Impact Results - 10/29/09

Reported by Josh Boutwell of
On Friday, October 30, 2009 at 1:59 AM EST

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
October 29, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with brief footage of the press conference held yesterday announcing Hulk Hogan had joined TNA and then the usual Impact intro hits. I’m sure most everybody has heard the “Immortal” Hulk Hogan has signed a deal with TNA Wrestling and is coming into the company. As a wrestler, an authority figure, booker, what? Who knows yet? Highlights from last week are then shown before we cut to the Impact Zone where the pyro goes off and Taz & Tenay hype up the Hogan signing more.

Desmond Wolfe’s music hits and the former ROH World Champion makes his way out to the ring one week removed from laying out Kurt Angle. Wolfe’s entrance music starts with a wolf howling (think American Wolves entrance) and then some pretty generic music. Wolfe formally introduces himself as Desmond Wolfe and says to his friends he’s just Wolfe, but to us ‘wankers’ he is Mr. Wolfe. Wolfe says he isn’t going to come out and claim to be the ‘next big thing’ but that’s because he is the ‘only thing.’ He says since day one when he was born in London he was raised to be the world’s greatest fighter. He says it’s in his blood and in his genes as he gets a ‘you suck’ chant from the crowd. Wolfe says that everyone that has ever stepped in his way has been knocked on their a**. He says some folks are destined to be common folk but he was destined to be a champion. He says that’s why he’s in TNA and that’s to dominate a sport that he was bred for. He says he doesn’t need a gold medal to prove how tough he is and to be honest Angle didn’t actually win that medal. He says they gave it to him because they felt sorry for him and then says ‘it’s true’ (Angle’s old catch phrase). He says Angle has a tough guy image but he knows it’s facade and he knows because he slapped the taste out of Angle’s mouth last week and left him laying. He says Angle then called him out and he did it again! Wolfe says he could’ve broken Angle’s neck but he didn’t because he already made his mark. He says in only one night he became the greatest wrestler in the history of TNA. Kurt Angle’s music hits and the former Godfather of the Main Event Mafia walks out to the stage in his wrestling gear. Angle says he didn’t know Wolfe’s name before but he knows it now. He says he doesn’t know where he came from or who sent him but he’s already over stayed his welcome. He says Wolfe will be leaving TNA tonight. Angle says just last week he was applauding the young talent for their hard work and dedication, the guys that were willing to give their blood, sweat, & tears for TNA. He name drops guys like AJ Styles, Hernandez, Matt Morgan, and even Eric Young. He says they earned Angle’s respect but Wolfe has earned nothing. Angle says he’ll let Wolfe in on a little secret and that is he messed with the wrong guy. Angle tells Wolfe that if he thinks he’s going to make a name for himself at the expense of Kurt Angle then he has his head up his a**. Angle gets fired up and says nobody comes into his backyard and pisses in it! Fans are getting behind Angle now. Angle says tonight it will be Angle and Wolfe in the ring face-to-face just them two but he’s making it a Street Fight now! Wolfe just smiles at this. Angle says if Wolfe wants center stage then he’s got it, but he’s going to beat Wolfe’s a** like it’s never been beaten before. Angle ends it with, “OH ITS REAL, ITS DAMN REAL!”

In the back Lauren & AJ Styles are watching the footage of the mystery man attacking him in the parking lot last week. She asks if he had any idea who it was and AJ says it was too dark and calls the guy that did it a punk. He says he has a message for the punk but before he can say anything Samoa Joe walks in and says AJ should tell him himself. AJ asks if it was Joe but he says it wasn’t him and he says he’s more ‘in your face’ and wouldn’t need to attack AJ from his back. He gets in AJ’s face and says it was ‘your bald buddy Daniels.’ AJ says ‘no way’ but Joe asks if he really thought Daniels wouldn’t do that to AJ and if Daniels wasn’t mad at AJ after the Tag Team Match last week. Joe says Daniels has always been a little angry with AJ and says while AJ was feasting Daniels was fired. He says while AJ shot to the top in TNA Daniels didn’t quite get there with him. Joe says Daniels is jealous of AJ and wants his spot. Joe says at No Surrender when AJ won the title it was Daniels who was the first one out to the ring to congratulate AJ but he was the only one. He says it was AJ AND Daniels soaking up AJ’s moment. AJ says ‘no way’ and if Joe talks about Daniels, he talks about AJ too. Joe says that sometimes AJ is so mad at Joe that maybe he can’t see his own friend stabbing him in the back. Joe walks off and AJ turns around and kicks a locker. Joe sounded like he was hoarse during that promo but pushed through it.


