ECW on Sci Fi Results - 7/15/08 - Charlotte, NC (Hardys reunite - info)

ECW on Sci Fi
July 15th, 2008
Charlotte, NC
Commentators: Mike Adamle & Tazz
Reported by: David Stephens of

Video recap of Tony Atlas’ heel turn from last week leads us into “Don’t Question My Heart” and ECW. Yes, this is 2008; I know the start may seem misleading. Opening pyro and here we go.

Tazz is in the ring and introduces the “World’s Strongest Man”. Mark Henry makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Tony Atlas. Tazz asks why last week’s events went down as they did. Atlas says that he would graciously carry Mark Henry’s bags, much to the crowd’s chagrin. Atlas says we have a demonstration of Henry’s strength and is handed a stack of frying pans. He puts over its legitimacy much like a magician tries to convince people that his props are legit. Atlas invites a young man from the crowd in to see if he can bend the frying pan. Ted, as he seems to be named, tries and fails. Mark Henry beasts the frying pan into a roll. That is actually really impressive.

“The Dream Machine” as Adamle just called him, Tommy Dreamer, makes his way down to the ring. He says he is not here to fight, but instead he is here to say how impressed he is by Henry. Dreamer wants to give it a shot. Dreamer gets a pan but fails at bending it with his hands. Dreamer stops and slams it onto Henry’s head, which does the trick. Dreamer runs back up the ramp and we head to commercial.


We come back and Theodore Long is the back with security telling Dreamer that he is being given the night off. Teddy says this isn’t RAW so he won’t tolerate civil unrest.

Mike Knox v. Shannon Moore

Hey! He still has a contract, nice. Knox powers Shannon into the corner and the Prince of Punk is clearly out powered. Shannon attempts to get behind Knox but is again backed into a corner. Moore gets in a few jabs and punches but is taken out by a shoulder block and then a clothesline. A vicious splash in the corner followed by a huge underhook suplex pretty much makes Moore’s chances look hopeless. Shannon Moore is hit with a backbreaker but manages to dodge a double knee drop and dodges Knox a few times and makes his way up to the top rope. Moore hits a nice hurricarana with a pin attempt, but no luck. Knox hits a backbreaker followed up by what Tazz calls “God Almighty”. 1..2..3!

Winner via God Almighty: Mike Knox

There’s a way I never thought I would type up a win. Thanks for not wanting to call it by name Tazz. It is listed on if the announcers ever feel the need to look up Knox’s finisher.

Video recap is shown of the chaos from last night on RAW as well as JBL’s apparent murder of John Cena via vehicular homicide.


Chavo Guerrero w/ Bam Neely v. Evan Bourne

The two quickly roll around each other in the ring before Evan manages to get in a drop kick and a follow up kick. The speed between the two is impressive as they seem to be guessing several moves ahead of each other. Bourne finds himself on the top rope but Chavo pushes him to the floor. Once back in the ring, Chavo hits a side drop and then locks up Evan in a modified head lock. Evan is able to get out by using some very high kicks. Evan Bourne hits the most beautiful standing moonsault ever. Chavo goes to the top but Evan blocks the splash by using his knees. Bourne goes to the top rope and hits the Shooting Star Press! Uno, dos, adios!

Winner via Shooting Star Press: Evan Bourne

Evan just beat the former ECW champ in the blink of an eye. Impressive, amazing, stunning.

Colin is shown in the back with Tiffany, and Henry and Atlas walk up to say that they know he had nothing to do with Dreamer’s actions and as such they have no problem with him. Henry starts to walk away then comes back and bear hugs Colin to death. Colin finds himself chucked against a garbage bin as we go to commercial.


Video recap is shown of RAW last night focusing on Kane v. CM Punk.

Miz & Morrison v. The Hardy Boyz

Both teams make their entrances, and the match is up next!


We come back and the match is already underway. Matt Hardy and Miz are trading blows back and forth in the ring, and Miz finds himself in a side headlock. The crowd is very strong behind the Hardys tonight. Miz tries to get out a couple of times but keeps finding himself in the same hold. Jeff gets the tag in and flies feet first into the ring. Miz manages a kick which allows Morrison to get the tag that is followed up with a swift uppercut. Jeff blocks a backdrop and plants his legs into Morrison’s gut. The Hardy Boys hit “that maneuver” (credit Adamle). Matt locks Morrison up in a side headlock. Miz manages a distraction which allows Morrison to drive Matt into the corner but Matt dodges the splash only to be taken out by the freshly tagged Miz.

Miz locks in a headlock square in the middle of the ring, but gets blasted with a jawbreaker. Morrison gets in the tag and Matt is starting to look like a dazed dummy. Both Matt and Morrison end up face down on the mat and Jeff and Miz get the hot tags! Jeff seems to have the upper hand as the two go corner to corner. Jeff hits some nice quick moves and then leaps off of Matt’s back into the Miz. That move has a name if I could only put my finger on it. Apparently I am having a Tazz and Adamle night. I could look it up online, but that would be cheating. Jeff goes up to the top for the Swanton but Morrison pulls Miz out of the ring.


