ECW on Sci Fi Results - 9/9/08 - Milwaukee, WI (Hardy & Finlay team)

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On Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at 12:18 AM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 9th 2008
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Report by: David Stephens of

Congratulations! Unlike last PPV you guys correctly predicted that Matt Hardy would win the ECW Championship. Let the era of Mattitude commence!

ECW kicks off with a recap of the Championship Scramble from Unforgiven. With that it is time to “Stop Questioning Your Heart”!

Tony Chimel introduces the new ECW Champion, Matt Hardy, and he comes out to cut his first Championship promo. Hardy thanks the fans as well as those that were critical of him, the latter because they are who made him prove them wrong. At this point Mark Henry and Tony Atlas decide to interrupt and make their way down to the ring. Henry wants a rematch and Atlas is upset that Hardy hit him at Unforgiven. Henry levels Matt, but Hardy dodges a clothesline which sends Henry over the top rope and Matt hits Atlas with a Twist of Fate!

Tonight: Finlay & Hardy v. Mike Knox & Henry


Evan Bourne v. John Morrison w/ Miz

The two lock and twist up in the middle of the ring until Evan Bourne is able to get the advantage with a front headlock. Morrison gets out by backing Bourne into the corner and laying his fists into Evan’s face. Evan Bourne flies over the rope with a Sunset flip and then lays him down with a strong kick to the face. Morrison blocks a hurricarana attempt which looks like it hurt. Morrison now locks on a front headlock of his own. Matt Striker continues his Conservative Political Banter.

Bourne hits Morrison with a high dropkick which sends him outside of the ring. Evan springs over the rope and hits a huge hurricarana to Morrison on the outside!


As we come back, Morrison is going for a quick cover, which seems to have been facilitated by illegal interference on the part of Miz during the commercial. Morrison dodges a splash attempt from Bourne and sends the high flyer to the outside. Morrison picks Bourne up and slams his face into the barricade on the outside. Evan is hanging over the apron and Morrison punts his head. John goes for a cover but no salami. Morrison locks in a side headlock. Bourne gets out and tries for a hurricarana but Morrison counters by slamming Bourne’s head into the top rope. Morrison hits a backbreaker followed by a modified Stroke. Evan is once again held up by a side headlock. They sure use an awful lot of those on ECW.

Morrison throws Bourne to the outside and comes out to kick him in the gut before sliding him back in. Morrison once again locks Bourne up in a side headlock. Bourne tries to get up but is met with another backbreaker. Evan kicks and punches his way up and hits a very high kick to Morrison’s temple. Evan Bourne hits a hurricarana followed by a back kick out of nowhere. Evan Bourne goes for a moonsault but fails big time via Morrison’s feet. Morrison goes for his finisher but also fails. Evan goes to the top rope but Miz causes the distraction which forces Bourne to jump to the apron to take out Miz. Morrison springboards and connects with a high kick that turns Bourne inside out. Evan’s head smacks into the apron which may have caused a concussion. Morrison goes for the cover and this is over.

Winner via Springboard Kick: John Morrison

Video recap is shown of the Finlay/Knox feud


“The All American” Jack Swagger v. Josh Daniels

Swagger has a great appearance and strength. Daniels is slammed down to the mat and is locked into a headlock. The rope break causes the separation. Swagger hits a really awesome looking twisting suplex. Swagger hits a sidewalk slam and Daniels kicks out of the pin attempt. Swagger backs Daniels into the corner and then tosses Daniels over his head. Swagger hits a “Blue Thunder Bomb” for the win.

Winner via Blue Thunder Bomb: Jack Swagger

In the back Ricky Ortiz runs into Finlay, ‘swoggle, and Hardy. He offers them a rally towel for good luck. Hornswoggle takes it and bites it. It must have tasted good because he starts shouting and swinging it.


Hardy & Finlay v. Henry & Knox

Hardy and Henry start things off in the ring. Hardy continues to use his quickness to evade the world’s largest man. Hardy eventually gets thrown down to the ground, which was inevitable. The two exchange blows until Hardy is caught in the air on a crossbody attempt and is thrown to the ground. Henry hits a very hard looking elbow to Hardy on the mat. Hardy is set up in the corner and is met with a splash. Matt manages to dodge the next elbow attempt as we go to commercial.


