ECW on Sci Fi Results - 8/29/06 - Reading, PA (Sabu vs Paul Heyman)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 11:32 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 8/29/06
Live From: Reading, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- The show kicks off with highlights from last week on ECW when Big Show defeated Sabu to retain the ECW World Title.

- Paul Heyman is then shown backstage. Heyman says he is the father of Extreme Championship Wrestling, it is his concept and his life. He notes that he has never competed in an ECW ring because he has never had to. Heyman says he has been left with no other choice but to face Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match. He showed his taped up hands and promised to beat Sabu tonight 1...2...3.

- The ECW promo hits. We then go live to Reading, PA. Rob Van Dam's music and pyro hit to kick off the first match of the night.

- Hardcore Holly defeated Rob Van Dam via DQ. The finish saw RVD hit a Rolling Thunder and then miss a Five Star Frog Splash attempted on Hardcore Holly. Holly left the ring, brought in a steel chair, the referee gets in Holly's face, RVD ducks a chair shot from Holly and kicks him in the face. RVD then grabs the chair and hits Holly with it to cause the DQ finish. RVD then hit Holly with another chair shot on the outside, sending Holly over the padded guard railing into the crowd. RVD then celebrated with the fans.

- UP NEXT: ECW Champion The Big Show.


- Backstage, Rene Dupree is shown working out on an exercise bike. Dupreee said he is in the best physical shape of his career and that he will prove to everyone that he is the most extreme athlete in ECW.

- The Big Show's music and pyro hit to start the next segment. Big Show appeared, in ring gear, with the ECW World Title over his shoulder. Big Show came in the ring, got on the mic and put himself over as the most dominant champion in WWE history (wait, isn't this ECW?). He mentions how he will team with Vince & Shane McMahon against D-Generation X in a Hell in a Cell Match at Unforgiven. Big Show then invited Shawn Michaels and Triple H to ECW next week in a Handicap Match.

- UP NEXT: CM Punk in action.


- "The Reject" Shannon Moore is shown again saying "Fight the power" into the camera.

- CM Punk defeated Stevie Richards. One spot saw Punk dive through the ropes and take out Richards on the outside. Punk also hit an impressive double underhook suplex into a backbreaker. The finish saw Punk take down Richards with a modified Rock Bottom into an Anaconda Vice. Richards refused to tap and tried to fight out, but eventually tapped out to give Punk another submission victory.

- Clips of Sabu in action are shown.


- A trailer and behind the scenes clips from "The Marine" starring John Cena was shown.

- Matt Striker's music hit and he came out to the ring (wearing a short red tie). Striker, who had his blackboard, desk and other "teacher" essentials behind him, said he came to ECW to help the fans. He brought up how fans boo him, yet they cheer people such as The Sandman. Striker said while The Sandman uses a singapore cane as a weapon, he uses his brain as a weapon. The Sandman's music hit and he came down through the crowd. Sandman got in the ring, cracked open a beer and smashed it against his forehead. He then charged Striker, but Striker threw the blackboard at him and then hit him with some rights. Striker then got a stapler and started hitting Sandman over the head with it. Striker left the ring quickly and smiled at Sandman with the stapler in hand as a bloody Sandman screamed out in frustration.


- Backstage, Balls Mahoney was shown when Kelly Kelly walked up. Kelly asks Mahoney where her boyfriend Mike Knox was. Mahoney said he didn't know. Kelly reminded Mahoney that she was an exhibitionist and then flashed him. Mahoney showed his excitement at what he saw from Kelly. Tazz noted on the mic that all the good looking guys in ECW get to see Kelly nude.

- Joey Styles and Tazz talked about Kurt Angle's departure from World Wrestling Entertainment and the ECW brand. Tazz wished Kurt good luck and talked about how his first match in WWE was against him. Styles also wished Angle well.

- A Sabu promo airs where he says he will massacre Paul Heyman tonight.

- The ECW music hits and Paul Heyman heads to the ring with his security guards behind him.


- Paul Heyman defeated Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match. The match started off with Heyman backing off and his security guards going after Sabu. Sabu eventually fought off both men, setup a steel chair and looked to take out a cowering Heyman. Sabu instead fell into the arms of The Big Show who as at ringside. Big Show and the security guards took out Sabu. Rob Van Dam then came down as Big Show was about to throw Sabu through a table at ringside. RVD took out Big Show with a steel chair and then Sabu setup Heyman on a table near ringside. As Sabu went to jump off a steel chair over the top rope, Big Show caught him in mid-air with a big tackle. Hardcore Holly then ran out and attacked RVD. The finish saw Holly give RVD an Alabama Slam through the table at ringside and Big Show took out Sabu with his big cobra cluth into a backbreaker followed by a big leg drop in the ring. Heyman was put on Sabu and the referee counted the pinfall.

After the match, Holly grabbed another table and brought it into the ring. Holly setup the table and Big Show gave Sabu a huge chokeslam through it. The show came to an end with Big Show doing DX "crotch chops" over a bloody Sabu as Paul Heyman crawled up yelling in the face of Sabu saying he created him.