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ROH on HDNet Recap #4
October 19, 2009
ECW Arena, Philadelphia
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

First off to the fans who want to read this recap, I am sorry for not getting this done in a timely matter. I have a few other project and other jobs to do and was only able to catch Ring of Honor on Friday morning. I’ll try and do better next time. Forgive me once again, as I am a bit under the weather as I type this piece.

And away we gooooooooooo……………….

Before the terrible crappy thirty second theme music for the show, we get a small promo for tonight’s main event, which will be Austin Aries vs. Bryan Danielson for the ROH World Title. Oh what fun!!! I am not being sarcastic! This is the truth speaking!!!!

Enter crappy music, and welcome to the Ring of Honor television show!

As is mostly the case, Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak graces our computer screens or TV sets! Hogewood is grateful that Aries picked a legitimate guy to defend the title, while Prazak goes over the rules to the match.

You know what? It’s time for our first match!

Match #1: Kenny King vs. Jerry Lynn

For one, I am surprised that this was the first match. When you look at the rest of the card, you will know why.

Before the Code of Honor, King pretends that he is walking on a stroller. Once the handshake is done, we begin our match.

Lynn quickly goes for a rollup only to get a 1 count. King then gets a knee and a headlock on Lynn. After this, Lynn breaks the hold and King then nails a shoulder tackle on Lynn. However, Lynn comes back with a couple armdrags and applies an arm submission. King tries to do a slingshot maneuver, but instead King hits the floor. Lynn then nails King with a cannonball (not the real thing of course) off the apron. Both wrestlers get back into the ring.

King stomps on Lynn, then punches him and chokes him with the rope. King on the camera mentions to Hogewood that this is Easy Money! Hogewood moonlights as an announcer for the Atlantic Coastal Conference, where he called a game or two of King’s. Lynn comes back with some chops and punches. King pushes off then nails the double knee strike to the corner and gets a 2 count. King then hits the suplex and rolls it into a press where King punched away and got an armbar on Lynn.

Lynn fights back with some punches, but King got away with a hair takedown and Lynn is down on the canvas again. Then King got a hold on Lynn with the chinlock along with a knee to the back. King misses his patented neck snap where to goes over the ring ropes, but he does not know this and taunts the crowd a bit. Lynn then hits a leg drop to the back of the neck. Lynn then gets King up and after running to the ropes, he nails King with the Thesz Press and punches away. We then get a Sunset Bomb by Lynn for a two count!!

Lynn tries to hit the cradle piledriver. NO DICE!! Then he tries the TKO, in which King fight that off as well. King rakes the eyes of Lynn (a great heel move) and hits a TKO on his own. King only gets a two count for his efforts.

King tries to hit The Coronation, but Lynn escapes and is about to set up for the Cradle Piledriver, but Titus grabs a hold of Lynn. Well, after Lynn tried to execute the Sunset Flip, this happened…..

Finish: Kenny King set up the pin while his feet were on the ropes!!

Winner by cheating pin: Kenny King

Grade: B-
(I thought this was a great showing by both guys. Lynn is still doing a good job and can wrestle anyone in ROH to a good match. King really shined here, and I think pinning Lynn was a benchmark win for King. By the way since May on ROH TV, Jerry Lynn is 7-1. This was, of course, his first loss on HDNet.)

After the match, Jerry Lynn starts attacking Rhett Titus. Kenny King then helps out his tag team partner and starts punching away on Jerry Lynn. We then get a double-team piledriver!!!! Titus thrusts (because it probably is in his contract) and Lynn is not getting back up. Referees are helping him out right now.

After a commercial, we still see Lynn is still lying on his back in the middle of the ring. But hey, he is moving his hands and feet. That fans is a GOOD thing!

We go to Kyle Durden, who has no answers right now. He asks Tyler Black if there is any information. Black has no information and is running to the ring. However, Lynn is being brought up to the ramp. Lynn got help from the referees, with no sign of Tyler Black helping him. Some guy this Tyler Black is!

We then have a promo package of Bryan Danielson. He credits Austin Aries for his hard kicks and has a few things he can do to be him. However, Danielson says that he has twenty ways to defeat an opponent.

Later tonight…..Austin Aries defends the belt against Bryan Danielson!

Tyler Black finally comes to the aide of Jerry Lynn. We will find more about Lynn later tonight. Mike Hogewood really hopes that Lynn is ok.

Match #2: Sal Rinuaro vs. Nigel McGunniess

At first Sal, leaves the ring and asks Nigel not to hurt him. Nigel grabs the mic and said not to worry. He won’t hurt Sal. Nigel refuses to appease these wankers! Nigel then holds the ropes for Sal to enter; we get a handshake, and then let’s being the contest.

