Fan Reactions to 2/6 ECW on Sci Fi Episode - Originals vs New Breed...

Reported by Hunter Golden of
On Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 8:14 PM EST

Leonard, Akron, OH wrote:

"I think the single greatest trick that Keyser McMahon pulled, was convincing the world that Heat only came on Sundays. That sums up to a tee what I think of what they're trotting out as "ECW". This whole "New vs. Old" thing should've been done MONTHS ago. Only reason it's being done now and the only reason we're seeing Vince attach himself to this now is because of Wrestling Society X. And even with them now trying to make Lashley look like a legitimate champion,they've got nobody they can make look legitimate enough to seriously challenge him for that title. They only put the thing on Lashley as fast as they did to stick it to Angle, but in doing so stuck it to themselves because Lashley's not ready. Whatever they throw up for Wrestlemania, is going to be an absolute train

Peter From Madison, WI wrote:

"At least there is some type of direction, but ECW needs a different villain than Vince. The Extreme Expose is just painful.Hardcore Holly is working his ass of for the company. He makes every wrestler around him better and should be used as he is, to help push the younger guys. He may be one of the few in ECW capable of giving a decent main event at Wrestlemania.

Anyone /* notice the acne on Snitsky? This guy goes from monster to jobber to tag team with goldust back to monster. Chances are this time is going to go like the other times in the company.

Balls Mahoney cannot wrestle, I don't care how nostalgic one can be. We need a Marcus Cor Von and a Tommy Dreamer heated rivalry. Tommy can really put him over, as he has done for others in the past, and he also can at least make it look like he has a chance against him.

Dean from Washington, D.C. wrote:

"I guess i'll side with you and say the brand's headed in the right direction. It's just time for the old ECW stuff to go away as I question whether or not is was marketable in the first place. People forget that ECW was primarily an east coast promotion, so overall 'brand' recognition is limited to what people learned from WWE. The new breed, although incredibly green, I would think would have a lot of appeal. I'm not a big fan of Vince, but at least his presence on the show gives it some credibility. Thanks."