As we come back Mike Knox has Hardy locked into a headlock in the middle of the ring. Hardy hits a jawbreaker to escape and tags in Finlay who immediately hits his signature buttplant followed by a spear in the corner and a front Samoan drop. Finlay sends Knox to the outside which is apparently worthy of an ECW chant from the crowd.

Back in the ring Henry has locked in a vice grip of a chin lock on Finlay. Knox gets the tag in which presents Finlay with dual shoulder blocks. Knox lays Finlay over the second rope and hits a knee to the back of Finlay’s head. Knox locks in a front headlock down on the mat. Finlay starts to power out and takes shots on both Knox and Henry but he is met with another front headlock. Matt Striker calls moves really well. He either is using names I’ve never heard of or is making them up.

Matt Hardy gets the hot tag and demolishes Mike Knox. Hardy hits a bulldog from the second rope and goes for the cover. Pin attempt but no pork chops. Matt Hardy hits the side-effect followed by a sweet looking moonsault. Henry makes the save as Hornswoggle runs into the ring with an IFO [Irish Foreign Object]. Finlay jumps in with an IFO of his own which allows Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate on Knox and get the win.

Winners via Twist of Fate: Matt Hardy & Finlay

ECW Thoughts

Maybe it is just me, but ECW seemed really short this week. Obviously the length is the same as always, but I’ve never written so little for a recap. The show was good but “fast”.

The opening bout was what one would expect from Morrison and Bourne. It was ironically considering my previous statement a bit too lengthy for me as I much prefer Bourne in his five minute speed matches. The longer he is grounded the less exciting he becomes. Truthfully, I cannot comment much on Bourne this week because I am furious that they had him perform a Shooting Star Press on RAW. Cole and Lawler raved about it like it was the most amazing thing they had ever seen. I know for a fact that those two have seem Paul London do the move so they are completely off base calling it the best they’ve ever seen. What a joke.

Swagger v. Daniels really put over Jack in this particular match. What an impressive looking guy! I really hope to see more of him on ECW. Jack Swagger is a much better acquisition than Gavin Spears or Ricky Ortiz.

The finale was pretty solid. You just have to love Hornswoggle and his crazy actions, what a character. I kind of wish the Hardy/Henry feud was over, but I guess there is nothing /* to do with Henry at this point. I could not be happier than having Hardy as Champion. Great move at the perfect time.

Kelly Kelly Update
Still not on ECW

Now I know many of you probably disagree with me on some things, so let me know! I’m glad to discuss wrestling. I wouldn’t spend the time writing this up each week if I didn’t care. So if you think I’m completely off base, or you think I hit the nail on the head. Send me an e-mail, I respond to everyone! If there is one thing I’ve learned from reading the mail each week, is that ECW fans are a very interesting lot. But that’s probably cause we enjoy the WWE’s best show!

-David Stephens

This week’s poll can be found at: this link.

Results of September 2nd Reader Poll

Match of the Night
83% Bourne, Dreamer, Hardy & Finlay v. Morrison, Miz, Henry & Chavo
8% Super Crazy v. Gavin Spears
8% Ricky Ortiz v. Ryan Braddock

Face of the Night
66% Matt Hardy
14% Evan Bourne
8% Super Crazy
8% Ricky Ortiz
1% Finlay
1% Tommy Dreamer

Heel of the Night
35% Morrison
32% Mark Henry
20% Miz
8% Ryan Braddock
3% Chavo

Most Impressive Wrestler
32% Evan Bourne
17% Matt Hardy
14% Ricky Ortiz
12% Super Crazy
12% Morrison
3% Miz
1% Finlay
1% Tommy Dreamer
1% Mark Henry
1% Chavo
0% Ryan Braddock
0% Gavin Spears

ECW Scramble Winner?
56% Matt Hardy
21% Mark Henry
9% Miz
4% Chavo
7% Finlay