Nigel begins by executing a knucklelock. Sal then gets in a wristlock, but Nigel nails him with a punch! Nigel then gets in an arm-twist and then Nigel hits a suplex while releasing the hold! Nigel pushes Rinuaro and gives him a chop. Sal the escapes and grab a mic.

Sal says that this is not what they agreed to before the match and that this hurts! He, while Nigel was close to the ropes, Sal hits the neck snap on Nigel and gets in a crossbody for a 2 count. Sal then gets to the top corner and Nigel breaks! Nigel then teased the audience by considering doing a Tower of London (in the ring and then out of the ring), but decides not to. Nigel rolls up Sal for a two count. Then once Sal kicks out, then we get our finish……

Finish: Nigel McGuinness applies the London Dungeon and Sal continues his losing streak on ROH on HDNet by tapping out quickly.

Winner by Submission: Nigel McGuinness

Grade: C-
(It was the final match for Nigel, as now he is “Desmond Wolfe” in TNA. It was a typical squash, but I was entertained. Sal Rinauro reminds me of WWE’s Santino Marella, but a bit funnier in the ring. I am glad there was not anything fancy here, just a basic squash.)

After the match, Nigel then grabs the mic that the fans are all wankers! The fans are not getting the message. He said thanks to us wankers, Jerry Lynn is now on a stretcher and it is us to blame. Good Stuff and Good Bye, Desmo…I mean Nigel.

Austin Aries then has a promo package about how is “The Greatest Man that Ever Lived”. If Aries follows his plan, then he will be successful.

Kyle Durden is now back on TV with an update to Jerry Lynn. All we know is that it is a bad injury and we will be posted later (either on HDNet or on Kenny King then lists names of has-beens and called them great at one point of their lives. Lynn once said that no one retires, but King is willing to help Lynn retire.

Back to the action…..

Match #3: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana

The funniest moment happened in the beginning. As Cabana was waiting for the handshake, Claudio takes one of his wristbands off and he slaps Cabana with the wristband, as Claudio was challenging Colt to a duel! It takes me back to those Looney Tune days. Cabana instead shakes the referee’s hand and we begin the battle!

Colt starts the match off with a wristlock, along with grinding his knee to Claudio’s neck. Claudio comes back with a hip toss and a pin, only getting a one count. Claudio then applies a headlock, only for Colt to break that hold. Colt then delivers an arm-twist takedown, but Claudio is back up on his feel and screams the long “a” sound (class, you know what the long “a” sound is, right?). Anyway, Colt then pushes Claudio down for a pin and then applies a grounded headlock. Claudio counters this into a head scissors hold, and then Colt starts to break this by standing on his head.

Colt then applies a trapezoid stretch on Claudio, then elevates Claudio into a body scissors hold. During this time, Colt starts to tease Claudio by yanking his facial hair (with this comedy, why didn’t Colt get over with WWE brass?). Claudio tries to come back, but Colt gets in a reverse chinlock. Claudio then breaks the hold and we have some punches back and forth. Claudio finishes it off with a European uppercut. Claudio continues the onslaught and executes a “Very European” scoop slam and only gets a one count. Claudio then tries to pin Colt a couple more times, but to no avail.

Claudio gives up pinning and then keeps Colt on the ground with a chinlock. Colt tries to punch away, but Claudio gets him down once again with a head butt. Claudio follows this up with a Deadlift Gutwretch Suplex, but only gets a two count by the referee on duty. Claudio then gets another armbar submission, in which Cole does not quit. Colt pokes the eyes of Claudio and attempts the Sunset Flip. Sadly, Claudio does not fall for this and delivers an elbow on Colt. Still Claudio does not get a three count.

Claudio then focuses on the arm of Colt with another armbar. This is broken up with Colt executing some unorthodox king of kick on Claudio. Claudio comes back with a chinlock, and again Colt breaks the hold. Colt then nails Claudio with a crossbody for a two count. We have roll-up pins, simple pins, various pins, until……

Finish: Colt Cabana finally ends this pinning predicament with a Reverse Bridge Pinfall for the victory.

Winner by Pin: Colt Cabana

Grade: B-
(I liked how this match was very technical, it was not bad. Colt, as usual, loves to entertain in the ring and I am glad to see this side of Colt rather than the generic “Scotty Goldman” in the WWE. Claudio plays the stereotype gimmick well here. Overall, this match to me had an “old-school” feel to it. Nothing was spotty here. Just an hold-for-hold type match, which was refreshing.)

