ECW on Sci Fi Results - 1/9/07 - Peoria, IL (Lashley vs. RVD Rematch)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Tuesday, January 9, 2007 at 11:48 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi Results - 1/9/07
Live From: Peoria, Illinois
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz & Brad Armstrong
Report By: Adam Martin of

- A video package plays highlighting the ECW World Title Match between Bobby Lashley and Rob Van Dam last week. They tried hard to make that spot where Rob Van Dam leaped off the top rope onto Bobby Lashley as the most devastating thing in years on TV.

- The ECW opening airs.

- Tazz & Joey Styles plug the rematch tonight between Bobby Lashley and Rob Van Dam for the ECW Title. Styles also welcomes Brad Armstrong to the announce table and it looks like he will be joining them for the whole show.

- Hardcore Holly defeated CM Punk. Early on in the match, Styles, Tazz and Armstrong all played up CM Punk's undefeated streak on ECW. Well, I guess "technically" he is still undefeated on ECW TV even though he was pinned by Rob Van Dam at the December to Dismember PPV. Turned out to actually be a very good match between Punk and Holly, with Punk attempting the Anaconda Vice on Holly two times. Lots of back and forth action between the two with Holly keeping Punk down, only to see Punk make a brief comeback. The finish saw Holly send Punk shoulder-first into the ring post and then hit a big Alabama Slam to get the pinfall. There goes Punk's undefeated streak on TV.

- Backstage, Test was told his match was up next. Test told the referee that he didn't need to wrestle tonight because he had nothing left to prove.

- Elijah Burke was in the ring with a mic. He said he came out tonight to entertain the fans with the Elijah Experience. Burke talked about predicting his win along with Sylvester Terkay last week in the form of a tap out. He said he feels good tonight and that he is ready to knock someone out. The Sandman's music then went off and the cameras went in search mode. Sandman then did his usual entrance, smashing beer onto his forehead. A bloody Sandman got into the ring and stared down Burke. Both men started to attack each other, but Sandman took out Burke with a sinapore cane shot. Burke yelled at Sandman to get rid of his cane, but Sandman refused and stared him down as the segment ended.

- The Great Khali w/ Daivari defeated Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match. This is Khali's final match with ECW after his jump to Raw last night. All three announcers put over just how huge Khali is. Khali took out Dreamer early with a headbutt shot. When Daivari tried to get involved, Dreamer took him out with a shot to the face with a street sign. The finish then saw Khali punch the street sign into Dreamer's face and then follow it up with a choke bomb. Khali put his foot on Dreamer's chest to get the pinfall.

- Backstage, Rob Van Dam said people always say he is too laid back and that he is too cool for his own good. He mentioned how winning the ECW Title was the highlight of his career and that it was ruined on July 4th when the title was taken away from him. RVD said he respected Lashley, but that he was getting his title back tonight.

- Footage was shown of Tommy Dreamer getting back to his feet on his own following his loss against The Great Khali.

- Kevin Thorn w/ Ariel defeated Shannon Moore. The announcers had fun with this match, with Armstrong saying it looks like Moore styles his hair with explosives. Tazz started to say how much he liked Ariel and Styles quickly disagreed. One impressive spot during the match saw Thorn flip Moore to the mat from the top rope. The finish saw Thorn prop Moore up on the top rope, stare at him in the face for a few seconds and then drop him with a modified Stunner, which he calls the Dark Kiss, to get the pinfall.

- Bobby Lashley was shown warming up backstage.

- A video package rolled about Kelly Kelly and her previous stripteases in ECW. A graphic hit the screen saying that Kelly Kelly would return to ECW next week.

- Bobby Lashley vs. Rob Van Dam for the ECW Championship ended in a No Contest. Lots of back and forth action between Lashley and RVD early on with RVD hitting a drop toe hold and then Lashley following that up with a big shoulder tackle. Lashley attempted a Spear after the break, but RVD also countered that with another drop toe hold. RVD came back with a head scissors submission that Lashley eventually broke out of. RVD then knocked Lashley to the outside and gave him a front suplex on top of the announcers table. RVD went up on the ring apron, jumped and attemped his spinning leg drop onto Lashley, but Lashley backed off the table and RVD connected the table with his right leg. RVD favored his leg when Lashley threw him back in the ring. The finish saw Lashley take out RVD with a Spear when Test ran in and took out Lashley with a steel chair shot to the back. When they showed a replay of this spot, you could clearly see Lashley tense up as he knew the chair shot was coming. When RVD sat up, Test threw the chair in the air and connected in the face of RVD. The fans changed "YOU SUCK" at Test as he growled in the ring at what he just did. Medics attended to Lashley and RVD in the ring as Test looked on as the show went off the air.