ECW on Sci Fi Results - 8/19/08 - Moline, IL (ECW Title Match, & more)

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On Wednesday, August 20, 2008 at 2:03 AM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
Moline, IL
August 19th 2008
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
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54% of you thought that Mark Henry would beat Matt Hardy at Summerslam; to the 45% that said Matt Hardy would win: congratulations! Too bad he didn’t actually get the title. We’ll see how that turns out later tonight when we get the epic rematch between Matt Hardy and Mark Henry for the ECW Title!

It’s that time of the week when I “stop questioning my heart”, so here we go!

Tonight: Summerslam Rematch Mark Henry v. Matt Hardy for the ECW Title

Chavo w/ Bam Neely, Miz & Morrison v. Evan Bourne, Super Crazy, & Tommy Dreamer

Miz and Super Crazy start things off in the ring. They start with a quick exchange of holds and arm drags which result in a Super Crazy standing moonsault. No luck on the pin attempt. Evan Bourne gets in the tag and trips Morrison up buts gets nothing on the pin attempt. Morrison drags Bourne over to the corner and tags in Miz who makes his way to the second rope. Bourne knocks down Morrison and leaps up and catches Miz with a Hurricarana. Miz was sitting on the turnbuckle!

Evan knocks Chavo off the apron and Bam trips up Bourne. Chavo gets in the tag and the Mexican warrior keeps him in the corner and hits a nice backdrop. Pin attempt fails. Morrison gets in the tag and hits his backbreaker/stroke combo. Miz comes in and hooks Evan’s leg but that doesn’t work. Bourne is in a headlock and the crowd is really behind the high flyer. Miz runs at Evan and he ducks which gives him the opportunity to tag in Dreamer!

Tommy just begins to clean house and Miz is met squarely with a slam to the ring, but Morrison makes the save. Super Crazy comes in to take out Morrison. All three heels have been knocked to the floor and Super Crazy runs and vaults over Dreamer to summersault onto them on the outside! Bourne goes up to the top rope and hits and INSANE moonsault to the floor! The announcers are just laughing in amazement. The first ECW chant I have heard in awhile starts up! Miz manages to hit Dreamer in the ring with a neckbreaker and cheaply gets a cover.

Winners via Neckbreaker: Chavo, Miz & Morrison


Ricky Ortiz v. Gavin Spears

Gavin Spears had a nice promo in a pop up box before the match. Apparently Spears is a former blackjack dealer, that’s a pretty legit reasoning to be a wrestler. Ricky knocks Spears down with a shoulder block and Gavin locks him up with an armbar. Ortiz hits a back body drop and then locks in an arm bar of his own. Gavin hits a very nice neckbreaker, but the pin isn’t even close. Gavin starts stomping on Ricky and locks him up in a headlock. Aaron Davis is the referee in the ring and he is a member of the New Talent Initiative, as are both Ricky Ortiz and Gavin Spears.

Ortiz hits a couple hard punches and then a nice dropkick. Ricky slams Gavin down to the ring and goes for a pin, nope. Ricky goes to the second rope and hits a missile shoulder block [at least that’s the best way to describe it]. Gavin is on his back and Ortiz hits a Mark Henry style splash, and by golly he gets the pin!

Winner via Splash: Ricky Ortiz

In the back Henry is warming up for his match later tonight!


Finlay & Hornswoggle are making their way to the ring and are met with a huge ovation. Those two got a huge pop that went on for quite a bit of time. Finlay is on the mic and calls out Mike Knox. Mike comes out and doesn’t sound too pleased with Finlay, and starts talking about the pressure around Finlay and such. Finlay tells him to come down to the ring and Knox starts to make his way down. Knox stops and says he is going to only start this when he is ready. Finlay has had enough and runs up the ramp to spear him hard! The two start going at it and the entire staff seems to run out from the back to try and keep the two apart. That is one of the best brawls I’ve seen in awhile.

In the back Matt Hardy is shown warming for his match!


Video recap aired of the HBK – Y2J segment from Summerslam

Matt Hardy is making his way to the ring, and that match is up next!


ECW Championship Match
Matt Hardy v. Mark Henry

Tony Chimel introduces the match and we are ready to rock ‘n roll.

The crowd is heavily behind Hardy as the two square off in the middle of the ring. Hardy starts off with a couple hard punches and tries for another quick Twist of Fate, but it doesn’t work this time. Henry throws Hardy into the corner, but Hardy ducks the splash attempt and trips up Henry. Hardy is on the outside and starts slamming Henry’s calf into the apron and continues to work on it in the ring. Henry is finally able to get in a slam which gives him the chance to breathe for a second. Hardy gets back up and hits a couple punches to the head of Henry followed by a swift kick. Hardy is giving everything he has, but Henry is able to knock Hardy down with a lariat.

