ECW on Sci Fi Results - 9/2/08 - Pittsburgh, PA ('Dirt Sheet', & 8 Man)

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On Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at 1:41 AM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
Pittsburgh, PA
September 2nd 2008
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Report by: David Stephens of

It’s time for ECW and this week we are kicking the show off with “The Dirt Sheet”!

John Morrison and Miz are putting over the fact that Miz is in the ECW Scramble in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio and has a chance to win the ECW Title. Their first guest is the ECW Champion Mark Henry. Tony Atlas accompanies him to the ring. Next up, Chavo is introduced and instead of his theme playing, it is a track of Miz & Morrison scatting out Chavo’s theme. Even Mark Henry is laughing. Finlay apparently isn’t going to able to make it, so luckily they have Finlay’s brothers live via satellite!

This turns out to be a pre-taped Miz & Morrison segment dressed in Irish garb. Well Finlay apparently is in the building and decides to make his way out to the ring. Finlay has a smile on his face so it doesn’t seem that the segment bothered him too much, he even greets Miz & Morrison as his brothers. Hornswoggle says hello to his cousins via a swift kick to the calf. Matt Hardy makes his way down to the ring, and once again gets a huge ovation. This guy is really over.

They do the type of smack talk you would have expected, nothing too spectacular. Next thing you know Morrison starts attacking Hardy and everyone /* joins in. For some reason Bourne and Dreamer come down to make the save. Kind of a dull segment, but maybe it shall improve. This is interesting considering the fact that ECW was taped before RAW’s Scramble match last night.


When we come back, the whole group is fighting backstage. Theodore Long comes out to break it up. He declares that tonight there will be an 8 man tag team match: Chavo, Miz, Morrison & Henry v. Dreamer, Bourne, Finlay & Hardy.

Super Crazy v. Gavin Spears

Spears ties up Crazy in an arm bar and Super reverses it into a leg hold via a couple of spins. Crazy hits an arm drag and then jumps up for some punches in the corner. Gavin throws Crazy down to the mat and goes for a pin, but no three count. The two exchange a couple of punches and then Spears hits a jumping knee on Crazy but the pin attempt isn’t any good, though he does yell for the ref to count faster. Super Crazy gets locked into a variation of the crossface in the middle of the ring. Gavin Spears hits a sunset flip, but Crazy rolls out of it and hits a dropkick. Crazy whips him into the ropes and hits two more dropkicks followed up by a spinning heel kick. Crazy is sent to the apron and then hits a beautiful moonsault by springing off the second rope. 1..2…3.

Winner via Moonsault: Super Crazy


Ricky Ortiz v. Ryan Braddock

Braddock apparently had a match against the Big Show on Smackdown sometime, so I guess I won’t chalk him up as some random guy. Ortiz locks in an arm bar but gets shoulder blocked to the ground. Ortiz whips Ryan into the ropes and hits a nice shoulder block of his own. Ortiz hits a suplex and then whips Braddock into the corner. Ryan goes to the second rope and somehow drives him down to the mat with his knee into the back of Ortiz’s head. That was kind of interesting. Ortiz is caught up in a side headlock and then gets chucked down to the mat when he tries to get out. Braddock locks him up in another head lock.

Ortiz finally gets out and slams Braddock’s head into the top turnbuckle. Ricky hits a nice dropkick and then slams him down to the mat. He hits his flying shoulder tackle from the second rope and then hits the “Big O” for the win.

Winner via Big O: Ricky Ortiz


Video airs of Josh Mattews interviewing Mr. Kennedy and Mickie James at the Republican National Convention. Todd Grisham puts over Smackdown! Your Vote, and Matt Striker reminds us to vote Republican.

Matt Hardy makes entrance down to the ring.


Miz, Morrison, Henry & Chavo v. Dreamer, Bourne, Hardy & Finlay

Morrison and Hardy start things off. Hardy hits a couple of quick shots and then tags in Dreamer who hits a suplex and then tags in Finlay. The two of them are slugging it out and Chavo gets the tag. Miz chokes up Finlay while the ref isn’t looking, then Chavo runs back over only to be hit with an Atomic Drop and clothesline. Finlay is thrown to the outside but blocks Chavo’s baseball slide by pulling out the apron to trap him in it. Finlay starts pounding on Chavo and when Bam comes over to make the save Hornswoggle leaps off the apron to take him out!


As we come back Finlay is holding Chavo and Bourne springboards over the ropes to take him out. Chavo whips Bourne into the ropes and then hits a backbreaker on the high flyer. Miz gets in the tag but Bourne floors him. Miz is on his back and starts to move his head up to see where Bourne is at and Evan kicks him in the face and hits a standing moonsault! That was actually pretty amusing. Bourne goes for the pin but only gets a 1 count. Bourne starts to climb up the ropes but Morrison distracts him enough for Miz to throw him to the ground.

Henry gets in the tag and things don’t look good for Bourne who Henry throws around like a rag doll before tagging back in Miz. Bourne is locked in a side headlock and then is speared into the corner. Chavo gets the tag and hits a side slam. Bourne kicks out of the pin attempt and then Chavo kicks him in the side before going for another pin attempt. Not even close. Bourne is still being held up and Morrison gets the tag. There is no finesse as Bourne is just being punched and stomped on. Bourne is thrown out to the floor which allows Neely and Miz to get in some cheap shots. Finlay comes over to break it up. Bourne is thrown back into the ring and then locked up in a side head lock by Morrison. Bourne is able to get out and hit a hurricarana but Morrison keeps him from making the tag. Chavo gets the tag and starts to work on Bourne. Evan finally breaks free and tags in Dreamer. Tommy hits a dropkick and then a bulldog on Chavo but the three count fails. Chavo is able to duck away and tag in Mark Henry!

