WWF RAW is WAR Results (January 1st, 2001)

WWF Raw is War Results
January 1st, 2001
From: Austin, Texas
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

They show highlights from Smackdown and what Austin did to Stephanie.

Then Austin is showned backstage. Then Earl Hebner tells Austin that Stephanie wants to see him in her office.

Match #1
Undertaker vs Rikishi

Rikishi was standing on the entrance ramp and would'nt go in the ring, so the Undertaker got on his motorcycle and went after Rikishi. Then The Undertaker runs after Rikishi and gets him and they start fighting from the entrance ramp to the ring. In the ring, Undertaker sends Rikishi to the ropes and gives him a foot in the face. They go to the outside and Undertaker delivers a few hits but then Rikishi punches back, then Undertaker hits Rikishi's head on the announcing table. Back in the ring, Rikishi take control of the match. (They show Kane watching the match backstage) Then Undertaker grabs Rikishi and is about to chokeslam him but Rikishi gets out of it and kicks Undertaker. After that Undertaker takes control and closelines Rikishi and covers, 1,2 but Rikishi kicks out. Then Rikishi is up and does a belly to belly suplex, then he is about to squash the Unertaker in the corner but taker moves and then Taker closelines Rikishi. Undertaker positions Rikishi for the last ride but he can't get him up. Then Rikishi hits the Undertaker, but right away Undertaker DDT's Rikishi and gets the win.

Winner: Undertaker

Backstage they show Austin going into Stephanie's office. She said he has to earn a title shot. She shows him a whole bunch of beer cases and a beer vendor is standing beside them and Stephanie tells Austin that he has to sell all those beers by the end of the night or he will never get a title shot. Then Austin tells her "Drink it? or sell it?" She said he has to sell it and she leaves. Then the beer vendor tells Austin good luck and Austin snaps and beats him up.


They show Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle entering the arena. Edge is like what is that smell then Christian said it's Texas, the whole state smells like that. The Coach asks Angle about how he feels on defending the WWF title the next night between the winner on the matches between Undertaker, Kane, Rock...Angle didn't know what he was talking about. Then Coach told them that they will face the Dudley Boyz and Jericho.

Match #2
Right To Censor vs Acolytes and Billy Gunn

The match starts with the Acolytes and Gunn cleaning the ring. Then Bradshaw squares off against Bull and he suplexes him, 1,2 but he kicks out. Then Bull delivers a few hits on Bradshaw, then Bradshaw hits him and makes the tag to Farooq and they double team him and Farooq covers, 1,2 but he kicks out. Bull then takes control of the match and tags the Goodfather, an dthe Goodfather has Farooq in the corner and choking him with his foot. He sends Farooq to the ropes and he bounces back and Farooq kicks him and make sthe tag to Billy Gunn and Goodfather makes the tag to Venis and Gunn was all over Val Venis. Vebis then hits Gunn and goes on the ropes and jumos but Billy Gunn moves, then they get back up at the same time and Gunn is delivering a few punches on Venis, then all 6 men went in the ring and they beat on each other, then all of them go the outside except Gunn and Venis and Billy Gunn gets the pinfall on Val Venis.

Winners: Acolytes and Billy Gunn

Backstage, Austin is showned selling hot dogs and Stephanie asks him how it's going and Austin said I have some problems with this bottle of mustard and he sprays mustard all over Stephanie and she runs screaming into the ladies room.


Austin is showned backstage tasting different kinds of beer.

Then Stephanie is showned backstage whipping off the mustard. Then she has Vince on the speaker phone and Vince is telling her that she cannot let Austin get to her and then Trish Stratus walks in and Stephanie asks her what she's doing there and Trish said she wants to talk to her, then Trish says Hello to Vince who is on the speaker phone and then Vince tells Stephanie that Benoit will defend his intercontinental title against Test tonight and Stephanies was furious and McMahon hung up on her. Then Stephanie yells at Trish and tells her to get out.

