ECW on Sci Fi Results - 6/12/07 - Philadelphia, PA (McMahon tribute)

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On Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 11:49 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi
June 12, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler
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Tazz and Joey Styles let us all know that Mr. McMahon was dead. They replayed the scene from last night. Styles said we’d see a series of matches dedicated to Mr. McMahon. The announcer told everyone to stand and take a moment of silence for McMahon. They rang the bell ten times while the crowd boo’d boisterously. Tazz and Styles sold the angle really well putting over how disrespectful the crowd was being.


Extreme Rules Match
Balls Mahoney v. Tommy Dreamer

The two locked up and Dreamer took down Balls with a drop toe hold. Balls scrambled to his feet and hit Dreamer with the Balls punches before Dreamer began to fight back. Mahoney cut Dreamer off and hit him with a back drop suplex but was unable to successfully capitalize on Dreamer’s dazed state. Mahoney charged Dreamer and missed, sending himself clattering to the floor and into the announce table.

Out on the floor, the fun began as Dreamer hit Mahoney with a trash can before finding himself quickly tossed into the ring steps. Mahoney took the time to go shopping around the ring side area. When the two got back in the ring, Balls began unloading with a trash can lid on Dreamer, flooring the ECW Original for a two count.

Mahoney charged Dreamer and again missed. Dreamer quickly retrieved a trash can and began bashing in Balls’ head with it. Dreamer did some shopping of his own and brought two steel chairs into the ring. Dreamer set the chair up and went for a suplex but Mahoney countered and hit a drop toe hold that sent Dreamer clattering into the chair.

Mahoney ascended the ropes to the top turnbuckle but Dreamer cut him off and crotched him, before setting him up in the tree of woe. Dreamer set up a trash can in Mahoney’s face before hitting the running drop kick to Mahoney’s face. Dreamer took the opportunity to get a table.

Mahoney recovered while Dreamer set up the table and clocked him with a trash can lid. Balls draped Dreamer on the table and mounted the second rope and went for the leg drop. Dreamer avoided the move and Mahoney went crashing through the table. Dreamer pounced and hit his DDT onto a steel chair for the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer via pin fall

The Boogeyman is making his ECW debut next!


Matt Striker v. The Boogeyman

Boogey went right after Striker with an arm bar and a ton of punches to the mid section and to Striker’s face. Boogey looked at the crowd and did a little shimmy before cranking up Striker again and bullying him into the corner. Striker took off under the ropes when the ref broke the hold and tried to drop kick Boogey on his way back into the ring, connecting with a ton of drop kicks and strikes but couldn’t even get a one count on the cover attempt.

Striker kept on striking while Boogey started doing his little dance. He flattened the former teacher with some clotheslines before hitting an Ultimate Warrior-like big splash Boogey hit a spine buster choke slam thing and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: The Boogeyman via pin fall

After the match, Striker got worms.


We get more footage of Vince’s limo being doused by the fire fighters who showed up later in the night.


CM Punk & Chris Benoit v. Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von

Cor Von and Punk started things out and Punk grabbed a headlock. Punk took Cor Von over and almost got a two count but desperately tried to keep Cor Von on the mat but the big man fought out and planted him into the mat with a stiff shoulder block. Cor Von hit a kick to the gut to follow things up and began grinding Punk down on the mat with punches and elbows.

Burke tagged in and went for a quick cover and grabbed an arm bar but Punk fought it off and tagged in Benoit who cleaned house in short order. Burke hightailed it out of the ring but Benoit quickly retrieved Burke and made him his woman for a little while before Cor Von tagged in and ate some offense himself.

Punk tagged in and hit his knee/bulldog combo and sent Cor Von reeling to the outside. Burke tended quickly to his partner while Benoit and Punker stared the two down from the inside of the ring.


We came back from the break with Burke controlling Punk with a side headlock. Punk struggled in the hold but was eventually able to break it with an elbow to Burke’s face. Burke was only dazed momentarily and was able to follow up with a body slam and an elbow to maintain control.

