ECW on Sci Fi Results - 11/27/07 - Roanoke, VA (Big Daddy V & Kane)

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On Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 11:46 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi
November 27, 2007
Roanoke, VA
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Reported By: Hunter Golden of

Kelly v. Layla

The two locked up briefly before Layla clubbed her to the ground and choked her out on the ropes. Layla went for a drop kick but Kelly held herself up on the ropes and pounded her adversary on the mat. Kelly hit a leg drop before Layla hit a cheap shot in the corner and Stood on Kelly’s hair.

Balls came down to the ringside area and Layla wasn’t so excited. Kelly went for the old handspring elbow, but botched it. They went to the finish quick with Kelly getting a roll up.

Winner: Kelly via pin fall

An awesome Big Daddy V video aired.


John Morrison & The Miz v. Jesse and Festus

Jesse and Morrison started things off and had a fun little mat exchange before Morrison began his hot shotty nonsense before eating a hot shotty hurricanranna himself from Jesse that bought the pseudo challenger a two count.

Festus tagged in and totally demolished Morrison and after a double team body slam, Morrison found himself nearly pinned again. Miz made his way into the match and had equally limited success against Jesse, getting nailed with an arm drag, drop kick and finding himself stuck in a front face lock.

As soon as he broke it Festus came reeling in and Morrison isn’t even bothering with saves. Both heels are flat on their backs on the outside and being totally dominated.


Morrison & Miz found themselves on the attack when we got back from the break, as Morrison brought us back with a catapult elbow for a two count. Morrison hit a running knee before goading Festus some and slapping on a rear chin lock. Miz tagged in and continued the assault with his running knee in the corner for a two count.

Morrison tagged back in in quick order, hammering away with body shots before taking off Jesse’s head off with a boot. Morrison slapped on an anaconda vice of sorts before Jesse fought his way to his feet and out of the heel corner before getting caught with a drop toe hold. Jesse kept up the agile-ness though and rolled through and around Miz and Morrison to make the tag.

Festus came in all over the place and just began doing a demolition job times ten. After dropping everyone to the mat and slapping them around, he tagged in his partner and launched him off the top rope. Jesse hit the forearm to the face and went for the cover but the official was busy trying to get Festus out of the ring and Morrison made the save.

Jesse wiggled out of a roll up attempt but was stuck on the apron a little too long and was snap mared off the top rope. He careened back into a Miz roll up that stuck, and this one’s over.

Winners: Morrison & Miz via pin fall

A promo video putting Kane over aired.


The Smackdown rebound aired.

Shelton Benjamin is now a part ECW. Like all officially or something. He cuts a good promo content wise, but the delivery is completely awful. And someone tell him to stop trying to breathe mid sentence.


Shelton Benjamin v. Shannon Moore

Shelton took Moore down and bullied him into the corner but was kicked back. Moore fought back with some right hands but soon found himself getting decked with a knee to the gut before eating a quick snapping belly to belly.

Shelton pounded Moore on the ropes and hit a super crisp Exploder suplex. Shelton kept up the pressure with a belly to back suplex before stepping on Moore’s fist and slapping on a rear chin lock.

Benjamin broke the hold on his own accord and began clubbering Moore around the ring before Moore finally caught a quick roll up attempt and a nice drop kick. The momentum was short lived though as Shelton caught him leaping over the apron and hit him with some sort of STO - flip- ddt indy bullsh!t finisher.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via pin fall


Extreme Rules
Big Daddy V v. Kane

These two clacked off each other like two big boulders before V grabbed the advantage and dumped Kane to the floor. Kane grabbed a Singapore cane and began hitting V in the leg with it. V got fed up with it so he hit him with a belly to belly and then stood on him for fun.

Kane retreated to the outside where V chopped him but soon had the tables turned and was spiked off the ring steps. Kane went shopping under the ring and began tossing toys into the middle of the ring. V grabbed a street sign and nailed Kane in the back with it before dumping the big red machine back into the ring.

V grabbed a chair on the outside and came into the ring only to eat the metal when Kane kicked it into his face. Kane hit the flying clothesline and set up V’s throat to get stomped with the chair as a fulcrum, but V quickly recovered and knocked him back to the outside.

While V did the whole dominate people thing in the ring, Matt Striker went under the ring and slid a table into the ring. V set up the table in the corner before retrieving Kane and spiking him off it. V came running off the ropes and hit the big avalanche, sending both through the table, but Kane was able to kick out at two on the cover attempt.

V’s arm has a nice spoon-sized cut on it. V got another table and set it up in the middle of the ring. V clubbed Kane and landed a head butt before Kane came back with some big right hands. The two exchanged strikes before Kane gained the advantage and got in a couple of strikes with a Singapore cane. Kane decked V with a garbage can shot but Mark Henry showed up out of nowhere with a garbage can shot of his own.

Kane dies about 600 more times, taking repeated weapons shots, avalanche’s and head butts. Kane gets choke slammed through a table as clean as you could imagine and it’s over.

Winner: Big Daddy V via pin fall

ECW Thoughts

Alright guys, tonight’s the abbreviated version of the ECW thoughts. Kind of on the run the last couple of Tuesdays, so apologies in advance.

I was impressed with a few things and other things, not so much.

First off, someone teach Shelton Benjamin how to talk on the a mic. Invest in acting classes, get him a speech therapist (he sounds like his mouth is full when he talks) and inform him he doesn’t have to do the twirly indy garbage to be good. I buy his athlete-ness. Just stop sucking so bad. It wasn’t the content of the promo that bothered me. It was the fact that a nine year old pretending to be a mega-zord could have delivered it better. The match was the usual twirly crap we see from anyone shorter than six feet that just got out of the indys these days.

The juxtaposition of that next to the Big Daddy V-Kane street fight was pretty funny. Kane and V moved at half the pace, used some down right comical weapons, but it was across the board better than anything Shelton did or presented in his segment and both are apparently crappy wrestlers. At least that’s what people keep telling me.

Morrison & Miz have a chance to really have a fun tag title run hopping between both shows, but I can’t help but feel like unless they’re getting some programs, that it’s sorta going to be a big waste of time. By the way, Festus is like Mike Awesome re-incarnate. You decide whether that’s good or bad.

The opening Diva stuff was brutally bad, but given some time to develop, both could succeed. Layla REALLY has the look of a great heel and has some athletic ability. Give her some instruction and she’ll do well. Kelly on the other hand takes a GREAT beating, but needs to not do stuff she can’t handle.

Where was CM Punk?

Anyways, a fun show for the most part, but nothing too spectacular.

Overall: C+