ECW on Sci Fi Results - 1/2/07 - Lakeland, FL (ECW Title Match, more)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 11:41 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 1/2/07
Live From: Lakeland, Florida
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

- A video package runs highlighting the ECW World Title, the current champion Bobby Lashley and tonight's challenger Rob Van Dam.

- The ECW opening airs.

- We then go live to Lakeland, FL where Tazz is in the ring with a mic in hand. That's a Mick Foley joke waiting to happen. Surprisingly, Test wasn't too bad on the mic tonight. He talked about winning a triple threat match against Rob Van Dam and Sabu two weeks ago and how he wasn't voted as the #1 contender for the ECW Title by the fans. Test asked the fans why they would vote for RVD when RVD couldn't even beat him. He asked footage to be shown when he took out RVD with a big boot two weeks ago. Test said it didn't matter what the fans thought because he would make another impact this week.

- Test defeated Sabu. Crowd in Lakeland wasn't into this match at all. Lots of quick offense from Sabu that was quickly ended by Test taking him down each time. The finish saw Test put Sabu on his shoulder and hit his modified F5 to get the pinfall.

- Backstage, RVD was shown warming up.

- A video package about The Sandman aired.

- Back live, Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay are in the ring. Burke gets on the mic and introduces himself and Terkay. He says the question tonight will be if they win their match via knock out or submission. They sure are going after that MMA demographic.

- Elijah Burke & Sylvester Terkay defeated The FBI w/ Trinity. Big finish that saw Terkay slam Tony Mamaluke head and stomach first into the mat and the lock on a modified armbar to get the submission victory.

- Backstage, Bobby Lashley is shown warming up.

- CM Punk vs. Hardcore Holly is announced for next week on ECW. This goes into a Matt Striker segment and he is showing a math equation on a chalkboard when Hardcore Holly cuts him off. Holly says Punk will learn a lesson next week in that he can't beat him and that he can't make him tap out.

- Tommy Dreamer is shown via satellite. They show footage of what The Great Khali has done to him in the last few weeks. Joey Styles then asks Dreamer if he has a death wish. Dreamer says he has put his body on the line his whole career because that is what he is all about. He said he always goes the distance, gets knocked out, but gets right back up again. Dreamer promised to cut down Great Khali like the big redwood tree that he is.

- Backstage, Rob Van Dam thanked the fans for voting him to face Bobby Lashley for the ECW Title tonight. He also thanks Lashley for taking out The Big Show and Paul Heyman, because if it wasn't for that, he still wouldn't be able to get a shot at the title. RVD said that tonight, he would regain his ECW Title.

- Back live, Brad Armstrong has joined Joey Styles and Tazz on commentary. Styles says welcome back and Tazz does as well, but compares Brad to a rash that won't go away. Brad shoots back at Tazz asking if he is sitting on phone books to be at their level. These guys are fun to listen to, but my only problem with it is that it takes away from the in-ring action.

- Kevin Thorn w/ Ariel defeated Balls Mahoney. Lots of back and forth action between Thorn and Mahoney early on. Mahoney got in his three punches as the fans chanted "BALLS" on each of them and followed it up with a big uppercut. Tazz and Brad continued to take jabs at each other on the mic. The finish saw Mahoney come off the ropes and Thorn caught him with a legit big elbow to the jaw. The spot looked out of place and Thorn quickly covered Mahoney for the pinfall. After the match, they show a replay of the elbow shot and you can clearly see Mahoney yell at Thorn quickly to cover him. Turns out Mahoney got one of his front teeth knocked out and got his jaw rocked pretty bad. Medics attended to Mahoney in the ring as Thorn and Ariel celebrated to the back.

- Backstage, ECW Champion Bobby Lashley says he is ready to defend his title and gives RVD credit for how good he is. He says he is ready to face any kind of wrestling style and that he has been wrestling his whole life. Lashley promised a win over RVD tonight.

- Footage from the recent "Tribute to the Troops" event a few weeks ago from Baghdad, Iraq is shown.

- Back live, Tazz is in the crowd with Vladimir Koslov. Tazz asks him who he thinks will win the main event tonight for the ECW Title. Koslov says he could beat both of them. He then added yet again numerous times, "I love double double E. I love double double E."

- Bobby Lashley vs. Rob Van Dam for the ECW Title ended in a No Contest. A funny moment was caught on camera during RVD's entrance. They went to a shot of the crowd to a sign about RVD. I guess they didn't read the sign very well because it read quote, "RVD NEXT ECW CHAMPION - OR IS IT TNA TIME - RVD DESERVES GOLD." The match itself was better than you might expect with Lashley actually countering a lot of RVD's typical offense that we are used to. Another spot saw Lashley hit RVD with a big overhead suplex followed by a torture rack into a shock treatment. Lashley then hit RVD with a big vertical suplex, attempted a Spear, but RVD countered into a drop toe hold. Lashley then pulled RVD to the outside, but RVD knocked out Lashley and put him up on the announcers table with his back exposed. The finish saw RVD go up in the ring apron and look to hit his jumping spin kick, but Lashley stood up on the announcers table. RVD then got up on the top rope, jumped and clotheslined Lashley to the floor. Both stayed down after the spot. The referee checked on both and then called for the bell.

After the bell rang, the referee threw up the "X" sign and had medics and staff come out to check on both men as the show went off the air. While the fans in Lakeland didn't like the finish, it keeps the World Title situation in ECW somewhat interesting and you aren't killing RVD's first title shot in a while right off the bat.