ECW on Sci Fi Results - 10/3/06 - Topeka, KS (RVD vs. Test - CM Punk)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, October 3, 2006 at 11:45 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 10/3/06
Taped From: Topeka, Kansas
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- Backstage, we see Paul Heyman watching a TV monitor along with Hardcore Holly. Holly is silent as Heyman watches footage from ECW last week where Holly took a huge bump through a table along with Rob Van Dam, a bump that caused a massive cut on his back requiring 24 stitches. Heyman mentioned how Holly almost died recently because of a staph infection and was put out for a year because of it. He gave Holly credit for finishing his match against Rob Van Dam for another 15 minutes after taking the big table bump. Holly told Heyman he came to ECW to wrestle and not hear him brag about how tough he is. He demanded Rob Van Dam in the ring tonight. Heyman said he couldn't take the risk of having Holly compete in the ring again since he is still in stitches from last week. He added that he also can't have Holly suing Heyman if something goes wrong. Holly denies he would, but Heyman says everyone says that but would still sue. Holly grabs Heyman, pushing him down into a locker area and demands RVD. Holly then gets smacked over the back with a steel chair and we see Test was the one who did it. Heyman smiles and announces that it will be Test facing RVD tonight in an Extreme Rules Match. We then see a shot of Holly grabbing his back in pain.

- The ECW opening airs. We then go to Topkea, Kansas when The Sandman's music hits to kick off the first match of the night.

- ECW Champion Big Show & Matt Striker defeated The Sandman & Sabu. Striker ended up working a majority of the match with Sandman and Sabu. Some good action with Sabu which saw Striker hit a running knee to the face in the corner. Sandman even hit a huricanranna from the top on Striker as well. The finish saw Sandman attempt a Russian Leg Sweep on Striker, but Big Show came in and held Striker by the arm so Sandman would fly back without Striker. Big Show then splashed Sandman, rolled out and Striker covered Sandman for the pinfall. After the match, Big Show and Striker headed to the back smiling with Striker yelling out it was all his idea.

- Rob Van Dam vs. Test in an Extreme Rules Match is plugged for later tonight.

- Backstage, Kelly Kelly and Trinity plugged the "Extreme Strip Poker" next week involving Divas from ECW, Raw and Smackdown. Trinity showed off her chest adding that no one can beat a full house, while Kelly opened up her top to reveal two cards barely covering her breasts.

- Kevin Thorn w/ Ariel defeated Tommy Dreamer. Lots of solid back and forth action between the two. Dreamer looked very impressive in the match. The finish saw Dreamer hit a DDT and cover Thorn, but Thorn had his arm under the bottom rope. Ariel then threw in Thorn's walking stick and he hit Dreamer with it while the referee wasn't looking. Thorn then covered Dreamer for the win. After the match, Thorn rolled out and Ariel jumped on him. Ariel, still holding onto Thorn, leaned backwards on the announcers table bothering Joey Styles again. Tazz laughed.

- Clips from "The Marine" starring John Cena is shown. I still find it weird to hear Joey Styles do a hard sell for this movie. Styles & Tazz plug that CM Punk is up next with his undefeated streak on the line.

- A clip of Maria at Raw is shown. She plugs she will be involved in the "Extreme Strip Poker" next week along with Candice Michelle. Maria said she has been asking for help for next week since she has never played poker. She says the wrestlers have been giving her tips on how to play. It turns out, surprise, they aren't good tips and that everyone will be a winner in the end.

- CM Punk defeated Danny Doring. A loud "PUNK" chant at the beginning of the match, which is somewhat surprising in front of a Raw crowd. Very quick match that saw Punk hit a double underhook backbreaker and then go into his combination of slaps and kicks. This went into Punk hitting his modified Rock Bottom into an Anaconda Vice with Doring tapping out to give Punk another submission victory. After the match, we hear Kelly Kelly on the mic. She is on a stage and congratulates Punk on his victory. Kelly tells Punk that this is for him. Kelly's music starts up and she starts to dance when Mike Knox comes up and stops her. Knox gets on the mic and says he is sick and tired of Punk going after his woman. Punk gets on the mic in the ring and says he isn't going after her, she is going after him. Knox leaves the stage and starts making his way towards the ring. Knox gets up on the steel steps, stops, Punk motions him to come in, but Knox backs off and the fans boo. Knox then heads to the back. The crowd was really into the segment.

- A clip of Ashley and Kristal at Smackdown is shown. They plug they will be involved in the "Extreme Strip Poker" next week. Ashley mentions she plays a dirty game of poker. Kristal says she is better. The two have a stare down to end the segment.

- Test defeated Rob Van Dam in an "Extreme Rules Match." Another solid main event from ECW this week. Match started off with the action spilling to the outside between RVD and Test. RVD attempted a spinning leg kick off the ring apron onto Test who was sitting chest first over the padded guard railing, but Test moved at the last second and RVD connected his leg on the padded guard railing. Test got some steel steps and tried to hit RVD with them, but that backfired and he hit the ring post instead sending the steps back into his face. RVD setup a table on the outside of the ring as the action spilled back inside. Test attempted to suplex RVD over the top rope through the table on the outside, but RVD countered and instead flipped over Test and hit a big sunset flip powerbomb sending Test into the table. It happened pretty fast and it looked like Test broke part of the table and then slid off. Paul Heyman and his security guards came out to the ringside area. Four steel chairs were brought into the ring, which saw Test launch one into the face of RVD that echoed in the arena. Test exposed a turnbuckle after this. Another big spot saw Test come off the top with a steel chair and connect on RVD. A second table was brought into the ring and setup near the corner. RVD countered some offense from Test and kicked him in the face. RVD then put Test on top of the table and then launched himself over the top rope to take out Heyman's security guards. The finish saw RVD go up to the top rope looking to hit a Five Star Frog Splash, but Big Show ran out and shoved RVD off the top. RVD fell, Test moved and RVD crashed through the table. Test picked up RVD, hit his spinning neckbreaker and then got the pinfall.

After the match, Test's arms were raised in the air as Big Show and Paul Heyman came in to celebrate the victory with Test to end the show. Styles notes on the mic at the end of the show that someone will be completely naked next week on ECW for "Extreme Strip Poker."