ECW on Sci Fi Results - 7/29/08 - Hershey, PA (Hardy vs. Colin, more)

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On Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 12:18 AM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
Hershey, PA
July 29th 2008
Commentators: Tazz & ?
Report by: David Stephens of

We start off with a video recap of last week’s four way main event in which Matt Hardy earned the spot to face Mark Henry at Summerslam for the ECW Title!

“Yes sir, we promised you a great main event” – because why should Mike on Friday Nights be the only one allowed to use that?

The absolute best theme song in the WWE today plays as we stop “Questioning Our Hearts” and prepare for a fantastic Tuesday night!

TODD GRISHAM!! Todd Grisham joins the ECW broadcast booth! See, this week is simply going to be amazing.

We kick off with a bang as the number one contender for the ECW title makes his way down to the ring. Matt Hardy talks about how excited he was to get drafted to ECW because he knew that here on Tuesday nights he would have great opportunities and Summerslam will be the moment that he realizes the fulfillment of his dreams.

Mark Henry decides to interrupt with Tony Atlas. Tony seems to be handling the bulk of Henry’s mic work, which is a brilliant. Speaking of brilliance, Henry is wearing the sparkling new ECW title which looks eerily similar to the new Diva’s title. I’m just saying.

Atlas grabs some sort of steel rod and says that it represents Matt Hardy. Mark Henry proceeds to jam the steel rod into his groin and bend it. Impressive. He hands it over to Hardy and Matt pretends to make a jab at Henry with it. Hardy says that at Summerslam we aren’t having a bar bending contest, we are having a wrestling match. Unlike inanimate objects, Matt will fight back. It’s on at Summerslam!

Tonight: Finlay & Hornswoggle v. Miz & Morrison

We see Ricky [Atlas] Ortiz in the back jumping up and down.


Chavo w/ Bam Neely v. Ricky Ortiz

Ricky has his name on one side of his yellow track pants and two white stripes on the other. I know those stripes represent something; I just have to figure out what.

The two square it off in the ring and Ricky hits a huge body slam. They circle each other and Chavo gets whipped into the ropes and gets held over Ricky’s head and slammed down to the mat. Ortiz blocks a splash attempt via the use of his elbow. Chavo hits a nice uppercut and goes for a pin, but no bacon. Chavo locks Ortiz up in a side headlock in the middle of the ring. Todd Grisham is a Yankees fan. He also says his chair is really comfortable.

Ortiz gets out of the headlock by lifting Chavo up and slamming his back into the turnbuckles. They mix it up some and Chavo goes for a pin!

Bam Neely holds Chavo’s legs when he goes for the pin which results in a disqualification.

Winner via DQ: Ricky Ortiz

The two attack Ortiz and Bam holds him down as Chavo hits the frog splash from the top rope!

Chavo goes for a chair and Evan Bourne comes flying out of nowhere with a huge suspended dropkick on Bam. Next up he hits Chavo with a dropkick that knocks him off the apron. Evan runs out of the ring and fist pumps the air on the entrance ramp. What a guy.

In the back we see Colin Delaney talking with Henry and Atlas. They tell Colin that he disappointed them last week by losing to Dreamer. He can prove himself by wrestling against Matt Hardy tonight. Tonight Henry and Atlas will be in his corner!

“I hope Colin is annihilated tonight!” – Tazz


Miz & Morrison v. Finlay & Hornswoggle

During Morrison’s entrance he slapped a bracelet onto a fan that said “loser”, he then held up his wrist which has a bracelet that says “winner”. Classic.

Miz and Finlay start things off. Finlay is just brutal with the application of a face grab and a fierce uppercut. Finlay hits a shoulder block and goes for a pin, but no scrapple. Morrison gets the tag in and starts working on Finlay’s neck and head area with a headlock in the ring. He backs Finlay into the corner and Miz takes the cheap shot.

