Full WWE Experience Results - 7/18/04 - (RAW & SmackDown highlights, more)

Reported by Jason Patton of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, July 18, 2004 at 3:33 PM EST

Full WWE Experience Results – July 18th, 2004
Hosts: Todd Grisham and Ivory
Report by: Jason “showdown” Patton of WrestleView.com

-Todd and Ivory kick off the show by saying what a crazy week it was in the WWE. Todd said he had an interview with Ric Flair this past week on RAW and his focus was in many different places.

-Flair claims that there are always freaks in the way. The Hurricane then comes up and asks Flair to sign his book. Flair says he is insulted by people like the Hurricane and Hurricane says Flair’s book wasn’t as good as The Rock’s, Hogan’s or Foley’s. Flair then knocks down Hurricane and challenges him to a match.

-Flair goes to work on the legs of Hurricane with chop blocks. He locks in the figure four and forces Hurricane to tap out.

-Footage from the Diva Search on Thursday is shown. Edge, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Triple H judge the contest until there is 10 potential divas left.


-A John Heidenreich promo is aired with him saying one man believes in him. This man is revealed to be Paul Heyman.


-The SmackDown! Lowdown is shown featuring John Cena throwing Luther Reigns through a wall. He then is put in a 3 on 1 handicap match. Kenzo Suzuki is eliminated first, followed by Renee Dupree.

-Cena fights back against Booker T and gets the crowd pumped up. He goes to grab Booker T, but is tossed out of the ring. With the referee’s back turned, Reigns comes out and tosses Cena into the steel pole. Booker T then hits a scissors kick on Cena for the victory.

-Ivory says that Cena can’t get a break anymore. Todd says that he won’t be able to rest as he will face Luther Reigns on SmackDown! this week.


-Chris Jericho is given an award in Winnipeg for his accomplishments. He feels honored to be in the same category with Mother Teresa, the Pope and Jimmy Carter.

-RAW Action is then shown with an angry Kane on the Highlight Reel, calling out Lita. Lita comes out and confronts Kane saying she knows that Hardy is the father because he is more of a man than Kane will ever be.


-WWE Slam of the Week is shown with Edge rolling up Batista, while holding the ropes to win his match on RAW.

-Todd and Ivory remind us that Edge wants to take out Evolution. They say he took Orton’s title and then beat Batista, so that is 2 down and now 2 more to go. They recap that Eric Bischoff gave Eugene a world title shot.

-Eugene hits a Rock Bottom on Benoit and covers for two, but thinks he won. Eugene celebrates with the World title when Evolution comes down. Triple H takes down Eugene and then hits a Pedigree on Benoit. Regal is attacked and is given an RKO. Eugene is given an RKO and then a Batista Bomb.

-Todd and Ivory say that Eugene was eventually hit with a Pedigree as well and left a bloody mess. The sad thing about it they say is that Eric Bischoff was behind it all.


-The WWE Rewind is shown with El Gran Luchadore saying Eddie will give JBL the biggest frog splash ever in the steel cage.

-The match picks up as Eddie tries to climb over the cage. JBL brings him back in and hits a powerbomb. JBL tries to escape, but Eddie kicks him off the top rope. Eddie then stands atop the cage and hits a frog splash on JBL. He eventually recovers from the splash and covers for two. Both men fight at the top of the cage until El Gran Luchadore pulls Eddie off. JBL drops to his feet and wins. Luchadore tries to escape, but Eddie pulls his mask off. A healthy Kurt Angle is revealed.

-Todd and Ivory are shocked by it and remind us that Sunday Night Heat is tonight and RAW is tomorrow as the show ends.