ECW on Sci Fi Results - 12/11/07 - Boston, MA (Batista/Burke, more)

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On Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 11:20 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi
December 11, 2007
Boston, MA
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
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Kane & CM Punk v. Deuce & Domino

Punk and Domino started things off and after a few kicks, Kane came bounding in and started flattening him with rights and lefts before going for an elbow drop and a quick cover attempt. Punk tagged in and went for the old springboard clothesline, but missed by a mile and a half and crashed to the mat.

Deuce went for a cover and began pummeling Punk on the mat before hitting a nice side kick to Punk’s mid section and hanging the champion up on the ropes. Domino tagged in and hit a flying axe handle for a quick two count, before laying Punk out with a sloppy looking back breaker.

Domino tried to stretch Punk out on his knee but ate a few knees to the face.Punk crawled to his corner but got clotheslined before he could reach it. Domino missed a charging something or other and clattered to the floor while Punk fought his way to the corner.

Kane tagged in and the big red machine began cleaning house. Punk hit a back body drop before booting the oncoming Deuce. Kane hit a pair of running clotheslines and a side slam before scaling the ropes and delivering the flying lariat. Kane signaled for a clothesline and caught both men. He passed one to Punk who hit GTS. Kane hit a choke slam on Domino and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: CM Punk & Kane via pin fall

Morrison & Miz are up next!


Shelton Benjamin is talkin’ about gold. He was going somewhere, then it got weird, then he starts talking about shovels and digging and hey, he gets an A for effort. No seriously, it’s the best Benjamin promo ever, but that’s like being the shiniest terd in the toilet.

The Miz & John Morrison v. Jimmy Yang Wang & Shannon Moore

Miz got the early advantage on the smaller Moore trying to impose his strength on the wee man before Moore fired back with a slap. Miz took Exception and laid in a series of forearms but missed a clothesline and ate a couple of arm drags and a neck breaker for a one count.

Wang tagged in and he and Moore hit a fun little drop kicky thingy before Miz fought him off and tagged in the Shaman of Sexy. Wang cut him off and hit a standing moonsault before hitting a chop and tagging Moore back into the match. Moore almost got the cover on a sunset flip before yanking away on the arm of Morrison.

Wang tagged back in and grabbed another arm bar and dropped some knees into the elbow before moving into a hammer lock. Morrison hit a stingy back elbow and followed Wang to the corner where he flat backed him with a European uppercut. Morrison missed a follow up in the corner and got arm dragged again and what do ya know, Wang is hanging with him.

Moore tagged back in and the two hit a nice double suplex for a one and a half count. Moore went right back to the arm and tagged Wang right back in who came bounding into the ring with a kick but was yanked into the corner and ate some buckles. Morrison tried another charge and slammed into the ring post. Moore and Wang both hit dueling asai moonsaults on the outside and the heel champs are in trouble.


The heels are now in control and Wang fights off Morrison and here comes Moore. Moore nailed Miz with a spinning heel kick and ascended the ropes, but got ripped off by Miz. Miz didn’t waste much time getting Morrison back into the match and the Guru of Greatness began stomping away at the back of Moore.

Miz tagged in and hit some sort of springboard thing off Moore’s back and snapped his head off the middle rope. Miz slapped on a rear chin lock and it’s REST HOLD~! Time.

The crowd rallied Moore who tossed Miz off but got clocked with a clothesline in return. Morrison tagged in and he and Miz hit a crazy looking face buster for a two count. Morrison beat Moore down in the corner and tagged Miz back in. A lot of M’s in this match. Miz went for a cover but only got a two count.

Moore fought back and back body dropped Miz but just couldn’t get to Wang. Morrison came in and went for a back suplex, but Moore wiggled out and made the tag. Wang came in a house of fire and dispatched of Miz before hitting a hellacious axe kick. Wang hit a sick monkey flip that flipped Morrison like 90 times for a two count. Moore dispatched of Miz and it’s Morrison and Wang one on one. Wang missed the moonsault and Morrison almost got the roll up with the hand full of tights but Moore caught him.

Miz tossed Moore aside and hanged up Wang, who bobbled back to the middle of the ring and got nailed with the corkscrew neck breaker and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: John Morrison & The Miz via pin fall


A promo for Kofi Kingston aired.

