WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report (Benjamin vs. Rhyno)

Reported by Steve Knight of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, January 30, 2005 at 4:35 PM EST

WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report
Taped on Monday, January 24 in Oklahoma City, OK
Ring announcer: Howard Finkel
Commentators: Todd Grisham and Marc Lloyd

The opening montage airs.

***Molly Holly vs. Victoria***
Victoria, who I haven't seen for a while, is looking damn fine tonight in a new yellow and pink outfit. Yum. Anyway, the two lock up to start with Molly cinching in a headlock before working the takedown. As Grisham hypes the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour that will hit the UK in a few months, Victoria traps Molly in a legscissors on the mat. Molly moves her body and flips on top of Victoria for a 1-count from referee Earl Hebner. Victoria bridges out of it and goes for an early Widow's Peak attempt but Molly sunset flips out of it. Victoria reverses that though and slingshots Molly in the corner before taking her down with a pair of armdrags, causing Molly to bail to the outside. As Victoria tries to pull her back in, Molly leaps off the apron and snaps Victoria's arm over the top rope. She gets back in and hits an armbreaker for 2 before working a keylock over the bottom rope. Hebner calls for the break so Molly does the same hold over the middle rope before breaking again. Victoria tries to fight back with a right hand to the gut but Molly cuts her off with some rights of her own before flipping Victoria onto the mat by her arm for another 2-count. After a couple of jumping knees to the injured limb, Molly slaps Victoria in the face and then mounts her from behind while clawing away at the face. An Irish Whip follows but Molly then misses her patented handspring elbow. Victoria mounts a fightback, blocking two Molly right hands and replying with two of her own followed by a third that knocks Molly to the mat. She then hits a clothesline, whips Molly off the ropes and takes her over with a back body-drop. A bodyslam is next followed by the dancing moonsault for 2. Molly momentarily halts Victoria's momentum by pulling her down, throat-first onto the bottom rope. She then chops her at the ropes and goes for a whip, but Victoria reverses it, delivers a boot to the gut and hits the Widow's Peak for the win.

***Winner: Victoria***

Tonight's main event will see Rhyno face Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match.

Next: Action from RAW's 6-Man Tag Team Match.

The Edge video package airs.

We then catch clips from RAW, where Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit fought Christian, Tyson Tomko and Edge in a 6-Man Tag Team Match. At the end of the match Michaels hit Tomko with some Sweet Chin Music before Benoit rolled the big man up with a schoolboy for the win.


***Simon Dean vs. Jared Steele***
Dean gets on the mic before the match starts and rips on Steele, referring to him as 'Jared Squishy'. He insults the hometown hero and the crowd, prompting Steele to unload with a series of right hands. Dean reverses a whip but Steele slides between the legs and hits an armdrag. Dean blocks a right hand though and hits a nice standing STO before unloading with a series of stomps. After slamming his butt in Steele's face (huh?), Dean chokes Steele with his boot and then stands on his head. He then delivers a right hand and chokes Steele some more in the corner before delivering a bodyslam and then a legdrop off the ropes. In a new move, Dean grabs Steele in a legscissors, twists him onto his front and performs a few push-ups, slamming Steele's head into the mat in the process. Using the ropes as a launch pad, Dean delivers a knee to the face and then chokes Steele some more over the middle rope. He then delivers a couple of crossface blows and rips away at Steele's face before slamming it into the turnbuckle. Another boot choke follows before Dean chokes Steele over the bottom rope and delivers another knee to the face. He then acts as if he is sorting out Steele's cramp but it's actually a pin cover for 2. Dean then delivers another right hand followed by a knee to the gut and a slap to the face. Steele tries to fight back with a series of rights to the gut but Dean cuts him off with a forearm shot to the back of the head. He then whips Steele off the ropes, only for Steele to come back with a sunset flip for 2. Dean cuts him off again though with a discus punch before locking in the STF for a submission win.

***Winner: Simon Dean***

Next - World Tag Team Champions La Résistance challenged Batista to a Handicap Royal Rumble Qualifying Match on RAW after all three men appealed to general manager Eric Bischoff for a match. Batista promised to shove the champs' Quebec flag "somewhere /*" when he won.

A cool Royal Rumble commercial airs, including clips of past Rumble winners.

We are then shown clips from RAW, where Batista fought World Tag Team Champions La Résistance in a Handicap Royal Rumble Qualifying Match. Batista delivered a big spinebuster to Sylvain Grenier on top of Robert Conway for the win before delivering on his earlier promise by sticking the Quebec flag up his ass.

Later - The Hurricane and Rosey will be in action.

The Don't Try This At Home warning airs.


