ECW on Sci Fi Results - 4/3/07 - Fort Wayne, IN ('Big Tag Main Event')

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On Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 11:14 PM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
April 3, 2007
Fort Wayne, IN
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
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ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley’s music hit and he came out to the ring. Lashley grabbed the mic as if to tell us to turn the channel before we hurt our ears. He said Wrestlemania 23 was the biggest moment of his life. Lashley put over all four of his co-conspirators at Wrestlemania and talked about how everyone was talking about the battle of the billionaires. He said like the old saying goes, a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ and showed a picture of Vince McMahon getting his head shaved bald.

He said if we thought that was funny, we should check out ‘this’ as footage of Vince’s embarrassment on Raw last night aired. Lashley said McMahon wouldn’t rest until he evened the score and knew he’d have to defend his title every week. Lashley said he didn’t care. He told Vince that nothing could stop him. He said standing in the ring right now, he said, was the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley.

Styles and Tazz put over the Wrestlemania 23 rematch tonight between the New Breed and The ECW Originals.


A clip aired putting over “The Condemned” starring Steve Austin.

CM Punk v. Steven Richards

Punk grabbed a side headlock before planting Richards with a shoulder block. Punk grabbed the headlock yet again before taking Richards down to the mat. Stevie fought back and backed Punk into the corner but quickly found himself whipped to the buckles and right back into the headlock on the rebound.

The hold was finally broken in the ropes. Richards went for a kick but it was caught and kicked. Punk came off the ropes with a leg lariat and a cover attempt. Richards capitalized on Punk’s taped ribs and shoulder rushed him into the corner and began laying the boots to Punk’s mid section. Richards landed a knee to the gut and hit a standing vertical suplex for a two count.

Richards whipped Punk sternum first into the turnbuckles, before going for an abdominal stretch. Punk reversed the hold and rolled up Richards for a near fall. The two traded counters before Richards finally snared Punk in the abdominal stretch. Punk tried to fight out before Richards monkey flipped him to the corner. Richards went for a splash but no one was home.

Punk ducked out and hit his running knee and bulldog combination out of the corner. Punk went for a cover but Richards kicked out. Richards hit a low blow before going for his implant DDT, but Punk flipped out and connected with a spinning back fist and an enzeguiri. Punk loaded up Richards and hit Go 2 Sleep to score the pin fall victory.

Winner: CM Punk via pin fall

RVD was in the back with Timberland having a lively conversation. The ECW girls showed up and introduced themselves. The ECW girls said they wanted to be in a new video he was producing. They said they’d show him their dance moves tonight in extreme expose. Timberland seems like he’s pretty excited for it.


Matt Striker and Marcus Cor Von were in the back with CM Punk. They offered Punk a spot in the New Breed. Cor Von said he was either with them or against them. Striker told him to watch what they’re about to do to the originals and consider.

It’s time for Extreme Expose. Kelly Kelly is so out of sync with the other two. It’s worse than it usually is.

Styles and Tazz put over Wrestlemania 23 this past Sunday before they played the music video from the show.

Snitsky v. Hardcore Holly is next!


Snitsky v. Hardcore Holly

Holly ducked under Snitsky’s big boot but got laid out with a big lariat. Snitsky put the boots to Holly in the corner before choking out the veteran in the corner. Holly fought back with some kicks to the gut but got met with a boot to the gut and a body slam. Snitsky dropped a big pair of elbow drops before going for the cover.

Snitsky hit some boots to the back of Holly’s head before whipping him to the buckles. Snitsky ate a boot on the follow up but was able to snare his adversary in a side slam for a two count. Snitsky decked Holly with a right hand to the face before going for another cover.

Holly fought back again with a few chops but Snitsky roughed him up with some knees before attempting a vertical suplex. Holly wiggled out of the hold and almost hit the Alabama Slam. Snitsky wiggled out, regained his bearings and hammered Holly with a boot to the face for the pin fall win.

Winner: Snitsky via pin fall

Snitsky beat down Holly after the match. Snitsky tossed Holly to the outside and began hammering Holly with a steel chair in the arm. Snitsky began playing with the ring steps and stuck Holly’s arm in-between the two sections. He hammered away at the steps with a the steel chair, leaving Holly writhing in pain.


A video package aired putting over the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremonies held in Detroit this past weekend.

Both the New Breed and the Originals made their way to the ring. The main event is next!


The New Breed v. The ECW originals

We joined the match in progress and Sabu was batting Matt Striker around the ring.

Chaos broke out in the middle of the ring before RVD went shopping under the ring. The Originals cleared the ring using their weapons. One by one, the Originals launched themselves over the top rope.

Dreamer was in the ring with Striker and whipped him into a trash can in the buckles before Cor Von showed up and hit a drop toe hold that sent Dreamer face first into a steel chair.

The New Breed gained the advantage and began doing one hell of a beat down on Dreamer in the ring. A New Breed Sucks chant broke out while Burke tried to cover Dreamer. Eventually Dreamer was able to fend off Burke and Kevin Thorne long enough to allow his partners to get back into the ring.

RVD set a chair on Striker’s chest and hit rolling thunder while Sabu hit his flying leg drop off the top at the same time. The cover attempt was broken up by Marcus Cor Von who pulverized Sabu with a power bomb. Cor Von ate a cane shot from Sandman, who turned around to have a trash can spiked off his head thanks to Elijah Burke.

Burke turned around only to get hung upside down. Dreamer hit a sick drop kick to the face with the chair in front of Burke’s face. Sandman. This is a total debacle.

Sandman’s caning Cor Von and Sabu’s throwing tables. This is wild. Cor Von hits a pounce on Sandman only to have a chair tossed off his face thanks to Sabu. Kevin Thorn came in and whacked some people with cookie sheets.

Thorne went to hit his crucifix power bomb through the table on RVD but RVD wiggled out. Sabu kicked a chair into Thorne’s face. This is all over the place. Sabu set Thorne up on the table and he and RVD both came crashing down from the top rope onto Thorne. Striker was tossed to the outside by Sabu who wasn’t able to turn around in time.

Elijah Burke hit the “Elijah Express” knee to the back of Sabu’s head and drove it straight through the freaking table! NUTS!

Winners: The New Breed via pin fall

Um, this was awesome and that’s what we should have had at Wrestlemania. Could have stolen the show.

ECW Weekly Round-Up

Quick Results
CM Punk def. Steven Richards
Snitsky def. Hardcore Holly
The New Breed def. ECW Originals

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Lashley
2. CM Punk
3. ECW Originals

Most Heat
1. The New Breed
2. Snitsky
3. Extreme Expose

Match of the Night: ECW Originals v. The New Breed ***

Show Review— WOW, that was an awesome episode of ECW and it easily out-did Raw last night. Everything came off tight and to the point. The CM Punk-Stevie Richards match was awesome and the New Breed-Originals match was freaking awesome. I’m actually kind of ticked we didn’t get to see that at Wrestlemania on Sunday. It was just one of those out of control, wild ECW type-brawls we just don’t get enough of on this brand.

I really miss the heck out of Stevie Richards. Even though he’s rarely in a match that lasts more than five minutes, I always buy into his work and really enjoyed the heck out of an otherwise meaningless match with CM Punk. They worked Timberland in nicely and the New Breed-CM Punk sit looked sleek and well done.

Even Lashley didn’t totally suck on the mic tonight and even garnered a solid reaction. This was a really fun little show tonight and for those of you that didn’t see the extreme rules match, check it out. It’s a goodie! Tonight was easily the best ECW episode of the year.