The crowd is chanting for Hardy, much to Henry’s dismay. Matt is getting slammed into the ring and Henry is doing his best to take advantage of the weight difference. Hardy ducks another splash attempt and goes for a Twist of Fate but it is blocked! Henry throws him to the outside of the ring and it looks like the winner of this match is going to be anybody’s guess!


We come back and Mark Henry has Matt Hardy in the middle of the ring with a headlock applied. Hardy is able to use his feet to break free, but Mark Henry sends Hardy’s face a greeting card with a big boot. Atlas takes the opportunity to massage Henry’s leg and Mark locks Hardy back up in a headlock. Hardy gets up but is knocked back down to the mat with a hard punch. Henry distracts the ref and Tony Atlas hits a closed fisted punch to Matt Hardy’s face.

Hardy is bouncing off the ropes and Mark Henry lifts him up with a bearhug. Henry throws him down to the ring and Henry kicks Hardy right in the gut. Henry nails Matt in the face with a knee, and goes for the cover. Matt somehow has the strength to kick out. Mark Henry goes for another submission hold, this time a full nelson, but Hardy slides out! Henry hits him with an absolutely terrifying clothesline. Henry lifts Hardy up over his head and dead drops him down to the mat. Henry is maniacally laughing and goes for a splash, but Hardy rolls out of the way!

Matt Hardy has a renewed spirit and is pummeling Henry with forearms. Hardy hits an elbow from the second rope and then a bulldog from the second rope, but Henry kicks out at two! Hardy goes all the way up to the top rope and connects with a crossbody! Henry kicks out and Hardy is looking for the Twist of Fate but Henry blocks it and goes for a World’s Strongest Slam but Hardy counters it into a Twist of Fate! He goes for the pin and we are going to have a New ECW Champion! But No! Tony Atlas pulls Hardy off! The ref doesn’t see it this match however so we keep going!

Hardy kicks Henry by swinging through the second rope and makes his way to the third rope. He goes for the moonsault but Mark Henry blocks it by putting up his knees. Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam and goes for the cover 1..2..3.

Winner via World’s Strongest Slam & STILL ECW Champion: Mark Henry

ECW Thoughts

That opening match was brilliant tonight! It’s about time Super Crazy made his way to the ECW ring again. I’m beginning to wonder, is there anything Evan Bourne looks bad doing? Wow, he really is amazing.

The New Talent Initiative Match was solid for what it was supposed to be and dare I say it, Ricky Ortiz is starting to grow on me.

Finlay and Knox finally exploded! It’s great seeing Finlay in such a brawler feud. This one is being built up perfectly. Oh, and I love how Hornswoggle ran under the ring when he thought the fight was going to break out.

Wow, what a main event. I just watched the Twist of Fate DVD which has made me a huge Matt Hardy fan. I really hope this feud continues because these two just put on a great match. It was a definite PPV quality match. Maybe I should base my rating system off of the number of exclamation marks I use during a match. If that’s the case then that main event was an 11 star match.

Ratings System Thoughts

When asked which rating system I should use for ECW: 45% of you said Hunter’s “Star System”, 11% said an “arbitrary system”, 11% said “1-12 with 6 being the highest, and 31% courageously said “None”. People like to manipulate statistics around to their own views, but I refuse to do that. So in keeping with your desires I will NOT be using Hunter’s star system because it failed to win over 50% of the vote. You can thank me for honoring your wishes through my e-mail. This week’s reader response winner can shed some more light on the whole match rating system dilemma.

Reader Response Winner: Sean Hurley

The problem with ratings systems for evaluating wrestling television, pay-per-view or matches in general is that the person dishing out the ratings usually gives no foundation or basis for their review. Example...over on Wrestlezone, one columnist rates the matches on ECW and the show itself from 1 to 9, yet, fails to define what a 1 is or a 9 is in relation to any other match or program we've seen. The ratings system wouldn't be a bad idea if the columnist in question defined what the ratings meant and where they fell comparatively to other related content. Continuing with the example of the guy from Wrestlezone, he gave one of the matches a 7 out of 9; now what does that mean? Should we consider 9 the greatest match of all time? Or should we consider a 9 to be the greatest match we're likely to see on ECW television? If the 9 does stand for the greatest of all time, are you actually going to sit there and suggest that a tag match from ECW on Tuesday nights actually almost equals something like the Iron Man Match from Wrestlemania 12?

Like I said, the problem with the ratings system is that the columnists will just haphazardly throw numbers and stars around without giving us basic, fundamental information as to what these ratings suggest. Thus, we're left wondering if Hunter Golden's ranking of John Cena & Batista v. Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase as a ***1/24 is relative to a comparison to the greatest matches of all time, the greatest Raw matches of all time, the greatest tag team matches of all time, or the worst matches of all time. Rating systems are not an inherently trivial idea, they become trivial and fallible when the columnist fails to prescribe perspective to the ratings system.

This week’s Reader Response Question: Why does Matt Hardy deserve a run with the ECW Title?

This week’s poll can be found at: this link

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-David Stephens