Full WWE Experience Results - 5/30/04 (John Cena goes to Queens, and more)

Reported by Jason Patton of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, May 30, 2004 at 3:53 PM EST

Full WWE Experience Results – May 30th, 2004
Hosts: Todd Grisham and Ivory
Report by: Jason “showdown” Patton of WrestleView.com

The show opens up outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ivory welcomes everyone to the show and mentions the art in the museum and the “bling bling”. Ivory mentions that Cena is going to “Jamaica”, a store in Queens, NY to get his bling bling later in the show. Todd then gets a wet willy from a laughing Ivory and mentions that it’s been a while since he’s gotten one and that was from Eugene. They recap that Regal wasn’t cleared to wrestle and Eugene has to take The Coach and Garrison Cade alone, until Chris Benoit shows up.

The match starts with Benoit beating up on Coach a bit. Cade tries to interfere, but Eugene takes him out with an airplane spin and pushes Cade out of the ring. Benoit then delivers the three German suplexes to Coach and goes to the top. Benoit comes off with a diving headbutt and then tags in Eugene who does the same for the win.

Todd mentions that with that win, Eugene is still undefeated. Todd calls Eugene a “crazy dude” and he and Ivory exchange a series of different, yet weird laughs. Ivory holds up a RAW Magazine and shows Victoria inside on a motorcycle.

Victoria is shown at a photo shoot for the magazine. She had fun doing the shoot and stated that it was hard to be sexy in heels. She seems to think that fans will appreciate knowing what she likes to do because she’s always wanted to do a photo shoot with a street motorcycle.


The SmackDown! Lowdown is then shown starting with Chavo Classic winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Chavo Jr. says that at least the title is still in the family and helps his dad retain the title. The Dudleyz are then seen talking to Paul Heyman about making an impact. They attack Paul Bearer as Heyman finds Bearer’s golden urn. John “Bradshaw” Layfield then says that he gets to name the stipulation in the title match against Eddie Guerrero at the Great American Bash.

Todd and Ivory go over how hard things have been for Eddie Guerrero. From his mother’s heart attack, to his match at Judgment Day, to his collapse on SmackDown!, they mention things have been rough for Eddie. Unfortunately though, Kurt Angle thinks he’s faking all his injuries.

Eddie is shown coming out to his match on SmackDown! in his lowrider. There are EMT’s at ringside with a stretcher and Eddie pushes them. He flips the stretcher over and yells at the EMT’s to leave. He then slides in the ring and takes out both of the Bashams, by tossing them to the outside. Kurt Angle comes out in his wheel chair and claims that Eddie is faking the injuries. He says that he was “tipped off” that Eddie would fake an injury and sue him. Angle goes on to say that Eddie cannot wrestle until Eddie signs a release, clearing Angle of all responsibilities.

Ivory tells Todd that he is bad at his job and will probably be fired next week. Todd asks why and Ivory replies that he needs to entertain more. They then talk about Eddie Guerrero’s special on UPN this past week when a clip of it is shown.

Eddie said he would do a move in the ring and look over smiling at his dad. His dad would be shaking his head and he tried again, but got the same result. He often got frustrated and wondered what he was doing wrong. He claimed he just wanted to live up to the family name.


The show comes back from commercial where Ivory signs many autographs to large groups of fans. She says she doesn’t want Todd’s autograph who gets disappointed. They did say that Booker T was looking for another shot at the Undertaker.

Booker T’s match on SmackDown! against Scotty 2 Hotty is shown. He eventually recovers from a superkick and nails an axe kick for the win. He gets on the mic. and says he wants a rematch next week against the Undertaker. He claims he’ll shock the world right before the lights go out and the Undertaker’s gong plays. Booker T says he isn’t afraid until lightning bolts explode at the ring corners. Booker T admits that the Undertaker is a little bit scary, but he’ll still win.

Todd reminds everyone that the Undertaker will take on Booker T this week on SmackDown! Ivory says that she still can’t get over The Rock’s return and brings up that The Rock made a deal with the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger (correctly spelled!). Todd goes on to imitate Arnold with his voice.

A clip from Access Hollywood is shown how The Rock has taken the role of the face of a program called Afterschool All-stars for kids at risk. Arnold says that he is busy and The Rock is a man that all kids look up to and he is the perfect man for the job.


The RAW Action is then shown with Vince McMahon explaining the next Diva search. The winner becomes the next WWE Diva and wins $250,000. Lita then admits to loving Matt Hardy only to be scared by Kane, who claims that it’s all over. Chris Jericho then says that Randy Orton is scared of Shelton Benjamin. Orton tells Jericho he has a big mouth and takes him out. Jericho fights back, but Batista comes to the aid of Orton. Benjamin then sprints out to save Jericho, setting up the tag match.

Ivory says that Trish Stratus joined the announcers at the table for this match. Todd wondered if Trish was there to cause trouble or mend a broken heart.

