ECW on Sci Fi Results - 9/23/08 - Columbus, OH

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On Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 12:35 AM EST

ECW on Sci-Fi
Columbus, OH
September 23rd 2008
Commentators: Jim Ross & Matt Striker
Report by: David Stephens of

WrestleView has a new site design, which means this ECW recap will be the first recap published under the new look. It seems only fitting that we start things off with the best show in the WWE, so “Stop Questioning Your Heart”, “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”, and “Getcha Popcorn Ready” for ECW!

The show is kicked off with very angry looking Miz & Morrison making their way down to the ring, mics in hand. Jim Ross will be filling in for Todd Grisham tonight due to a family emergency. Miz is on the mic and putting over how he was dominating Evan Bourne last week in their match and the only way that Bourne won was thanks to Ricky Ortiz’s interference. Ortiz’s nappy hair is knocked by Morrison, who proceeds to put Miz and himself over as the top superstars in the business. These two are getting really solid heat.

Now The Miz is attacking Theodore Long for putting them up against freshmen when they should be fighting against World Champions. Morrison says that Long could never hang out at the “Palace of Wisdom”. I have no clue what that is. Teddy Long comes out and calls Miz a pimp. Long is thrilled with his “New Superstar Initiative” saying how his superstars have great futures ahead of them. Morrison compliments Long on Braden Walker lasting a whole 2 matches. Classic. Teddy tells them that if they have a problem with his new talent then they are welcome to “get out of his ring, and get to stepping right now”.

Miz the proceeds to challenge Bourne and Ortiz to a tag match here tonight! Long says that’s clever seeing how they know Bourne isn’t in the building tonight. Morrison says that because he can’t hang with the big boys [referencing Evan’s match against Kane on RAW [which actually took place after ECW was taped [which settles my question of how they were going to handle it [I did the excessive bracket thing again [sorry]]]]].

Ricky Ortiz has had enough and makes his way to the ramp alongside Teddy Long saying that he is ready to fight. Miz and Morrison challenge him to bring it because they can beat anyone on the roster. Teddy Long says that can’t possibly be right so tonight they will face each other! Immediately after, the winner will go on to face Ricky Ortiz!


Video Recap is shown of Evan Bourne v. Kane from RAW last night

In the back Long is speaking with Ricky Ortiz saying that tonight is Ortiz’s biggest challenge. Ricky says he has something in his pocket that will ensure his victory. Tiffany comes out to vouch for him and Long asks if what’s in Ricky’s pocket is appropriate. Ricky says of course, it’s his Ricky O Rally Towel! Tiffany puts it around her neck and says she likes it.

Finlay w/ Hornswoggle v. Bam Neely

The two start off by circling each other in the ring and Finlay lays an elbow and uppercut on Neely. Bam is backed into the corner and Finlay rams his midsection with a shoulder. Finlay hits the buttplant and goes for the cover. No luck. Finlay drags Neely out of the ring and ‘swoggle emerges on all fours from under the ring and Finlay pushes Neely over aided by ‘swoggle’s help. Back in the ring, Bam is finally able to get some punches in and kicks Finlay out of the ring! Neely slides out and slams Finlay down to the ground. Bam now drives Finlay head first into the steel stairs before sending him back into the ring.

Once back in, Finlay is able to get counter Bam’s move into a swinging neckbreaker. Finlay goes to the second rope and jumps at Neely, but misses and is driven powerbomb style down to the mat. Bam locks in a Boston Crab! Hornswoggle comes into the ring with the IFO [Irish Foreign Object] but Neely realizes this and decks ‘swoggle. With Bam’s back turned, Finlay picks up the IFO and hits Bam with it and gets the cover!

Winner via IFO: Finlay

After the match, Hornswoggle dances around the ring with Finlay and two kids from the audience.


Maryse v. Michelle McCool

Divas on ECW! What is going on? Anyway, Michelle starts things off by spearing Maryse and then the two roll around on top of each other before Michelle hits another spear take down. Maryse is whipped into the ropes and kicks Michelle but Michelle follows this up by a kick of her own which sends her out of the ring. McCool tries for a baseball slide which misses. Maryse slams McCool’s face into the guard rail before sending her back into the ring. Michelle is flat on her stomach and Maryse locks in a Camel Clutch.

Michelle elbows her way out of the move but is sent to the corner and kicked for her efforts. McCool is able to counter a kick which allows her to hit a lariat followed by a dropkick. Michelle bounces off the rope and hits a swinging neck breaker but the pin attempt fails. Maryse whips Michelle into the rope but her splash is blocked. Michelle goes to the top rope and is thrown off by Maryse! Maryse hits sick DDT and gets the 3 count!

Winner via DDT: Maryse

Mark Henry makes his way out onto the ramp with Tony Atlas to complain about Hardy not pinning him in the ECW Scramble match. He puts himself over, and that’s that.