Henry comes in and backs Dreamer into a corner. Tommy is kicked multiple times and then repeatedly thrown to the mat. Henry tags Chavo back in. Chavo locks a side headlock on Dreamer but Tommy breaks free. Chavo tries to block the tag but Dreamer tags in Hardy! Matt slams Chavo down to the mat then hits his EPIC elbow from the second rope. Matt hits a side-effect and goes for the cover but Chavo manages to kick out. Henry is tagged in and he scoop slams Matt in the middle of the ring. Matt is able to roll away from a Henry splash which leaves Mark exposed on his back in the middle of the ring. Hardy tags in Bourne and Bourne heads for the top rope! Evan Bourne hits a Shooting Star Press on Mark Henry!

Bourne jumps up and kicks Miz who was coming in for the save. Evan tags in Dreamer who also goes to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash! Dreamer jumps up and takes out Morrison who was coming in for the save! Next Finlay is tagged in and he hits his signature running butt plant and then hits Chavo as he was coming in for the save! Matt Hardy gets the tag and takes out Tony Atlas. He hits the Twist of Fate and the match is over!

Winners via Twist of Fate: Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, Tommy Dreamer & Finlay

ECW Thoughts

The opening segment really did not accomplish much of anything. I’m not sure what they were trying to get over but it just turned into a lot of stale jokes bouncing off of too many people. Also as much as I love Evan Bourne, I see no logical reasoning for him and Dreamer having come out to make the save, except of course to set up the match for later in the night.

The Super Crazy match will only stick in my mind for one reason, he actually won a match. On the flipside, while Gavin Spears was pretty decent in his last match, he didn’t seem to show anything that will make me interested in seeing him again next week. The first 25 minutes of the show were definitely weak tonight.

The start of Ricky’s match didn’t look like it was going to improve the show at all, however at the end he really turned it on! Once again Ortiz managed to make his opponent look very good while still putting himself over. And how about that finisher, for some reason I think the “Big O” is absolutely brilliant.

I was a bit worried when the main event started but man what an ending. It was a perfectly scripted way to end the show. I mean come on Shooting Star Press, Frog Splash, Butt Plant, and Twist of Fate. Where /* but on ECW can you get those four moves back to back? I am not going to be bold and predict a winner for the Scramble because it really is anyone’s game. This match in my mind is the first one since the start of his reign that Mark Henry doesn’t appear to be the clear favorite.

ECW was definitely hurt by the fact that they taped two shows back to back. The beginning was very weak, BUT the last minute was really awesome. Only thing that could have made tonight better would have been appearances by Paul London and Kelly Kelly. One can only hope.

Over on Smackdown, Mike decided to start poking fun at the fact that ECW only got a 1.2 rating last week. Well guess what, Smackdown only got a 1.1! So chew on that! [At least that is what Adam Martin put on the site, even if it is a typo I’m still going to rub it in your face]. I mean that rating is almost comical. Do people even know your show is on? Oh yeah, Mike also insulted NASCAR! How dare he! Let him feel your anger.

Note from Adam Martin: No typo here as Smackdown did a 2.1 rating on August 22. Rating isn't in yet for this past Friday's show. By the way, you guys really shouldn't compare ratings between cable and broadcast as they are quite different!

Make sure you vote in this week’s poll. The majority of you incorrectly predicted the winner of the ECW match at Summerslam, so this is your chance for redemption.

Now I know many of you probably disagree with me on some things, so let me know! I’m glad to discuss wrestling. I wouldn’t spend the time writing this up each week if I didn’t care. So if you think I’m completely off base, or you think I hit the nail on the head. Send me an e-mail, I respond to everyone! If there is one thing I’ve learned from reading the mail each week, is that ECW fans are a very interesting lot. But that’s probably cause we enjoy the WWE’s best show!

This week’s Reader Response Question:

Last Week’s Winner: VKingOfTheWorldV

“The guy that deserves the win the most isn't even in the match to begin with. That would be John Morrison I don't want to hear same tired Matt Hardy story that's been told for years. Matt deserves this, that and other thing. Morrison is far and above what Matt wishes he were. Matt is a tag team wrestler plain and simple. No one in the scramble match deserves the title more then Morrison. For him to lose in a qualifying match goes to show why ECW is the 3rd string in the WWE. You put the best wrestler out of a match that could be a great one, Yet your champion is Mark Henry would besides lifting a weight can't do anything other then that. Finlay is one of the road agents so of course he will find a way into the match. Chavo is related to Vickie so he's in the match. No IDEA!!!!!! Why Miz is in this match. Might as well put in Bourne. It just sickens me to see the best wrestler on the brand not even in a match at the ppv. Sure I may be biased being a Morrison fan, However I only speak the truth when it comes to this match”

Results of WrestleView Reader Poll August 26th

Match of the Night
87% Hardy v. Morrison
9% Miz v. Bourne
2% Chavo v. Dreamer
0% Knox v. Finlay

Face of the Night
63% Matt Hardy
7% Theodore Long
4% Evan Bourne
4% Tommy Dreamer
19% Finlay

Heel of the Night
26% John Morrison
19% Mark Henry
24% Miz
7% Chavo
21% Mike Knox

Most Impressive Wrestler
21% Matt Hardy
41% John Morrison
9% Miz
14% Evan Bourne
2% Chavo
2% Tommy Dreamer
2% Finlay
4% Mike Knox

This week’s poll can be found at: this link.

-David Stephens