ECW on Sci Fi Results - 5/27/08 - Colorado Springs, CO (Miz/Morrison)

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On Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 11:39 PM EST

ECW on Sci Fi
May 27, 2008
Colorado Springs, CO
Commentators: Mike Adamle & Tazz
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“Don’t Question My Heart” lights up the audio dials, and we embark on another trip through the land of extreme. Adamle and Tazz run down the card and announce two matches that will be taking place later tonight. We will be treated to Kane vs. John Morrison and a “Battle of the Former Champs” between CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero!

A video recap is shown from last week when Big Show demolished the other four competitors in the running for the #1 contender’s slot and his announcement of putting himself into the Singapore Cane match at One Night Stand.

The Big Show v. Tommy Dreamer

They start by squaring off as Dreamer attempts to get in a couple jabs, but they don’t phase Show as he throws Dreamer to the ground and takes him out with a few chops to the head, chest and anywhere /* he feels the need. Big Show does two spots where he stands on top of Dreamer. Show goes for a splash as Dreamer is set up in the corner. Dreamer dodges and almost gets in a few moves, but as soon as he goes for a splash from the top he is axed handled in mid-air. A viscous chokeslam, and this is all she wrote.

Winner via Chokeslam: The Big Show

Video of Big Show’s capturing of the title is shown. It is highlighting Paul Heymans’s screwing of Rob Van Dam out of the belt. Those are two people I was not expecting to see on my TV tonight.


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We go straight to the Announcer’s table and are greeted with “The Gold Standard” who will be guest commentating the next match. They show a video recap of Benjamin beating Kofi’s 50 win streak last week.

Kofi Kingston v. Mike Knox

My second favorite ECW theme song airs as the Jamaican Sensation Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring. (Clearly Maria’s is the best).

Kofi uses some speed to get things started, even putting Knox into a corner and jumps up to his shoulders to get in some offensive. Knox takes advantage of the situation and despite Kofi’s attempts to sneak in a roll up pin, Knox takes control. Kofi is placed into the 619 position and Knox rams his knee into the back of his head. Mike locks Kingston up in a headlock. Kofi’s first attempt at powering out is thwarted but he is finally able to have Mike let him go. Kofi runs into the ropes and hits Knox with a delayed dropkick by not extending his legs until after he makes contact. Next Mike attempts to ram him into the corner, but Kofi slides out to stand on the apron and slyly hits an uppercut through the second and third ropes. Kofi follows this up with a huge splash off the top rope! Trouble in Paradise to Knox’s eye and this match is over.

Winner via Trouble in Paradise: Kofi Kingston

Kofi’s kick appears to have busted Knox’s eye open and he is bleeding everywhere. Shelton runs into the ring and starts attacking Kofi but Kingston manages to end up on top and is demolishing Benjamin. This is short lived as Mike Knox gets back up and takes out Kofi with his finisher. I say “his finisher” because these announcers refuse to call moves by their names. Tazz’s only description included the word “Bam”. Knox exits to his music, and then Shelton stares down Kofi in the ring and then also enters to his own music.

Video recap is shown of CM Punk beating John Morrison for the ECW title.

Up next is CM Punk v. Chavo Guerrero!


Video recap is shown of Chavo Guerrero beating CM Punk for the ECW Title thanks to Edge’s interference.

Chavo Guerrero w/ Bam Neely v. CM Punk

Tazz is attempting to put over the Singapore Cane weapon to which Adamle informs us that he misspoke last week when he said Tazz had never been in a Singapore Cane match. According to Adamle, Tazz was in one with his wife. Tazz is speechless for a moment, but quickly clears it up by saying that it was actually a steel cage match. Thanks for that guys, these two are the best.

Punk starts the match off by going straight for the GTS but Chavo manages to scurry out of the ring. The crowd is giving Chavo some solid heat. Once he scampers back in, the two exchange a few kicks and then lock up. Punk hits him with an arm drag and the two give each other a quick stare down. Punk gets in a couple of heavy hitting moves including a powerslam. Punk then hits a beautiful snap suplex. Chavo finds himself in an inverted full nelson, but once Chavo gets free he hits Punk with a powerful uppercut. Punk tries to get a pin attempt but to no avail. Chavo starts to wear down Punk by “riding him a little”. Crazy announcers, it is actually a half rear naked chokehold. You know what? I liked their description better.


