Full WWE Experience Results - 7/4/04 (RAW and SmackDown highlights, more)

Reported by Jason Patton of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, July 4, 2004 at 8:15 PM EST

Full WWE Experience Results – July 4th, 2004
Hosts: Todd Grisham and Ivory
Report by: Jason “showdown” Patton of WrestleView.com

-The show opens with Todd dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Ivory informs us that the real one is 305 feet tall. They talk about how Undertaker “did the right thing” to Paul Bearer at the Great American Bash.

-Paul Heyman gloats about how he is responsible for Undertaker not having a conscience. Lightning goes off and the Undertaker is seen on the screen. He tells Heyman to “rest in peace” after he talks about Bearer being his one weakness.

-Todd says that Bearer suffered many internal injuries, especially in his lungs and trachea.


-The Slam of the Week is shown featuring Triple H telling Eugene that William Regal was using Eugene and wasn’t his friend.

-Todd and Ivory tell us that on RAW, a match took place between Triple H and William Regal. They said it would be hard enough for Eugene to watch, but he was also named special guest ref.

-Flair distracts Eugene and throws brass knuckles to Triple H. Regal takes out HHH and buts on the brass knuckles. Eugene calls for the bell and scolds Regal. HHH then hits Regal, which leads to a domino effect on Eugene. Eugene gets angry and attacks Regal as Evolution calms him down.

-Ivory reminds us that Triple H is just using Eugene to get the world title back. Todd says it may help when Eugene is General Manager of RAW tomorrow night.


-WWE Rewind is shown with Sable using a school girl pin to defeat Torrie on the Great American Bash, by fault of referee Charles Robinson.

-Todd is seen fooling around with a man painted silver and acting like a robot. Ivory takes control and says there was a rematch on SmackDown!

-Torrie ends up hitting a cross arm DDT to get the win in a fairly called match. Unfortunately for Charles Robinson, this wasn’t enough to redeem himself of his mistake, according to Kurt Angle.

-SmackDown! Lowdown is shown with Luther Reigns coming out to fight Charles Robinson. Charlie Haas comes to Robinson’s aid. Mordecai then is seen going for the crucifix on Rey Mysterio, but it is reversed by Rey into a West Coast Pop for the win. Kenzo Suzuki yells in Spanish and Cena “helps” by telling the crowd that Kenzo is constipated. Booker T then defeats RVD and Renee Dupree.

-Booker T’s victory in the triple threat match leads to a match this Thursday on SmackDown! with John Cena for the U.S. Championship.


-Ivory talks about how beautiful some women are. Todd is seen hitting on one as Ivory then says the RAW Diva Search came to New York City.

-Coach goes through a line of women and picks 5 out to become finalists in the Diva Search. Once the final casting call is done in Los Angeles, the fans will vote off a Diva one by one, until there is only one left standing.


-The Texas Bullrope match at the Great American Bash is shown. Eddie gets the last corner and is declared the winner, but Kurt Angle reverses the call and JBL becomes the new WWE Champion.

-Ivory says that it was a controversial end, but Todd and her are in agreement that Angle made the right call. JBL was then told that he could defend his title against anyone of his choosing. He then chose Spike Dudley.

-JBL hits two clotheslines on Spike, followed by a powerbomb to win. Eddie then comes out and beats up on JBL. JBL runs off and tries to get in his limo, but Eddie says his contract has a return match clause. He announces that it will be JBL defending his WWE Championship against Eddie Guerrero in a steel cage.


-Todd and Ivory run down the card for Vengeance, which features Chris Jericho vs. Batista. They say they have history together with their tag matches.

-The RAW Action is shown with Edge spearing Batista, followed by a Lionsault for the win. Edge taunts Orton about his IC title shot. Kane says he will be a father in 8 months until Matt Hardy attacks him. Hardy is kicked out by Bischoff, who says that the only way Benoit can win is by making Kane tap out.

-Chris Benoit locks in the crossface, but Kane powers out. Benoit hits 3 German suplexes and then nails a diving headbutt. He tries to cover, but is not allowed. He eventually locks in the crossface again and Kane taps out.

-Kane gets up and attacks Benoit. He chokeslams Benoit until Lita comes out. She gives Kane the title belt and holds his arm in the air. He goes to attack Benoit, but Lita low blows him. Kane grabs her by the throat and lifts her up, but then lets her go. Kane reprimands her for what she attempted to do.

-Ivory and Todd recap the Vengeance card one last time and say they are having a picnic and going to the Statue of Liberty.

Food for Thought

Last week I was unable to do a recap. I had assumed that a hotel I was staying in had Spike TV, but alas, I was wrong. I’m back though and should be for a while.

As you can see, I used a much different structure this time. I was a little less detailed and made it shorter for two reasons. One, I wanted to see which report was easier for me to do and two, I wanted some feedback from readers on which report you prefer. Use previous reports as a preference if you are confused.

Eugene should make an interesting GM and maybe he’ll put Jericho in a good match. Hey, I can dream right?

The cage match, as appealing as it sounds, isn’t pulling me in to watch SmackDown! I’d like to see Angle and Big Show and so many people return to make SmackDown! what is once was this time last year.

I don’t have a whole lot to say, but maybe you do. If so, email me and give me feedback on the new structure by clicking here.

Oh, and Happy Independence Day and to my neighbors in the North, Happy Canada Day! (A few days ago…)