Michael Cole is interviewing the Dudleyz about their match tonight. Devon says that they will put them threw tables...Then Buh Buh ray says this is personal.


Match #3
Hardcore Title Match
Raven vs Tazz

Raven said today is a special day and that today is the first day in the year of the Raven.
Raven attacks Tazz with a cover of a garbage can. Then Raven goes to the ourside and he puts a rope around Tazz's neck and he hits him with that can. Then Tazz puts the Tazzmission but Raven low blows him. They then go to the women's washroom and Tazz puts Raven's head into a toilet bowl and flushes. Then Raven and Tazz go in another room and the Hollys attack them, then Blackman gets involved too. Then Raven hits Crash with a fire extinguisher and pins him and run sout of the arena.

Winner: Still Hardcore Champion, Raven


Austin Segment
Austin comes to the ring with an empty case of beer. He takes the microphone and says that no one gave a rats ass about what Stephanie says. Austin says since he sold all her beer and hot dogs, he tells here to come out and award him his title shot. He said he is not asking her to come out he is telling her. Then the music hits and here she comes out. She takes the microphone and says who the hell Austin thinks he's talking to. Austin says "A complete bitch". Stephanie said that she gave himtons of beer and hot dogs to sell and she hasn't seen him sell one. Then the fans chant "slut" then austin tells her that the fans are calling her a slut. She said that either Austin gave all the hot dogs and beers or he ate them, then he said he sold all the beers and hot dogs, then they show the Acolytes eating and drinking the beer. The Stephanie started to talk and Austin tells her to shut up and he asks her for his title shot. She said that since she's a McMahon and she's a women of her words, she said he will face William Regal tonight and the winner of that match will face the winner of the Rock vs Kane match and then there will be a triple threat match on Smackdown and the winner will be #1 contender. He said that he will make the year 2001 a living hell for Stephanie. Then Stephanie tells Austin to take the beer case off of her and Austin rips it right off with her shirt and Stephanie ran to the back with her bra.


Match #4
6 men Tag Team Table Match
Edge/Christian & Kurt Angle vs Dudleyz/Jericho

Jericho comes out first and says welcome to Stephanie is naked. He is like Stephanie don't act all embarassed cause it's not like half of the locker room hasn't seen you naked anyways. Kurt Angle then asks Buh Buh Ray how his back is feeling, then Edge asks Jericho how his face is doing after Stephanie slapped him on Smackdown. Then the fight begins and Jericho is beating on Christian on the outside. Devon is beating on Edge in the ring, then Christian goes in and Devon punches him, then Devon turns around and Edge spears him. Christian gets the tag and beats on Devon and then does a side Russian leg sweep. Edge gets the tag and suplexes Devon, then Edge tags Kurt Angle, but Devon punches Kurt and runs towards him but Kurt extends his foot and hits Devon. Christian gets the tag and beats on Devon, then Devon gets up and does a neckbreaker and tags Jericho and Jericho goes after Christian, then all 6 men go in the ring and they start fighting. Then Buh Buh Ray garbs Angle and Devon goes on the top rope and headbutts Kurt Angle in the mid section. Then they get a table and Buh Buh Ray suplexes him but they move the table moved. Then Jericho put sthe Walls of Jericho on Kurt Angle and out of nowhere, the Dudleyz do the 3D on edge threw the table.

Winners: Dudley Boyz & Chris Jericho

Test is showned backstage preparing for his match against Benoit, then trish walks in and explains that all the rumors are false, it's all lies etc.. Then She says to forget about Albert and to concetrate on Benoit because Test has a chance to win the IC belt.


