Full WWE Experience Results - 6/6/04 (SummerSlam, Stacy Keibler, RAW & SD)

Reported by Jason Patton of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, June 6, 2004 at 9:08 PM EST

Full WWE Experience Results – June 6th, 2004
Hosts: Todd Grisham and Ivory
Report by: Jason “showdown” Patton of WrestleView.com

Vince McMahon is shown at the 1994 Hall of Fame induction ceremony as he welcomes Jim Dudley to the WWF/E Hall of Fame. Vince is then heard in a voice over saying that Dudley passed away at the age of 93 this week. Vince says that the WWE and its family will miss Dudley greatly.

Todd Grisham and Ivory then welcome everyone to the show, taking place from Little Italy this week. Todd uses an Italian accent to talk for a bit before the two take part in making fun of the Sopranos. Todd makes a note that Randy Orton is the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in 7 years. Ivory replies by saying that Shelton Benjamin has defeated HHH twice, Ric Flair once and pinned Orton two weeks ago.

The match from RAW is show, not before reminding everyone that if Shelton Benjamin wins, he gets a shot at Orton’s Intercontinental title. Benjamin hits a back body drop on Orton and two exchange a few blows. Benjamin eventually hits a powerslam, but only gets a two count. Orton fights back and goes to the top for a cross body, but Benjamin reverses it to a two count pin. Orton ends up using a thumb to the eye of Benjamin and then walks off. Benjamin catches up to him, only to be met with a sucker punch. Both men get back in the ring and Benjamin quickly hits a powerslam to win and get a shot at the title.

RAW Action is then shown with HHH stating that he will see HBK in hell. Matt Hardy then puts everything on the line to defeat Garrison Cade and celebrates with a kiss from Lita. Trish then hosts the Highlight Reel, until Jericho interrupts. Tyson Tomko fights Jericho off and drops him on a chair.


The WWE Sting of the Night is then shown. Chavo Guerrero says he is happy that the Cruiserweight title stays in the family and helps Chavo Classic defend the title.

Ivory and Todd are then in a bakery. They look around and end up buying an Italian dessert, a connoli. They claim that the only taste sweeter than this dessert is the taste of victory like how Chavo Classic won the Cruiserweight Championship.

Chavo Classic is seen taking on Funaki as Chavo Jr. watches on from ringside while announcing. Funaki dropkicks a distracted Chavo Classic out of the ring and Chavo Jr. gets angry. Chavo Classic gets back in the ring and holds the ropes to prevent being hit by another dropkick from Funaki. The two wrestlers continue to fight until Funaki goes to the top rope. Chavo Jr. runs over and throws Funaki off the top rope giving Chavo Classic the win. A few girls come through the crowd to celebrate with Chavo Classic. The girls are later paid backstage for doing so.


In Birmingham, United Kingdom, Stacy Keibler goes shopping. She starts off by buying shoes and then buys clothes. She claims that she likes to “treat herself” whenever she goes out of the country. Eugene meets up with here and reveals that he bought some shoes of his own.

Ivory is then shopping for herself and Todd. She gives Todd a hat and gives herself a t-shirt. Todd jokes that he wishes he could shop for a new co-host. After Ivory scolds him for the bad joke, they mention that the tag team titles were on the line in Montreal on RAW this past Monday.

The match picks up as Chris Benoit fights back against Sylvan Grenier. Benoit hits an Inziguri kick and both men go down. Benoit tags in Edge who takes out Grenier. He hits a facebuster on Grenier and then ends up hitting a missile dropkick. The cover ends up being broken by Rob Conway. Benoit gets in the ring and Edge attempts to spear Conway, but accidentally flattens Benoit. La Resistance then hits a tag team combo (modified suplex into spinning neckbreaker) to get the win and become new WWE World Tag Team Champions. The home crowd goes wild as they celebrate.

Ivory and Todd mention that not only was RAW in Canada this past week, but SummerSlam will be as well in August. They take us to the press conference that promotes SummerSlam being held in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre.

A large crowd is on hand as many wrestlers are show. Kurt Angle assures the fans that the SmackDown! brand will make SummerSlam the best pay per view of the year. HHH then says that to make a great pay per view like SummerSlam, you need to look no further than him.


The WWE Rewind is shown with Eddie Guerrero knocking out one of the Basham brothers (didn’t catch the name, sorry) with his WWE Championship belt. He gets up from the count out and hits a frog splash to win the match.

Ivory is seen surrounded by firemen, while sitting in a fire truck. Todd complains that they have a job to do and she needs to get down. Ivory argues that Todd is jealous and the firemen agree with her. Todd then goes on with his job to announce that at the Great American Bash, Eddie Guerrero will take on John Bradshaw Layfield for the WWE Championship. He goes on to say that JBL will name the stipulation.

JBL starts off by saying that in this match, there is no way Eddie Guerrero can run away from JBL and that he cannot be disqualified. He says that at Judgment Day, with Eddie bleeding everywhere, was just a walk in the park compared to the match at the Great American Bash. He announces that the match will be a Texas Bullrope Match. Both men are tied to one end of the rope and then all hell breaks loose. You have to beat your opponent senseless and then drag him to each corner of the ring, where you must touch each turnbuckle to win the match.