As we come back from commercial Awesome Kong is in the back destroying a dressing room. Breaking things and throwing things around and the room is actually Booker T.’s former dressing room (he is of course done with the company now). Tenay says that for the first time since coming to TNA Kong is without her ‘handler’ after Kong destroyed Raisha last week.

Back at ringside they show some more brief footage of the Hogan Press Conference from Tuesday.

“Future Legend” Alissa Flash vs. Tara

Tara and Flash lockup and Alissa gets Tara in an arm lock and then slams Tara to the mat by her hair. Flash then shoots in for another lockup with Tara (as the fans chant “Future Legend”) but Tara ducks underneath and locks Flash in a waistlock. Flash hits a series of back elbows and then hits a series of body shots. Flash whips Tara into the corner and charges but Tara avoids her and counters into the Tarantula! Tara follows up with a Slingshot Somersault Leg Drop for a nearfall. Tara whips Flash into the corner and follows up with a series of Shoulder Blocks in the corner and then backs up and goes for another running one, but Flash gets her boot up and then whips Tara into the ropes. Flash hits a big clothesline and gets a nearfall. Flash puts the boots to Tara and then chokes her on the middle rope standing on Tara’s back with her knee. Flash then stands on the middle rope and kicks Tara in the head. Flash hits a Scoop Slam and follows up with a Great Muta-like Snap Elbow Drop for another nearfall. Flash whips Tara into the corner and goes for a running clothesline but Tara moves and kicks Tara over. Flash climbs up to the top and Tara nails her with an uppercut and then climbs up top with her. Tara hits a Superplex and both girls are down now. They both get to their feet at the same time and Flash grabs Tara by the hair but Tara turns around and puts Flash up on her shoulders. Tara hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam (pretty much Cena’s F-U) for another nearfall. Tara hits a series of big rights and then whips Flash into the ropes and hits a big clothesline followed by another one and then a Snap Suplex. Tara floats over into a pin, 1…2…NO Flash kicks out! Tara goes for a Shortarm Clothesline but Flash ducks and then hits a Pump Handle Slam! 1…2…NO Tara kicks out! Flash puts Tara in the surfboard and hits the Curb Stomp! Some of Tara’s hair extensions came out on that one. Flash grabs Tara but she deadlifts Flash up onto her shoulders and hits the Spider’s Web (Fireman’s Carry Side Slam)! 1…2…3 and Tara gets the pin!

Winner: Tara via pinfall (Spider’s Web)

Awesome Kong’s music hits and she runs out to the ring and absolutely destroys Tara with a Big Boot! Kong follows up with the Implant Buster dropping her right on top of Flash! Kong then looks at the camera and screams “I’m back!”

In the back Team 3D are talking when Rhino walks into their locker room and asks if they’re calm this week. Rhino says he’s not there to thank them for stopping Hernandez from pretty killing him last week, but he’s there because he thinks they finally saw the picture. He says they saw what Hernandez was going to do to him and try and end Rhino’s career. Rhino says that’s what TNA management wants him to do. He says tonight he’s facing Matt Morgan and asks if they see a pattern developing. Bubba says the fact that Rhino believes all of the garbage he spews is insane. Bubba says they didn’t save him from Hernandez, they saved Hernandez from a suspension. He calls Hernandez the future of TNA and says that Rhino is paranoid and insane. Rhino says if he’s so crazy then why did they really stop him. He says deep down in their gut they believe him. Devon says they’re not concerned about the Guns tonight and says they have talent but they can’t beat them. Rhino says they can go on thinking that but something is going on, and to watch their backs tonight. He says they’re all in on it and leaves and Bubba calls him “Lee Harvey”.


Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D

They show footage of the Guns Ultimate X win last week as the Guns make their way to the ring. Team 3D is carrying their IWGP Tag Team Championships to the ring tonight. 3D & the Guns shake hands before the match as the fans chant for the Guns. Shelley and Devon start the match off and Devon gets Shelley in a wristlock. Shelley rolls through and reverses the hold and transitions into a side headlock. Devon shoves Shelley off and follows up with a big Shoulder Block. Devon then starts to get ready to run the ropes but Shelley hits a drop toe hold. They are selling 3D’s injuries from Full Metal Mayhem. Shelley comes off the ropes and Devon goes for a clothesline but Shelley ducks and kicks Devon in the gut followed by a big spinning heel kick! 1…2…NO Devon kicks out! Shelley throws Devon into the corner and then attempts to whip Devon into the opposite corner, but Devon reverses and Devon charges at him. Shelley moves and then hits an Enziguri to the back of Devon’s head! Shelley comes off the ropes but eats a Powerslam from Devon for a nearfall. Devon tags in Bubba and he whips Shelley into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Shelley rolls underneath it. Bubba goes for a backhand and Shelley rolls underneath it too and tags in Sabin. Sabin springs into the ring and locks up with Bubba. Bubba gets Sabin in a wristlock and kicks Sabin in the ribs. After a few seconds in the wristlock Sabin is able to roll through and reverse the hold into one of his own. Sabin then hits a series of roundhouse kicks to the ribs of Bubba, but when he went for a third Bubba caught his foot and hit a Single Leg Takedown. Bubba then catapults Sabin over the top but Sabin is able to catch himself and land on the apron on his feet. Sabin then springboards off the top rope into a Springboard Flying Cross Body! 1…2…NO Bubba kicks out! Sabin comes off the ropes and goes for a Lariat but Bubba blocks it and then hits a Side Slam and Sabin lands right on his freaking head! Good god have mercy, what the hell?! The replays show it and you damn right Sabin landed right on that head and neck, good Lord. Devon is tagged in now and he goes for a Press Slam on Sabin but Shelley runs in and chop blocks Devon. Sabin still looks out of it but he’s able to reach up and Shelley tags his hand. Shelley puts the boots to Devon and puts him in a modified Ankle Lock. Sabin is still laying in the corner of the ring, he has no clue what’s going on right now, oh man. Shelley transitions into a Knee Lock as we see another sickening replay, slow motion this time. A member of the medical staff is out now checking on Sabin as Shelley has Devon in a Knee Lock in the ring. Finally Devon is able to kick Shelley off and tag out to Bubba. Bubba hits a series of Elbows and then whips Shelley into the ropes and hits a big Sidewalk Slam! 1…2…NO Shelley kicks out as Taz talks about the time he broke his neck in the ring in a very similar way. Shelley comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Bubba ducks and goes for a Back Suplex, but Shelley lands on his feet and hits a huge Superkick! 1…2…NO Bubba kicks out! Bubba quickly pokes Shelley in the eyes and tags in Devon. Devon is still limping as he comes in the ring and goes for a Reverse Suplex, but Shelley blocks it and trips up Devon. Shelley then puts Devon in a Half Boston Crab! Devon struggles to get to the ropes but finally taps out!

Winner: Machine Guns via submission (Half Boston Crab)

After the match Taz and Tenay question whether Devon actually tapped, he did slam his hand to the mat but after that he started shaking his head. Bubba is pissed at the referee while Shelley goes over to Sabin and checks on Sabin who is still being checked out by the Medical Staff. It looks like maybe they’re going towards a thing with the official blowing calls in TNA (I think us SEC fans have seen our fair share of those this year). Hebner called for the bell early at BFG in the Joe-Lashley match and now this.

In the back Lauren is with Steiner (still wearing his MEM track suit) and tells Steiner that Lashley has demanded an apology to Kristal. Steiner says he is sorry that she has no idea what it’s like to be with a real man. Steiner says he sees her looking at him in the back and he can see the lust and desire in her eyes. He says she has a want and need to be his #1 freak and he’s going to make it happen. Steiner says that since Bobby cost him his match last week he’ll be watching Lashley’s match tonight and he has a big surprise for Kristal.


