ECW on Sci Fi Results: 7/25/06 - Detroit, MI (Big Show/Kane & more)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, July 25, 2006 at 11:05 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 7/25/06
Live From: Detroit, Michigan
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- The show opens hyping the ECW Championship Match tonight with Big Show defending against Kane.

- The ECW open hits. We then go live to Detroit where we see Mike Knox in the ring with Kelly. Knox says he would like to show the ECW fans something they can all enjoy. A video package runs highlighting some of Kelly's past dances in her "Kelly's Expose" segments. When the video ends, Knox tells Kelly that she can never take her clothes off in public again. Knox then reminds her what happened last week. They show footage of The Sandman caning Kelly last week when Knox threw her in front of him. Knox says he thinks Sandman hit her on purpose and that he didn't abandon her. He said he ran to the back to get help right away and that he would never hurt her. Knox then calls out The Sandman. The Sandman's music hits and he comes to the ringside area from the crowd.

- The Sandman defeated Mike Knox via DQ. This match was not under Extreme Rules. The finish saw Sandman go grab his cane and try to hit Knox with it in the ring, but Kelly ran in the ring and covered Knox. Test then ran out, hit the ring and leveled Sandman with a clothesline. The referee then called for the bell. After the match, Test hit Sandman with a huge spinning neckbreaker. Test and Knox laughed at Sandman and left the ring together along with Kelly.

- Later Tonight: Big Show vs. Kane for the ECW Title.


- Backstage, Test and Mike Knox are shown. Test says together, they are dominant. Tommy Dreamer then appears and knocks out Test and Knox with a trash can. ECW referees hit the scene and break it up.

- Paul Heyman is shown backstage with Sabu. Heyman says he can't believe Sabu wants to challenge Big Show to an ECW Title Match. He says Big Show is a monster and will destroy Kane tonight. Heyman says don't get him wrong, he would love to see that match. But he can't do it because it can't happen. Heyman says he doesn't even want Sabu to compete tonight and asks him to take the night off. As Heyman goes to leave, he stops by Little Guido. He asks him not to say bad things about him under his breath. Guido says he has no idea what Heyman is talking about. Heyman says he is the life blood of ECW and no one talks to him that way. Heyman's riot guards beat up Guido and Heyman tells them to drag him to the ring because his match is up next.


- CM Punk is shown and says: "I was born in Chicago and raised on the streets. I saw a lot of guys come and go with things handed to them on a platter." Punk said he has had to work hard to get where he is today. Punk ends the segment saying, "This kid from the streets lives out his dream in one week when I debut in ECW. My name is C...M...Punk."

- The Vampire w/ Ariel defeated Little Gudio. The finish saw The Vampire (aka Kevin Fertig) give Little Guido a Crucifix Powerbomb for the pinfall. After the match, Ariel came in the ring and celebrated the win with The Vampire.

- A promo airs highlighting Kane.

- Later Tonight: Big Show vs. Kane for the ECW Title.


- "The Reject" Shannon Moore is shown again backstage.

- Justin Credible defeated Balls Mahoney via DQ. This match was not under ECW Rules. The finish saw Justin Credible get a steel chair and bring it into the ring. Mahoney kicked Credible, took the steel chair and nailed Credible with it. The ECW referee then called for the bell. After the match, Mahoney argued with the referee about the finish. Mahoney then knocked him out with the steel chair as the fans chanted "BALLS, BALLS, BALLS" loudly.

- Backstage, ECW Champion Big Show was with Paul Heyman. Big Show said he will take on all comers if they want a shot at his title. He said he can't figure out why Heyman won't let Sabu have a shot. Heyman says he wants to do it, but can't allow it to happen.

- A "Tale of the Tape" is shown for Big Show and Kane.


- Next Week: Kurt Angle returns to ECW.

- Big Show defeated Kane to retain the ECW Championship. This match was under Extreme Rules. During the match, two tables were setup near the ring. In the ring, Kane, with a steel chair in hand, hit Big Show over the head. Big Show hung on. Kane then hit Big Show's hand and then nailed him with another shot to the head, sending Big Show off the ring apron through the two tables. Kane threw a bloody Big Show back into the ring, attempted a jumping clothesline, but Big Show countered into an attempted chokeslam. Kane countered that chokeslam into a DDT. When Kane covered, Paul Heyman pulled the referee out. The finish saw Big Show take out Kane with a steel chair and then chokeslam him on top of the chair to get the pinfall.

After the match, the referee goes to hand Big Show the ECW Title and Big Show makes it clear he isn't done with Kane. Sabu then runs out, climbs up on the top rope, jumps and dropkicks a steel chair into the face of Big Show who was standing over Kane. ECW goes off the air with a shot of a bloody Big Show furious and Paul Heyman upset at what he just saw...