Full WWE Experience Results - 6/13/04 (Bad Blood hype, RAW and SD + more)

Reported by Jason Patton of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, June 13, 2004 at 10:30 PM EST

Full WWE Experience Results – June 13th, 2004
Hosts: Todd Grisham and Ivory
Report by: Jason “showdown” Patton of WrestleView.com

The show kicks off in Washington Square Park with a giant marble arc behind Todd Grisham and Ivory. The arc was erected from wood and refurnished many years ago. They then bring us into the wrestling world and mention how Eric Bischoff hates his nephew, Eugene.

Bischoff tells The Coach that he will face Eugene at Bad Blood. Coach laughs at the match as does Johnny Nitro, but that is not taken well. Bischoff puts Nitro in a match against Eugene, in which if Nitro loses, he is fired.

Eugene hits an airplane spin on Nitro in the match. Eugene climbs to the top rope and as Nitro comes off, he hits a punch off the rope to get the win. Eugene wins the match to Regal’s delight and waves to the crowd. Coach is bitter about Eugene waving at everyone as Eugene wave at him. Eugene jumps towards The Coach, who ends up falling down.

Ivory reminds us that The Coach and Eugene will face each other at Bad Blood tonight. Todd tells us that The Coach is undefeated at pay per views, but Eugene is undefeated in his wrestling career.

The RAW Action is then shown with a match between Chris Jericho and Tyson Tomko being made at Bad Blood. Jericho then fights A-Train bad back and all and wins after locking in the Walls of Jericho. Lita tells Matt Hardy over the phone that she is in the WWE Women’s Championship match against Victoria, Gail Kim & Trish Stratus. Kane claims he got Lita in the match. Lita thought it was all over, but Kane says he lied.


The show comes back from commercial and Ivory reveals that as late as 1819. executions were held in this historic park. Todd ties it back into wrestling by mentioning the Texas Bullrope Match at the Great American Bash. They mention that JBL is successful as he is on the cover of SmackDown! Magazine. JBL is seen getting pampered in Manhattan and he wants to go back once he arrives at SmackDown!

JBL is shown demanding to the driver that he wants to go back to Manhattan. Eddie is revealed as the driver. He drives the limo into another limo and smashes it up. He drives the limo into the arena and sees JBL passed out and dirty in the back. Eddie claims that JBL will look like the limo at the Great American Bash.

Ivory yells in excitement about Eddie Guerrero, but Todd reminds her that they are in a “Quiet Zone”. Todd tells everyone that The Rock was at the MTV Movie Awards and Ivory insists on yelling about that.

The Rock is nominated for Best Fight at the awards. Many stars talk about him on the red carpet in Hollywood. He presented the Best Action Sequence as well and later mentioned that he can’t wait to return to the WWE.


The SmackDown! Lowdown is then shown featuring the debut of Kenzo Suzuki. He wins his match with a kick. Chavo Classic then costs his son a match against Rey Mysterio. Kurt Angle says that John Cena will participate in a Triple Play Challenge match to determine his opponent at the Great American Bash. His first two matches between Booker T and then RVD last the 5 minute draw.

The show then jumps to SmackDown! as Renee Dupree is revealed as Cena’s third opponent. Cena kicks out of many pins and gets a 5 minute draw, surviving the Triple Play Challenge. Dupree asks Angle for 5 more minutes, which he receives. Cena ends up hitting the FU however and wins the match. Angle says that win doesn’t count. Booker T then attacks John Cena, who ends up getting help from RVD. Angle then announces a fatal four way at the Great American Bash for the U.S. Championship. RVD ends up kicking Cena in the head.

Ivory seems to think that Angle’s back up plan worked. She then wants to feed the pigeons, so Todd makes a pigeon noise. Ivory compliments him on a good pigeon noise and then feeds the birds.


