ECW on Sci Fi Results - 7/18/06 -- Corpus Christi, TX (ECW Title Match)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 1:21 AM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 7/18/06
Live From: Corpus Christi, Texas
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- The show opens with highlights from WWE Saturday Night's Main Event this past weekend where The Undertaker confronted ECW Champion The Big Show and The Great Khali. The ECW Championship Match between The Big Show and The Undertaker is promoted.

- The ECW open hits.

- We then go live to Corpus Christi, Texas and Kelly is dancing right away for "Kelly's Expose." Kelly dances, takes off her skirt, top and reveals her bra and panties. Mike Knox appears and Joey Styles lets out an, "Oh come on!" Knox pulls Kelly away and brings her into the ring. She prances around in the ring as Knox grabs a mic. He has Kelly watch footage of ECW last week and how it was all her fault that The Sandman attacked him with a cane. Knox tells Kelly that she will never take off her clothes in public again. He tells her to leave the ring and watch what he is going to do to The Sandman. The Sandman's music hits and he comes out with a beer and cane in hand. A graphic hits the screen noting this match is under ECW Extreme Rules.

- Mike Knox w/ Kelly defeated The Sandman in an Extreme Rules Match. The finish saw Knox hit Sandman with two low blow kicks and then get the pinfall. Before the finish, Sandman caned Kelly on the outside when Knox threw her in front of him. After the match, Knox walked away and left Kelly at ringside as Sandman left the ring trying to recover. WWE and ECW officials come out to put Kelly on a stretcher.

- Later Tonight: Big Show vs. The Undertaker for the ECW Championship.


- "The Reject" Shannon Moore is shown backstage looking at the camera.

- During the commercial break, footage was shown of Kelly being taken to the back.

- The ECW theme song hits and out comes Paul Heyman with two police in riot gear behind him. Heyman gets on the mic and says, "My children, you all must drink the kool aid from the same glass." He said he thought he told them last week how the fans caused him to make sure that Rob Van Dam lost the ECW World Title to The Big Show. Heyman says he thought he explained to the fans that it is the fans fault that he had to suspend Rob Van Dam for 30 days for his own well being. He said he still senses confusion. Heyman says he understands how difficult it is to keep up with his superior intellect when Tommy Dreamer's music hits. Dreamer hits the ring and gets on the mic. Dreamer says he has been with Heyman since the beginning of ECW. He said no matter what happened, he watched Heyman prove so many people wrong. Dreamer said he never demanded anything from Heyman because right or wrong, he always had his back. He said everyone in the locker room is confused. Dreamer says Heyman is way out there. He says for all the people that bled for him, he said Heyman owes the locker room an explanation. Heyman says he also owes all the fans that supported ECW an explanation. Dreamer asks him what the hell is going on. Heyman goes to speak on the mic, drops it and kisses Dreamer. No, that isn't a typo. Dreamer spits and turns away. When he turns towards Heyman, Test levels him with a big boot. Test walks around the lifeless body of Dreamer as Heyman leaves the ring. Test puts Dreamer on his shoulders and drops him in a huge spinning neckbreaker. Test's music hits as Test looks down at Dreamer and laughs.

- A Tale of the Tape is shown between Big Show and The Undertaker.

- Up Next: Sabu in action.


- Backstage, we go to Balls Mahoney. He asks someone to try and go through life with the name Balls Mahoney. He says it is hard, but that he doesn't care. Mahoney says he likes to go all out, kill or be killed and that he never has regrets if he gives it his all. He puts himself over as an ECW original again. The segment ends with Mahoney smiling at the camera.

- Sabu defeated Stevie Richards. The finish saw Sabu hit a springboard DDT followed by applying a Camel Clutch that Richards tapped out to. After the match, Sabu took out his spike and chased off referee Mike Posey with it. Sabu then posed on the ring apron for the fans in attendance.

- Backstage, CM Punk is shown. He says, "So what qualifies me to be here in ECW?" Punk puts over his background with jujitsu, kick boxing and most of all, wrestling. He says he has trained all over the world and it is now time for everyone to see him compete in ECW with the best. Punk adds, "Except I'm also disciplined enough to savor the anticipation of my debut. My name is C...M...Punk."


- Backstage, we see The Vampire. He said for some, it is hard to look into the past, but for others it is easy to look into the future. We then see Ariel, the tarot card reader. He asks her what the future holds for The Big Show's title reign. She reveals a "death card."

- Footage is shown of Big Show destroying various ECW stars in the last two months leading to his ECW Championship win against Rob Van Dam and then defending it successfully last week against Ric Flair in an Extreme Rules Match.

- ECW Champion Big Show comes out. He defends his title next.


- Big Show vs. The Undertaker for the ECW Championship ended in a No Contest. The finish saw Undertaker give Big Show a big boot that sent him through the ropes to the outside. The Great Khali then walked out and both Big Show and Khali attacked Undertaker. Undertaker grabbed a steel chair and started hitting both when the bell was rung multiple times. Undertaker then cleared off the ECW announce table. Big Show and Khali then quickly grabbed Undertaker and gave him a double-chokeslam through the announce table.

The show ends with The Great Khali putting his foot over the chest of The Undertaker and both Joey Styles and Tazz wondering how Undertaker will recover from this attack heading into The Great American Bash PPV this Sunday.