Full WWE Confidential Recap - 11/08/2003 (Tribute to Road Warrior Hawk)

Reported by David Sutton of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, November 9, 2003 at 2:26 PM EST

Full WWE Confidential Recap - 11/08/2003
Hosted by: "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Reported by: David Sutton of WrestleView.com

Segment 1: Tribute to Road Warrior Hawk, Michael Hegstram

The segment starts with interviews from friends and associates and showed a number of clips from the Road Warriors career. The Dudley’s talk about how they admired the Road Warriors and about their first meeting. Many superstars talk about their impressions of the Road Warriors and what they meant to the history of tag team wrestling.

A lot of good clips and heartfelt discussion about the impact of the LOD. I have to admit that I thought they were awesome back when I first started watching wrestling and while I think the final squash match they were given with the WWE a few months ago was crap, that doesn’t erase the awesome career that they had. They really were the prototype of the concept tag team, influencing future tag teams like Demolition and the Powers of Pain.

Segment 2: Outside the Ropes with Booker T

Question 1: Beside yourself, who do you think has the best dreadlocks of anyone you have seen on TV or in the movies?
Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins

Question 2: Do you think Lenny Kravitz looks better with or without the dreadlocks?
He looks better without Halle Berry

Question 3: Would you ever have Rush Limbaugh over for dinner?

Question 4/5: How is your golf game coming along? And are you considering the senior PGA tour?
No, but my golf game is about an 11 handicap

Question 6: What are Booker T’s fans called?
His family

Question 7: Have you ever gotten dizzy doing the Spinaroonie?

Question 8: How hot is your fireball filled entrance?
Very, I gotten some minor burns before.

Question 9: Have you ever lost count when reciting your “Five Time”?
No, cause I count them down.

Question 10: Who would you rather: Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears?
J Lo

As always the questions were lame, but that is nothing new. Booker didn’t really seem into the segment and he seemed fairly rehearsed on the question which really killed the spontaneity of the segment. Ah well, we can only hope for better next week.

Segment 3: Lita’s Book Signing

Lita sign autographs for fan and many of the fans in line give their impressions of Lita. Lita talks about her appreciation of the fans sticking by her while she was out of action.

This was a short segment mostly showing Lita posing with fans and signing autographs . It was nice to see Lita as always but not much meat to this segment unless you wanted actual proof that Lita has been out signing books.

Segment 4: Continuation of the Tribute to Road Warrior Hawk

Conversations with Joe “Animal” Laurinaitis and other superstars about Hawk’s life and personality. Hawk had a difficult time early filling his life with the wrong things, but began to straighten out near the end. Hawk became a Christian later in life to help fill the void and erase some of his personal demons. Animal talks about how important Hawk was in his life and to his family. Animal’s children talk about the impact Hawk had in their life. Animal says that Hawk was glad to have reached the pinnacle of the business and that he was able to make peace with God before he passed. There are plans for a book about the life and times of the Legion of Doom, no release date was officially announced.

This segment seemed to show that somewhat stereotypical lifestyle of a wrestler that starts off down a troubled path but eventually sorts himself out in the end. It is nice to know that in Hawk’s situation that he was able to find peace in the end, though it sounded from the interviews that even in bad times Hawk was still a fun person to be with.

Segment 5: Classic Match featuring The Legion of Doom vs. Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBiase and I.R.S. at Summerslam

Bobby Heenan and Vince McMahon announcing. DiBiase and IRS get ahead early but distracting the ref and cheating. The LOD turn things around and get the win after a power slam by Animal.

I don’t know that I would’ve chosen this match for the LOD, but the parts they showed were good and I’ve always liked Ted DiBiase in a match.

Segment 6: WWE meets the number one pick in the NBA draft, Lebron James

They show clips of Lebron James at the taping of RAW from last week, as well as him posing with a number of RAW superstars.

This segment was only about a minute long just clips and such. It sort of felt like the WWE saying: “Hey look there are famous people who like watching wrestling, see, see.” Good promo tape for Lebron James, let’s hope his hype pays off for Cleveland. I, however, live in Denver, so I have to root for Carmelo Anthony winning the Rookie of the year…go ‘Melo.