After the match, Claudio complains that Colt pulled the tights (which Colt did not by the way) and accuses Colt of cheating.

We go back to a video package of “The A Double L Double” (Austin Aries Lucky Lottery). We remember that the first opponent was Grizzly Redwood and the second was Alex Payne. Aries defended his title quite easily on both occasions.

Now, it is time for our MAIN EVENT!

Match #4: Austin Aries vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson for the ROH World Championship

Remember when wrestlers punk out kids back in the 80s? Well, Aries did that. He did a quick stare at this on kid, and the kid looked like he was going to attack Aries from behind (I actually wanted to see A Double knock the kid out). Aries had the ropes held for him (because he likes it that way). Bryan enters the ring and we have ring introductions. Streamers galore for Danielson!

We start of with a tie-up. Aries takes Bryan to the corner and does a clean break. We then get a Greco-Roman knucklelock, in which Bryan gets the advantage until Aries hits Bryan with a knee to the ankle. Aries then applies a headlock, Danielson counters with the same move. They move around on the ropes, and Bryan shoulder tackles Aries. Aries gains momentum with a couple of armdrags and an armbar. Bryan breaks, but he still gets in a half crab and a headlock. Bryan continues the ground attack with a head scissors hold. Aries tries to kick his way out of this, but Bryan applies an ankle lock. Before it is set, Aries grabs the ropes and the hold is broken. Aries then steps out of the ring and takes a break.

We go back to the action in the ring, and Aries lands a knee and applies a headlock. Bryan counters this by nailing Aries with a dropkick. Aries then gets out of the ring. Bryan then hits Aries with a running kick off the apron!

We get back into the ring once again; Aries neck snaps Bryan with help from the ropes and hits the neckbreaker for a two count. The match continues. Aries then elbows the back of Bryan’s neck and covers him for another two count.

Aries then does a trapezoid pinch on Bryan. It looks painful here, folks. Aries then had to break the hold and get in a couple elbows for another two count. Aries then gets in a neck hold. Bryan counters this by turning it around to a sleeper hold. Aries breaks and does the same thing. Bryan then gets Aries with a chinbreaker. However Aries gets back up before Bryan and nails Bryan’s back with the victim kick. Aries then applies the “always dangerous” Dragon Sleeper. Did Bryan tap out? NO!! Bryan flips off a corner into a sleeper hold! Now Aries tries to do the same here, but Bryan executes a perfect back suplex followed by some forearm shots. Bryan then nails Aries with a chinbreaker and some kicks to the chest. Bryan tries to execute the Cattle Mutilation submission hold, but Aries finally ends Bryan’s momentum. Aries nails Bryan with an elbow, sending Bryan out of the ring. Aries attempts the Heat-Seeking Missile, but he misses! Bryan counters this with a missile kick of his own!

He then hits Aries with some forearms and executes a Bridge Suplex for a two count. Bryan tries to go up the well once more for a high risk, but Aries slaps Bryan and Bryan is out of the ring. Aries notices this and finally hits the Heat-Seeking Missile! Before Aries punishes Bryan some more, Aries goes to his belt and gives it a little kiss.

We are back in the ring again and Aries hits another missile attack (this time a dropkick). Bryan then fails to get a hold in, and Aries failed to nail Bryan with his Brainbuster. Bryan then tried the triangle choke, but then settles for the Ankle Lock! Aries tries to break by grabbing the ropes, but it is held pretty tight here. Aries breaks the lock by kicking his head. We then get some back and forth punches and strikes, and finally Bryan tries his luck (but fails) with a Tiger Suplex. Aries countered the attack by nailing Bryan with a hard kick and he applies the Last Chancery!! Bryan was able to (just barely) break the hold by grabbing the ropes.

Bryan goes out of the ring, but while the ref checks up on Bryan something is happening. Aries takes the padding off of one of the corner turnbuckles. Austin tries to hit Bryan with the exposed turnbuckle THREE times, but to NO AVAIL!! Bryan tries to hit Austin, but the ref says NO! So Bryan settles for the Tiger Suplex! Did we get a new champion? NO! Only a two count! Then Bryan hits what Josh Piedra calls the Finisher of the Year. Bryan applies CATTLE MUTILATION!! I love the name of this hold!! Aries barely breaks this hold, but some damage is done. Bryan misses the roaring elbow, and Aries finally gets some momentum with the Shinbreaker/Back Suplex combination. Once on the ground, Bryan tries to set up another ankle lock. However, Aries (like a good heel) throws Bryan into the exposed turnbuckle. Bryan is leaning on the corner like a dead fish. Game…Set…Match.