The SmackDown! Lowdown is shown. Rey Mysetrio is seen mocking Renee Dupree and ends up hitting a sunset flip to win the match. Jamie Noble then asks Miss Jackie for a kiss, but many divas attack him with water. Mordecai then talks about how he will damn the wrestlers to hell. John Cena confronts Booker T about nearly costing him the U.S. Championship. Booker T ends up attacking Cena, who knocks Kurt Angle out of his wheelchair. Angle claims that he is taking this to the Board of Directors to get Cena stripped of his title.

Todd and Ivory talk about how Cena earned that title and doesn’t deserve to lose it. They say that Booker T is getting on everyone’s nerves. They are clueless as to why the Dudleys attacked Paul Bearer and this could benefit Booker T as he took on Undertaker, who didn’t have Bearer or the urn with him.

The match picks up as Booker T goes for a vertical suplex. Undertaker blocks it and hits one of his own. The two men exchange blows for a while until Undertaker hits a chokeslam on Booker T after Booker reversed a powerbomb. Paul Heyman comes out and stops the match to confront Undertaker.

Undertaker eventually grabs Heyman by the throat and goes for a chokeslam, but the Dudleys come on the screen. D-Von is holding the urn as Bubba mentions that Paul Bearer is behind the door they are guarding. He tells Undertaker that if he ever wants to see Bearer again, he will let go of Heyman. Heyman is released and says that if he wants to see Bearer ever again, he will have to join forces with both him and the Dudleys.

Todd is in shock as he can’t believe the situation Undertaker is in. Ivory reminds us that Undertaker only has a week to make a decision as they sip tea at a restaurant.


Images of Little Italy are shown until Todd and Ivory are walking past an Italian restaurant. Todd gets on one knee as an Italian man sings. He asks Ivory to be his “forever” and Ivory rejects him. Todd is upset as he had to pay the singer $100.

Coach is seen apologizing to Eugene on RAW. Kane is supposedly Eugene’s “friend” until Coach attacks Eugene. Kane acts like he is defending Eugene until he takes Eugene out. Coach laughs as does Eric Bischoff backstage. William Regal gets mad and Bischoff says he is sick of Eugene. Bischoff puts Eugene in a match against Kane and says that if anyone interferes, they are fired on the spot.

Eugene gets fired up as Kane punches him and eventually dropkicks Kane through the ropes and out of the ring. Kane throws a chair and in the ring and knocks down the ref. Eugene DDT’s Kane through a chair and the ref calls for the bell. It is revealed that Eugene wins the match via disqualification. Kane gets up angered and chokeslams Eugene. He picks up Eugene to tombstone piledrive him onto the steel chair until Chris Benoit sprints out. Benoit tries to lock in the crossface, but Kane resists and exits to the back, motioning a title around his waist.

Ivory thanks Benoit for helping poor Eugene. Todd and her then run over the Bad Blood card: Chris Benoit (c) vs. Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels in a Hell In A Cell match, Randy Orton (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, & Victoria (c) vs. Gail Kim for the WWE Women’s Championship.

They mention that there is so much more to come on RAW tomorrow night from Albany, New York. Tonight is Sunday Night Heat however, with the main event seeing Val Venis face Batista. They mention that it is lunch time and they are going to look for food. They name off many foods until they agree on a chocolate lasagna connoli and the show goes off air.

[b][u]Food For Thought[/u][/b]

Last week, I seriously thought there would be more exciting buildup in the development of the Chris Benoit and Kane match. I didn’t think Eugene was a part of that and think this match will be a dud due to the lack of advertising. Shawn Michaels also needed to appear a bit more on RAW these past few weeks to help with the HIAC match. Nevertheless, the match alone is burning a hole in my pocket and will cost me $35 just to see HHH win again.

I am sensing a face turn for Chavo Classic leading into a dismal Cruiserweight feud between Chavo Jr. and his father. I mean, why don’t we bring Ric Flair over to SmackDown! as well for a Cruiserweight title feud between current Sun City residents. Meanwhile, the storylines on this show are floating around. I can’t tell if Cena is feuding with Angle, Dupree or Booker T. The same goes for Booker T, the Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero. Just find a good feud and stop!

Just recently, I signed the “Keep the WWE Cruiserweight Division” petition. As I sign it and praise TNA (in my own typical fashion) I realize that with the lack of Paul London, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Shannon Moore & Ultimo Dragon constantly competing, this division is horrible. Hopefully the WWE does a complete 180 with this division if they want to keep SmackDown! on the air.

As far as next week goes and my recap, well, I may not be here. Please hold your tears until after you’re done reading to avoid making me cry too. My cousin graduates from the University of Oregon the day before and my status as far as going and doing this is a bit up in the air. Hopefully I’ll be here though as Bad Blood is the same day. Priorities people, wrestling is first (Ok, not really).

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