Hornswoggle sneaks up behind Morrison and gets on his hands and knees and Finlay pushes Morrison back and he falls down. Miz gets in the ring and is met with a mini-spear credit the worlds cutest dirt smeared leprechaun. Finlay and ‘swoggle hit their stereo buttplants onto Miz and Morrison who are laid out in the ring. Miz and Morrison roll to the outside, Finlay and son start doing a jig, and we go to commercial.

ECWoggle! ECWoggle! ECWoggle!


We come back and Finlay and Morrison are laying on each other in the middle of the ring with Finlay holding onto a headlock. Morrison attempts to get out but he gets a body slam for his efforts, and is met with another headlock. Finlay takes out Morrison’s leg and Morrison is starting to hurt. Morrison attempts a few moves but is still struggling. Finlay goes for a backslide pin but only gets two. Finlay starts making the shaman of sexy writhe in pain by hitting his chest, head, and hands. Finlay backs Morrison into the corner and rails him with a shoulder block to the stomach. Finlay slaps him and then goes for a cover but Miz pulls him off from the outside. This provides the distraction for Morrison to slam Finlay’s head into the turnbuckle.

Finlay is now the one suffering as Morrison starts to return the favor of hitting as many shots as possible. Miz gets the tag in and starts to work on Finlay’s arm, which culminates in an arm bar. Finlay breaks the hold by grabbing the rope. Morrison gets the tag and tries to vault over the rope and hit Finlay but Finlay moves out of the way. He takes a shot at Miz and knocks him off the apron and then hits an atomic drop on Morrison. Finlay goes up to the second rope, and Hornswoggle is eager to get in the ring and tags himself in. He goes for a hurricarana on Morrison but, Morrison hits a facebuster on Hornswoggle, and he is dead. Uno, dos, adios.

Winner via facebuster: Miz & Morrison

Mike Knox runs into the ring out of nowhere and nails Finlay with a huge boot. He has crazy facial hair tonight! He makes his way up the entrance ramp as we break for commercial.


Mike is in the back saying that Finlay has gone from being a man that loves to fight to a man that dances around with leprechauns. Mike says that Finlay has gone soft and there is no room for that here on ECW.

Video promo airs with celebrities putting over Jenny McCarthy’s fight against Autism at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Matt Hardy is shown in the back with Braden Walker. Braden says that Matt has a big match tonight against Colin Delaney. Hardy says, yeah he’s a real “wildcat”. [for those not in the loop, Braden Walker used to wrestle in TNA as “Wildcat” Chris Harris [that included me during his debut [don’t judge me]]] There is no limit on brackets is there?

Matt Hardy v. Colin Delaney

Colin is thrown into the ropes and met with a shoulder block. He tries to grab Matt’s leg and Matt just kicks him out of the way. Matt hits Colin down again as Henry and Atlas stare menacingly from the entrance ramp. Hardy whips Colin hard into the turnbuckle and Colin is hurting. This ref’s reactions are hilarious by the way. Colin hits a nice dropkick. Hardy hits a side drop, side-effect and Twist of Fate.

Winner via Twist of Fate: Matt Hardy

After the match, Henry and Atlas make their way down to the ring. Henry picks Colin up and chucks him out of the ring. Colin hits his arm hard after an epic fall. Henry and Atlas exit and the show is all over.

ECW Thoughts

Todd Grisham! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Tazz and Todd had amazing chemistry tonight. I’m glad that Grisham has a solid announcing job now because he has worked hard and long in this business.

The show was really rocking tonight. Everything from fantastic run-ins, great matches, solid build-ups, and over used brackets. I am really satisfied and I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I did. This week is turning out to be a very good week for wrestling. The only thing that could have possibly made tonight better would have been appearances by Maria and Paul London [quick shout out to Steve].

I have been really down lately about ECW being shafted by losing all of our talent as well as having our matches constantly thrown first on the PPV’s, that being said, I am willingly to admit that ECW is better now than it ever was before the draft. We have the highest ratings we have had in over a year and they are simply enjoyable shows to watch. This is why we watch ECW. This is wrestling, and this is entertainment.