Layla & Victoria v. Kelly Kelly

Kelly’s all decked out in Sox gear and she’s getting beat up pretty bad. Kelly hit a head scissors on Victoria before laying on some clubbing in the corner. Doesn’t last long though. Victoria makes her die with a clothesline and then scoop slams her. Layla tags in and drops a leg drop before yanking some locks.

Layla tossed Kelly to the side of the ring by the hair before hitting a snap mare anda boot to the back. Layla slapped on a good old arm bar while telling everyone to shut up. Kelly fought out and cat fight or something. Victoria tags in and this is going to suck for Kelly.

Victoria tossed her to the mat a few times before Layla tagged in and hit another leg drop before a nifty double team wheel barrel splash for a two count. Kelly’s still fighting. The double team backfires and Kelly uncorks some clotheslines before tossing Layla like yesterday’s meat. Kelly went for a cover but got nailed with a double drop kick to the head. She tags in to make her all legal like and hit a brutal knee to the face before leaving the scraps for Layla. Layla hit’s a boot to the grill and that’s that.

Winners: Layla & Victoria

The girls began some silliness after the match before Michelle McCool came in to make the save.


The Raw rebound aired. Hey, I was there.

Big Daddy V and Mark Henry are with Matt Striker. Henry’s ‘run’ promo is ok with me. Henry rules.

Tazz and Styles go down the Armageddon card.

Elijah Burke is in the ring cutting a promo. He says ECW is his turf and Batista will fall to the Elijah Experience.


Batista v. Elijah Burke

The match started quickly with Batista hammering Burke all over the ring until Burke avoided a charge in the corner and sent the champion clattering into the ring post. Burke kept it up with the short but stinging offense mixed in with some rest holds to wear the Animal down.

Batista was able to power out of the hold and then crushed Burke with a standing spine buster. He whipped Burke to the corner and followed up with a clothesline before laying the boots to the black pope in the corner.

Burke fired back and tripped Batista up in the corner and set up for the Elijah Express. Batista turned around and absolutely split Burke in half with a SUPER HUGE spear. Burke is totally dead. No like seriously dead. Batista gathered him and Batista bombed him on his head and that’s that.

Winner: Batista via pin fall

Show Thoughts-- I like the general direction that WWE has decided to take with ECW in recent weeks, and that’s more of a showcase show for the stuff they just don’t have the opportunity to ever get to. Sure, it may SEEM like ECW would be a dumping ground to many, but it’s great to see the tag titles getting attention. It’s great to see Henry and Big Daddy V getting a little attention. It’s even a place where someone like Shelton Benjamin can learn and grow as a wrestler.

Strangely enough, I’ve been really impressed with Batista since April and now I’m really beginning to come around on him in terms of his stuff in the ring. Throughout 05 and in late 06, he was darn near unwatchable at times, stumbling from spot to spot and worst of all, trying feats of strength that are just kind of stupid to attempt.

Instead, he’s grounded himself, works at a good pace, and focuses on his natural athletic gifts. While I don’t think you’ll see anyone, myself included, call him ‘fast’, he’s a lot like Mark Henry where it’s the short, small bursts of quickness that are really impressive. They’ve worked him around to the point where the difficulty in beating him doesn’t come from his strength, it’s the fact that he can hit any one of his big time moves out of anywhere. The Spine buster isn’t bionic, now it’s standing, but it makes it more dangerous and again, the other guy isn’t running around making him look slow. The spear can be hit out of nowhere and both set up for the lights out Batista bomb. He struggles in some areas, but seems to finally have gotten over the injury from last year, and has actually shown a great deal of improvement in the ring this year. It deserves a tip of the cap.

Miz and Morrison parading around with the tag belts is a fantastic idea. They’re consistently in a great match every week and it’s a good way to kind of make the belts and getting a shot at the belts, a big deal. Sure, they’re slapped together, but for whatever reason, and I’m sure I’m not in the majority in this sentiment, it doesn’t really bother me.

My one bone of contention is the lack of their using Alejandro Estrada more. Really, he’s a suped up version of Don King and him doing the constant promotion of the brand would really help I think. Showcasing him champions, coming to other brands and telling them to put up or shut up. Heck, do what they did with Morrison and Miz and have ‘em steal a few titles.

There isn’t a lot to say about tonight’s show, because like I said, it’s more of a showcase deal now, but always entertaining in a way. It’s like a televised house show to give guys who need camera time, well, camera time. Fun show again, but nothing that’s going to blow your mind yet.

Overall: B-