***The Hurricane and Rosey vs. Jeremy Young and Chad Collyer***
Rosey and Young lock up to start, with Rosey forcing his opponent into the corner where he breaks. Young comes out and tries to take Rosey down by the leg but the big man looks bemused and throws Young across the ring with his inverted overhead throw. Hurricane tags in and decks Young with a jumping leg lariat for 2 but then allows Collyer to make the tag. The two lock up and work a beautiful sequence of chain wrestling that ends with the Indy Applause StanceT. Collyer offers Hurricane a hand shake but then boots him in the gut and unloads with a series of right hands and stomps. As Rosey complains to the referee, Young decks Hurricane with a clothesline from the apron before Collyer hits a nice back suplex for 1. He then chops Hurricane but the superhero slaps him right back in the chest. Collyer hits back with a right hand and slams Hurricane's head into the buckle before tagging back out to Young. Young unloads with some stomps of his own before whipping Hurricane off the ropes and decking him with a nice diving reverse elbow. Collyer tags back in, stomps on Hurricane and delivers a backbreaker for 2. A couple of knees to the back follow as Collyer works the surfboard stretch. When Hurricane refuses to submit, Collyer goes for a boot but Hurricane catches it, spins Collyer down and decks him with a big uppercut. Both men tag out and Rosey comes in like a house of fire, unloading on his opponents with right hands and headbutts. A huge boot to the gut sends Young down so Rosey whips Collyer off the ropes instead and takes him over with a back body-drop. He then whips Young off the ropes but Young comes back with a sunset flip. Rosey sits him on though for the 1-2-Collyer breaks it up with a dropkick. Hurricane comes back in and unloads with a series of right hands on Collyer before Rosey squashes him with a reverse Avalanche to the head in the corner. He then picks Young up and the duo hit a double-team Eye of the Hurricane for the 1-2-3.

***Winners: The Hurricane and Rosey***

Still to come - Rhyno vs. Shelton Benjamin.

Next - Ric Flair fought Randy Orton on RAW.

The Heidenreich vs. Undertaker Casket Match Royal Rumble commercial airs.

We are then shown clips from RAW, where Randy Orton beat Ric Flair with the RKO despite constant interference from World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. After the match Orton posed with the belt in the ring.

Grisham and Lloyd then run down the Royal Rumble card, which looks like this:

World Heavyweight Championship Match - Randy Orton vs. Triple H (C)

Edge vs. Shawn Michaels

Casket Match: The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match: John Bradshaw Layfield (C) vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show

Royal Rumble Match: 15 RAW superstars, 15 Smackdown! superstars and the chance to headline Wrestlemania 21.

Next - Rhyno vs. Shelton Benjamin (in case you'd forgotten)

***Non-Title Match: Shelton Benjamin (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Rhyno***
The two lock up to start, with Benjamin cinching in a headlock that he maintains for an absolute age as Rhyno is unable to break it. After a couple of right hands to the kidney he does break it with a back suplex but then misses a couple of elbow drops. He feigns hitting a third but then scores with one immediately after for a 1-count before cinching in a headlock of his own. Benjamin reverses it into a headlock of his own though before Rhyno goes for another back suplex, only for Benjamin to flip over the back and hit a back suplex of his own for 2. He then goes back to the headlock but Rhyno forces him back into the corner where a staredown ensues. Things get heated in the middle of the ring as Benjamin shoves Rhyno but gets a right hand in reply. The two exchange rights until Benjamin gains the upper hand, whips Rhyno off the ropes and decks him with a reverse elbow. Rhyno reverses another whip attempt though, delivers a boot to the face and DDT for 2. He then stomps away on Benjamin and chokes him on the mat before choking him over the middle rope. Benjamin tries to fight back with a couple of rights to the gut but Rhyno cuts him off with a forearm shot to the back of the head and takes him over with a snapmare. He then cinches in a reverse chinlock and starts to wear down Benjamin on the mat. The champ eventually fights out with some elbows to the gut but Rhyno cuts him off with a knee to the gut and a bodyslam, only to then miss a top rope splash. Benjamin powers up and decks Rhyno with a pair of running clotheslines. Rhyno reverses a whip but Benjamin rebounds with a jumping double axhandle shot followed by a bodyslam and top rope flying clothesline for 2. Rhyno calls time out but Benjamin has no mercy and hits two Irish Whips. Rhyno reverses the third though and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex in preparation for the Gore. Benjamin leapfrogs the move though and Rhyno goes crashing into the corner. One Stinger Splash and one Exploder Slam later and it's all over for the Man Beast.

***Winner: Shelton Benjamin***

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***Jobbers' Showcase***

"The Superstar" Jared Steele wrestles for Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW) and is a former Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion with Eddie Atlas. He weighs 235lbs and is from Houston, Texas. His finishing move is the Steele Plate.

"The Fire" Jeremy Young wrestles mainly for American Championship Wrestling (ACW), where he and former WWF superstar "Dr. Death" Steve Williams run training camps. Young has just recently returned from a tour of Japan with the IWA.

Chad Collyer is a well-travelled Indy wrestler who has wrestled for WWE on many occasions in the past. He weighs 218lbs and is from Liberty, Indiana. Collyer has wrestled for many promotions, including Michinoku Pro and All-Star Promotions over here in the UK. He is also a former Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA) Heavyweight Champion and Cruiserweight Champion, defeating Smackdown! superstar Shannon Moore for the latter.