Finish: Austin Aries nails Danielson with the I.E.P and pins him with all of his weight to retain his ROH World Title.

Winner by Pin and STILL Ring of Honor World Champion: Austin Aries

Grade: A-
(The start was pretty slow, as both were seeking an early advantage. Danielson was very sound in the ring and I do hope that the WWE takes notice of all his work in Ring of Honor. He has the potential to be an Intercontinental Champion someday (I just don’t see a WWE main belt on him). Then ending was just great! It was a typical cat (Bryan) vs. mouse (Austin) match in my opinion. And like those Tom and Jerry cartoons, it was the mouse that came on top. What an excellent title match!)

After the match, Aries grabs his title belt and screams that Danielson is only the second best in the world. Bryan is still out cold after the I.E.P.

Quick Results
Kenny King def. Jerry Lynn
Nigel McGuinness def. Sal Rinauro
Colt Cabana def. Claudio Castagnoli
Austin Aries def. Bryan Danielson to retain his ROH World Title

NO ONE slapped the porpoise.

Overall Thoughts

As the reader can tell, I was a big fan of the wrestling on this week’s ROH. All the matches had a story to them and were done well. I enjoyed the back and forth of three of the matches (of course there was one squash here). I sure wish WWE Superstars was like this, because ROH gave the viewers a great show this time around. A far cry of what it was last week.

The out of ring segments only focused on one man: Jerry Lynn. I don’t know what this storyline totally is about. Is Lynn helping Tyler Black to be the next world champ? Is Jerry Lynn retiring? How is his neck? Mike Hogewood seemed really concerned about his well-being. My view, I thought it was corny.

I would rank the main event right up there among the best matches I have seen on HDNet so far. Aries and Danielson had great chemistry in the ring and had a great flow in the match. I was just happy that both men did sell the other’s offense and we had a good solid show because of this.

We all know about Nigel McGuinness going to TNA and Bryan Danielson still on board to join the WWE. Though I have not seen them both work as much as my other colleagues please allow me to see what their potential holds for the two former ROH Champions.

Nigel McGunniess - He is now known as Desmond Wolf (which I already hate right now). The way they placed him in TNA is very surprising, as he is already in a feud with Kurt Angle. Look, if he just rejected WWE and went to TNA, I would be way against it. However, since the WWE is rumored to state that McGuinness failed a pre-screen test (aka: not wanting another Tomko incident), I thought Nigel made a great move. Sure, TNA does not get the ratings like the WWE, but at least Nigel is getting exposure. As for what will lie ahead, I don’t know. I would love to see Nigel hold the World Title there, but I think at best right now he will be getting a main event level push and then settling with the secondary title (now owned by Eric Young).

Bryan Danielson - This was my one and only time recapping on of his matches, and I must say it was impressive. I will miss Danielson in ROH, but when Vince calls and offers you something…you know the rest. I think wherever they put Danielson will benefit the respected brand. As for his ceiling: Well, if he is on RAW or Smackdown I could seriously see him holding the U.S. or IC Belt. Maybe a Tag Belt as well, but I am not sure. As for a “big-time” belt in the WWE, I doubt it. It is sadly because of his size. I know, Rey Mysterio got the World Title once, but that is because he is uber-over in the WWE. Danielson may not reach that status, but if he was on ECW he has a great chance of holding the ECW Title there. So, here is my prediction for Danielson (and it is a real bold one).

Bryan Danielson will go to ECW. I think he will be right up there feuding with Regal, Kozlov, or Sheamus. I hope I am wrong on this, but I sense this is going to happen. Besides, a rivalry between “The American Dragon” and “The English Submission Machine (ok, I made that up for Regal) would be pretty interesting.

It was a great, wrestling-heavy show for Ring of Honor and I look forward to next week’s tapings.

Overall Grade: B+

Mr. V’s Three of the Week

Wrestler of the Night: Austin Aries

If you defend your title successfully against one of the best pure wrestlers in the sport, it is a no-brainer.

Disappointment of the Night: No One!

I was going to say Sal Rinauro, but since he is a jobber on HDNet I can’t do that. All involved do not deserve to be a disappointment. It was that good of a show.

Surprise of the Night: Kenny King

I did not read the spoilers for these tapings so I did not know what to expect. I thought Jerry Lynn was going to win this contest, but King was able to pull off what I think is the biggest win in his career. Hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things for Kenny King, because he is a real good talent.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my recap this week. If you want me to continue the recaps or want to talk wrestling, please send me a line at I bid you good night and I hope you have a nice weekend.

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Thanks for reading this recap. See you next week.

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