We cut to a clip from Hermie’s Hotseat (a show) where Hermie was talking with Amazing Red and Don West. Red says he’s known Don for a long time and he can sell water to a whale and he’s never been much of a talker. He says he’ll do what he does in the ring and he needs a guy to do the talking for him out of the ring and Don is the perfect guy. West says Red personifies everything that a wrestler should be. He says that Red is somebody kids can look up to and for more of the sitdown interview check out the website.

TNA Legends Championship
“Showtime” Eric Young (c) vs. “The Boss” Bobby Lashley

They show footage of Young winning the Legends Title at BFG as he makes his way out to the ring and they show footage of the altercation between Lashley & Steiner last week. Young talks trash to Lashley from the apron and Lashley walked over to grab Young, but he hits a shoulder block through the ropes and then slides in underneath Lashley’s legs. Young hits a big right hand and then comes off the ropes but eats a huge Backdrop. Lashley follows up with a T-Bone Suplex and then gets ready for the Spear but EY rolls out to the floor, but Lashley follows him out and slams Young into the guardrail. Lashley rolls Young back into the ring and Young distracts the referee as Scott Steiner sneaks up and clotheslines Lashley on the floor! Steiner has a t-shirt on that has an airbrushed picture of Kristal on it. Steiner goes over to Kristal and she tries to slap him but Steiner blocks it and Lashley blasts him from behind. Young comes out and rolls Lashley back into the ring and goes for a clothesline. Lashley blocks it and hits a Gutbuster and then puts Young in a Dragon Sleeper! Steiner comes in and blasts Lashley with a steel chair!

Winner: Lashley via DQ (Young retains)

After the match Steiner locks Lashley in the Steiner Recliner.


Back from commercials the rest of the World Elite has joined Eric Young in the ring. I guess TNA is really running with this tracksuit thing because WE now have tracksuits of their own that actually look pretty cool. It has their names on the back of the jacket and running down one of the legs. Brutus says before their leader enlightens us he has a public address to make. He says the rumors are true and that is the Brits have been suspended without pay until Turning Point. He says that they didn’t like the fact that he decked the referee in the Cage Match. He says it was a loop hole and now Beer Money doesn’t get a shot at their belts anymore. He says they fined them too but that’s pocket change to the Tag Champs. He says you can call it a suspension if you want to but they prefer to call it a vacation. Young says he knows us American swine have a hard time keeping score but what we just saw is him just handing Bobby Lashley his first defeat (yeah, only Young’s warped head). Young says it’s time for his big announcement and it’s going to shake TNA’s foundation. He says the Legends Title is dead and the TNA Global Championship is born! He says there is two rules, he will never defend the belt on American soil and he will never defend it against an American wrestler. He says the reason is Americans don’t deserve him as our champion. Well, I guess if Booker T. can make his own championship, so can Eric Young. Kevin Nash’s music hits and he makes his way out with a steel chair in hand. Nash says at BFG he and Young had a deal and Young didn’t keep up his end of the bargain. Nash says that Bashir paid him $60,000 in Iranian money. He asks Young if this is really the way he does business. Young says Nash has been doing that kind of thing for years and that’s why he’s where he’s at and he respects that. He says he learned from the master and he says one of them was going to get screwed at BFG but he just made sure it wasn’t him. He says they can squash this thing or Nash can get in the ring and they can settle this face to face. Beer Money comes up from behind and blasts Kiyoshi & Bashir with a chair and a stop sign! They then take out the Brits while Homicide and Young bail out through the back. Young actually to hold Homicide back. Nash says Young can run but he can’t hide while Beer Money stands tall in the ring.

In the locker room Daniels approaches AJ in the back and says he heard what Joe’s been saying but AJ says not to worry about it. Daniels gets offended that AJ might actually believe it and AJ asks him why he’s getting so defensive. Daniels says he’s getting defensive because a few words from Joe can make AJ question his best friend. Daniels says this is what Joe wants and starts to walk off. AJ asks him where he’s going and Daniels says he’s going to settle it with Joe.

6-Knockouts Tag Match
The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, & Lacey Von Erich) vs. ODB, Christy Hemme, & Hamada

They show footage of BP attacking Taylor & Sarita last week.


