ECW on Sci Fi Results - 10/24/06 - St. Louis, MO (Ladder Match, more)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, October 24, 2006 at 11:33 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 10/24/06
Live From: St. Louis, Missouri
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- Highlights of Rob Van Dam defeating Big Show last week on ECW is shown.

- The ECW open airs. We then go live to St. Louis where the fans are chanting ECW.

- Rob Van Dam's music hits and pyro goes off above the ring. RVD hit the ring and got on the mic. He talked about how someone actually pinned the "unbeatable giant" last week on ECW. RVD said it wasn't easy, but he got the job done and it was everyone's favorite wrestler - Rob...Van...Dam. RVD then wondered when Big Show would finally put his ECW Title on the line against him when the ECW theme song hit. Paul Heyman came out with his security. Heyman got on the mic and said as the father of ECW and a man of his word (Styles & Tazz laugh at this on the headsets), he has a contract in hand for RVD to challenge Big Show for the ECW World Title. He added the catch was that RVD would have to obtain this contract when it is hanging above the ring tonight in a Ladder Match against Big Show. Heyman said if RVD could get it, he could sign it and name when he wanted to face Big Show for the title. He said if Big Show is able to get it however, than he had every right to tear up the contract. Heyman then said tonight, things were going to get extreme. Heyman's security guards attack RVD. They keep him down, but RVD fights them off and stares down Heyman as he heads to the back.

- CM Punk defeated Matt Striker via DQ. Lots of hammerlock submission attempts between Punk and Striker early on. Punk then took over with a majority of the offense. Punk had Striker setup after a few slaps and kicks to the head for a modified Rock Bottom into his Anaconda Vice when Mike Knox hit the ring and attacked Punk. Punk then took out Knox with a high kick. Knox ran to the back along with Striker holding his head. Punk jumped up on the turnbuckle and looked on yelling at Knox.

- Footage is shown from three weeks ago when Test jumped Hardcore Holly in the back the week after Holly took his sick bump through a table during a match with Rob Van Dam.

- Test defeated Hardcore Holly. The fans seemed really confused during this match as Holly hasn't been established as a babyface yet despite attacking Test and Big Show last week to help Rob Van Dam. Lots of back and forth action between the two. Lots of nearfalls and the fans were upset it was going so long. The finish saw Test give Holly a thumb to the eye, smash him shoulder first into the corner and then roll him up holding the tights to get the win. After the match, Test got a steel chair and hit Holly over the back with it a few times.

- A video package about "The Marine" airs.

- A shot of the ladder in the ring with the contract hanging is shown. Styles & Tazz also plug Cyber Sunday on November 5.

- Backstage, Rebecca was with The Sandman. Sandman asked the fans to vote him in for Cyber Sunday to face Umaga. He added "Vote Sandman for blood" and then smashed a beer against his head and spit it out. Sandman finished the segment saying, "I'm The Sandman and I approved this message."

- Rob Van Dam defeated ECW Champion Big Show in a Non-Title Ladder Match to earn a shot at the ECW World Title. We saw plenty of use out of more than one ladder during this match. A few spots saw Big Show launch RVD back first into a ladder and RVD also took out Big Show with a second ladder when he attempted to get the contract. Another impressive spot saw RVD leap off the top rope and kick a ladder right in the face of Big Show. Big Show was busted open after that. RVD also hit a Rolling Thunder on Big Show right on top of a ladder. RVD was able to setup a ladder in the center to go for the contract, but Big Show tipped it over and RVD landed throat first off the top rope and bounced back. Pretty cool spot. Big Show came back with a chokeslam and setup the ladder in the center again. The finish saw RVD run up the opposite side, jump at Big Show, Big Show caught RVD, backed up towards the ropes and RVD took out Big Show with a huricanranna sending both of them crashing to the floor over the top rope. This didn't look very smooth, but they were able to finish it up with RVD rolling back in the ring, setting up a ladder and retrieving the contract.

The show went off the air with an angry and bloody Big Show looking at Rob Van Dam who was celebrating with the crowd in St. Louis holding the contract high in the air...