ECW on Sci Fi Results - 3/27/07 - Grand Rapids, MI (8 Man MITB Tag..)

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On Wednesday, March 28, 2007 at 12:07 AM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
March 27, 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
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We opened up with a still of Vince McMahon pinning Bobby Lashley last night on Raw. They’ll have their final confrontation tonight on ECW.

Rob Van Dam v. Elijah Burke

The two locked horns and RVD grabbed a go behind and Burke reversed. The two traded counters and ladies and gentleman, we have a stand still. Burke took RVD down with a side headlock but it was countered into a head scissors. Burke countered and they tried to do the inverted stand on my feet thing before Burke just sat out and drove the former Champion’s head right into the mat.

Burke pimp slapped RVD in the corner before planting him with a body slam. Burke dropped an elbow and went for the first cover of the match. Van Dam caught Burke with a back elbow heading into the buckles but Burke retained his advantage with a boot to the gut. RVD finally got his though, flipping over a backdrop attempt and booted Burke right in the head.

RVD fought back with a backdrop of his own before crotching Burke on the ropes. RVD went to the top rope as Van Dam delivered a boot to his chest, sending the youngster clattering to the floor. Van Dam juiced up the crowd and tossed himself over the top ropes with a front flip and crashed into Burke on the floor. Both men were rolling around in pain on the floor when we went to commercial.


We came back to Elijah Burke in clear control, keeping RVD at bay with a rear chin lock. RVD fought to his feet and swept Burke’s feet out from under him. RVD went for rolling thunder but Burke got his knees up. Burke mounted Van Dam and began pounding away at the back of his head before gathering him and hitting a nice set of rolling suplexes. Burke went for a cover but didn’t get anything. Burke slapped on a bow and arrow on RVD, working away at his back.

RVD fought out but Burke ripped his feet out from under him and slapped on a Texas Cloverleaf. After a struggle, RVD used his leg strength to kick out but Burke dropped a quick elbow and got in a cover attempt. Burke whipped RVD to the corner hard before going for a modified catapult elbow. Burke mocked RVD’s thumb point thing before dropping a knee and going for two quick cover attempts.

Burke drove some forearms to the mid section before yanking back on RVD’s chin. RVD fought out but got met with a back flip boot of sorts from Burke. Burke mounted the top rope and went for a flying axe handle but got met with a super STIFF back kick, leaving both mean on their backs.

Van Dam hit some clotheslines and then a boot to the head followed by a spinning wheel kick for a quick cover attempt. The two exchanged some strikes before Burke tossed him in the corner and went for the double knees to the back. RVD narrowly escaped them and quickly hopped up on the top rope and came flying off with a five star frog splash for the cover attempt and win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam via pin fall

The New Breed jumped in the ring and began a beat down on RVD before the Originals showed up and chased them off. Good lord you should have seen what Ariel was wearing tonight.

There’s going to be an 8 man tag match later tonight between ALL the participants in the 8-man Money in the Bank Ladder match!


The Extreme Expose aired.

The baby face Money in the Bank team were in the locker room (Punk & the Hardys). Edge approached them and told them they should all work together tonight. Edge said he won the first money in the bank and said he knew how to win it. Edge said they didn’t need to like him to listen to him and walked off.

Balls Mahoney v. Snitsky

When Tazz said “when this man comes out, something dangerous and bad happens!” was he talking about Balls or Snitsky?

Anyways, Balls came right for Snitsky but got caught in a bear hug and slammed into the ring post. Snitsky draped Mahoney off the ring apron and booted him right in the chest. Back in the ring Snitsky sling shotted Balles into the bottom rope before picking him up and taking his head off with the big boot. Snitsky made the cover and it’s over just like that.

Winner: Snitsky via pin fall

A video of last night’s Raw aired showing McMahon pin Bobby Lashley.


Kennedy and Orton were talking in the back. Finlay approached them and asked them what they were talking about. Booker showed up after the two had left and asked Finlay what they were talking about. Finlay said he shouldn’t trust them. Booker offered a pact but Finlay told him he couldn’t trust him either and walked off.

Vince was on the titan tron with Bobby Lashley. Vince said it was great to not be in Grand Rapids tonight. Vince bragged about his win for a little while. Vince said he thought Lashley was a tough guy, but proved to be otherwise. Vince was hilarious here talking about the law of the jungle coming out of him. He said he couldn’t wait to see Umaga do a number on him tomorrow night. He said at the end of Wrestlemania, he’d still have his hair.