Back from commercials the opening bell rings and Velvet throws Christ into the corner and hits several shoulder blocks and then puts her foot to the throat of Christy and chokes her. Velvet drags Christy’s face across the top rope and then whips Christy into the ropes. Velvet goes for a backdrop but Christy counters with a Facebuster and then hits a Hook Kick on Velvet for a nearfall. Christy tags in Hamada and Velvet quickly runs over to her corner and tags out to Madison. Hamada flips into the ring and Madison goes for a clothesline but Hamada ducks and kicks Madison. Hamada attempts to whip Madison into the ropes but Madison reverses it and Hamada looked like she was going to try a springboard move but Madison quickly moved out of the way and Hamada put the breaks on. Hamada goes for a roundhouse kick but Madison grabs her leg but then eats an Enziguri from Hamada! 1…2…NO Madison kicks out. Hamada hits a Scoop Slam and then climbs to the top but Velvet shoves her off the top. Madison covers Hamada and gets a nearfall. Velvet tags back in and BP hit a Double Russian Leg Sweep for another rnearfall. Velvet chokes Hamada and then hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a kick to the back and then a Basement Dropkick for another nearfall. Velvet slams Hamada into the top turnbuckle and the rest of the BP choke Hamada. Lacey finally tags in and she and Velvet slam Hamada into the corner. Lacey tags back out to Madison and she gets a series of nearfalls on Hamada. Velvet tags out and they whip Hamada into the ropes and go for a Double Clothesline, but Hamada ducks and then hits a Double Dropkick to BP! Hamada tries to get to her corner but Velvet grabs her leg! Hamada rolls over and kicks Velvet off and then tags in ODB! ODB hits a clothesline to Velvet and then one for Madison and then she knocks Lacey off the apron! ODB hits a Fall Away Slam on Velvet and then whips Madison into the corner and hits a Corner Splash followed by a Bronco Buster! Did I really just here Mike Tenay refer to that move as the Bronco Muncher and the Carpet Buster? Oh my lord. ODB then hits a Scoop Slam on Velvet and tags in Christy. Christy goes up top and Madison takes ODB out to the brawl for a little cat fight action. Christy goes for the FFG but Velvet moved and tagged in Lacey. Lacey hits one of the weakest Chokeslams of all time and gets the pin.

Winner: Beautiful People via pinfall (Chokeslam)

Awesome Kong’s music hits once again and the she-beast makes her way out to the ring again! Kong starts to climb into the ring but Tara comes out of nowhere and starts throwing haymakers at Kong! Kong & Tara trade stiff rights and lefts at each other as security runs out to try and separate the two knockouts. It takes about a whole security team to pull Kong away. Tara breaks away from the security that is pulling her away and dives onto Kong and the fight continues!


Back from commercials Kong and Tara are still fighting in the back! I think Tara even ripped out one of Kong’s dreads!

They show footage from the Monsters Ball Match from BFG now. Great hardcore match that got almost ruined by one bad spot (Abyss not kicking out of a spot he was supposed to midway through).

No DQ Match
Stevie Richards vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Stevie comes out with a microphone and says that if Abyss wants to be ‘the monster’ and try and destroy Daffney at BFG then he needs to come out and see the monster in him he created. I do believe Daffney suffered a broken arm during Monsters Ball. Stevie meets Abyss in the entrance ramp but eats a big right hand from Abyss. Abyss climbs into the ring and Stevie hits a huge chop followed by another one and about 10 more but Abyss never backs down. Abyss then hits a huge one of his own as Stevie came off the ropes. Abyss then throws Stevie over the top out tot eh floor and then climbs out with him and throws Stevie into the ring steps. Abyss lights up Stevie with Knife Edge Chops and then rolls Stevie back into the ring and grabs a trashcan full of weapons and throws it into the ring nailing Stevie with it! Abyss grabs another trashcan and throws it at Stevie too. Abyss climbs back into the ring but Stevie has a chair and throws it at Abyss. Stevie picks up a hockey stick and hits Abyss across the knee with it and then hits Abyss in the back and then locks Abyss in a Knee Bar! Stevie goes for a Spinning Toe Hold but Abyss kicks him off with the free leg. Stevie continues to beat down Abyss in the corner and actually stands on the back of Abyss’ head and then climbs up top. Stevie goes for a Tornado DDT but Abyss shoves him off. Stevie goes for the Stevie Kick but Abyss blocks it and spins Stevie around right into the Shock Treatment! 1…2…3 and Abyss gets the win.

