ECW on Sci Fi Results - 12/19/06 - Hampton, VA ('A Big Triple Threat')

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 11:42 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 12/19/06
Live From: Hampton, Virginia
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- The ECW promo hits. We then go live to Hampton, VA where we hear the music of ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley hitting.

- Bobby Lashley hits the ring (using Brock Lesnar's old pyro in the four corners when he jumps up) and gets on the mic. Lashley thanks the fans for the support since he came to ECW. He talked about Big Show being the biggest and toughest opponent he has ever had and that if he ever wanted another title shot, he could have it. Lashley mentions that the fans can pick his next opponent for the ECW World Title in two weeks by voting on with the choices being Rob Van Dam, Sabu or Test. He also mentions going over to Iraq recently for the Tribute to the Troops show ehn Rene Dupree's music hits. He calls Lashley a corporate puppet and that he is only being run by the man, just like the troops overseas. Dupree said the show for the troops was necessary because they are getting their asses kicked overseas.

- ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Rene Dupree. Very quick match that saw Dupree get in little offense. The finish saw Lashley hit Dupree with a Spear in the corner followed by a Dominator for the win.

- Brad Armstrong is at the announcers table with Joey Styles and Tazz for the next match. Clips are shown from last week when Matt Striker low blowed Balls Mahoney.

- Matt Striker defeated Balls Mahoney. Striker hit a big running boot to the face on Mahoney in the corner early on. Mahoney came back later on with his right hands as the fans chanted "BALLS" with all of them and dodged a kick from Striker. The finish saw Mahoney miss a leg drop after going up to the top rope and Striker finished him with the Golden Rule to get the pinfall.

- Test cuts a promo backstage. He says everyone has failed when they have tried to beat him in ECW. Test told the fans to vote for him because he deserved a title shot on January 2.

- RVD cut a promo backstage as well. He said the fans should vote for him because he is the biggest reason why anyone watches ECW.

- Hardcore Holly was in the ring with a mic in hand. They show footage from last week when he was DQ'ed in a match against CM Punk. Holly said there was a bad rumor floating around that he tapped out last week. He said the referee saved Punk's life by stepping in and that Punk should send the referee a Christmas card. Holly called out Punk and added, "Just remember, I'm a weapon and I'll always be a weapon." Zero reaction from the fans on that line. Punk comes out and gets a good reaction from the crowd. Tazz for some reason couldn't believe Punk was actually coming out to accept Holly's challenge. When Punk got in the ring, Holly added that he had three minutes to make him tap out.

- Hardcore Holly vs. CM Punk ended in a No Contest when Punk couldn't submit Holly in three minutes. Right off the start, Punk took Holly down and attempted the Anaconda Vice, but Holly fought out of it. They had a timer in the left corner counting down from three minutes. After some back and forth action, we were down to 10 seconds left. Punk got Holly down and was about to apply the Anaconda Vice again when time expired. After the match, Punk complained to the referee and Holly attacked him from behind. Holly then gave Punk the Alabama Slam.

- Backstage, Shannon Moore was on his cell phone when Daivari bumped into him. Daivari told him to watch out because when he messes with him, he is also messing with The Great Khali. Khali is shown standing behind Daivari. Daivari told Moore he was going to teach him a lesson in the ring tonight.

- The Great Khali vs. Shannon Moore ended in a No Contest. Before the match, it looked like it would be Daivari facing Moore, but Daivari left the ring and Khali stayed as the bell rang. The match looked to have finished when Khali hit Moore with this two handed slam when Tommy Dreamer ran out. Dreamer took out Daivari with a steel chair as the bell rang numerous times. Khali then came out and took out Dreamer with a big boot into the chair. Khali knocked off the top of the ring steps and gave Dreamer the two hand slam on top of it. Medical officials came out to check on Dreamer, while Khali threw Daivari up on his shoulder and left.

- A video package on Sabu aired.

- We then see a shot of medics putting Tommy Dreamer on a stretcher and being taken away.

- Joey Styles & Tazz plug the voting on

- Footage from two weeks ago when Mike Knox dumped Kelly Kelly by attacking her is shown. Backstage, Mike Knox is in a suit. Knox said he is asked every day about the "horrible" thing he did to Kelly Kelly. He brings up what if that was your girlfriend or wife constantly showing off her body to the public. Knox said it hurt him more to do what he did to Kelly than it hurt her.

- Test defeated Rob Van Dam & Sabu in a Triple Threat Match. Lots of double teaming by RVD and Sabu on Test early on. Test was then thrown from the ring and RVD and Sabu went at it. The finish saw RVD crotch Sabu on the ropes and then land a dropkick. RVD followed that up with a Five Star Frog Splash from the top rope, covered, but Test ran back and threw RVD out of the ring through the ropes. Test then covered Sabu and got the pinfall.

After the match, Tazz's music hit and he got into the ring. He asked the fans who they think should face Bobby Lashley in two weeks for the ECW Title. Sabu receives a mixed reaction, Test gets booed and RVD gets the most cheers. They then go to the graphic and reveal that RVD won the poll over on with 45% of the vote. Test then takes out RVD with a big boot and heads to the back. Sabu helps RVD to his feet. They shake hands and RVD celebrates his win in the poll with the fans.