ECW on Sci Fi Results - 9/16/08 - Nashville, TN (Henry & Finlay, more)

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On Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 4:31 AM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
Nashville, TN
September 16th 2008
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Report by: David Stephens of

Matt Hardy is making his way to the ring and we are set to kick-off what is sure to be an electric ECW!

Matt Hardy v. Mike Knox

The crowd is once again heavily behind Matt Hardy. Knox backs Hardy into the corner and the Hardy Boy locks in a side headlock. Knox tries to side slam out of it but Hardy just drags him back down to the ring to continue the hold. Knox now locks in a side-headlock of his own. Knox runs to the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Hardy gets up and hits a couple of punches which sends Knox to the corner. Mike comes charging out with a big boot to Hardy’s face. Knox hits a scoop slam and then drives his knee down on the grounded Hardy boy. Matt’s in the benter of the ring and Knox applies a headlock. Hardy is whipped in to the corner and successfully Knox down to the mat and then hits a splash. Knox is back up and hits a fast scoop slam but the pin attempt is futile. Hardy tries for a small package but Knox powers out.

Mike Knox hits a very hard lariat but Matt is able to get up before the pin. Matt makes Knox stutter thanks to a couple of kicks and punches and then hits the EPIC elbow from the second rope! Matt is pumping up the crowd and goes for a Twist of Fate but instead hits a really sick DDT. Knox is able to break up the pin by getting his foot on the bottom rope. Knox slides to the outside and Hardy follows. Both go for clotheslines and collapse together on the floor!


As we come back Mike Knox has Matt Hardy on the ground in the middle of the ring with a headlock applied. Matt gets up and Knox hits a nice looking drop kick. The headlock is applied once again. One week I should count how many times wrestlers lock that move in each week on ECW because this is just ridiculous. Knox hits a side slam and goes for the pin but gets nothing. Same deal again doesn’t get to the three count. Knox lifts Hardy up to the third rope and tries to go up after him. Hardy kinda misses the moonsault, not sure what that was. Knox goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out.

Knox is now working hard on Hardy and backs him into the corner. Knox tries to hit a running boot in the corner but Hardy is able to dodge and hit the Side-Effect! Hardy follows this up with a neck breaker and then a DDT from the second rope! Hardy is really working the crowd now and he hits the Twist of Fate!

Winner via Twist of Fate: Matt Hardy

In the back Tony Atlas is with Mark Henry. Atlas says that Matt Hardy is looking impressive and Henry verbally tears him apart for saying that. Saying the only reason that Hardy was able to win his match was thanks to Finlay and Hornswoggle’s help.

Up Next: Miz & Morrison!


Miz w/ John Morrison v. Evan Bourne w/ Ricky Ortiz

The two lock up in the ring and Evan Bourne slaps Miz and follows it up with some elbows. Bourne is whipped to the ropes and jumps over the apron, Miz comes running and is met with Evan’s shoulder which results in Bourne springing over the top rope for a spinning arm drag! Miz dodges a punch and kicks Bourne through the ropes to the outside! Miz slides out and lifts Bourne up and slams him into the barricade and then the ring apron. Miz now has Bourne back in the ring and has done a successful job of grounding the high flyer. Miz locks Bourne up in what appears to be a sideways surfboard. Regardless of what it is it looks like it hurts. Bourne manages to somehow attempt a roll up, but it is unsuccessful. Miz flips poor Bourne inside out and things aren’t looking good for Evan as he is locked into an abdominal stretch.

Evan hits a really high kick and Miz flops down to the ring. Bourne hits a beautiful hurricarana followed by a standing moonsault. Miz is grounded and Bourne goes up to the top rope but Miz throws him off the top rope to the mat. Miz bounces off the top rope and hits some sort of spinning leg drop which was impressive in its own rite. Ricky and Morrison start acting up on the outside which causes a distraction which allows Bourne to lock in a crazy looking rollup that succeeds!