Cor Von tagged in briefly and laid some more boots to Punk before hitting him with another body slam. Burke tagged right back in and HE hit a take down and laid some punches in on Punk’s head before going for a cover attempt with a kick out at 2.

Cor Von tagged in off the cover but had his Irish whip attempt reversed. Punk leapt up on Cor Von and hit 10 punches to the head. Cor Von grabbed Punk and pseudo-Alabama slammed him on the mat and hit a catapult that sent the Chicagoan into the turnbuckles in the corner. Cor Von, smelling the blood, came at Punk only to find himself nearly pinned in a roll up attempt.

Cor Von and Burke began rapidly tagging in and out. Cor Von ended up being the illegal man in the match and was disqualified for staying in the ring too long.

Winners: CM Punk and Chris Benoit via DQ

After the match Benoit more or less snapped and came into the ring and just started dishing out German suplexes right and left. Eventually he was left with Elijah Burke in the ring and he slapped on the sharpshooter because he’s Benoit and he can. Punk and Benoit celebrated the beat down after the match.

We got one more shot of the McMahon death scene before we left the air.

ECW Round Up

Show Thoughts-- Yeesh, this was a pretty terrible show tonight. While I loved the beginning selling of the McMahon death angle, it got really tiring by the end of the night. Remember this crowd had to sit through the Smackdown tapings tonight as well, so I can only imagine how less than thrilled they must have been with the constant replays by the end of the night.

The match quality was entirely mediocre and the tag main event may have been the worst match I’ve ever seen Benoit involved in. Just completely passionless stuff. The rest of the action was barely passable as well.

I can get by that for the most part. What I can’t get by is the fact that the world title on this show is vacant and there wasn’t a single mention of it all night. That’s beyond ridiculous to me. This was a REALLY bad episode of ECW, possibly the worst I’ve seen from the brand since it’s inception.

As if that wasn’t bad enough…. This show was in Philadelphia. The lack of reaction from the crowd should speak for itself.

Overall Grade: F

Quick Results
Tommy Dreamer def. Balls Mahoney
The Boogeyman def. Matt Striker
Chris Benoit & CM Punk def. Marcus Cor Von & Elijah Burke

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not?

Biggest Pops
1. Chris Benoit
2. CM Punk
3. Tommy Dreamer

Most Heat
1. Mr. McMahon
2. Elijah Burke
3. Matt Striker

Match of the night: Benoit/Punk v. Burke/Cor Von *

ECW Power Rankings

I figured with the draft occurring and more or less cementing the ECW roster in place for a little while, I’d start a top ten, wins and losses, et all! Of

5 Points= Title Win
4 Points= World Title defense/win
3 Points= Singles PPV Win
2 Points= Tag PPV Win
2 Points= TV Singles Win
1 Point= TV Tag Win
0 Points= Loss

ECW World Champion-- Vacant

1. Tommy Dreamer (1-0, 2 pts)--Sure, Dreamer’s not likely to be here very long, but he’s 1 and 0 with a singles win.

2. The Boogeyman (1-0, 2pts.) -- Ugh, jeez. Well, I wish that WWE would try and work this guy to his strengths which are the cheesy backstage skits. This guy is so green, even after being in the ring a year, it’s kinda scary.

3. Chris Benoit (1-0, 1pt.)-- Basically, this is the last time we’ll ever see Benoit behind Boogeyman on any list pertaining to wrestling and maybe even life in general.

4. CM Punk (1-0, 1 pt.)-- Punker’s likely to get a decent sized push behind Benoit as the up and coming baby face. Lord knows he’s the only ECW-exclusive guy right now who gets a consistently positive reaction every time out.

5. Elijah Burke (0-1, 0 pts) -- I’ll keep Burke here for now a little bit ahead of his partner in crime Cor Von. He taps well.

Marcus Cor Von (0-1, 0 pts)
Matt Striker (0-1, 0pts.)
Balls Mahoney (0-1, 0 pts)