Full WWE Confidential Results -1/3/04 (SmackDown superstars/Iraq, more)

» Reported by David Sutton of WrestleView.com
» On Sunday, January 4, 2004 at 2:01 PM EST

Full WWE Confidential Report for 01/03/04
Hosted by: “Mean” Gene Okerlund
Reported by: David Sutton of WrestleView.com

Segment One: The Superstars head to Baghdad for Smackdown

This segment shows a behind the scenes look of the recent Smackdown tour to Baghdad. Things began with the original “handshake tour” by the WWE superstars, which then progressed to the Air Force services working out arrangements to have WWE produce a show in Baghdad. One woman waited to reenlist until Stone Cold showed up and she took her reenlistment oath with Stone Cold present. They talk about the buzz amongst the troops concerning the arrival of the Smackdown superstars. The individual superstars talk about their feelings about being in Baghdad and performing for the troops.

Segment 2: Evolution visits a Ferrari dealership

The four members of Evolution go to a Ferrari dealership and pose with the vehicles for an upcoming article in RAW magazine. The Evolution guys are in character an talk about which cars they have and how much they have.

Segment 3: Outside the Ropes with Stacy Keibler

#1: What do you think has been viewed by more people: Trista and Ryan’s wedding or Paris Hiltons sex video? Trista and Ryans wedding

#2: Do you think Ed McMahon has ever aged? Yeah

#3: Was Santa good to you this year? And was it because you were naughty or nice? Yes Santa was good, and it was because she was both naughty and nice.

#4: Would you ever consider getting implants? Maybe, but she’s not sure if she wants the change

#5: How long does it take to shave your legs? It takes about 10 minutes to shave everything.

#6: How much money do you spend each year on lingerie? A couple hundred dollars

#7: If you were stranded on a desert island who would you like to be stranded with? The coach

#8: Would Stacy make a good Bond girl? Definitely

#9: Could you talk about the leg-a-rooni so we can show it again? Stacy says it is actually much harder to do than it looks.

Segment 4: WWE superstars new years resolutions

- Maven: To get better in the business

- Hurricane: To clean up the Hurricave

- Scotty 2 Hotty: To Worm every superstar and to get Rikishi to cover that ass

- Christian: To give the peeps more Christian

- Eric Bischoff: To make more money and get rid of the people he doesn’t like

- Coach: To make more money and get more women by following Bischoff

- APA: Work less, get paid more, drink more beer

- Rhyno: Cut back on his drinking

- Funaki: Keep in shape

- Randy Orton: Add more legends to his list

Do the superstars keep their resolutions? Some says yes some say no

Segment 5: Nature Boy Ric Flair at a DVD signing

Ric Flair meets and signs autographs for fans at the FYE store on his new DVD. Ric says he wants to do the show with Gene Okerlund

Segment 6: Matt Hardy and Victoria at a book signing

Matt and Victoria are at a book signing for the new WWE Unscripted book. Matt and Victoria talk about the book. Several fans also discuss what they thought of the book.

Shawn Michaels is shown receiving an award from the City of San Antonio for his efforts in supporting the troops.

Segment 7: WWE superstars visit wounded troops in Baghdad

They show clips of WWE superstars visiting troops in a hospital in Baghdad. Most of the troops just want to get up and get back to work, despite their injuries. The show various clips of troops sending home there hellos and Christmas wishes to their families.