International Sunday Night Heat Results - 1/9/05 (Richards & Tajiri)

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On Sunday, January 9, 2005 at 3:48 PM EST

International Sunday Night Heat Report
Taped: 1/3/05
Aired: 1/9/05 at 1pm on Sky Sports 3
By: Steve Knight Of

Don't worry everybody; your international saviour is here. My name is Steve Knight, formerly of, and I will be here every PPV Sunday with these little re-caps. So without further ado, let's get to it.
The Sunday Night Heat intro is played.

Todd Grisham and Jonathan Coachman welcome us aboard as ring announcer Howard Finkel introduces the first competitor of the night, Simon Dean. Dean gets on the mic and runs down some fat guy sitting in the front row, saying it isn't true when people say he's too fat because he's actually three fat! He ends his speech by informing the crowd he believes in them all.

***Simon Dean vs. Val Venis***
The pair lock up to start, with Venis forcing Dean into the corner. Referee Jack Doan calls for the break but Dean responds by shoving Venis. He then charges out at his opponent, only for Venis to shove him down hard to the mat. Dean cowers in the corner so Venis wraps his wrist over the top rope until Doan calls for the break again. Another lock-up and Venis cinches in an armbar before twisting the arm round and going to a hammerlock. He takes Dean to the mat for a few seconds before rising up and twisting the arm round again before clamping in another armbar. Dean tries to bounce Venis off the ropes, but Venis reverses it. Dean rebounds and slides between Venis' legs before dropping him with a hard right hand. Dean then comes off the ropes, only for Venis to stop him in his tracks with a couple of uppercuts to the gut and a right hand. He chops Dean and hits two of his patented knees at the ropes followed by a side Russian leg-sweep. Venis then hits the grind and punches but allows Dean to roll out to the apron, where he catches Venis with a hangman. Dean then leaps over the top rope, lands and floors Venis with a diving clothesline for 2. He then stomps on Venis, who tries to fight back with a couple of right hands. Dean halts his momentum though with a nice modified neckbreaker (similar to Billy Kidman's) for another 2-count. Dean then delivers a push-up choke to Venis before choking him over the middle rope. After delivering a jumping knee to the back of Venis' head, which was still on the rope, Dean locks in a modified Camel Clutch. Venis doesn't give in and tries to fight back with another right hand, but Dean drops him with a big boot. He then kicks Venis in the ribs and taunts him with a couple of squat thrusts, but Val surprises him with a flip pin for two. Venis then reverses a whip and decks Dean with a standing clothesline before moving to the corner to get his breath back. Dean charges in but Venis gets the boot up and unloads with a series of rights. He then whips Dean off the ropes and floors him with a reverse elbow, then another. A boot to the gut precedes a fisherman suplex, which gets 2. Dean grabs his gym bag in the corner but Venis catches him with a schoolboy for 2. As Doan removes the bag though, Dean grabs his bottle of Simon System powder and clocks Venis in the head with it. 1-2-3.

***Winner: Simon Dean***

After the match, Dean tries to hide the huge bottle by stuffing it down his tight vest. Funny stuff.

A Chris Jericho video montage airs.


***Rhyno vs. Danny Doring***
An ECW chant erupts as the bell rings, paying homage to both men. For whatever reason (probably because they're both idiots) the announcers continually refer to Doring as Dan Morrisson. What!? Anyway, the two lock up to start with Doring twisting Rhyno's arm, only for Rhyno to twist it back and unload with a series of boots to the gut. He then twists the arm again, sending Doring to the mat. Rhyno runs the ropes but Doring leapfrogs over and goes for a hiptoss, which Rhyno blocks before delivering a clothesline. After a series of stomps in the corner, Rhyno whips Doring off the ropes and goes for a sidewalk slam, only for Doring to flip out of it. Rhyno regains the advantage with an Irish Whip but then misses the corner charge. He retains control though with a series of right hands and a hard forearm to the back. He then whips Doring off the ropes but lowers the boom too early, allowing Doring to kick him in the chin. Doring then runs the ropes, ducks a clothesline and floors Rhyno with a dropkick for a 1-count. He then cinches in a front facelock and hammers away on Rhyno's back with a series of forearms. Rhyno fights out though and goes for a whip, only for Doring to reverse it. Rhyno rebounds with a diving clothesline and then delivers an Irish Whip followed by a shoulder charge in the corner. A huge spinebuster follows and then Rhyno hits the Gore for the 1-2-3.

***Winner: Rhyno***

Tonight's main event is Tajiri vs. Steven Richards.

Next - Chris Benoit battles Batista on RAW.

A video montage airs promoting RAW's return to the UK at the Birmingham NEC Arena on Monday, April 25.

A video montage airs of RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff's Beat the Clock challenge from two weeks ago, including Evolution's problems and the unveiling of Shawn Michaels as special guest referee.

We are then shown clips from RAW, where Batista showed he has a good chance in the Elimination Chamber by beating Chris Benoit with the Batista Bomb after ramming his head repeatedly into the exposed turnbuckle.

The Don't Try This At Home montage airs.


