Full WWE Experience Results - 7/11/04 (RAW & SmackDown highlights + more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, July 11, 2004 at 3:56 PM EST

Full WWE Experience Results – July 11th, 2004
Hosts: Todd Grisham and Ivory
Report by: Jason “showdown” Patton of WrestleView.com

-The shows opens with Todd and Ivory at the side of the U.S.S. Intrepid. They say Vengeance is tonight, live from Hartford, Connecticut. They mention that Eugene was interim General Manager last week and set up a game of musical chairs.

-Tajiri went out first, but then spit the mist into Coach’s eyes. He stumbles around blind and got eliminated. King went out third, followed by Stacy, after she was pushed by Ric Flair. As he gloated, he went out. Jericho pulled the chair from under Tyson Tomko and sat in it to win.

-Jericho fought Randy Orton later in the night for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. He put Orton in the Walls of Jericho, but Batista got on the ring apron. Jericho chased him off and was rolled up by Orton, who put his feet on the ropes to retain the title.

-Ivory says that Orton and all of Evolution cheats. Todd runs down that Orton will defend his title against Edge tonight and Batista will be busy with Jericho.


-WWE Slam of the Week is shown with Eddie stating that his contract has a return match clause. He will face JBL in a cage match.

-Todd says that JBL will live up to being a fighting champion as he picked El Gran Luchador. JBL even said he’d pay El Gran’s medical bill after the match.

-El Gran gets knocked out of ring, but a second El Gran knocks JBL out. JBL gets confused as the second El Gran switches with the first and gets in the ring. El Gran hits three vertical suplexes and JBL leaves. El Gran says Eddie will climb to the top of the cage and give JBL the biggest frog splash ever.

-Todd and Ivory remind us that this week on SmackDown!, JBL will defend his WWE Championship against Eddie Guerrero in a steel cage.


-The SmackDown! Lowdown is shown featuring Mark Jindrak’s return. He loses to RVD with a concerned Dupree watching on. Paul London and Billy Kidman win the tag titles and shake hands with the Dudleys afterwards. Cena fights Kenzo Suzuki and Luther Reigns comes out to hit a neckbreaker on Cena.

-Ivory tells us that Cena would have to defend his title against Booker T, despite the attack from Reigns. Todd claimed that Angle wouldn’t ease up after he hit Cena over the back with his cane.

-Cena comes to clothesline Reigns, but takes out Angle instead. He gets in the ring and hits an F-U on Booker T. Reigns gets in the ring and takes out Cena, until Angle says that Cena is stripped of his U.S. Championship.


-The RAW Diva Search is shown with the casting call in Los Angeles. Coach picks some people and also tells people that they won’t move onto New York.

-As Todd buys a popsicle, Ivory says that this Thursday, it will be narrowed down to 10 divas live in New York City. She and Todd then unwrap their popsicles as they talk about Flair’s new book.

-Ric Flair’s book is seen being released called “Ric Flair: To Be the Man”. He signs some books and it is revealed that it will be on the New York Times best-seller list in its first weeks of sales.


-The WWE Rewind is shown with Paul Heyman saying that he made the Undertaker do the right thing. Undertaker then says he will make Heyman pay.

-Paul Heyman comes out and reads from a piece of paper that he is sorry. He claims everything was the Dudley Boys fault and that he wants to rightfully return the urn to the Undertaker.

-Todd and Ivory mention that having the Dudleys and the Undertaker mad at you is a sign for disaster. They both agree that Heyman has gotten into trouble.


-The RAW Action is shown with Nidia winning a match to face Trish. Trish knocks her out with a cast and wins. Matt Hardy and Kane are seen brawling and then are shown with a match at Vengeance. Edge then attacks HHH and Evolution comes down to scare him off. HHH then talks to Eugene and tells him Edge and Benoit represent anyone who has been mean to Eugene.

-Ivory is seen talking to a girl about Triple H until Todd interrupts. Ivory tells him to get away and says that Flair, HHH & Eugene would face Benoit & Edge.

-Benoit accidentally takes out Eugene and Eugene takes the chair from Benoit. He goes to hit Benoit, but Benoit talks him out of it. Benoit then gets Triple H in a sharpshooter and HHH begs for Eugene to help. Eugene levels Benoit with the chair, leading to a Pedigree from Triple H for the win.

-Todd and Ivory run down part of the card for Vengeance tonight: Chris Benoit defends his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H, Randy Orton defends his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Edge, Kane faces Matt Hardy in a No Disqualification match. They say Vengeance and Sunday Night Heat are tonight from Hartford, Connecticut and hype Vengeance one last time.

Food for Thought

Vengeance looks like a mediocre card at best and will probably be a bad pay per view. If Edge wins the Intercontinental title, I might boycott RAW for a while. Randy Orton has proven to be nothing short of a superior champion and should hold the title longer than any other champion ever.

Something hints at me that we could see a Shawn Michaels sighting either tonight or tomorrow night. Chances are hey may feud with Kane, so it would be fitting that Hardy wins tonight and Lita reveals it’s Hardy’s “baby”.

SmackDown! looks like it could very well improve over time. Although I don’t like Kidman and London as tag champs very much, it was a good move. An Angle-Cena feud will blow us all away most likely and this cage match should be great.

Sorry for the lack of commentary this week, but I have places to see and people to go. Or something like that….. As always, feel free to email me with any words of wisdom by clicking here.