ECW on Sci Fi Results - 5/1/07 - Birmingham, AL (Vince and Originals)

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On Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 11:24 PM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
May 1, 2007
Birmingham, AL
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
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Lashley came out to the ring and he looks upset as would be expected. Lashley said outside of the McMahon family, he was willing to bet that there wasn’t anyone outside of the McMahon family who was happy about this. He said he had a way of making it all better. He said he would give McMahon the beating of a lifetime. Lashley said he wanted a rematch for the title right here and right now.

Armando Alejandro Estrada came out in a neck brace and wheel chair. Oh this is hilarious. Estrada asked Lashley who the hell he thought he was to come out here and demand anything. He said he wouldn’t be ruining this special night. He said because of Lashley, Mr. McMahon got his head shaved bald. Estrada said it was because of him that he was in the wheel chair right now and couldn’t do his job as manager of Umaga. He said Lashley wasn’t going to ruin anything /*. He said before Vince got here tonight, he wanted Estrada to deliver a message to him. Estrada said that Lashley would get his title rematch, but it wouldn’t be here tonight. Estrada said unless Lashley was physically provoked, Lashley couldn’t touch the following people: Umaga, Shane McMahon or new ECW Champion Mr. McMahon.

Lashley did a bad job of getting mad before asking Estrada what he said. Lashley wheeled Estrada to the ring and then plowed him into the ring steps. Lashley played to the crowd a bit and then left.

Later tonight, the ECW Originals are going to confront the new ECW World Champion Vince McMahon.


Elijah Burke was in the back with the New Breed telling all of the guys that they were all set up by the New Breed. Elijah said tonight, they’d all follow his lead.

CM Punk’s music hit and he came out to the ring for his match.

Burke came out to the ramp and said CM Punk used him and the New Breed for his own personal goals. He said tonight, CM Punk would fight Kevin Thorne, who didn’t look too excited about things.

CM Punk v. Kevin Thorn

The two immediately locked up and Punk grabbed a hammerlock. Thorn hit a back elbow but got taken off his feet with a wheel kick. Thorn immediately bullied Punk to the corner and hammered away at him until sling shotting his face off the ropes a few times.

Kevin eventually pounded away at the chest of Punk before grabbing a rear chin lock. Punk fought out and ducked under a clothesline. He went for a cross body block but got caught and was power slammed. Thorn went for a second rope splash, but Punk moved out of the way and began hitting some nasty stiff kicks to Thorn’s face. Punk loaded Thorn up for Go 2 Sleep and nailed it for the victory.

Winner: CM Punk via pin fall

A clip aired of the ECW Originals in despair over Mr. McMahon’s ECW Championship win on Sunday. Tommy Dreamer cried. Awesome.


The Extreme Expose aired.

Burke was in the back with Striker and Cor Von. Thorn approached them and asked them where they were. Burke told him that no one came back here and questioned him and said he was the only one to blame for his loss. Thorn told him to shut up. He said as far as he and the New Breed were concerned, he quit.

Marcus Cor Von & Matt Striker v. Bryan and Bret Major

Striker traded arm bars with the youngster before missing an Irish whip. Bret tagged in but quickly got caught with a right to the face. He caught Cor Von tagging in and the action soon spilled to the outside.

Cor Von tossed Brett off the ring post a few times before bringing him into the ring and hitting a press slam into a fall away slam for a near fall. Cor Von hit a clothesline before slapping on a rear chin lock. Brett fought back a little bit but Cor Von cut him off and whipped him to the corner. Cor Von missed the follow-up allowing Bryan to tag in.

Bryan met Striker and hit a flapjack and almost got a three count before Cor Von came in and tossed him from the ring. Striker got rolled up and almost took a near fall. Bryan hit a springboard cross body block and scored a huge upset out of nowhere.

Winners: The Major Brothers via pin fall

Burke was utterly shocked. Striker said it was a fast count. Burke called him pathetic and started running up and down Striker saying he was pathetic and the only reason he even still had a job was because of him. Super intense, awesome stuff. Striker looks dejected.

A replay of the RVD-Umaga match aired from last night. The Originals confront Mr. McMahon next!


ECW World Champion Mr. McMahon’s music hit and he headed out to the ring with a little bit more style in the strut than usual.

McMahon said he had never done things in his life that he regretted but he thought he was going to do something he was going to regret. He said for the first time in his life, he was going to expose himself and said ‘excuse me while I whip this out’ and ripped off his jacket to expose the ECW World Championship belt around his waist and asked the crowd about their feelings.

McMahon said he’d defend against Lashley but only where and when he decided to. He said the Originals had some derogatory things to say about him but said it was easy for them to do so, because it was said behind his back. He said it was more difficult man to man. He wondered whether the Originals had the gumption to look him in the eye and say what they truly feel about him. He invited the Originals out to the ring.

While the ECW music played, McMahon danced to it. Oh my god this is total gold. McMahon’s got the belt on his shoulder now. Oh god, McMahon has found ‘it’ again. The Originals lined up in a line.