Winner: Abyss via pinfall (Shock Treatment)

After the match Stevie attacks Abyss repeatedly with a kendo stick and then chokes him with the stick. Mick Foley’s music hits and he walks out to the ring now. Foley grabs the kendo stick and tells Stevie to hold Abyss for him but he nails Stevie with it instead! Foley looks over at Abyss and smiles and then leaves the ring as Abyss looks on uncertain of what in the hell he just saw.


In the back JB approaches Foley and asks him what just happened but Foley has no comment. He starts to walk off but JB stops him and says he needs more than that. Foley does a fake laugh and then says that what happened out there was between he and Abyss and then does something weird with his hand and walks off.

“War Machine” Rhino vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Rhino jumps Morgan at the bell but eats a clothesline from Morgan followed by an uppercut. Morgan then drapes Rhino over the top rope and hits the Running Body Guillotine. Morgan gets back up on the apron but Rhino knocks him off the apron and then slams Morgan into the ring apron and rolls Morgan into the ring. Rhino puts the boots to Morgan and then chokes Morgan on the middle rope. Rhino puts the boots to Morgan and then chokes him in the corner. Rhino slams Morgan into the top turnbuckle and then throws a few body shots at him. Rhino then charges at Morgan in the corner but he hits a back elbow followed by a series of clotheslines and then a Big Splash in the corner and the Sidewalk Slam. Morgan calls for the Chokeslam but Rhino blocks it with back elbows and then hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Rhino sets up for the Gore but Morgan nails him with the Carbon Footprint!

Winner: Morgan via pinfall (Carbon Footprint)

After the match Rhino attacked Morgan from behind and hits another Belly-to-Belly Suplex and finally hits the Gore! Rhino sets up to do it again but Hernandez’s music hits and he runs out to the ring and Rhino bails out. Rhino asks for a microphone and says that only the strong survive in TNA and no one will take out Rhino. He flicks off a fan at ringside before leaving. Hernandez helps Morgan up in the ring.

In the back Daniels approaches Joe and he tells Joe to quit the games and he should break Joe’s face for trying to twist AJ’s head up. Joe said he didn’t twist anything and he just pointed out what’s right in front of his face or at least behind his back. Daniels says he would never do that to AJ but Joe says he doesn’t know that. He says when he told AJ that he rolled his eyes and that tells him that AJ thinks that even the thought that Daniels could possibly hurt him is a joke to him. Joe says that Daniels’ best friend doesn’t even think he’s in his league. Joe says to think about that the next time AJ looks at him or at least looks down at him. Joe walks off and Daniels turns around and punches a poster of Joe hanging on the wall.


Don West sells the upcoming shows around the country for TNA when Homicide runs up and asks why Red is ducking him. He says he wants a title shot and West started to say something but Homicide grabbed him and started screaming at him saying he wants his title shot. He says he wants it at Turning Point and West says he thinks that’s a good idea. Homicide takes West’s wallet and sees a picture of his wife and says ‘hey, she’s a ill mamacita Donny!’ Homicide takes West’s drivers license and says he’s going to hold it until Turning Point to make sure he gets his title (so he has West’s address) and then steals all the cash out of West’s wallet.

In Angle’s locker room JB says he’s never seen Angle this upset and says he hardly knows anything about Wolfe. Angle says that Wolfe took a shortcut by attacking him from behind and 9 out of 10 times when someone takes a shortcut it comes to a dead end. JB says it seems kind of random but asks if he thinks there could be something more to this like someone put him up to it and doesn’t want Angle in TNA. Hogan did it! Oh, my bad. Angle asks JB what he’s talking about and says he sounds as paranoid as Rhino. He says he tried to make a name for himself the cheap way and he’s sending him back where he came from (ROH?).

