Full WWE Confidential Recap - 11/15/03 (History of Survivor Series & More)

Reported by Ryan Kelly of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, November 16, 2003 at 12:58 AM EST

Full WWE Confidential Recap - 11/15/2003
Hosted by: "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Reported by: Ryan Kelly of WrestleView.com

Hello everyone and welcome to my first confidential recap, Just to introduce myself My name is Ryan Kelly and I will be recapping confidential now. ( Cheers head some where’s off in the distance)

Opening: Mean Gene opens the show, He previews what is coming later in the show.

Segment 1: Scotty 2 Hotty is back.

Mean Gene talks about all the people in the WWE that have had successful neck surgery.

Scotty talks about why he need to have the surgery done, how the surgery went and his return to the ring. He had his 5,6,7 spinal cords fused together and they took a bone out of his hip and put into his neck, the bone is held in place by 3 screws. It was the first time in his life that he needed surgery. During his recovery he kept in touch with Lita to see how her neck was. He said it was his worst year professionally but his best family wise. He wasn’t sure if he could com back, and doing his first worm after his return was his most fun moment in 2 years.

Mean Gene talks about Survivor Series and how it was created by Vince to be the 2nd pay per view, because wrestle mania was the only pay per view of the year at that time.

Segment 2: Survivor Series moments- First moment was Andre the giant and Hulk Hogan finally clashing at Survivor series 1.

Next was the Undertaker's debut in 1990.

The Rock and his debut at Survivor series was next

Then Kurt Angles debut at Survivor Series in 1999

Footage was shown of the infamous Brett Hart screw job at survivor series.

Next was Stone Cold getting run over by a car at survivor series

And finally the last moment was Stone Cold dropping the car raised into the air by a fork lift with HHH inside at Survivor series.

Mean Gene talks about Team Austin vs. Team Bishoff match.

Segment 3: Outside the ropes - Lance Storm asked the following 10 questions to Eric Bischoff.

1: What is your greatest accomplishment ?
Answer : Creating Monday Night War between the 2 companies.

2: Should they have changed the name of the N.W.O from new world order to not working out ?
Answer : Yes, It got old after a while

3: You first tried to get a job with the WWE as an announcer, would you have hired yourself ?
Answer : No

4: If someone would have told you that in 5 years you would be the co-gm of raw would you say heaven, hell or purgatory ? Answer : Heaven

5: What is the main reason people should watch Raw instead of Monday Night Football ?
Answer : Women are hotter, More action, Guys in the WWE actually score.

6: You are always wearing blue jeans and a leather jacket, do you need a queer eye makeover?
Answer : ( In his worst gay impression, which was brutal and not funny, he never really said if he would or not, he just acted gay for a few seconds.)

7: What # is your hair dye ?
Answer : Doesn’t know, Admits it is dyed

8: If you could pick any 2 women to perform HLA on raw who would it be ?
Answer : Whoopi Goldberg and Katie Couric. ( What are you thinking Bishoff ? )

9: Are the Fabulous Mohula and Maye Young candidates ?
Answer : Defiently not.

10: If you hadn’t fired Austin do you think you would be friends today ?
Answer : No, Austin should thank me for firing him, I should get 5 % of whatever he makes.

Terri talks about the classic match as one of her favorites

Classis Match: Rockers Vs. Orient Express, Royal Rumble 1991

Shawn Michaels had one heck of a head or hair back then !!!

Match was won on a roll up by the Rockers.

Segment 4: Lillian Garcia- Singing the National Anthem at a New York Jets game.

Shows her talking about wanting to sing at a NFL game, Mick Foley was there and they were talking to him about Lillian and it showed him talking to her and praising her singing, shows her warming up.

Then shows her actually singing it, She thought she did well after it was over and she said she had a lot of fun.

Segment 5: New WWE book Unscripted : This segment was on the new WWE book Unscripted which provides insight into the stars and their lives.

Shows Stone Cold describing how he got the scar on the back of his head from when Vince hit him in the head with a steel chair.

Shows Steve at his house taking pictures for the book, Photographer is taking pictures of him in front of a Texas flag, him shaving his head and him out in the woods hunting. Steve talks about his love for hunting and how it relaxes him.

Mean Gene wraps up the show by showing all the matches that will take place on Sunday night at Survivor Series.

Survivor Series should be one HELL of a show.