Lashley said Vince would leave a ‘bald headed son of a bitch’. That was all.


The Money in the Bank Tag Match Participants all made their entrances.


Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, King Booker & Finlay v. Edge, CM Punk, Matt & Jeff Hardy

We joined the match in progress as Matt Hardy and Kennedy were doing a number on each other. Hardy controlled Kennedy with a front face lock before tagging in his brother Jeff. Both hit a nice double back elbow before missing a splash in the corner. Orton tagged in and put some serious stomps to Jeff’s side.

Orton gathered Hardy and bullied him into the corner and gave Jeff a vicious set of punches to the face. Orton whipped him, but Jeff ducked out and then hit the whisper in the wind. Hardy mounted the top rope and hit the leg drop for a two count. Punk tagged in and came into the match wit ha double axe handle and a quick cover attempt.

Orton caught Punk with a low blow though and quickly tagged Finaly into the match. Finlay hit a boot to Punk’s gut before hitting a nice European uppercut and flat backing Punk with a lariat. Finlay went for a cover but Punk kicked out at two. Finlay hit a body slam and then dropped an elbow before tagging in King Booker.

Booker put the boots to Punk on the mat before posing for us loyal subjects. Booker and Punk exchanged some blows before King hit a nice spinning elbow, flooring the young ECW up and comer. Finlay tagged in and slapped on what looked like a super mean headlock. Punk fought to his feet and elbowed his way out of the hold but quickly got swatted down with a back elbow.

Finlay went right back to the head lock before hitting some brutal looking cross faces to Punk’s, well, face. Randy Orton tagged in but found himself getting tagged with some stiff kicks and euro-uppercuts. Orton retaliated with a nasty looking hooking clothesline before going for a cover attempt.

Our King tagged back in and slapped on a front face lock while the crowd tried to rally Punk. Punker fought out and hit his running knee, bulldog combo out of the corner. Edge was tagged and he was reluctant to get back into the match. Edge went in and bounded down for the spear, but then just turned around and tagged Punk back into the match and took off for the locker room.

Before long, all hell broke loose. Hardy flew over the top rope onto Randy Orton while Kennedy met all four turnbuckles thanks to Matt Hardy. Finlay got up on the apron and nailed CM Punk with the club to the back. Punk reeled to the center of the ring bent over before King Booker met him with the scissors kick. Booker made the cover for the win.

Winners: Mr. Kennedy, King Booker, Finlay & Randy Orton via pin fall

The heels started fighting shortly after the bell before the Hardy’s grabbed the ladder and more or less cleaned house. Finlay’s eye got busted open before the Hardy’s brought the super large brief case into the ring. The two climbed the ladder and had a little stare down at the top as we went off the air.

ECW Weekly Round-Up

Quick Results
Rob Van Dam def. Elijah Burke
Snitsky def. Balls Mahoney.
Randy Orton, King Booker, Finlay & Mr. Kennedy def. Edge, CM Punk, Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Rob Van Dam
2. CM Punk
3. The Hardy Boys

Most Heat
1. Mr. McMahon
2. Edge
3. Elijah Burke

Match of the Night: Rob Van Dam v. Elijah Burke **1/2

Show Review— Easily the best show ECW’s put on in forever. The opening match was a nice little way to build towards Sunday. Burke impressed me tonight and both he and RVD really had the crowd going for the finish. Edge’s interaction being on the baby face team was excellent in the back. Snitsky just ain’t getting any heat it seems. If you’ve seen one psycho big man, you’ve sorta seen them all and Snitsky does absolutely nothing that would make him stand out. If WWE were smart, they’d keep him as a mid card comedy act, and oddly enough I’m being serious. He’s a very funny guy and is perhaps used best there.

I am utterly speechless at how bad Bobby Lashley is with a mic in his face. Granted, he’s got a great look and a pretty good upside in the ring, he’s just SO generic for me for some reason. McMahon was brilliant in his promo tonight and in all honesty, the gap in talent between Lashley and just about everyone /* in this feud is really apparent. The match should be enjoyable enough.

The eight man tag was nice at the end, but man oh man was that a cheesy ending. Edge should have been the last man standing to make him look like the guy who outsmarted everyone, but instead they went with a take home stare down that the crowd barely batted an eye lid for.

Again, as far as ECW goes, it was pretty good. As far as a regular wrestling show goes, it was pretty mediocre, but accomplished what it needed to.