Tenay says Lauren is on the scene of something breaking. She is running toward a crowd in the back and says that she just learned that someone has attacked AJ Styles again. AJ is laid out on the concrete with blood coming from his head. Terry Taylor and Simon Diamond are screaming for EMTs to come and check on AJ.


Back from commercials an ambulance is leaving with AJ in it saying he is being taken to the hospital for observation and they still don’t know who attacked AJ again. It was Hogan! Okay, sorry again.

Street Fight
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe

Wolfe is wearing the same ring gear he did at the end of his ROH run. Angle jumps Wolfe as he gets in the ring and lays into Wolfe with right hands and European Uppercuts beating him all around the ring. Angle throws Wolfe into the top turnbuckle and then hits another series of rights and European Uppercuts. Angle stomps Wolfe down in the corner and then goes for a German Suplex but Wolfe grabs the top rope to block it and follows up with back elbows to release the grip of Angle. Wolfe hits a forearm as he’s getting tons of heat. Wolfe hits a big European Uppercut and then a spinning back elbow. Wolfe tries to slam Angle’s head into the top turnbuckle but he blocks it and then hits a back elbow followed by a big right hand. Angle clotheslines Wolfe over the top to the floor! Back on the floor Angle slams Wolfe into the ring steps and then throws some stiff rights and slams him into the guardrail. Angle tries to roll Wolfe back into the ring but Wolfe stops from going into the ring and turns around levels Angle with a Back Elbow! Wolfe rolls Angle into the ring and hits a big Forearm Smash followed by an Uppercut. Wolfe puts the boots to Angle and talks trash the whole time. Wolfe starts slapping Angle and talking more trash but Angle nails a big slap and then starts throwing rights at Wolfe. Angle goes for a Suplex but Wolfe counters with a sickening Arm Wringer into a Snap slam that looked like it about took the shoulder right out of the socket! Wolfe goes for the Rebound Lariat (he makes himself kind of bounce between the middle and top rope resulting in a catapult affect into the Lariat) but Angle ducks and hits the Rolling German Suplexes! Tenay lets us know that Chris Sabin is okay and he suffered a stinger. Angle is getting fired up as he pulls the straps down but we see Wolfe stand up behind Angle and when Angle turns around he eats every last bit of a crazy Lariat! Angle looks like he is out of it as Wolfe screams some more things at Angle and Hebner says the match is over because Kurt is out. Wolfe shoves Hebner out of the way and then rolls Angle over and screams “I’ll end you, Angle!” at him. Angle looks to be injured and still not moving.

Winner: Wolfe via TKO

Back from commercials they are taking Angle off on a stretcher as we see more replays of that Lariat. The Hogan announcement is finally here.

We cut to the footage from the press conference a few days ago. Eric Bischoff introduces Hogan and he comes out as some fans are chanting for him. Hogan says it’s nice to be back in the house that Hogan built (Madison Square Garden). He says before he lets us know about his plans to climb back into the ring he has to introduce us to his new business partner, Dixie Carter. Dixie comes up to the podium and shakes hands with Hogan. Dixie says there is no signal name that defines an industry more than Hogan. She says everyone at TNA are thrilled for Hogan to join TNA. Dixie talks about the start of TNA and now standing at Madison Square Garden announcing the biggest acquisition you can have in wrestling. Hogan says when TNA aggressively came after him along with Spike TV (there is a big Spike TV and TNA backdrop behind the podium) that he knew he needed to come to TNA. Hogan says that TNA is the company to lead the way in the future. Spike TV President, Kevin Kay, speaks about the possibilities of Hogan and TNA saying they plan on developing more programming for TNA. Hogan says his focus is to help make TNA the biggest wrestling company. He says TNA has so many things going for them that he thinks they just needed a little push like signing him to get them really going. Hogan puts over Dixie saying that she has her act together and then puts over Spike TV. Hogan says “what you gonna do, brother, when Spike TV and TNA run wild over you?!”

