International Sunday Night Heat Report - 4/3/05 (Snitsky vs. Rhyno)

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On Sunday, April 3, 2005 at 12:57 PM EST

International WWE Sunday Night Heat report
Taped: On Monday, March 28 in San Antonio, Texas
Aired: At 10am in the UK on Sky Sports 3
Reported by: Steve Knight of

The opening video airs before Todd Grisham and Marc Lloyd welcome us aboard.

Viscera vs. Val Venis
So we lose the whole women's division and Rico and what do we get in return? Viscera. Yeah, makes sense to me too. The two lock up to start, with Viscera powering Venis down to the mat. Venis then fakes locking up again, ducks under Viscera and unloads with a series of rights that fail to affect the big man. Venis runs the ropes and hits a clothesline, but still Viscera doesn't move. Venis does it again with the same result so decides to poke him in the eye instead. Venis then hits some more rights and a chop before running the ropes, only for Vis to deck him with a rolling wheel kick. He then places Venis in a tree of woe, backs up and squashes him with a reverse Avalanche in the corner. He then hits a hard slap to the chest before deciding to choke Venis over the middle rope, followed by another slap and then an Irish Whip. He misses a second Avalanche attempt though, allowing Venis to roll him up in a schoolboy for 2. Vis gets up and throws a big right but Venis ducks it and unloads with a series of kicks to the leg. He then runs the ropes and drops Vis to his knees with a clip from behind before finally putting him down with a facecrusher off the ropes. Sensing victory Venis goes up top for the Money Shot but Vis gets up so Venis drops back down again. Vis grabs Venis and tosses him into the corner but then misses a slap and hits the turnbuckle instead. Val hits some more rights and then goes for an Irish Whip, but Vis reverses it and hits his version of the Sky High (which Grisham calls The Embalmer) for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Viscera

Tonight's main event - Rhyno vs. Snitsky

Next - Shawn Michaels battles Muhammad Hassan on RAW

The Triple H / Batista Wrestlemania 21 video airs.

Two weeks ago on RAW - Muhammad Hassan and Daivari whinge to Shawn Michaels that despite never having been pinned on RAW, Hassan is not booked in a match for Wrestlemania. HBK responds by challenging him to a match.

We then catch highlights from RAW, where Shawn Michaels beat Muhammad Hassan via DQ when Kurt Angle ran in and attacked HBK, only for Michaels to fight him off before security escort Angle away.

At Wrestlemania it will be Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels.

A video airs hyping the WWE RAW Wrestlemania Revenge Tour of the UK.


The Wrestlemania Taxi Driver video airs.

Rosey vs. Russell Simpson
The two lock up to start with Simpson cinching in a headlock, only for Rosey to lift him up and toss him across the ring. They go for another lock-up but Simpson evades it and works the go-behind, landing a couple of forearms to the back for good measure. Rosey pulls Simpson's arms apart though and then slams his backside into Simpson's chest to break the hold. He then unloads with a series of left hands in the corner followed by a slap and then a huge beale across the ring. Simpson turns the tide with an eye rake and kicks away at Rosey's knee but then stupidly goes for a single leg takedown. Rosey is too strong and sends Simpson flying with an overhead throw. He then whips Simpson off the ropes and catches him in a big bearhug but then throws him to the mat when he gets bored. He then whips Simpson off the ropes and lowers his head, so Simpson boots him in the shoulder and then lands a series of kicks to Rosey's injured ribs (remember Triple H and the sledgehammer?). He delivers a couple of rights, ducks a Rosey right and runs the ropes, only for Rosey to flatten him with a big clothesline. He then delivers an Irish Whip and destroys Simpson with a huge Avalanche followed by a bodyslam. Rosey then hops up to the second rope and flattens Simpson with a guillotine legdrop for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Rosey

Later - Triple H and Batista went face-to-face on RAW.

Next - A 6-Man Tag Team Match erupted on RAW.

The Don't Try This at Home video airs.

We then catch highlights from RAW, where Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin beat Christian, Tyson Tomko and Edge in a 6-Man Tag Team Match when Jericho made Tomko tap out to the Walls of Jericho. After the match Kane came down and destroyed everyone with a ladder.

At Wrestlemania it will be Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Kane in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.


"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs. Jared Steele
Masters gets on the mic before the match and gives Steele the opportunity to walk away and save himself a beating, only for Steele not to back down. The two go for a lock-up but Masters delivers a boot to the gut and then throws Steele into the corner where he unloads with a series of kicks and knees. He then delivers a sloppy beale across the ring and then hits a couple of stiff kicks to the back. Masters then hits a nice double backbreaker/fallaway slam combi, only to then miss an elevated kneedrop using the bottom rope as a springboard. Steele fights back with some kicks to the knee and then comes off the rope with a shoulderblock to knock Masters down. After a few more kicks Steele hops to the second rope and dives off, but The Masterpiece destroys him with the Polish Hammer and then puts Steele in the Masterlock for the easy submission victory.

Winner: "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters

Tonight's main event - Rhyno vs. Snitsky

Next - Triple H and Batista square off on RAW.

The extremely boring Wrestlemania A Few Good Men video airs.

We then catch highlights from RAW, where Batista and Triple H took part in a Face-Off that exploded into a pull-apart brawl when HHH slapped Batista across the face.

Grisham and Lloyd then run down some of the matches for Wrestlemania 21, which include:

Triple H vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

The Big Show vs. Akebono in a Sumo Match

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Kane in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Piper's Pit with Stone Cold Steve Austin

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship

Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme for the Women's Championship


Snitsky vs. Rhyno
A loud ECW chant erupts before the two lock up. Nobody gets the advantage so they lock-up again with similar results. Rhyno cinches in a headlock after a third lock-up but Snitsky breaks it by shoving Rhyno into the ropes, only to miss a clothesline and then get floored by a shoulderblock. Rhyno runs the ropes but Snitsky drops to the mat and floors Rhyno with a big shoulderblock of his own on the rebound. Rhyno regroups on the outside and then locks up again, this time slapping on a wristlock before twisting Snitsky's arm around. Snitsky breaks the hold with a right hand and then delivers an Irish Whip, only for Rhyno to get his elbow up on the corner charge. He then tries to lock in a sleeper hold while sitting on the top rope but Snitsky elbows free and then shoves Rhyno all the way to the outside. Snitsky follows him out and delivers a boot to the shoulder followed by a shot to the barricade and then one to the steel steps before he rolls Rhyno back inside. There he unloads with a series of stomps before Snitsky rolls to the outside, drags Rhyno to the edge of the apron and delivers a big kneelift on the outside. Rhyno tries to fight back with a series of right hands but Snitsky cuts him off with a forearm to the back before delivering a bodyslam and a series of elbow drops for 2. Snitsky then slaps on a Cobra Clutch, which Rhyno eventually breaks out of with a series of right hands, only for Snitsky to deck him with a short clothesline for 2. He then goes right back to the Cobra Clutch and Rhyno fights out again with right hands before ducking the short clothesline attempt. He then unloads with a series of right hands. Snitsky reverses a whip attempt but Rhyno rebounds with a diving clothesline followed by a shoulderblock and a belly-to-belly suplex. Sensing victory, Rhyno prepares for the Gore but Snitsky walks out to the apron. Rhyno stops himself in time, slams Snitsky's head into the buckle and then delivers a shoulder thrust to send Snitsky outside. He then rolls Snitsky back inside and runs the ropes, only for Snitsky to drop him with a big boot. He then delivers the reverse DDT for the win.

Winner: Snitsky

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