McMahon started with RVD. Vince asked him what he thought. RVD said he killed ECW. He said it was a mockery of everything wrestling stood for and they knew what it took to hold that belt. Vince pulled back and said damn right he was that man.

Vince turned to Sabu who had nothing to say.

Vince asked what that smell was coming from Sandman. Sandman held up three fingers and told Vince to ‘read between the lines’ and turned his back on him.

Dreamer said the fans demanded that ECW come back, not him. He said his name may be on the pay check, but each one of these people at home were the ones who really paid the salary and that they knew about the spirit of ECW.

Vince said they all sounded worked up. He said talk was cheap. He asked which one had the guts to take him on one on one. McMahon asked them if they wanted some of this. He told Dreamer to keep on Dreaming. He told Sandman he didn’t wrestle and said Sabu was weird for being so silent. Vince said he’d give a title shot to whomever wanted it the worst and that the winner of this week’s match would get him one on one next week.

McMahon said all four originals would face each other to determine who would get to face him. He said before the bell rang, he said in his own vision, this would be an ECW Extreme Rules match, his style.


Extreme Rules- Winner Gets Vince one on one next week
The Sandman v. Tommy Dreamer v. Rob Van Dam v. Sabu

Sabu went for a roll up but nothing happened. Sandman looked for a roll up on Sabu but that only got a two count. Everyone started off really gingerly here but the ‘competitive spirit’ started to quickly come into play. Before you knew it, Van Dam was tossing stuff into the ring and hammering Dreamer with a trash can lid.

Van Dam laid out a chair on Dreamer’s body and he hit rolling thunder as Sabu hit a leg drop. Van Dam went after Sabu but got killed with a knee to the face. Sandman hit a clothesline out of the corner but only got a one count. Dreamer hit Sandman with a trash can spot and tossed him to the outside where he went looking for a suplex. Sandman countered and hung him up on the guard rail.

Sabu vaulted off a chair and took RVD out to the outside of the ring while the crowd wow’d in approval. Sandman sent Dreamer up on a Trash Can in the ring and then leg dropped his face through it for a two count. Sandman mounted the ropes looking for something but got nailed in the back with the same garbage can he used earlier.

Dreamer headed to the outside to get McMahon but Vince handed him a chair. Dreamer set up Sandman for the drop kick to the face with the chair and nailed it. Sabu came out of nowhere and hit an Arabian face buster. RVD fooled Sabu into thinking they were going to double team dreamer and back suplexed him onto what was left of the trash can. Van Dam hit the Van Daminator on Sabu before getting hammered with a cane shot from Dreamer.

Sandman interrupted Dreamer’s fun only to get hit but Sabu. Sabu went to the outside and brought a table into the ring and set it up in the middle. Sabu set Sandman up on the table but was cut off by Dreamer who superplexed Sabu off the top rope and through both Sandman and the table.

Rob Van Dam capitalized on the opportunity and hit the five star frog splash for the victory.

Winner: Rob Van Dam via pin fall

McMahon gulped on the outside of the ring before Van Dam got in his face and gave McMahon and “R-V-D”.

ECW Weekly Round-Up

Quick Results
CM Punk def. Kevin Thorne
The Major Bros. Def. Matt Striker & Marcus Cor Von
RVD def. The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer & Sabu
Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. ECW Originals
2. CM Punk
3. Lashley

Most Heat
1. Mr. McMahon
2. Elijah Burke
3. Striker & Cor Von

Match of the Night: The Sandman v. RVD v. Sabu v. Tommy Dreamer **1/4

Show Review— All things considered, this was another surprisingly solid ECW episode. In fact, ECW’s been pretty good lately. I know a lot of fans hate the idea, but Mr. McMahon as ECW Champion is probably the greatest thing to happen to the brand yet. He’s the ultimate heel champion and this mini-feud with the Originals is way more entertaining than anything Bobby Lashley would do with him. In terms of sucking in some ratings and getting some killer heat, McMahon will get the job done.

The mid-card is really shored up nicely with the New Breed saga. Thorne’s quit, Striker may quit and Burke’s totally lost control of his own group and Punk’s watching from the sidelines laughing. I love how the whole feud has turned out. That’s how you establish and build a mid card.

It was amazing to see the complete lack of reaction Lashley got tonight. No one cares about this kid. In a way, I think it’s a little unfortunate because he DOES have potential but he doesn’t have anything close to resembling charisma and has a LONG ways to go to even be a competent mid carder never mind be in the position he’s in. Punk, Burke and even Cor Von are miles ahead of Lashley right now. They’ve put together a great angle to get him over and no one’s reacting to him at all. I’d be worried.

Other than Lashley though, the rest of the card has been great. Mr. McMahon as champion couldn’t BE more ECW. It’s the ultimate good v. evil thing and I’m going to sit back and enjoy. Again, a solid taping tonight.