WWF RAW is WAR Results (December 25, 2000)

Full WWF Raw is War Results
December 25, 2000
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com
Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Opening Segment
Stephanie McMahon comes down. She said the McMahon family is truly celebrating the Christmas spirit. She said that she has a problem with the way Smackdown ended on Thursday night and they show a footage from Smackdown when the Rock and Undertaker looked at each other in a weird way. She said they are probably thinking who is the better superstar. She said tonight we will see Rock vs Undertaker. She said Rock is not afraid from the Last Ride and Undertaker is not afraid from the Rock Bottom. She then introduces Edge and Christian and Kurt Angle. Edge takes the microphone and wishes Stephanie and her family a Merry Christmas. Then Christian takes the microphone and trashes the fans and says that his Christmas wish came true and they showed footage from Smackdown when Edge pinned The Rock to win the tag belts. Kurt Angle takes the microphone and says that it's Christmas and he is in the Christmas spirit and says that the people from Chattanooga Tenesse stink and stuff and said that he invited his family tonight and he tells them to come out and like 5 guys come out dressed like Kurt Angle and they hug each other. Angle says that he wants us to meet his brothers, his cousin...He says that his family has 11 national medals or something like that and 16 states championships, but he said that he is only member of his family that is Olympic Gold Medalist. People started chanting Foley...and Stephanie takes the mic. and says that for the last time, Foley is fired. Then all of them gather up in the ring and they start singing with each other and then Jericho interrupts them, and he does the usual "Welcome to Raw is Jericho" and then he says in this cage, "revenge of the nerds". He said my name is Y2J and on behalf of these Jerichoholics would you please "Shut the Hell Up". He said that they were singing the wrong song, and he said they should sing the 12 days of Christmas and he disses them and specially Stephanie. He said this is Christmas and he wants Kurt Angle's WWF Title and he wants it tonight. Angle takes the mic. and says that Jericho comes out and insults his family and friends and he expects a title shot? Then Stephanie takes the mic. and says that he won't get his title shot. Stephanie said that Kurt Angle and Edge and Christian will face Jericho and 2 partners of his choice and then Jericho says thanks Stephanie for giving him that as a Christmas present but Jericho said that he did not get Stephanie a present, he said "What could you get someone who had everyone?" Then Jericho said that's all fine and he will ask his friends to get the tables.

They show Kurt Angle backstage introducing his family to K-Kwigg.

Match #1
Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs Hardy Boyz

The Hardys told Lita to stay backstage but she refused and she came down with them.

The match starts with the Hardyz double teaming Benoit and they threw him out, then Jeff Hardy jumped over the top rope and landed on Benoit and Malenko. Hardy goes back in the ring and squares off against Benoit and Benoit works on hardy's knee, then Benoit makes the tag and Malenko beats on Jeff Hardy. Malenko makes the tag back to Benoit and Benoit beats on Jeff a little and makes the tag back to Malenko and somehow Jeff makes the tag to Matt and Matt attacks both Benoit and Malenko. Then Malenko puts Matt on the ropes and is going for a suplex but Lita goes in and low blows Malenko and Matt does a leg drop and gets the pin. After the match, Malenko puts the Texas Cloverleaf on Matt and Benoit puts the Cripplers crossface on Lita while Jeff is hurt on the outside.

Winners: Hardy Boyz

Backstage, teh Hardyz get in a fight with Benoit and Malenko.

Then the Rock is shown coming into the arena and Michael Cole tells him that he is facing the Undertaker tonight.

Kevin Kelly then interviews Debra and asks her about McMahon keeping her as Lt. Commish...Debra said that Foley tought her many stuff and she said she will be fair and she announced a triple threat match for the Hardcore title.

Stephanie is shown talking to Vince McMahon on the speaker phone and McMahon said he is stuck in traffic and we hear a voice of a lady and Stephanie asks who that was then he changed the subject by saying it's a homeless lady, then he said he gots to go and he hung up.


Cole is showned interviewing Austin and he showed some highlights of Smackdown when Vice said that Austin will face Kane. Austin said that he got what he want, and Austin said that Christmas is the time to give and he said that he will give Kane a certified Stone Cold ass whipping and thats the bottom line cause Stine Cold said so.

Match #2
Hardcore Title
Triple Threat Match
Raven vs Hardcore Holly vs Steve Blackman

Holly attack Raven, then Blackman comes in and he attacks him too, then Holly rolls up Raven 1,2, but he kicks out. Then Blackman fights with Raven and Holly hits him with a cover of a garbage can and Raven covers 1,2 but Holyl pulls him off. Then on the outside, Raven uses a fire extinguisher. Then all 3 men go in the crowd and they continue fighting. Then they went towards the entrance ramp and they are all beating on each other with sticks, cans everything. Then they go backstage and they throw each other everywhere. Then they go outside and they continue fighting and then Blackman does a German suplex on Holly on a car and gets the win. After the match, Raven hits Blackman with something and covers him 1,2,3. The 24/7 rules is on now.

Winner: New Hardcore Champion, Raven


Steven Regal comes out and says that it's the Holidays and he trahses the fans about farting while eating and he said that they are setting the wrong example to their children.

