Full WWE Confidential Report - 12/20/03 - Eddie Guerrero, Jericho & more

Reported by David Sutton of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, December 21, 2003 at 4:02 PM EST

Full WWE Confidential Report for 12/20/03
Hosted by: “Mean” Gene Okerlund
Reported by: David Sutton of WrestleView.com

Segment 1: WWE superstars talk about travel

The superstars talk about having a plan and being nice to the people on the road while traveling. Next the superstars talk about packing. The superstars think the Westin has some of the best beds on the road, and Bradshaw likes hotel porn. And as an exclusive Mattitude fact…Matt hates to be stranded in airports.

Good segment, it’s nice to see how the superstars travel and the humanity of them having to put up with all the same issues we all do.

Segment 2: In New York City with Chris Jericho

Jericho’s day starts in NYC at 6:00 am; he starts by reading the sports news on WB11. Next Jericho shows up on a morning talk show. Next Chris heads over to some local radio stations. Some of the Dj’s knew who Jericho was others didn’t but Jericho takes it all in stride and chats with the informed and the uninformed.

Another decent segment, although quick. Jericho seemed to really enjoy some of the interviews and others he seemed genuinely annoyed, but I can understand that, it’s sort of like talking about something that is really important to you and the listener is just smiling and nodding like they think you are insane.

Segment 3: Eddie Guerrero on the set of his Low Rider magazine shoot

Eddie said that being in Low Rider magazine has always been a childhood dream of his. Eddie poses for various pictures in front of a custom Cadillac with a smoking hot model. The photos are for the February edition.

Short segment, but Eddie always oozes charisma even when he’s only on-screen for 5 minutes

Segment 4: Outside the Ropes with Jonathan “Coach” Coachman

#1: While you were in school what was your best season in terms of scoring?
On the court…1100 points, 600 rebounds, 300 assists
Off the court…off the chart
#2: How many hundred points behind Wilt Chamberlain’s scoring record are you?
Not Far, just a few hundred
#3: Have you ever won a contest in school for the kid that was the quietest for the longest time?
Nope, never one a contest like that
#4: Do you think the Rock is jealous of you?
Of course
#5: Who will be the biggest star in the NBA: Lebron James or Carmello Anthony?
Lebron will be the bigger star, but Carmello will be the better player
#6: What most important: being the biggest star or making the most money?
More money
#7: What do you think of Bachelor Bob’s choice?
He thinks one of the other girls will be the next Bachelorette, but he is thinking the Coach will be the next bachelor.
#8: Do you think Jessica Simpson is as stupid as she seems on her MTV show or is she hot enough that it just doesn’t matter?
Nick can still get out of it, and when the split Coach will be there to pick up the pieces
#9: Do you think Josh Matthews does a better job hosting Outside the Ropes for Smackdown than you do hosting it for Raw?
Josh Who?
#10: Do you think Clay Aiken is the next Barry Manilow?
Coach likes Clay Aiken and Manilow and thinks he has a good start
#11: What do you call a great match?
I let the action speak for itself; I don’t have a catch phrase for it.

What can I say, it was Coach being Coach, either you love him or you hate him

Segment 5: Match of the night: Honky Tonk Man vs. The Ultimate Warrior

This was a match from Summerslam ’88 for the Intercontinental Belt. The challenger is uncertain at first, the Warrior hits the ring hits Honky Tonk a couple times drops the splash on him and the match is over, total time about 30 seconds.

One of those gimmick matches fro the 80’s where they try to push a superstar by squashing an already established superstar. I was never a fan of those kinds of matches, ah well, a piece of history I suppose.

Segment 6: Bradshaw goes Surfing

Bradshaw is in Perth, Australia. Bradshaw considers naked surfing. Bradshaw is initially worried about sharks but he is reassured that there are none. Bradshaw then takes some lessons about getting up on the board. Bradshaw figures since the water isn’t very deep, it is OK to drink and surf. The observers and instructors are very complimentary of Bradshaws surfing ability, but as with most beginning surfers, Bradshaw does not do very well.

And in this one, Bradshaw being Bradshaw…still weird to see him clean shaven with the blond hair…still kind of wierds me out.

Segment 7: WWE performing in Iraq

A replay of the segments from the press conference held telling of the WWE going to Iraq to perform on Christmas. The superstars each give some inspiring words about how they feel about getting to perform in Iraq in front of the U.S. troops

The same segments they have been showing on Raw and Smackdown for the last couple of weeks, so nothing all that new here.