Update on Hernandez/his TNA status

Reported by Steve Gerweck of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 9:52 AM EST

- TNA did work an injury angle last night on Impact involving Hernandez. Hernandez is not injured, of course, and will take a break from TNA to work in Mexico for the next three months.

- In fact, Hernandez is booked here:

RCW presents two HUGE wrestling events on April 3 & May 1

River City Wrestling -- San Antonio's brand of professional wrestling -- will present two spectacular events in he near future! The first is entitled "Texas Explosion V" and will be held on Saturday, April 3; the second, entitled "Sunny Days are Here Again 2," will be held on Saturday, May 1.

Both exhibitions will take place at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, located at 1630 Goliad Rd, in-between Southcross Rd. and Hot Wells Rd. The doors will open at 7:30 p.m. and the events begin at 8 p.m.

Tickets for both events can be purchased online at http://www.rcw-wrestling.com or at the door. By purchasing online, wrestling fans can avoid lines and guarantee their front row seats, or take advantage of the great discounts and group rates on general admission tickets! Tickets at the door are as follows:

- Front row, all ages, $15
- General admission, adults, $10
- General admission, children 4-18 years or individuals with a military/student ID, $8
- Children 3 and under are free

For the event on April 3, "Texas Explosion V":

- RCW Tag Team Championship
champions The Texas Hitmen vs. Ann Dromeda & Hernandez
HERNANDEZ RETURNS and goes after the RCW Tag Team Championship! After a brutal attack on March 6 by the current champions The Texas Hitmen (Skitzo & Big Dogg) on "El Mamacito" Ann Dromeda, the flamboyant one made a phone call and managed to secure the current TNA & AAA superstar "The Super-Mex" Hernandez as his tag team partner!

- For the vacant RCW Championship
Ladder Match
former champion "The Extreme Aztec" SKAM-13 vs. Jojo Bravo
At the March 6 "It's Time II" event, SKAM-13 and Jojo Bravo fought to a no contest with a controversial ending. Referee Alex Marrozos determined that SKAM successfully defended his title, but referee Howie Rolle saw it a different way and claimed Bravo was the victor. RCW Promoter Brandon Oliver decided to uphold the title, and have the two compete in a Ladder Match on April 3 to determine an undisputed champion. SKAM-13 is arguably the most busy champion in RCW history, taking on all-comers. Bravo, meanwhile, is still considered undefeated. With this match being a Ladder Match, the fans are guaranteed to see an exciting contest!

- Battle of the Sexes
Joey "Super Shot" Spector vs. Alissa Flash
Alissa Flash returns to RCW to take on RCW's most-hated chauvinist, Joey "Super Shot" Spector. Flash is regarded as one of the best women wrestlers in the country, competing in the TNA and Shimmer rings. Spector is the controversial wrestler that is more than happy to compete against any wrestler - male or female! Will Flash be able to shut Spector's big mouth?

- "1,000 Pounds of Humanity in the Ring"
Jax Dane vs. Keith Lee vs. Numero Dos
All three of these athletes are at the 300-pound mark, and with this much mass inside the squared circle, the ring better be reinforced! Numero Dos is out to prove he is much more than the world's largest dancing machine! Keith Lee, meanwhile, has shed his "pretty boy" image and has become a monster, and has made it known that anyone that wants to enter a RCW ring has to go through him. Jax Dane, meanwhile, has emerged from the stands and revealed his background as a professional wrestler. However, for Dane to be an active member of the RCW roster, he must get through Lee and Dos!

In addition:
- The lovely Darci Drake
- The Collins Brothers
- "Mr. Beautiful" Rudy Russo
- Weazy Woo
- Ryan Sorenson
- Sick Boy
- Amien Rios
- and the self-proclaimed "Sexiest Latino Alive" Chico Latino w/ Paloma

Then, on May 1, RCW presents "Sunny Days are Here Again 2!"

On May 1 you will see:

- The return of the original diva, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch! The former WWE/WCW/ECW superstar will make her return to RCW! In 1996, she was America Online's Most Downloaded Female, and her legacy in professional wrestling is well-known and she opened the door for females throughout the business. Ever the center of attention, what will Sunny be up to on May 1?

For additional information, call (210) 842-8398 or visit http://www.rcw-wrestling.com.