WWF RAW is WAR Results (December 18, 2000)

WWF Raw is War Results
December 18, 2000
Live from: South Carolina
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts off with highlights of Vince from Smackdown telling Linda he wants a divorce, then they show how he talked down to his daughter too from Smackdown.

Opening Segment
Vince McMahon comes down to the ring and starts off by saying that his life hasn't been the same since last Thursday night. He said that last Thursday night before Smackdown went off the air he received note that his wife was rushed to the hospital. He said that his reaction was misinterputive and he said that he was deeply saddened but that wasn't the way it came out. He said that it was the appropriate response to laugh when he heard the news. He said it happens to everyone, they laugh instead of crying and they cry instead of laughing. He said that his wife has suffered a nervous breakdown and he says that he takes a little blame for what happened to Linda but he also blames Mick Foley. Then he says Blame Foley and his daughter for Linda's nervous breakdown. He said he would'nt of made reference to many things but his daughter provoct him. he said starting tonight in his personal life, he will start doing things right, but he says that there is someone /* that should take a little blame also for what happened and he said it's Linda. He said that he told his lawyers to stop the procedures for the divorce papers temporary just until Linda gets back. Then they show some photos on the Titon Tron of him and Linda when they first got together and when they got married and stuff. Then Stephanie McMahon comes down and Vince tells her what the hell is she doing there. She told him that she is here to tell him what she thinks of him, she said last week she called him discusting, and she said that description doesn't just fit, she said that his actions show her just how sick he is. She said that is proud that she is like her mom and that Vince is a mean old bastard. Kurt angle's music hits and he comes down looking upset, and he takes the microphone and says that he knows that this doesn't concern him but he says that it's too much. He said he is ashamed of Stephanie and the way she talked to her father, he said where he comes from, people respect their parents and if he would've talked to him dad like that, he would've got kicked out of the house. Mick Foley's music hits and he said that he did a mistake by calling Vince garbage on Smackdown, and that Vince is more then garbage. Angle then says, that how can he know that Linda didn't haveher nervous breakdown because of foley or because Vince suffered the Stunner, Rock Bottom and last ride. Foley then says that he will make Angle defend his WWF title tonight. Kurt says , "Big Deal" he said that Foley put him in hell in a cell and Kurt Angle still came out on top and Angle asks Foley against who will he be facing tonight? Foley responds and says that Angle will face someone that he never faced before and that someone is a former WWF Champion and that someone is VINCE MCMAHON!


Stephanie is shown leaving the arena.
Then they Show the Hardy Boyz talking together and how Jeff will beat Benoit tonight.

Match #1
Intercontinental Title
Chris Benoit vs Jeff Hardy

The match starts with Benoit delivering a few punches on Jeff but then Jeff kicks him to the outside and then he jumps on him on the outside. They go back in the ring and Benoit delivers a suplex and stomps on the head of Jeff Hardy. Then Benoit does a few chops to the chest on Jeff Hardy followe dby a belly to back suplex. Then Benoit does a flying headbutt and covers 1,2 but Hardy kicks out. then Jeff kicks Benoit and takes him down, then he does a twisted body press 1,2 but Benoit kicks out. Then Jeff was going for somekind of neckbreaker and Benot flips him and applies the Crippler's Crossface for the win.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Backstage, they show Angle and McMahon and McMahon says to himself, Vince McMahon the WWF Champion, and Kurt Angle says what's Vince talking about and Vince said that Foley is trying to humiliate him, and Vince says, "Vince can become a 2 times WWF Champion" and he is so confident and happy about it, then Kurt tells Vince that he has to go and Kurt leaves the locker room.


They show Edge and Christian backstage, and Kurt Angle comes to them and he said if they can talk to Foley and to try to convince him to call the match off and Angle said to them to use their canadian charm or something ,then Edge and Christian said that they will tell Foley how good his book is and stuff and they will convince him.

Billy Gunn was showned ticked off.

Then edge and Christian were showned talking to Foley and Debra and they said the Beauty and the Beast "no offence to Debra" and they start laughing and they sucked up to Foley big time and Foley still called the match on and they pushed his table and they wanted to be taken seriously and Foley puts them in a match against Undertaker and The Rock.

Match #2
Dudley Boyz/Billy Gunn vs RTC

Dudleys and Gunn attack RTC as soon they came down and then they go in the ring and Devon is fighting against the Goodfather and Devon makes the tag to Buh Buh Ray and teh Goodfather hits him and then he puts him in the corner and is about to go for the Ho train but Buh Buh closelines him then they do the WAZZUUUP thing and they call for the tables. Then Stevie Richards decides to go in the ring and Buh Buh gets him but Ivory goes in and low blows Buh Buh Ray and Buchanan gets the tag and takes control of the match. The tag was then made on both sides and Billy Gunn was all over Val Venis. Then he positions him for the piledriver but Ivory gets up and pulls his hair then Billy Gunn puts her for the piledriver but Stevie Richards does the superkick on Gunn which allowed Val venis to get the pinfall.

Winners: Right To Censor

Vince was showned backstage with Kurt Angle backstage again and Vince said that he loves the idea of him against Angle. Angle tells him that he is not going to lay down for McMahon and give him his title.