As we come back, Punk chucks Chavo over the top rope and out of the ring. Punk attempts a baseball slide, but as he runs for the spring off the rope, Bam Neely pulls it down and Punk goes catapulting out of the ring. Chavo hits a splash onto Punk on the outside as he vaults over the rope. The pin attempt fails. Chavo places Punk into a leg scissors in order to work down on Punk’s lower back. Punk lifts Chavo up and drops him in order to break free. Chavo tries to whip Punk into the corner but Punk slides down in order to stop, then hits Chavo with a nice leg kick. Despite a little running around the ring and counters, Chavo is able to lock up Punk in a half Boston crab, but Punk makes it to the rope to break the submission. Guerrero attempts the three amigos which gets massive heat from the crowd. Punk gets out before the third one and puts up Chavo for the GTS. Chavo counters this into a hurricarana! Chavo goes for a spinning DDT using the corner but Punk throws him to the ground. Punk runs across the ring and attempts a running knee. Chavo jumps out of the way and drops Punk down with a mini-bodyslam and gets the pin.

Winner via mini-bodyslam: Chavo Guerrero

Video recap is shown of Tommy Dreamer winning the ECW title back in 2000.


A video recap is shown of the happenings on RAW last night.

Backstage surfer girl (or Lena for short) is interviewing Mr. Jobber himself, Colin Delaney. Colin talks. Colin reacts to Mr. McMahon’s announcement. Colin stops.

Miz and Morrison make their way to the ring.


The Miz & John Morrison v. Kane

Morrison starts by trying to use very quick attacks on Kane and as soon as Kane gets in some moves, Miz comes in. Miz nails some nice hits, then Morrison gets the tag back in. After a couple strong punches, both come in and take out Kane with a duet of synchronous punches to the chest. Now Miz attempts to splash Kane in the corner but Kane counters with a huge boot. Kane takes out Morrison who is on the apron then nails Miz with a spectacular splash. Kane goes to the top rope and hits his lariat on Miz. When Morrison tries to run in, Kane catches him in position for a chokeslam. Miz runs over and now both are about to be chokeslammed! Miz and Morrison are able to break free and start double teaming the Big Red Machine. The ref calls for the DQ when Morrison doesn’t exit and they both continue the beatdown.

Winner via DQ: Kane

After the match, Miz and Morrison continue to drill Kane and the ECW Champion runs out to make the save! Before Punk can get much done, Chavo runs into the ring. Dreamer is right on his heels. Adamle is actually cracking up that they are all running out. Big Show’s music hits and he makes his way into the ring. Big Show takes everyone out, leaving no survivors. Only Kane is able to successfully stand up to the largest athlete in the world. They stare down each other as the show goes off the air.

ECW Round Up

Well, the least I could say is that ECW was in fact on my TV tonight. Unfortunately, that is also pretty much the most I can say. Pretty standard show, wasn’t terrible, wasn’t great, and definitely won’t be one to remember.

ECW seemed almost like an afterthought this week. This does not come as too much of a surprise considering Vince’s obvious focus on RAW. On the flip side, the show did a very good job of hyping their match for One Night Stand. I surely can’t be the only one disgusted that ECW only has one match on what was originally an ECW show. But, like I said they did a very good job in hype. They utilized the full hour to focus on the PPV. The flashbacks to the title wins were spectacularly well done.

Quick Thoughts to Marinade On:

-Miz should ditch the Mohawk and let Santino keep that particular style
-Tazz and Adamle need to start calling moves by their names
-Apparently One Night Stand is this weekend
-I cried a little without Kelly Kelly this week
-Kofi has the best theme in the WWE, except Maria’s

Before I go, I just want to take the time for a quick introduction since this is my first ECW recap. I’ll be doing these from now on and I hope you enjoy them. If there is anything you want to see or you have any ideas be sure to drop me a line at I can’t promise that I will get to everyone, but I’ll definitely try my best to respond. So, send me your thoughts on ECW and anything /* on your mind about the Land of Extreme.

-David Stephens