When we come back, Jeff is on his stomach and Morrison has a headlock applied. Jeff is fighting hard and the crowd is in his corner. Jeff hits a spinning kick, but Morrison gets the tag first, and Miz is able to contain Jeff from getting the tag to Matt. Miz drills his knee over and over into Jeff’s back and then applies a headlock of his own. Jeff dodges a splash attempt but Morrison gets in before Jeff can get the tag and once again Jeff is contained. We see a nice backbreaker and Russian leg sweep by Morrison, but Jeff kicks out of the pin attempt. Jeff gets in a shot that drops Morrison, but Miz now gets the tag in before Jeff! Matt is getting really frustrated but the ref keeps him out of the ring. Miz puts Jeff in the tree of woe then pulls his neck back towards the ring post. Miz takes Jeff to the top rope and goes for a suplex of some sort, but Jeff pushes him off and hits the Whisper in the Wind!

Miz gets the tag to Morrison, and Matt Hardy gets the hot tag! Matt backdrops Morrison and goes for a pin attempt, but no ice cream. Matt takes out Morrison and proceeds to go after Morrison. John hits a nice roll through cover but no pin. Matt Hardy hits a powerbomb, but Miz saves the match for his team. Matt gives him a Side-Effect for his efforts. Morrison hits the Midnight Drive but before he can even cover Matt, Jeff hits the Swanton! Jeff throws Miz out of the ring and Matt gets the cover on Morrison!

Winners via Swanton: The Hardys

ECW Thoughts:

Exciting show here on Sci-Fi this week. A visit from the resident leprechaun would simply have been the icing on the cake, but I can wait till next week for my green friends. The only problem I see with ECW is that it is becoming more and more apparent to me how little time they have on the show each week. Essentially they put out a 65 minute show that truthfully could benefit from perhaps 90 minutes. There is not enough for 2 hours but I can’t help but wonder how much stress goes into figuring out who gets the TV time each week. For instance I’m glad to have Evan on this week, but I hope he doesn’t disappear for two weeks again like he did before. That being said, the two “new talent initiative” personalities were nowhere to be found this week.

I think there was a sufficient amount of build up regarding the title match at the Bash, but more on that later.

Mike Knox and Shannon Moore seemed out of place on this edition of ECW. It really had no relevance to any storyline, but I am glad that Moore got to wrestle in front of a home crowd. The Bourne and Chavo match is almost along the same lines concerning why did they have this, but the beauty that is Evan Bourne more than made up for any dispute. Either I have somehow blinded myself into thinking he is better than he actually is, or Evan Bourne is simply amazing.

The main event was very well done, but confusing. Other than the fact that it was a home crowd, why did the Hardys have this match? Sure, the WWE made it seem like it’s because Miz & Morrison are claiming to be the best, but they lost this match. Does this mean the Tag Champs will be going out on a manhunt for the Hardys? I doubt it.

ECW was enjoyable this week, if not a bit irrelevant. I for one am entertained. What more can I ask for?

Great American Bash Picks

Mark Henry v. Tommy Dreamer

Sorry Dreamer, but I don’t think you have a shot. Unless my gut is really wrong, there is not a chance anybody but Mark Henry is walking out of the Great American Bash with the Championship. I simply don’t see a true threat to that title on the horizon. That is great from a shocking winner standpoint, but is dangerous in regards to careful booking. I look forward to where this goes down the line, but Henry will absolutely still be champ after this PPV.

Quick Thoughts to Marinade On:

-Kelly Kelly is now officially a member of RAW, I am now officially dying inside
-Paul London could possibly be getting a push?
-Kane’s new angle is mysteriously awesome
-Is there anybody in ECW who wouldn’t be an underdog against Henry?
-John Cena’s promo was incredibly last night
-Andy Kaufman was brilliant
-Thanks to everyone who corrected my horrendous spelling of Finlay’s weapon last week.

WrestleView Reader’s Poll Results from ECW on July 8th

Wow, this was really close in some categories this week. Even more people voted this week than last! Favorite face went back and forth up until the poll closed.

Match of the Night
55% Evan Bourne v. Nunzio
32% Miz v. Finlay
8% Mark Henry v. Tommy Dreamer
2% Braden Walker v. Armando Estrada

Heel of the Night
37% Mark Henry
27% John Morrison
27% Tony Atlas
7% Miz
0% Armando Estrada
0% Nunzio

Face of the Night
29% Finlay
28% Evan Bourne
19% Tommy Dreamer
14% Hornswoggle
2% Braden Walker
2% Colin Delaney
1% Theodore Long

Most Impressive Wrestler
77% Evan Bourne
7% Braden Walker
5% Finlay
4% Miz
2% Nunzio
1% Mark Henry
0% Armando Estrada
0% Tommy Dreamer

Best “New Talent Initiative” Talent
86% Braden Walker
13% Atlas Ortiz

This week’s poll can be found at: this link

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-David Stephens