The footage starts with Batista and Benjamin being tagged in. Benjamin goes for a superkick, but Batista catches it. Benjamin turns his body and hits a spinning heel kick. Benjamin tries to roll up Batista, but Batista doesn’t move. Jericho dropkicks him into a roll-up, which Batista kicks out of. Batista fights back however and hits a spinebuster on Benjamin. Orton gets tagged in and Benjamin eventually hits him with a powerslam and picks up the victory.

Jericho is then seen walking up the ramp to the back. Trish talks to him and as Jericho is distracted, Tyson Tomko comes out and attacks Jericho. He eventually powerbombs Jericho through a table to Trish’s satisfaction.


The WWE Rewind is then shown featuring a match from two weeks ago between Renee Dupree and John Cena. Dupree hits a low blow and wins the match.

Ivory begins talking to a wrestling fan. She asks the guy what a Lumberjack match is and he responds with the right answer. Todd walks in and complains that after he goes to the bathroom, a new host is found. They have a sample lumberjack match with the fan as Ivory puts him in a headlock.

The Lumberjack match for the WWE U.S. Championship is then shown. John Cena gets thrown to the outside and in one way or another, most of the wrestlers on the outside begin fighting. Booker T then attacks Cena before RVD rolls Cena back in the ring. Dupree covers Cena for just a two count three times as Booker T cheers him on. Dupree then hit a spinebuster and did a little dance and hit an elbow drop. After yet another two count on Cena, Dupree went for a powerbomb. Cena countered it into a back body drop and regained some momentum. Cena eventually reversed a scoop slam into an FU for the win.

Todd then says that this made Kurt Angle furious. Ivory says something about Cena’s “ice” and where he got it.

Cena walks into a shop to get jewelry with some of his friends. The owner of the store says they have served everyone from Shaq to DMX and now John Cena. Cena purchases a nice gold and diamond watch and shows it off.


Stacker 2’s Sting of the Night is then shown. Footage is from two weeks ago in the number one contender’s battle royal. HBK attacks HHH and eliminates him, making Kane the number one contender and leaving HHH angry.

Todd then signs an autograph for a woman and Ivory looks confused. Todd slips the woman some money and Ivory yells at him. Todd claims that she just needed change for something. They then point out that HHH is mad and HBK was reinstated on RAW at HHH’s request and things were not a pretty picture.

HHH comes to the ring and calls out HBK. Michaels quickly responds as the two men begin to exchange punches. Ric Flair comes to help HHH only to be hit with Sweet Chin Music from HBK. Randy Orton and Batista then comes out, but HBK attacks them two. Edge, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Benoit then came to help HBK as HHH attacked Michaels. The two men fought to the outside where still, not even Johnny Nitro, The Hurricane, Garrison Cade or La Resistance could keep the two men apart. Eric Bischoff came out and called the rest of the wrestlers out. Eventually the entire roster was in the ring along with a few referees, who pulled HBK and HHH apart. Bischoff finally gets on the mic. and says that at Bad Blood, Triple H will face Shawn Michaels in a Hell In A Cell match. The two men then attack each other again.

Todd says that the Hell In A Cell match ends all discussion. Ivory says that while HBK may have the advantage of being the first ever man to participate in this match, HHH was still in more than anyone /*. They remind us to watch Sunday Night Heat and that RAW was coming from Montreal, Quebec live tomorrow night.

Food for Thought

Up to this point, I had only seen bits and pieces of WWE Experience. I figured I wasn’t missing out on much as I read and/or saw everything that happened already. It turns out that I found this show rather entertaining and much better than I had assumed. Love them or hate them, Todd Grisham and Ivory are fantastic hosts in my eyes. They make an interesting combination and made me chuckle a few times.

Seeing Arnold on the show made me laugh, being the Californian I am. Todd did a funny impression as well on him. Boy, California sure has something to be proud of! Speaking of my state, I hope everyone bears with me on the time schedule. I get the show three hours later then people on the East Coast which means you probably don’t get the report until way later. Just stick with me, I’ll do my best.

I have to agree with Mike Siciliano that the SmackDown! brand has been garbage lately. From what I saw today, I could only describe that show as dismal and poor quality. The storylines seem to be a complete mess and the Great American Bash may be going down the same road as Judgment Day. Let’s just hope someone or something comes along to save this train wreck.

RAW, on the other hand, has been rather impressive lately. Kane should be more focused around building up with Benoit than fussing with Lita and the same goes with Benoit, but nevertheless, I expect more build up tomorrow. The Triple H/Shawn Michaels feud has been nothing short of a blast to watch. It’s exciting, tense, everything a strong feud should bring to us. I also like the building up of this Randy Orton/Shelton Benjamin feud. It could get good soon.

Alright folks, well it’s Sunday and I still have no idea if the Indianapolis 500 has started, so until next, I’ll see you all later. Any feedback, comments, suggestions, questions, death threats or bribes can be sent by clicking here.