Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 1/25/04 (Molly vs. Victoria + Rumble)

Reported by Michael Roush of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, January 25, 2004 at 8:07 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - Pre-Royal Rumble
Date: January 25, 2004
Announcers: Jonathan Coachman and Al Snow
Reported by: Michael Roush of WrestleView.com

Royal Rumble Preview
Coach says he has three cracked ribs from the 3-D through a table by the Dudley Boys on last week's Raw. Coach and Snow talk up the Raw matches for the PPV. Josh Mathews and Rue Debona preview the SmackDown talent matches. Long montage of video clips reviewing the recent heat between Eddie and Chavo Guerrero Jr, leading up to their one-on-one match tonight. Michael Cole interviews Eddie Guerrero, who talks about his entire family turning against him, and controlling his hot Latino temper.

Coach talks smack about the Dudleys, and then Snow introduces some highlights of the signing party for the new WWE Originals album.

Funaki is in the back, outside the door where the Royal Rumble numbers are being drawn. Teddy Long and Mark Henry come out complaining to Funaki about discrimination by the WWE officials. Snow explains that a higher number is better in the Rumble, because that means the participant enters the match later, which is a great advantage.

Kurt Angle being interviewed by Funaki about his condition. Angle explains that he got an eye injury last week, but will win the Rumble and dedicate the win to all the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. Josh and Rue talk up other superstars' chances, mentioning again that the winner gets a shot at his show's title at Wrestlemania, then talk turns to Brock Lesnar and Hardcore Holly. The same video montage shown on SmackDown! on Thursday is shown again, and it explains what has happened between Lesnar and Holly up to this point. Josh throws in a reference to Lesnar and Holly "bringing the extreme back to Philadelphia", a reference to Philadelphia being the home of the now-defunct ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) where many of WWE's current superstars once competed.

A shot of the outside of the Wachovia Center shows a crowd lined up in daylight, with the word "live" superimposed at the top. It's dark here in Cincinnati, the 'live' sign probably just went on the display too early.
Footage of the past friendship between HHH and HBK and their subsequent fallout, leading to their 'Last Man Standing' match for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

Josh introduces Michael Cole and Taz, who are standing in the ring. The Rumble rules have been modified so that there are now 90 seconds between entrants. Taz gives his three keys to winning the Royal Rumble: 1) Out of Sight, Out of Mind; 2) Conditioning; and 3) Higher Number is Your Best Friend. Taz scoops up Michael Cole as an example of what to do in the Rumble, but sets him back down on his feet in the ring as Cole screams. Josh and Rue go over the SmackDown! matches for the Rumble again. Back to Coach and Snow who go over the Raw matches one more time.

Footage of last Friday in London, England. Steve Austin signs autographs for the crowd at a Virgin Records store, which is selling his book and the WWE Originals CD.

Coach turns the broadcast over to JR and The King for some action. They briefly mentioin the matches, and talk about Steve Austin's invitation to Mick Foley to appear at the Rumble.

Women's Non-Title Match
Molly Holly vs. Victoria (w/ Steven Richards)
Victoria is still wearing a brace on her right knee. Molly takes it to Victoria early on, but Victoria turns the tide, hitting an impressive standing moonsault. Molly gets caught with a sit-out "Widow's Peak" and Victoria gets the pin.

Winner: Victoria

More hype for the Royal Rumble, which starts in just a couple of minutes, enjoy the show!