***The Hurricane and Rosey vs. Wagner Brown and John Roselli***
Grisham shills for the WWE's return to the UK before the match begins. When it does, Rosey and Brown lock up with the big man forcing Wagner into the corner. Wagner shoves him so Rosey shoves him hard back into the corner but then misses the corner charge. Brown unloads with a series of right hands but then gets scared when Rosey looks angry. He then catches a Brown boot and floors him with a clothesline followed by a hard headbutt and then a strange-looking flip slam (powerbomb set-up but looks like an overhead belly-to-belly suplex). Brown bails and tags in Roselli, who calls for The Hurricane. Before he gets him though, Rosey shakes his hand and squeezes it hard before whipping him into the corner. Hurricane comes in, whips Roselli off the ropes and decks him with a jumping leg lariat for 1. Roselli fights back with a series of right hands and an Irish Whip, but Hurricane leaps over Roselli off the turnbuckles to avoid impact and then decks him with a reverse elbow. Roselli nips up though and mocks Hurricane's pose, the superhero pokes him in the eye. Quality. Roselli reverses a whip attempt and Brown pulls the ropes apart from the apron, sending Hurricane flying to the outside. Brown rolls him back in, where Roselli stomps on him before tagging Brown back in. Brown hits a series of stomps followed by a sit-down bodyslam for 1. He then boots Hurricane in the gut, whips him off the ropes and hits a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Roselli tags back in and kicks Hurricane in the corner before delivering a shoulder charge. A snapmare gets 2. Brown then sits on the middle rope and puts his feet in the air for Roselli to slam Hurricane's face into, but he blocks it and Roselli hits boot instead. As Hurricane boots Brown to the outside though, Roselli levels him with a big clothesline for 2 and then cinches in a neck vice. Hurricane tries to fight out with some right hands, but Roselli cuts him off and whips him off the ropes. Hurricane goes for a backslide but hits a reverse neckbreaker instead. Roselli tags in Brown and Hurricane makes the hot tag to Rosey, who decks Brown with a running shoulderblock, clothesline and bodyslam. He then whips Brown off the ropes but lowers the boom too early, allowing Brown to kick him in the head. He then runs the ropes but runs straight into a standing avalanche from Rosey, who then sits on Brown for 2 as Roselli breaks up the count. The Hurricane gets back in and clears the ring of Roselli before hitting the Shining Wizard on Brown. A Rosey big splash follows and it's all over.

***Winners: The Hurricane and Rosey***

Next - Randy Orton battles Triple H on RAW.

A video montage airs promoting Smackdown!'s return to the UK on Tuesday, April 26.

We are then shown footage from RAW, where Randy Orton beat Triple H with the RKO following a ton of interference from Evolution, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Edge and Shawn Michaels, who recorded the 3-count in his referee's attire.

At New Year's Revolution, it will be Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship in an Elimination Chamber Match.


***Main Event - Steven Richards vs. Tajiri***
Richards isn't even blessed with an entrance this week. What a waste of talent. Another ECW chant breaks out as the two lock up, with Richards slapping on an armbar. He then twists the arm and yanks it a couple of times, only for Tajiri to perform Owen Hart's old flip out routine followed by an armdrag. A nice series of holds on the mat leads to a crucifix pin for 1. He then sweeps Richards' legs out from under him and lands a stiff kick to the back of the head. Richards gets his wind back and the two lock up again, with Richards forcing Tajiri to the ropes where he hits a slap to the chest. Tajiri responds by kicking Richards in the ass and then in the leg after catching an attempted boot. A series of right hands follow until he goes for a bodyslam, but Richards slips out the back door and shoves Tajiri into the ropes. He goes for the handspring back elbow but Richards moves out of the way. He then whips Tajiri off the ropes, who rebounds with a sunset flip. Richards sits down but Tajiri slips out from underneath, only to hurt his back in the process. Richards capitalises by kicking him in the back, whipping him off the ropes and scoring with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He then slaps the back and hits a few more kicks before propping Tajiri on the middle turnbuckle so he can stand on his back. Richards then accidentally falls out of the ring (which looked quite dangerous) but returns to hit a running dropkick on Tajiri in the corner for 2. He then goes to a backbreaker submission but Tajiri fights out with a series of slaps to the chest. Richards fights back with a chop and whips Tajiri off the ropes, but he rebounds with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Richards cuts him off with a boot to the gut and a chop before looking for another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker off the ropes, but Tajiri flips out and hits a series of stiff kicks about the body. He then whips Richards off the ropes and decks him with a spinning heel kick. A series of chops follow but Richards reverses a whip, allowing Tajiri to hit a wheelbarrow bulldog for 2. He then unloads with a series of chops in the corner, only for Richards to reverse an Irish Whip. Richards then hits a rear kick to the gut but misses a Bronco Buster attempt and crotches himself in the ropes. Tajiri waits and then nails Richards with a stiff reverse kick for the 1-2-3.

***Winner: Tajiri***

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The Jobbers' Showcase

Danny Doring: Best known for winning the ECW Tag Team Championship with Roadkill, Doring stands 5'10", weighs 202lbs and comes from Pepper Pike, Ohio. With his sex-god gimmick, his trademark moves include the Wham Bam Thank You Mam, the Bareback and the G-Spot Sweep. A graduate of the ECW House of Hardcore, Doring now travels the independent circuit and has appeared for NWA-TNA in the past.

Wagner Brown: A huge name on the indie circuit, Slyk Wagner Brown has wrestled for many organisations and held many titles along the way, including the 3PW Tag Team Championship and NWA Tag Team Championship. Known as "The Underground King", he stands 6'2" tall, weighs 225lbs and calls Boston, Massachusetts home. His finishing move is the Gator Breaker. Brown is also married to his valet April Hunter, a former nWo girl.

John Roselli: Another indie traveller, John usually wrestles under the name Johnny Heartbreaker in the north-east of the USA. He stands 5'11" tall, weighs 207lbs and is from White Plains, New York. A Sacred Heart University graduate, Roselli's ultimate goal is to make it to the WWE.