Match #3
Tag Team titles
Edge & Christian vs Undertaker & Rock

Christian starts off by attacking teh Rock but the Rock turns the tables and delivers a few punches on Christian, then the Rock suplexes Christian, then Christian makes the tag to Edge and Rock does a running powerslam on Edge, and the Undertaker gets the tag and he is beating on Edge and Christian goes in and tried to help Edge but Undertaker puts him in the corner too and beats on both men. The Rock gets the tag and the Rock sends Edge to the rope but Rock stops and goes after Christian but Efge then does the spear and then the Undertaker pushed the referee out of the way. Christian gets the tag and he is in control against the Rock. Christian then puts a slepper hold on the Rock but the Rock gets out of it then Christian does a spinning wheel kick and makes the tag to Edge and Edge gets a Rock bottom right away and both men are down. Then Rock makes the tag to the Undertaker and taker cleans house. Rock and Edge are fighting on the outside and then Undertaker closelines Christian to the outside and the referee gets knocked out by accident, then Undertaker and Christian are back in the ring and Undertaker does the Last Ride and covers but the referee is down, then edge gets the belt and knocks the Undertaker with it and Christian covers Undertaker, 1,2 but taker kicks out. Undertaker makes the tag to the Rock and the Rock does a Samoan drop on Edge, then he does the spinebuster followed by the People's Elbow and gets the win.

Winners: NEW Tag Team Champions, Undertaker and The Rock


They show highlights of how Taker and Rock won the titles.

Vince goes to Foley and Debra and says that he will become champion and then he slaps Foley and he leaves.


Backstage they show Vince McMahon looking in the mirror and flexing.

Match #4
Chris Jericho vs Perry Saturn (w/ Terri)

The match starts with both men locking up, then Saturn kicks Jericho in the stomach nut they break up and they fight again andthen Saturn does a full Nelson into a suplex and then he beats on Jericho in the corner. Jericho tried to roll up Saturn but then turns it into the Walls of Jericho and gets the win. After the match Terri slaps Jericho and Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho on Terri, then Benoit and Malenko come out and beat on him, then Saturn does the Death Valley driver, then Malenko does the Texas Cloverleaf and then Benoit does the headbutt.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Vince McMahon is showned backstage putting some lotion or something on his bicep and he is flexing and Trish comes up to him and she wishes him good luck and he wished her luck in her match too.

Austin is showned walking backstage.


Acolytes were showned talking to Jacqueline and she yells at them and asks them for a cigar and beer.

Match #5
William Regal vs Steve Austin

Regal comes out and does his usual talking. Austin comes down and beats on Regal, he was all over him. Austin went for many early falls but Regal kicked out. Regal then tossed Austin to the outside. Regal sends Austin face first into the steel post and he sends him back in the ring and Regal kicks on Austin. Then Regal puts Austin in the corner and beats on him but Austin tries to comeback in the match but Regal low blows him 1,2 but Austin kicks out, then Austin gets up and beats Regal down, then Austin was going for the Stunner but Regal pushes Austin on the referee and the referee goes down, then Regal grabs the belt and is about to hit Austin but Austin does the Stunner and Austin grabs the belt and hesitates and the referee gets up and calls for the bell and thought Austin hit Regal with the belt, then Austin stuns the referee.

Winner: BY DQ, William Regal

Angle is showned backstage talking to Edge and Christian saying they will get their titles back, and then they tell him that he cares about himself only and they leave.

Match #6
Acolytes/Jacqueline vs T & A/Trish

The match starts with Jacqueline going after Trish and then Trish throws Jacqueline to the ropes and Test trips her Trish continues to beat on her, then she does a bulldog on Jacqueline. Jacqueline got the tag but the referee did not see it and the Acolytes went after Test and Albert on the outside and in the ring, Jacqueline does a DDT on Trish and gets the win.

Winners: Acolytes/Jacqueline

Kurt Angle is backstage talking to Foley and telling Foley he has to call the match off because either Vince has something up his sleeves or he will kick McMahon's ass. Foley said he can't call the match off cause he called his wife and told her about the match and she is happy about it and Foley says that if he calls the match off he is afraid that his wife will ask
for a divorce and he pretends to cry and then Foley laughs and says the match stays.


They Show Lita at WWF New York wearing different kinds of bra and panties.

Match #7
WWF Title
Vince McMahon vs Kurt Angle

Before the match started, Foley's music hits and he comes out and says that he is the gues ring announcer for tonight and introduces Kurt Angle and says please wlecome the cry baby, backstabbing.....and finally introduces him, then he says his opponent, is a complete and total idiot and is the owner of the WWF, he is a horrible father, terrible husband and a couple weeks ago he received a Stunner, Rock Bottom, Last Ride and received Socko down his throat, ladies an gentleman please welcome, Vincent K. McMahon.

The match starts with both men starring at each other, then Vince just takes down Kurt Angle and jumps around, then he takes the microphone and says he wants to thank Foley for this oppurtunity, then he attacks Foley and Angle too, then Foley is in the ring and best on both men, but then Angle jumps him from behind, but Foley low blows him. Foley takes out Socko and puts the mandible claw on Vince but Angle hits Foley with a chair. Edge and Christian come out and they double chair shot Foley with a chair. Stephanie comes out and tells them to stop and she tells them to stop beating up on Foley, and she says that she has documents saying that since Linda is away, Vince is the CEO. Vince says he has full power now and he tells Foley that he is fired. Then Angle hits Foley again with a chair and Foley is busted open. Then Vince says Mick Foley, Merry Christmas.

Winner: No Contest

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