Winner via Rollup: Evan Bourne


Jack Swagger v. Chase Stevens

Chase Stevens! Jack Swagger starts the match off with a huge spinebuster that rocks the arena. Chase Stevens gets up and lands some punches but is backed into the corner and Swagger chucks him via his neck across the ring. Swagger hits a gut wrench and Striker loves him. Swagger hits a vicious slam and is just demolishing Chase Stevens. Swagger hits the Blue Thunder Bomb and the former Natural did not have a very good night.

Winner via Blue Thunder Bomb: Jack Swagger


Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas v. Finlay w/ Hornswoggle

Mark Henry is big, strong, and ready to demolish his opponent. Finlay comes to the ring with a leprechaun. I love it. Finlay keeps getting behind Henry which keeps resulting in him getting squashed into the corners. Henry has the clear power advantage which is not that usual during Finlay matches. Henry keeps gets chucked down to the mat and has to resort to speed in order to break up and counter moves. Finlay is on the mat and Atlas gets in a cheap shot, what a jerk. Mark Henry throws Finlay to the outside and things aren’t looking so good for the Irish Legend.


Henry locks in a vice grip and Finlay is hurting. Mark is just stomping and stepping on Finlay’s face. This forces the Irishman to roll out of the ring but Henry follows and slams Finlay’s head into the apron. Henry does some more stomping and tossing and then locks in a chin lock. Henry now locks in a bear hug, and Finlay, well Finlay may be about done. Finlay somehow manages to duck a splash in the corner and tries to throw everything he can at Mark, but Henry lays him out with a clothesline. Finlay is driven to the mat but dodges an elbow drop. Finlay slides to the outside and traps Henry’s head in the ring apron!

Atlas is on the outside and takes a blow at Hornswoggle which was a bad idea as Finlay comes after him. Tony is trying to get away as Henry slides out near ‘swoggle. Finlay takes the distraction to hit Henry with the I.F.O.! [Irish Foreign Object]. Finlay counters out of a bearhug and goes for the pin and almost gets a three! Finlay hits a buttplant and tries to lock in armbar but is splashed front into the corner, twice. Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam and it’s over!

Winner via World’s Strongest Slam: Mark Henry

ECW Thoughts

That was a great match to kick off the show! Hardy looked impressive and got a necessary win without making Knox look bad at all. Mike Knox is starting to grow on me, and that dropkick went a long way to help. Let’s face it, like him or not, Knox is a good worker. He has great size and can put on good matches. What more could you ask for from him?

The Miz v. Bourne match was very good. Miz continues to impress me week after week. In particular I enjoyed the fact that Bourne did not use the SSP to get the win. It’s important that they do not let it become stale. Is it just me or is Morrison getting the shaft? As of late Miz has been in more matches, and more importantly, more high profile matches then his partner.

Jack Swagger is so impressive. Wow, I don’t know where he learned some of his moves but I can’t imagine him not sticking around for awhile. He has almost no character yet is amazing to watch in squash matches. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way about somebody. Glad to see Chase Stevens finally got a match on TV and not just a dark match, better luck next time.

I was not a fan of the main event. What was the point? I figured with that much beating, surely Finlay was going to come out on top, but nope. Finlay looked incredibly weak after that match and Henry now seems kind of boring. This needs some fixing.

Now I know many of you probably disagree with me on some things, so let me know! I’m glad to discuss wrestling. I wouldn’t spend the time writing this up each week if I didn’t care. So if you think I’m completely off base, or you think I hit the nail on the head. Send me an e-mail, I respond to everyone! If there is one thing I’ve learned from reading the mail each week, is that ECW fans are a very interesting lot. But that’s probably ‘cause we enjoy the WWE’s best show!

-David Stephens

Results of Sept. 9th Reader Poll

Match of the Night
66% John Morrison v. Evan Bourne
23% Hardy & Finlay v. Knox & Henry
9% Jack Swagger v. Josh Daniels

Face of the Night
64% Matt Hardy
33% Evan Bourne
2% Jack Swagger
0% Finlay

Heel of the Night
61% John Morrison
30% Mark Henry
2% Josh Daniels
4% Mike Knox

Most Impressive Wrestler
33% Evan Bourne
33% Jack Swagger
21% John Morrison
9% Matt Hardy
2% Josh Daniels
0% Finlay
0% Mike Knox
0% Mark Henry

No poll this week, but we will resume next week!