Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 11/23/03 taped from Beaumont, Texas

Reported by of WrestleView.com
On Monday, November 24, 2003 at 1:10 AM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results 11/23/03
Announcers: Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman
Report by: Thomas Verberne of WrestleView.com

Heat opened tonight with the video montage of Stone Cold’s last appearance with the WWE. Highlighting his farewell speech last week at Survivor Series.

Regular fireworks and music and we are introduced to tonight’s announcers Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman.

Match #1
Hurricane and Rosey Vs. Michael Koch and Jeremy Lopez

Hurricane and Lopez start off the match with a lockup in the middle of the ring. Lopez with the quick arm bar to the back of the Hurricane, Hurricane reverses with an arm bar of his own. Lopez then throws down the Hurricane and a kick to the back of the head. Hurricane gets up and puts a modified DDT on Lopez for a quick two count. Hurricane throws Lopez into the corner of the ring where Koch is waiting for the tag. Koch tags in punching Hurricane, Hurricane then tags in Rosey. Rosey with a huge clothesline on Koch then sends him to the corner. 2 chops on Koch, Koch sends Rosey to the other corner then begins to choke Rosey, Rosey sends Koch to the other corner, Koch misses Rosey hits Koch with a big tackle and a kick to the face, tags in the Hurricane. Hurricane comes in the ring with a legdrop off the top rope, then some punches go back and forth, and Hurricane gets sent out of the ring, Lopez is waiting and hits a dropkick on the Hurricane. Hurricane gets tossed back into the ring. Lopez tags in. Puts some kicks to the back of the Hurricane and puts Hurricane into the camel clutch. Hurricane reverses into a rollup with a two count. Lopez with the power slam on the Hurricane and tags in Koch. Koch puts a big suplex onto the Hurricane and goes for the elbow drop but Hurricane rolls out of the way. Hurricane tags in Rosey, Lopez and Koch are both in the ring and Rosey is taking out both of them. Big sidewalk slam on Lopez. Picks up Koch for the Samoan drop then hits the leg drop for a two count broken up by Lopez. Lopez gets put into the corner and Rosey drives Koch right into him, when Koch falls, Hurricane hits him with the shining wizard. Rosey jumps to the second rope does a backfli that hits Koch and gets the three count.

Winners via pinfall: Hurricane and Rosey.

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Match #2
Jon Heidenreich Vs. Jared Steele

Heidenreich and Steele lockup with Heidenreich outpowering Steele and tossing him against the ropes three times. Heidenreich then throws down Steele and lays the boots to him. Steele gets up and takes out Heidenreich’s knee. Heidenreich then throws Steele into the ropes and charges at him with his shoulder three times. Picks up Steele and slams him with a sidewalk slam. Heidenreich goes for the pin with a two count. Heidenreich then puts Steele in a gutwrench while Steele struggles to get out by hitting him in the face. Heidenreich has enough and slams down Steele. Puts the gutwrench on him again, Steele tries to get out by punching him in the face and once again Heidenreich has enough and throws Steele to the corner. Powerslam on Steele, goes for the elbow but Steele some how roles out of the way. Heidenreich gets up, and Steele bouncing off the ropes running into Heidenreich several times trying to knock the big man off his feet, but to no avail. Heidenreich catches Steele throws him down and gets the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Jon Heidenreich

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Lugz boot of the week Molly Holly taking off the turnbuckle in her match against Lita at Survivor Series. Throws Lita into the missing turnbuckle for the win.

Raw Highlights: Lita and Matt Hardy as special guests on the Highlight Reel
Match with Lita and Matt Hardy Vs. Molly Holly and Eric Bischoff
Christian saving Lita’s job after the match by using Bischoff’s favour.

Commercial Break

Shows wwe.com’s website and the Coach thanking everyone who ordered Survivor Series.

Photo highlights of Kane Vs. Shane-O-Mac ambulance match.

Match #3
Maven Vs. Masada

Masada and Maven start the match with a lockup, Masada going behind Maven with the arm, Maven reversing the move, then Maven with the drop toe hold on Masada. Masada gets up and puts Maven in a headlock, Masada thrown to the ropes, shoulder block by Maven goes for the elbow drop but Masada quickly rolls out of the way. Masada throws Maven to the corner and grabs Maven, ref breaks up the hold but as soon as he moves, Masada starts taking it to Maven, finishes it off with a clothesline and goes for the pin for the one count. Maven gets up quick and is relentless on Masada, Maven then goes for the legdrop then misses it Masada puts Maven in the headlock. Crowd starts cheering for Maven, Maven gets out, bounces off the ropes into a sunset flip for the two count. Headlock again by Masada, again the crowd starts cheering for Maven, Maven gets out goes off the ropes and a kick to the face on Masada. Masada gets up quick and a double clothesline, both men are down. Masada is first to get up and starts punching Maven. Maven breaks free goes off the ropes and puts Masada into a backdrop, then a quick clothesline, then a spinning heel kick. Maven goes to the second rope and hits Masada with a DDT. Goes for the pin and gets a three count.

Winner via pinfall: Maven

Plug for The Stone Cold Truth to air on Wednesday November 26, 2003 on UPN

Coach and Snow are back, bragging that Bischoff is now the sole GM on Raw and that they were with him since the beginning.

Raw Highlights: Match, Randy Orton, Batista and Triple H Vs. Goldberg
Kane coming out post match


WWE Rewind: RVD on top rope to give the 5 star frogsplash to Ric Flair, Randy Orton knocks him off the top rope and gives him the RKO.

Match #4
Trish Stratus Vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim makes her way to the ring, followed by Trish, when Trish comes down we see the clip from last week on Raw when Trish and Jericho were kissing in the back.

Gail Kim grabs Trish from behind and starts choking Trish with her coat. Gail Kim continues to punch and kick on Trish Stratus then throws her into the corner of the ring. Sends Trish off the ropes and Trish lands on top of her and punches her in the face, Al Snow mentioned how this was his fantasy for Trish to do this to him. Trish then throws Gail Kim against the ropes, and hits her with a clothesline for a two count. Gail Kim counters with a side walk slam and also gets a two count. Gail Kim continues to hit Trish’s back then puts her in the bow and arrow. Trish gets thrown outside the ring where Gail Kim continues to punish her. Gail Kim throws Trish back in the ring, and hits the top rope to go for the springboard but slips off the ropes and lands on her head. Powerslam by Gail Kim then she hits the second rope. Trish quick to her feet gets her off with a Hurrincinrana, then gets her with another power slam, Trish goes for the pin with a 2 count. Trish then gets Gail Kim with the Stratusfaction and gets the Pin.

Final plug for Raw tomorrow with Goldberg Vs. Triple H for the title.