WWE Sting of the Night is then shown from two weeks ago on RAW. Edge accidentally spears Chris Benoit and La Resistance capitalizes by winning the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

Many fans are seen waving to the camera as Ivory fights to get away. Meanwhile, Todd is seen chasing pigeons until they are seen together by a fountain. Ivory asks where Todd was when she needed help, but he lies. Coach is then shown telling Chris Benoit that he will face La Resistance in a handicap match.

Benoit gets double teamed in the ring until Edge runs down and helps him out. Edge clears the ring and Eric Bischoff comes out. Bischoff announces that Chris Benoit and Edge will face La Resistance at Bad Blood for the tag titles. He then says he is keeping a handicap match and adds Kane to the mix.

Edge spears Kane as he tries to chokeslam Benoit. Benoit then hits a diving headbutt on Kane. As he pumps up the crowd, Kane sits up. Benoit attacks him by trying to lock in the crossface, but Kane powers out. Kane eventually hits a chokeslam on Benoit to pick up the win.

A man named Pierre is seen playing the guitar as Todd sings a song about Chris Benoit. They then run down Benoit’s busy night at Bad Blood as he goes for the tag titles and defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Kane.


The WWE Rewind is shown with Paul Heyman telling Undertaker to join him and the Dudley Boys or /* he would never see Paul Bearer again.

Todd says that many people are on one end of the spectrum while Undertaker is on the complete opposite end. Ivory says that Paul Bearer is the only man who can communicate between the two and Bearer is the only man Undertaker trusts.

Heyman holds out the gold urn to Undertaker in the ring and the two men then engage in long staredown. Undertaker eventually gets down on one knee as the lights go out and his music plays.

Todd and Ivory make it clear that it looks like the Undertaker has joined forces with the Dudleys and Paul Heyman. They say that it is a scary combination and could make an impact like the SmackDown! roster did in Italy.

John Cena is seen signing autographs as the fans cheer for the stars. They travel on a tour through both Italy and Germany where fans are always welcoming. Eddie Guerrero signs a few autographs and RVD celebrates with the crowd after a win.


The official theme song of Bad Blood plays. It is called “Sold Me” from Seether’s new, upcoming album. Todd and Ivory remind us that Randy Orton will defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Shelton Benjamin tonight.

Batista is shown in a match with Benjamin. As Benjamin gets a long pin, Orton distracts the ref, preventing the win. Benjamin chases Orton away and when he turns around, he gets clotheslined by Batista and eventually powerbombed for the loss. After the match, Orton slaps and punches Benjamin.

Ivory claims that Evolution is focused on the gold, especially since Orton’s gold is all they have. Todd says that they are turning their attention however to Shawn Michaels. They remind us that Orton took on HBK on RAW.

HBK takes control against Orton in the match. He gets ready for a Sweet Chin Music, but Batista comes in and interferes. HBK fights back and takes out Batista. He eventually makes his way to the sky box and tumbles around with Triple H. They fight for a while, hyping the Hell In A Cell match.

Todd mentions that neither man has lost a Hell In A Cell match as Shawn Michaels will face Triple H in one tonight. They are getting ready to get in a car to go to Bad Blood from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio tonight. They also remind us to watch Sunday Night Heat as they get in the car and leave.

Food For Thought

I apologize for the late report everyone, but I just walked in from my cousin’s graduation this weekend. It was fun though, so at least I have my reasons. I would take the time to make my Bad Blood predictions, but it looks like I won’t be watching it so, oh well.

Bad Blood looks like the best line up for a WWE pay per view in a long time; better than Wrestlemania XX. Orton is bound to put on another spectacular match and I wish he would feud with Benoit at Vengeance instead of Edge. The Hell In A Cell match has been hyped great and I would pay the money for that match alone based on the wrestlers in it. This seems like a can’t miss show, but I will. Go Coach!

I’m a bit tired from the whole driving back from the trip, so I don’t have much to say. As always, feel free to leave me thoughts, comments, feedback, suggestions, questions or whatever by clicking here.