Kelly Kelly
I would like to take a moment so that we can take the column into a period of mourning. For those who have somehow missed it, Kelly Kelly left ECW for RAW a couple of weeks back. Now someone could assume that she was drafted and that’s why she left the show, but NO! Kelly just up and left without talking to the GM’s or anything. For those keeping track, ECW now has 0 women [excluding surfer girl]. So to Kelly: we will miss you, ECW will simply never be the same.

Mike Adamle
WOOOO! I was at a friend’s housing watching RAW and we both gave a loud shout in a moment of pure joy. Shortly thereafter I realized that Adamle being the RAW GM could in fact mean that I would now be losing him on Tuesday nights. Well we have lost way too many from my show. I couldn’t take it anymore so I called the only person I could to complain: Hunter Golden. When he answered I told Mr. Wrestleview Raw Recapper “Screw you for taking everyone I’ve ever had on my show” (yes, I refer to ECW as “my show”, again don’t judge me). Hunter merely laughed and attempted to brush it off by trying to talk “wrestling”. Well, we here at ECW have no time for such RAW Recappers and their talent stealing ways.

Reader Response Winner: Eric Bracht

“Why Do I Watch ECW”

The WWE has treated the ECW brand as its bastard step-child, yet I continue to watch this product. Why is that? The answer is simply that I am a die hard WWE fan that's looking for something fresh.

Now most people would say that Vince's version of ECW is a far cry from the original product and that may be true to a degree, but I think they are a lot more alike than most people think. ECW being last on the WWE totem pole is very similar to how the original ECW used to be treated in the wrestling world compared to the WWF and WCW. Because of this, today's version of ECW, just like in the old days, possesses wrestlers with a chip on their shoulder. Let's face it, a superstar's goal is to either be a top guy on Raw or Smackdown. That's just the way it is. ECW is not the be all-end all, but because of this the brand's talent have to go out there and prove themselves.

Because of this fact, ECW on Sci-Fi is a show where I can watch Evan Bourne bust his ass to put on a show for the fans as he tries to impress Vince McMahon, all just so he can eventually get a bigger push down the line...the same thing we saw with Kofi Kingston. It's a show where I can watch spectacular athletes like Johnny Nitro and Shelton Benjamin repackage themselves in an attempt to get on the right track to being main event players in the WWE. It's a show where Lashley, John Morrison, CM Punk, Kane, Chavo, and most recently Mark Henry and Matt Hardy can try to prove they can be the top dog on a brand. It's the land of extreme where these things can happen.

Because of ECW on Sci-Fi, I got to see an intense, two month long rivalry between great athletes like Shelton Benjamin and Kofi Kingston(a rivalry that catapulted both of them to United States and Intercontinental gold respectively). Because of ECW on Sci-Fi, this past Tuesday I got to watch Matt Hardy, John Morrison, the Miz, and Finlay bust their ass in the main event to put on the best fatal four way in recent memory. The greatest part of it all is that I know I'm not going to see the same thing a year from now because ECW is always evolving. ECW on Sci-Fi is fresh WWE's not the same old thing we saw three years ago and I find that interesting. For that reason, I watch.

This Week’s Question:
How do you feel about the addition of Todd Grisham to the announce table?

WrestleView Reader Poll Results for July 22nd, 2008

Match of the Night
91% Miz v. Morrison v. Matt Hardy v. Finlay
6% Evan Bourne v. James Curtis
2% Colin Delaney v. Tommy Dreamer

Face of the Night
55% Matt Hardy
20% Evan Bourne
19% Tommy Dreamer
3% Finlay
1% Hornswoggle

Heel of the Night
43% Mark Henry
21% Morrison
18% Colin Delaney
11% Tony Atlas
5% Miz

Most Impressive Wrestler
61% Evan Bourne
14% Matt Hardy
11% Morrison
6% Finlay
2% Tommy Dreamer
2% Miz
1% James Curtis
1% Colin Delaney

Will Hardy Defeat Henry at Summerslam?
56% No
43% Yes

This week’s poll can be found at: this link

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-David Stephens