Final Thoughts

Oh man, I really don’t know where to start. We had a really solid show tonight that is overshadowed by the announcement of Hulk Hogan. I’ve never hidden my thoughts on Hulk Hogan and how I feel about him. I’ve never been a fan of Hulk Hogan whether it’s his backstage politics or his in ring wrestling. With that said this has the possibility to be extremely huge for TNA or the start of a downward spiral that could cripple the company. Let’s not forget that World Championship Wrestling (WCW) got this same type of hoopla and buzz when they signed Hogan. Less than 10 years later, the company was out of business. Am I attempting to put the sole blame on Hulk Hogan for the demise of WCW? Most certainly not but he damn sure is not free of blame either. TNA has been really pushing this ‘youth movement’ with stars like AJ Styles, Daniels, Joe, Hernandez, Lashley, Young, Red, etc. but then you bring in a guy like Hogan? Hogan can barely walk as it is, how is that going to look if he gets back into the ring and starts Leg Dropping everybody in the company? Hogan has a big history of not wanting to put people over. There has been rumors of Hogan only wrestling a few times in TNA and mainly being an on-air character, maybe an authority figure, but Hogan CLEARLY said he had plans of getting back into the ring for TNA. There have also been rumors, and these may be even worse in my opinion, that Hogan and Bischoff would take over the booking in TNA. This is might even be scarier to me than say Hogan coming in and pinning AJ Styles for the belt. The truth of the matter is Hogan is easily the biggest name in the history of wrestling and his name alone will probably bring in the ratings in the beginning, but what does this mean for the LONG TERM in TNA Wrestling. I really hope Dixie Carter knows what she is doing here. I’ve said all the negative things about Hogan but now I’m going to move to the positive. The obvious is his name value and the fact that he is a draw, even at this age. Another is the fact that he has ties with several stars, and some really good YOUNG stars with this Hulkamania Tour he’s doing. Some of those are Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, Orlando Jordan, Paul London, and Matt Cross. Ric Flair is also part of that tour and if they are truly wanting to do a ‘Retirement Tour’ for Sting how perfect would it be to bring in Flair for a short program with Sting during that tour? Okay, I’ve talked about Hogan enough I’ll leave that with, we’ll see.

I thought the opening segment with Angle and Wolfe was very well done and the subsequent match was solid for the short time they were in the ring. This thing should turn into a great feud and I like that they didn’t give away the PPV match free on TV. They are really going to sell this Lariat and Angle’s neck which is great.

I liked the mind games that Samoa Joe was playing with AJ and Daniels but Daniels was really struggling on the mic tonight. He does better when he’s a heel on the mic and he’s kind of struggling with the babyface stuff.

Kong going apesh*t was cool and then the stuff with Tara was great, these two are going to really rival the feud that Kong had with Gail Kim. The match with Alissa and Tara was very good but they have to give Alissa some wins if they’re going to keep her around and she’s really over with the crowd so that is a must.

The Tag Match was actually pretty decent but that spot where Sabin got hurt was ridiculous. He is truly lucky to not be seriously injured there and I blame no one but Bubba on that move. There is no excuse for being that careless in the ring, that was very scary.

The Steiner and Lashley thing just isn’t really getting me into it right now. The thing with Young and the Legends Title is pretty interesting though. I think it could be pretty cool if they actually had him go to Mexico and Japan and the UK and defend it and record the footage and air it on Impact.

The Knockouts Tag Match was pretty good when Lacey wasn’t in the ring but she was able to look horrible and uncoordinated the whole 20 seconds she was in the ring tonight. That girl just needs to stand at ringside and look pretty because she just flat out sucks. Madison got a lot more time in the ring tonight and looks like TNA may finally start to trust her to carry the team.

I don’t know where they’re going with Abyss and Foley now but I am beyond sick of this Dr. Stevie stuff. Just let him be Stevie Richards already.

Some wrestling fans that tuned in just to see Hogan tonight might be a little disappointed with the same footage that has been all over the internet but it is what it is. Not much TNA could do about it since the show was taped 2 weeks ago.

-Promo/Segment of the Night: Angle &Wolfe’s promos
-Match of the Night: Angle vs. Wolfe (**)
-Overall Grade: B -

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Team 3D vs. Hernandez & Matt Morgan
-Bobby Lashley vs. Homicide
-Tara vs. Daffney

Turning Point Lineup:
-TNA World Title Triple Threat: AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels
-TNA Tag Titles: British Invasion (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns
-TNA X-Division Title: Amazing Red (c) vs. Homicide

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