ECW on Sci Fi Results - 7/11/06 - Minneapolis, MN (Big Show and Flair)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 10:44 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 7/11/06
Live From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- The show opens with highlights from last week where Big Show defeated Rob Van Dam to capture the ECW Championship with help from Paul Heyman.

- The ECW open hits. We go live to Minneapolis, MN and see a shot of the crowd in attendance.

- The ECW music hits right away. Paul Heyman comes out along with police dressed in riot gear. Heyman gets on the mic, introduces himself and refers to himself as the man who costed Rob Van Dam the ECW Title. He said the fans shouldn't blame him, they should blame RVD. Heyman said RVD lost the ECW Title because of the fans and that they were the reason he had to suspend him for 30 days. He said he tried to slow him down and not make him defend the title every night. Heyman blamed the fans for driving RVD into an early retirement and burning himself out. The fans start an RVD chant. He said those chants drove RVD to the ECW Championship and it drove him to put an end to it all. Heyman calls himself a martyr and that he made a sacrifice to take out RVD. He also refers to himself as The Messiah and that he will make decisions that will benefit no man or woman. Heyman says he will bring ECW to the promise land. He said all the fans are coming with him and that his name will always be cemented with the letters E-C-W. Heyman drops the mic and heads to the back with the police in riot gear.

- We see a shot of Paul Heyman walking by ECW stars. He stops when he sees Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer asks Heyman what he is doing. He said the ECW guys always stood by him, but that he can't understand what he is doing. Heyman said he wants to explain everything to Dreamer, but can't right now because his match is up next.

- Later Tonight: Big Show vs. Ric Flair for the ECW Championship, Sabu in action and Kelly's Expose with Candice.


- Test defeated Tommy Dreamer. The finish saw Test roll up Dreamer and use the ropes to get the pinfall. This was not a squash as I'm sure many people were expecting as Dreamer got in lots of offense. Dreamer worked the match in normal clothes to play off Heyman's "sudden" announcement backstage.

- Backstage, we see a shot of Candice and Kelly. Candice goes to kiss Kelly, but stops and puts her finger on her mouth telling her she has lots in store tonight.

- Later Tonight: Big Show defends the ECW Title against Ric Flair.


- We are back live and see a shot of the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. The tarot card reader (Shelly Martinez) is back. She predicts the future and The Vampire appears, turning her neck and then spitting blood on the camera.

- Kelly's Expose: Kelly and Candice both begin to dance. Candice is the one mostly in control, taking Kelly's top and bottom off to reveal her bra and panties. They dance some more when Mike Knox comes out covering up Kelly and taking her away. Kelly removes the towel and looks to go back when The Sandman appears. Kelly and Candice run to the back. Sandman puts his thumb up and then points it down. He canes Knox over the head and body a few times. Sandman then cracks open a beer, drinks some of it and smashes it against his forehead.

- A "Tale of the Tape" is shown between Ric Flair and The Big Show.

- Up Next: Sabu in action.


- Backstage, CM Punk is shown. Punk says all of his tattoos tell a story and that they were declarations, not decorations. He said he isn't some kid looking for the next thrill and that he is a fine tuned athlete. The closes with, "My name is C...M...Punk."

- Justin Credible defeated Sabu via DQ. The finish saw Sabu put Justin Credible on a table outside the ring and crash his body over Credible causing the DQ. Joey Styles & Tazz made it clear the match wasn't under ECW Rules, but that Sabu's match at Saturday Night's Main Event would be.

- Backstage, Balls Mahoney is shown. He puts himself over as an ECW original.

- We then go to a shot of Ric Flair backstage. Flair said he is chasing down his 17th World Title tonight in ECW against The Big Show. He said he never wanted the ECW Title until now. Flair says he understands Big Show is the only man alive to hold the WWE, WCW and ECW Championships. He said tonight he is ready and tells Big Show he will eat him alive. Flair ends the promo with a "WOOOOOOOO."


- We come back live and see a shot of Shannon Moore in his "Prince of Punk" look staring at the camera. A small graphic in the corner said, "Shannon Moore is coming."

- Ric Flair and ECW Champion Big Show make their entrances. Announcer Justin Roberts does introductions for both. The match briefly begins and we head to a break.


- Big Show defeated Ric Flair to retain the ECW Championship. Ric Flair was busted open in the match early on. Flair hit Big Show with numerous low blow kicks. Lots of weapons got involved later on including a barbed wire bat, trash can and steel chair. Flair dumped thumbtacks all over the ring and hit Big Show with a few steel chair shots. Big Show gets opened up after the chair shots and falls into the thumbtacks. The tacks stick into the back of Big Show. The finish saw Big Show jump up, clothesline Flair and hit his big backbreaker over his knee. The referee then called for the bell when Big Show locked in a cobra clutch.

After the match, Big Show tosses Flair into the thumbtacks. A bloody Big Show is handed the ECW Title and he heads to the back. We see a shot of Ric Flair in the ring covered in blood and with numerous thumbtacks in his knee and body. Flair is helped out of the ring by ECW and WWE officials and we see a thumbtack in the back of his head. The fans chant "THANK YOU FLAIR." The show goes off the air with ECW & WWE officials taking Ric Flair to the back and Joey Styles asking if anyone can beat The Big Show...