Match #3
Kane vs Steve Austin

Austin and Kane exchange fists, then Kane throws Austin in the corner, then Austin puts Kane in the corner and delivers a couple of right hands. Then Austin chokeslams Kane to the outside. On the outside, Kane and Austin exchange hits again, then Austin goes after Regal on the anouncing table and beats him up, then he beats on Kane too. They go back in the ring and Kane kicks Austin right in the face. After, Kane hits Austin's knee on the ring post, then Kane goes in the ring and on the top rope and closelines Austin 1,2 but Austin kicks out. Kane then delivers a back breaker. Austin then tries to fight back and tries to do a suplex on Kane bt Kane reverses it and does a suplex on Austin. Kane then puts Austin in a bear hug. Austin manages to get out of it and Austin went all over Kane and then out of nowhere, Austin does the Stunner, then Regal gets up on the apron and Austin knocks him off then he turns around and Kane hits him, then Regal goes and attacks Austin and the referee calls for the bell, then regal gets a chair and Austin low blows Kane and hits Regal and Austin grabs the chair and nails both men with it.

Winner: by DQ, Steve Austin

Kurt Angle is showned with his so-called family backstage and he was talking to his mom on the phone.

Match #4
Too Cool vs T & A

Test and Albert came out without Trish.
The match starts with Test beating Grand Master Sexay down. Then Stephanie comes down and watches the match from the entrance ramp. Then both men make teh tag and Albert does the Albert bomb 1,2 but kickout. Then Test gets the tag and he stomps on Scotty Too Hotty, then Albert gets the tag back. Then both men make the tag and Grand Mster goes after Test and Albert accidently squached his own partner, then Scotty throws Albert head first and then he does the WORM, but then Stephanie tries to trip Test and Grand Master Sexay rolls up Test and pins him.

Winners: Too Cool


Albert is showned walking into Steph's locker room and he said that if she needs anything, he is there for her...

Match #5
6 Man Tag Team Match
Chris Jericho/Dudley Boyz vs Kurt Angle/Edge & Christian

The match starts with Jericho squaring off against Christian. Jericho delivers a few right hands on Christian. Jericho is trying to put the Walls of Jericho on Christian but then he does the slingahot on him. Edge gets the tag and so does Devon, then Devon gives the tag to Buh Buh Ray and Ray beats on all of them. Then he grabs Edge's legs and they do the WAZZuuppp thing and then he tells Devon to get the tables. On the outside, Angle gets knocked out by Jericho and Christian hits Devon. Back in the ring, Christian gets the tag and Buh Buh does a back body drop on him and makes the tag to Jericho. Then Angle gets the tag and Jericho does a back breaker on Angle, then closelines Angle to the outside. Angle's family was at ring side and his brother hits Jericho and Jericho hits all of them, then the Dudleyz powerbomb Kurt's brother Eric threw a table. In the ring, Jericho was going for the Lionsault but Angle puts out his knees, then he does the Olympic slam and gets the win. Then the Angle family held Jericho and beat on him, then The Dudleyz come back to save him.

Winners: Kurt Angle/Edge & Christian


Match #6
RTC vs Acolytes w/Jacqueline

Right to Censor come out and Bull Buchanan was saying that the people should turn away from WWF violence, and no more internet for kids etc...Then Goodfather taes the microphone and backs Buchanan up.

Bradshaw starts off by beating on the Goodfather, then he make sthe tag to Farooq, Farooq knocks Goodfather down and covers 1,2 but he kicks out. Buchanan gets the tag and does a back breaker on Farooq. Farooq makes the tag to Bradshaw and Bradshaw takes care of Bull and he goes on the top rope and jumps on Buchanan, the Bradshaw grabs Ivory's hair, then Jacqueline attacks Ivory, then while the referee was distracted with the women fight, Val Venis goes in the ring and DDT's Bradshaw which allowed Bull to get the pinfall.

Winners: Right to Censor


Then Jim Ross and Lawler talk about Chyna's injury and stuff. Then they show Chyna's interview with Jim Ross. Chyna was given 2 options, either to never wrestle again or surgery where they will fuse her neck. Then Ross said her playboy was successful, her appearance on 3rd Rock From The Sun was also successful and Ross said that she has something to fall back on.

Rock Interview
Kevin Kelly asks the Rock if he's afraid of the Last Ride and the Rock said Afraid? He said that he is not afraid of anyone. Then he talks about The People's raindeer and he said that Kevin Kelly has no balls and stuff. (It was a funny promo) Then at the end Rock said that the Undertaker's yard will always be on the People's Planet.

Match #7
Undertaker vs The Rock

The match starts with both men staring down at each other. The Rock tries to punch but Taker blocks it and punches the Rock, then Taker nails the Rock to the outside. Undertaker then beats on the Rock and throws him everywhere. Then he brings him back in the ring. Rock then tries to fight back but taker kicks the rock in the stomach, then the Rock closelines Taker followed by a neck breaker but Taker gets right back up, then Rock does a side Russian leg sweep, then Taker hits the Rock and covers 1,2 but Rock kicks out. Undertaker continues to beat on the Rock, then Taker does a side walk slam and covers 1,2 but Rock kicks out again. Then the Rock starts punching the Undertaker and does a DDT on him and he covers, 1,2 but Taker kicks out. The Undertaker send sthe Rock to the ropes and Rock bounces back and he elbows the Rock in the face. Then The Undertaker works on rock's back a little. The Undertaker then sends the Rock to the ropes and gets the Rock in a bear hug. The Rock manages to get out and punches The Undertaker but Undertaker does a DDT and covers 1,2 but he kicks out. The Undertaker is preparing the chokeslam but the Rock blocks it and knocks The Undertaker down. Rock is about to do the Rock Bottom, but The Undertaker hits him and does the chokeslam, then Rikishi comes out but The Undertaker knocks him off, then The Rock does the spinebuster, Rock is going for the People's elbow but Rikishi lowers the ropes and the Rock falls and the referee calls for the bell. Rikishi kicks the Rock and Undertaker after the match and then sits down on them.

Winner: by Disqualification, The Rock

Thanks for reading,
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