Mike Knox v. Chase Stevens

Looks like Chase will be getting another chance after getting demolished by Jack Swagger last week. Knox easily over powers Chase and backs him into a corner. Chase tries to get in a few punches but is demolished by a huge boot. Chase is whipped into the ropes and is met with a wicked splash. Knox slams him down and then hits a running knee drop on the poor kid. Knox picks Stevens up and decks him with a huge clothesline. Knox hits his finisher and they still don’t call it by name! We have Jim Ross and Matt Striker announcing, are you serious? Really? It’s on! Please someone let the commentators know what it is called, because I refuse to call it by name until they do.

Winner via ?: Mike Knox

After the match, Jack Swagger runs down the ramp into the ring and hits his Blue Thunder Bomb on Chase Stevens! Tommy Dreamer runs out to break this up and Swagger slides out of the ring. Meanwhile Knox makes his way back down to stare down Dreamer. Tommy should not have turned his back because Jack comes from behind and hits Dreamer with a Blue Thunder Bomb!


Miz v. Morrison

It seems no Nash v. Hogan will going down tonight as the two square off. The tag partners exchange a couple of arm bars before Miz is sent to the ground thanks to a shoulder block. Miz tries for a quick roll up, but Morrison kicks out. Miz tries to lock in an arm hold but is whipped into the ropes. They exchange a slew of pin attempts before rolling out of the ring.


As we come back, Morrison is locked in a side head lock in the middle of the ring. Wow, that’s the first one of the night! Morrison uniquely breaks the hold by getting out on the apron and using the ropes to split up the hold. Morrison slides into the ring and pummels Miz with a bucket of fists. Morrison locks in a front headlock on his partner. Miz escapes and sends Morrison into the corner and runs from the other side of the ring to hit a fast and hard splash! Miz goes for the cover but Morrison counters with a pin of his own. It is broken up and the two exchange some kicks before Miz is able to lock in a headlock from behind.

Morrison and Miz both counter each other and Morrison is able to go for a cover but it is broken up because Morrison is trying to use the ropes for leverage. Morrison hits the gut check and goes for the cover, but the Miz kicks out! Miz drives Morrison face first to the mat and goes for the pin but doesn’t get it. Miz then attempts the reality check but Morrison blocks it! Both men are flying around the ring this is a true clinic. Morrison is up sitting on the third rope and Miz jumps up to try and throw him off but they both end up falling to the mat! The referee starts the 10 count and both men are counted out!

Winner: Match Ends in a Draw

After the match Ricky Ortiz runs down the ramp and into the ring and starts splashing and shoulder blocking both men. ECW goes off the air and the Ricky O Rally Towel is proudly waved throughout the arena.

ECW Thoughts

What a show! The past two weeks seem to be oddly fast and not that active, but tonight was the jam packed and great show of wrestling that I proud to recap.

I really enjoy watching Hornswoggle and Finlay employ their crazy prankish Irish tactics each week. That being said, I honestly can’t remember the last time Finlay won without “cheating”. Given that he was practically squashed last week, his heelish booking doesn’t make much sense to me. Truth be told he won’t ever be booed for it, I just feel as though Finlay has not been coming off as strong enough. The match itself was pleasant. Bam Neely did a fine job and I appreciate the efforts of both men.

We had Divas tonight! That alone should be enough to ensure that ECW will top every other show out there this week. Especially Smackdown, but that’s a given.

Knox vs. Stevens was an interesting match-up. Poor Chase Stevens has found himself as the new resident jobber on ECW. He is much more effective at this role then Colin Delaney. Maybe because I actually believe that Chase can win a match. I’m wondering if the WWE has something against former TNA Tag Champions because those guys are getting some harsh treatment.

Miz vs. Morrison was very impressive. It is amazing to me how much the Miz has improved since his time on Tough Enough. I personally thought that he should have won but am glad that he didn’t and got sent down to developmental as a result. Very good decision that resulted in a great character, I just might be becoming a Mizfit.

Movie Plug
I watched 1408 a couple nights ago and it was a really solid movie. John Cusack was brilliant in this “psychological thriller” based on a short story by Stephen King that actually made me walk out of my dorm room and go out to our lounge just to calm down. This is movie is really well done so check it out if you get a chance!

ECW moves to the 9 ET Time Slot next week, so be sure to tune in on time.

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Power Rankings

I’ve been working on power rankings of my own for awhile and since WV has debuted the site design today, I think it is the perfect time to unveil the ECW Power Rankings!

3 Month Rolling Rankings; ECW Title Win 5, ECW Title Loss 4, ECW Win 3, ECW Loss 2, ECW Appearance 1, PPV Title Win 10, PPV Title Loss 8, PPV Win 6, PPV Loss 4, PPV Appearance 2.

June 26th – September 23rd, 2008

1. Matt Hardy – 72 pts.
2. Mark Henry – 66 pts.
3. The Miz – 57 pts.
4. Finlay – 53 pts.
5. John Morrison – 48 pts.
6. Chavo Guerrero – 34 pts.
7. Evan Bourne – 30 pts.
8. Hornswoggle – 31 pts.
9. Tommy Dreamer – 28 pts.
10. Ricky Ortiz – 20 pts.

Please feel free to send me whatever thoughts are on your mind. Your e-mails keep me going and I know that not everyone agrees with everything I say, so let me know you are thinking!

-David Stephens