brutus lifts Storm up in an Electric Chair from the middle rope but then Roode came from behind and Powerbombs every damn single one of them! TOWER OF DOOM! Williams landed hard on that and he eats the DWI from Beer Money! 1…2…NO Brutus grabs the referees arm and punches him in the mouth! What the hell?! 2 other referees run in and open the cage and then Earl Hebner runs in and DQ’s the Brits!

Winners: Beer Money via DQ (Brits retain)

After the match Beer Money is pissed at the referees and Taz says there may be some repercussions for them taking this way out and then we see Kurt Angle walking towards the entrance wearing his ring gear.


Lauren approaches AJ and says she thought she saw AJ and Daniels were arguing after their match but AJ says that’s not true, they were just talking strategy and walks to his SUV. As AJ is loading his luggage in the car someone attacks him from behind! Lauren walks up and I thought it was Joe at first but a little bit of light flashed on his head and he was bald. It’s definitely not Kurt Angle, he was far too big. The only thing that I could come up with was it looked a lot like Tomko and he and AJ definitely have a past.

Angle walks out to the ring with no music and a microphone in hand saying that no one makes a name for themselves at the expense of Kurt Angle (didn’t John Cena do just that in his debut match?). Kurt says if he wants to make a name for himself then come look him in the eye and get some. Kurt gets in the ring as the crew is still taking down the cage, they bail out as Kurt gets in and there is still two sides of the cage up. Kurt said his time was up and said he can run but not hide and starts to walk back up the ramp to find Wolfe, but he jumps Kurt from behind coming out of the crowd I think! Desmond takes his jacket off and smiles at the fans and then goes to grab Kurt but Kurt kicks him and nails him with a European Uppercut of his own (receipt from earlier). Kurt then hits a big right hand and slams Wolfe on the announce table! Kurt throws Wolfe into the ring but as he got back in Wolfe hits him in the gut and then field goal kicks Angle right between the legs! It’s good! Wolfe puts Angle up on the top rope and hits the Tower of London (top rope Diamond Cutter) that looked like it slammed Angle’s head right into the mat! Taz talks about all the neck surgeries Angle has had putting out what type of damage a move like that could do! Wolfe slides out of the ring and grabs a chair and gets back in and puts it on Angle’s throat and tells him how easy it would be to break him, but he wants to make Angle think about it. He says, ‘the name’s Wolfe, Desmond Wolfe’ as we go off the air, holy cow.

Final Thoughts

Wow, what a show! It started off kind of slow in the beginning and then really, REALLY picked up in the 2nd hour. The opening segment with Kurt, 3D, & Rhino was only okay I guess. Angle going baby face is kind of quick but I’m honestly not too bad about him and I really still am not sure where they’re going with 3D and Rhino. Rhino’s intensity is pretty good but I just don’t like the guy.

AJ & Daniels against Joe and Nash was a pretty solid tag match but Nash going over made no sense with all three of the guys from the Main Event for Turning Point being in the Main Event. Joe should’ve gotten the pin if anything and I could care less about a feud between he and Young honestly. All old school TNA fans are going to be amped for the Triple Threat rematch, easily the best match in TNA’s history in my opinion and one of the better matches of all time. The attack on AJ was pretty cool, I definitely liked how they didn’t reveal who it was. Hopefully that leads to a more intense AJ and it would be really cool if it was actually Tomko (heard he might be coming back).

Homicide and Red had a pretty damn good if short match. Those two could put on a great PPV match and that’s what it looks like they’re leading too. Hopefully Dinero gets his family stuff straight and comes back soon, though.

Morgan and Steiner was fairly boring but I think Steiner and Lashley could be a good feud. Steiner could definitely make it entertaining at the least.

Kong and Raisha was a solid Knockouts Match and the Powerbomb was just nasty. Looks like Alissa Flash will be sticking with that role instead of doing double duty from now on.

Hernandez and Rhino was nothing special at all and 3D’s involvement was just simply confusing. How they go from wanting to eat Rhino’s children from stopping Hernandez from possibly putting him out for good. I understand them keeping Hernandez from keeping suspended or something but come on. They were cheering for him to kill Rhino during the match.

Great debut, simply great from Nigel McGuinness as Desmond Wolfe. Everything about it was just great. From his mannerisms to the way he spoke to everything. I never thought in my wildest dreams that they would debut him and put him right into a story with Angle let alone have him get the better of Kurt in his debut. Say what you will about Kurt Angle but he does not mind putting over young talent. Wolfe has a bright, bright, bright future. Great stuff from TNA with this.

Ultimate X was great, not as good as Sunday’s but still very good. I think having 2 UX’s this close to each other is pushing it a little but I wont b*tch too much since it was just a good match. The Brits vs. The Machine Guns will be a good match too, hopefully Shelley’s knee was just him selling.

When I first heard the lineup for tonight I really thought Ultimate X and Six Sides of Steel on the same night was really pushing it, but it worked. Both were good matches and these two teams really work well together. The ending is going to get a lot of backlash but it was perfect for the way the Brits are and TNA can come in and say (probably after next month) ‘hey you guys didn’t beat Beer Money, technically they won the match’ so Beer Money can go for them again. They left that open with Taz’s “there could be repercussions’ line.

Great finish to the show, probably the best finish to an Impact since the beat down the Christian Coalition did on Abyss several years ago. For those that haven’t seen the debut of Nigel, here you go:

- Promo/Segment of the Night: Desmond Wolfe/Kurt Angle brawl
- Match of the Night: TIE – Ultimate X & Six Sides of Steel (***)
- Overall Grade: B + (a slow first hour takes it down some)

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe
- No DQ Handicap Match: Abyss vs. Stevie Richards & Daffney
- TNA Legends Title: Eric Young (c) vs. Bobby Lashley
- Tara vs. Alissa Flash

Turning Point Lineup:
- TNA World Title Triple Threat: AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels
- TNA World Tag Titles: British Invasion (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

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