Match #5
Intercontinental Title Match
Chris Benoit vs Test

The match starts and Test is in control, Test does a Full Nelson, then he beats on Benoit in the corner. Then Benoit put sthe Crippler's Crossface and Test was already grabbing the ropes. Then Benoit executes a back breaker, then he punches Test and kicks him. Then test nails Benoit down. Test goes on the top and Albert makes his way to the ring and Test jumps on him and Test goes in the ring and Benoit does a few chops on Test, then He slams Benoit and covers, 1,2 but Benoit kicks out. Then Test goes on the top rope and Trish trips him and Test fall sin the ring and Benoit gets the win. Afterthe match Albert and Test fight in the ring.

Winner: Still IC Champion, Chris Benoit

William Regal goes and talks to Debra backstage and first he said if Debra can put something to cover her breast because he can't really concetrate talking to her while half her breast are showing, then Debra tells him to talk...Then Regal said to Bebra to tell Austin that in his match vs Regal there will be a special referee and he said that it's a suprise and he won't tell.


The Radicals make their way to the ring to do a little color commentary.

Match #6
Hardy Boys vs Kaentai

Taka takes the microphone and starts talking but they played someone /* talking and Taka was just moving his lips.

Hardys attack Taka and Funaki. Then they double team Taka. then Taka takes down Jeff and tags Funaki and Funaki puts Jeff in the corner and hits him, but Jeff reverses it and beats on him, then Funaki makes the tag and Taka goes after Jeff. Matt gets the tag and slams Funaki and does a leg drop from the top rope and then he is going for he Twist of Faith but Taka kicks him. Then Jeff takes care of Taka on the outside and he goes on the top rope and does the Senton Bomb on Taka and gets the win. After the match the Hardy's attack Saturn and Malenko and Lita hits Terri.

Winners: Hardy Boyz


Match #7
Kane vs The Rock

Rock attacks Kane, but then Kane grabs the Rock and does a side walk slam. Then Kane stomps on the Rock. Then the Rock throws Kane to the outside. Kane then pushes the Rock to the security rails and then delivers an upper cut on rock. Then they go between the fans and Kane slams the Rock on the concrete floor. Then Kane drags the Rock to the ring and Kane goes on the top rope and closelines the Rock and covers 1,2 but Rock kicks out. Rock punches Kane a few times and bounces off the ropes and Kane gets him and power slams him. Then rock punches Kane again and does a Samoan drop. Then the Rock DDT's Kane and covers 1,2 but Kane kicks out. Then Kane sends Rock to the ropes but the Rock does a belly to belly suplex. Then Kane delivers a boot to the face to Rock. Then Kurt Angle comes out and observes the match. Then Kane closelines Rock to the outside. The Rock then does the Rock Bottom on Kurt Angle on the outside. In the ring, Rock does the spinebuster on Kane and then Rock goes for the People's Elbow but Kane grabs him for a chokeslam but Rock throws Kane outside. Then rock throws Kane in the ring and Kurt Angle attacks the Rock, then Kane chokeslams Rock and gets the win.

Winner: Kane


Match #8
William Regal vs Steve Austin

Regal comes out and says that the only way Austin can continue his quest into becoming the WWF champion is threw Regal. He said that Austin is out of control. He said knowing Austin cannot play by the rules, he said he wants to introduce the special referee, Stephanie McMahon Helmsley.

The match starts with Austin starring at Stephanie, then Austin attacks Regal and was all over him. Then Austin goes to the outside and sends Regal face first into the steel steps and he beats on Regal on the announcing table. Then Austin sends Regal again face first into the steal steps. They go back in the ring and Austin does a suplex and covers Regal and Stephanie does a slow count and at the 2 count she pretended she had something in her eye or something and then Austin kicks Stephanie to the outside and Austin beats on Regal and referee Earl Hebner come to the ring and Regal low blows Austin and throws Hebner to the outside. Austin then does a spinebuster and covers Regal and stephanie still would'nt count, then Regal rolls up Austin and Stephanie makes a fast 3 count. Then Stephanie says your winner, William Regal and the loser Steve Austin.

Winner: William Regal

***Note: Austin vs Kane vs Undertaker will take place on Smackdown and the winner will face Kurt Angle for the WWF Title on Raw.

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