ECW on Sci Fi Results - 11/21/06 - Long Island, NY (Hardy's in Action)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 11:34 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 11/21/06
Live From: Long Island, New York
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- A video package runs highlighting how Bobby Lashley inserted himself into the Extreme Elimination Chamber at the December to Dismember PPV.

- The ECW promo hits. We then go live to Long Island, NJ with the ECW music playing in the background. The Hardy Boyz reunion and Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly in an Extreme Rules Match is plugged for later tonight.

- Matt Striker is in the ring for another lesson. Striker said in a few minutes he would conduct a wrestling lesson in the ring with bobby Lashley. He brings up how Lashley did a tour in the military and that he did a tour of the New York City school system, adding how much more dangerous it was. Bobby Lashley's music hit to cut off Striker. Lashley hit the ring and tossed Striker's chalkboard over the top rope.

- Bobby Lashley defeated Matt Striker. Very quick match with Lashley hitting a big Spear on Striker followed by a Dominator for the win.

- Clips from Monday Night Raw last night and the Intercontinental Title Ladder Match between Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro is shown.

- The Hardy Boyz then came out. Jeff favored his back selling the Ladder Match from last night on Raw.

- The Hardy Boyz defeated The FBI. Solid tag team match, with the Hardy's looking as if they never took a break as they hit everything perfect. There was an impressive spot off the top rope where Jeff had Tony Mamaluke up in a powerbomb position and Matt walked up locking his head, with both Hardy's coming down for a combination powerbomb and neckbreaker. The finish saw Matt hit the Twist of Fate on Little Guido allowing Jeff to hit the Swanton Bomb to get the win.

- Backstage, Rob Van Dam was warming up when Paul Heyman came in with his security guards. Heyman said he admired RVD for subjecting himself to the Extreme Elimination Chamber that is coming up in two weeks. He said he could suspend RVD for ignoring his demands last week, but instead made a stipulation for his match with Hardcore Holly tonight. Heyman said if Holly beat RVD tonight, he would take his spot in the Chamber.

- CM Punk defeated Kevin Thorn. The finish saw Thorn get CM Punk in a Boston Crab, but Kelly Kelly came out to cheer Punk on. Punk powered out of the Boston Crab and hit his combination STO and Anaconda Vice that saw Thorn tap out to give Punk the submission victory. After the match, Kelly came into the ring and celebrated with Punk. Thorn and Ariel then jumped both from behind. Punk fought off Thorn, while Ariel and Kelly had a catfight. That got broken up and Kelly hugged and celebrated with Punk. We then see Mike Knox in the ECW entrance area looking on at this with a sad look on his face.

- ECW Champion Big Show and Paul Heyman came out to the ring. Big Show got on the mic and said people thought they were crazy to put the ECW Title up for grabs in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. He said he liked the odds going against five other competitors because no one in ECW has been able to stop him yet. The fans were all over Big Show's promo, starting the "WHAT?" chants. Big Show told them they were five years behind the times for chanting that. He spoke of a laundry list of ECW and WWE stars that haven't been able to beat him yet for his title when Bobby Lashley's music hit. Lashley came out and hit the ring. Heyman told Show not to go after him. Show smiled and then knocked out Lashley. Big Show tried knocking out Lashley with the ECW Title, but Lashley ducked, got in a few right hands and then took out Big Show with the title sending him over the top rope. The segment ended with Lashley holding up the ECW Title and then throwing it at an enraged Big Show at ringside.

- A video package on the Elimination Chamber is shown.

- Rob Van Dam defeated Hardcore Holly in an Extreme Rules Match. As noted earlier, the stipulation on the line was that if Holly beat RVD tonight, he would take RVD's spot in the Extreme Elimination Chamber at December to Dismember. Despite the addition of "Extreme Rules", this match was no where near as solid as the one they had a few months ago when Holly suffered the big cut on his back. Lots of use of a steel chair during the match. At one point, Holly got a leather belt from the timekeeper at ringside and whipped RVD with it. The finish saw RVD hit Holly with a big superplex off the top rope onto a chair and then hitting a Five Star Frog Splash on Holly over a chair as well to get the pinfall.

After the match, RVD celebrated his win with the fans.