ECW on Sci Fi Results - 9/26/06 - Tulsa, OK (RVD vs Holly steals show)

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On Tuesday, September 26, 2006 at 11:56 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 9/26/06
Live From: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- The ECW opening airs. We then go live to Tulsa hearing the ECW theme song. Joey Styles and Tazz plug the ECW World Title Match later tonight between champion Big Show and challenger The Sandman. Justin Roberts then welcomed Oklahoma's own, Jim Ross. Ross came out and shook the hands of fans on the way to the ring. Ross got on the mic and thanked Styles and Tazz for inviting him to ECW. Both Styles and Tazz talked over Ross debating who invited him. Okay? Ross said he was a big ECW fan and how he watches every week. He went on to talk about how it reminded him of the old Mid South Wrestling days when Matt Striker's music hit. Striker took the mic from Ross and said he was out there on behalf of Paul Heyman to teach the ignorant masses. He said listening to Ross speak, it is painfully obvious to him that he lacked education. Striker noticed Ross was wearing a blue shirt and made "blue collar" references. He then called Ross old and wondered where his cane was at. The Sandman hit the ring with a sinapore cane in hand. Striker begged Sandman not to hit him. Sandman took out Striker with the cane and then handed it to Ross. Ross cracked it over Striker's back. Ross then got on the mic and said before he had a cold beer with Sandman, he first saluted him as the next ECW World Champion. Both smacked beers as the segment came to a close.

- A promo featuring Eric Bischoff talking about his upcoming book airs. It had a very "nWo" promo feel to it. Bischoff said the "Monday Night Wars" DVD was only part of the truth since he didn't edit it personally. He said in his book, he tells the truth about everything involving WCW Monday Nitro, to claims that Ted Turner wanted to put Vince McMahon out of business. Bischoff added many will be pissed after reading his book such as Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jim Ross, Steve Austin and Vince, Shane or Stephanie McMahon. This was a solid promo for the book.

- ECW in two weeks featuring Extreme Strip Poker is plugged.

- Backstage, Hardcore Holly is shown. He introduces himself and said he isn't going to stand here and tell Rob Van Dam what he is going to do to him, he will simply show him instead.

- Rob Van Dam defeated Hardcore Holly in an Extreme Rules Match. If you didn't see this match, go out of your way to see it. Very solid TV match between Holly and RVD. Lots of back and forth early on in the match until the action spilled to the outside. Two tables were setup near the ring apron when both brawled back into the ring. In the biggest spot of the match, Holly ended up suplexing RVD over the top rope and both crashed through the two tables setup on the outside. When the show came back live, we see a shot of Holly's back which now has a huge gash. His skin was literally ripped open from the left side of his back to the middle. Lots of blood coming out of it. They kept getting shots of it during the match as much as possible. Another spot saw RVD suplex Holly's bloody back on top of a steel chair. RVD then kicked the chair into Holly's face in the corner and followed that up with a Rolling Thunder with the chair on top of Holly's chest as well. Holly came back with a huge powerbomb on RVD on top of the steel chair. Later, RVD attempted a Five Star Frog Splash with the steel chair over Holly, but when RVD was on his way down, Holly launched the chair into his face. The finish saw RVD counter an Alabama Slam from Holly, spin kick the chair into his face and connect with a Five Star to get the pinfall. Really solid match. Medical staff hit the ring and bandaged up the gash on Holly's back. The fans in Tulsa clapped for Holly when he was taken out.

- Backstage, CM Punk said everyone already knows he is straight edge - meaning he doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs. He said his goal in ECW is to compete with guys like Rob Van Dam, Sabu and The Sandman. Punk said he would even step into the ring with the Big Show. Kelly Kelly then walks up interrupting Punk. She notices he has a tattoo of Ace cards on his arm and brings up the Extreme Strip Poker coming up on ECW in two weeks. Kelly said she is only 19 and can't get into casinos, but asks Punk if he can show her some strip poker. Punk says that is trouble when Mike Knox walks up. Knox asks Kelly why she keeps hanging around Punk. Knox asks Punk if he has a woman and he says he does, but added that Knox built a fence around Kelly and that she keeps jumping into his yard. Knox said he was going to straighten out Kelly and then come looking for Punk. Punk said he would be right where he was waiting for him.

- Clips from "The Marine" with John Cena are shown.

- Ariel vs. Francine in an Extreme Cat Fight ended in a No Contest. Before the match started, Ariel got on the mic calling Francine fat and ugly. She said Francine could never be with someone as masculine as Kevin Thorn. Francine then tackled Ariel. Styles let out his famous "CAT FIGHT!" line. Tazz said he hated that. After some short brawling with Francine getting the upper hand, Thorn hit the ring and grabbed Francine. Balls Mahoney then hit the ring and cracked a steel chair over Thorn's head. Thorn rolled out dazed as Ariel screamed in frustration.

- A promo airs showing highlights of The Sandman.

- Backstage, Paul Heyman is with ECW Champion The Big Show. Heyman said Sandman is dangerous. Show quickly cut him off saying he was a giant, The Big Show, the ECW Champion. Heyman smiled at this. Big Show told Heyman and his security guards to stay backstage and added that he wanted the singapore cane as a legal weapon. Heyman looked mad and the security guards both stared at each other (one of The Bashams hit the other face guard and it made a loud noise - hey, I thought it was funny).

- Backstage, Rene Dupree is shown exiting the showers with a towel on. He called himself the most extreme athlete in ECW once again. In a scene that wasn't needed, Dupree opened up his towel, looked down and smiled at the camera.

- ECW Champion The Big Show defeated The Sandman to retain the ECW World Championship. Match kicked off right away with Sandman caning Big Show across his body and knee. During the match, Joey Styles noted that Hardcore Holly required 24 stitches after his match with Rob Van Dam earlier tonight. Big Show made a quick comeback on Sandman with some stiff chops. Big Show's eye was swollen after taking a shot from Sandman earlier. The finish saw Big Show hit his backbreaker across his knee into a big leg sweep leg drop. Big Show covered Sandman and got the pinfall. After the match, Big Show left the ring and paused in the ECW entrance area holding up the ECW World Title laughing.